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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taking a step back

It's been a long time since I posted. Yes, I have been very busy but that isn't the entire reason why this blog has come to a stop.

I first started this blog because I didn't agree with everything Cathy, on the Fugly Horse of the Day blog, said. I never liked the fact that she preached on and on about sub-standard studs, but continued to keep one of her own. Whether he was going to breed before or after his show career has never mattered much to me when at best I think he'd make a nice gelding. She preaches about conformation, when her stallion has clear flaws that if he were bay or sorrel and belonged to someone else, she would be screaming "geld him."

I'm stopping this blog because it has lost its meaning. It went from being about Cathy to being a hide out for a few people that I would never IRL associate with and after seeing details of what has gone on in the past few months, it became very clear that I don't want to associate with some of you even on the internet.

Dena- You stole tack. You might have your cronies believing every word that falls from your mouth, but not this old hag. I've read your blog(LBTD) and am appalled at the lengths someone goes to try and place blame on the victim, like you have done to the people you stole tack from. Face it, if they wanted to scam an insurance company then WHY ON EARTH GET COPS INVOLVED WHEN THEY SEE THEIR STOLEN TACK ONLINE? My daughter has said it before and I'll say it again. If they wanted to defraud insurance they would have played dumb and not gotten the police involved.
You got caught red handed. YOU are the one with the criminal record. YOU are the one that had to enter into a plea. YOU are the one that invaded someones property and shattered their feeling of security. Deal with that and quit playing poor pitiful me.

For those that are enabling this thief- I don't understand and never will. But Dena has you all snowed. I don't care what she tells you over email, telephone, or telegram. She is a criminal. If what was printed in her local papers about her being busted for tack theft was false, then why not persue legal action to have the articles retracted? You know why? Because it's ALL true. It doesn't take a genius to see this. She got busted! There is no harm in admitting that you put trust or faith into a person that let you down and proved you all wrong. I'm not going to neener neener neener at you, I don't think anyone would. I think if you take a step back and review the situation, you'd see. Had this NOT been Dena doing this deed, had it been some person you've never heard of that did what Dena has been accused of, would you still be looking at the situation in the same light?

So continue to post on the other blog. I could care less as I read most of the comments over there too and it's not my cup of tea. You have to wonder, can she really be that righteous if she has to have all of you proclaiming her innocence ALL THE TIME? I'm letting you all know where I stand. I am for the horses and for supporting the actual innocents. I'm letting you know why this blog stopped.