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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bloody Computer

I'm having issues with my computer right now so will try and keep this as short as possible before my computer turns off again. I promise I will get more into Fugly tomorrow.

Since we all talked about what makes a rescue in previous comment section and from FHotD post today- I would like to know what everyone thinks is the appropriate profit a rescue should be making and when does a rescue go over the line on how and when they spend their donations? When do you think/feel that a rescue should be outed? Have you ever had to report a local rescue? Do you donate money to rescues or do pay for hay/feed at the feed store you know supplies the rescue? What procedures do you take to make sure donations are being used appropriately at the rescue you donate to? Also, if you'd like please post a link to a rescue that you admire and think are doing it right.

Computer is slowing down again so it's only a matter of time before it turns off.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh yes, because THATS so much better!?!

Been a busy few weeks. I've gotten a break today and my fingers go wandering over to FHotD where Cathy had no issue picking apart a little 12 year old riding the 4 year old stallion. And might I add, riding the stallion very well. But I guess when you're a scared 40 something woman who is to terrified to jump on your own "gentle" stallion the only thing left to do is pick on a 12 year old that could most likely ride circles around you. Here is the video for anyone that does not link to FHotD.

And here is what Cathy had to say about it-

She's not that solid and I'm way too distracted worrying about her riding a 4 year old, 16.3 stallion in an open area to look at the horse. Again, just more silly theatrics to sell a cute but unaccomplished horse.
And why are we zooming in on the kid's face in the video? It's a sale video for the horse, right? Try to remember what you are marketing here.
She looks like a pretty solid rider to me, the horse looks gentle as can be and well trained. She's wearing all the appropriate riding equipment. Looks to be an adult nearby doing the filming able to aid at any given moment. And most likely zooming in on the little girl not only for their own video collection but to prove that she is in fact riding the horse and there is not a grown up stunt double. And should Cathy really be talking about unaccomplished horses? What's that fabulous stallion of hers doing right now other than burning through hay? Oh, we'll just have to wait to see what this super secret trainer is going to make of him. Hopefully he's not pushing down anymore fences or panels breeding for more crooked legged babies. I don't know what threatens Cathy more, the fact that the stallion in that video is a ready to show nicely bred 4 year old and her stallion isn't even trained or the fact that this little 12 year old can ride the hell out of a 4 year old stallion when Cathy can barely get a W/T/C out of hers? But since most of us have seen Cathy's riding I guess we understand why she is so jealous.
Then remember the over dramatic rescue story of Jazzercise, the rescue TB that magically ended up in a kill pen within 5 minutes, needing to be roped by 5 grown men because he was a Son of a B*tch? Oh, yes there is more about him, and he's a local star having been on the news! When you click on the link you read about some of those silly theatrics Cathy was talking about in the above topic.
Oh joy, because I would call throwing a sleeping bag out and laying down in a rescue horse's stall only after weeks of having rescued him and not knowing his full history so gosh darn cute and safe. Cause we've never heard of a horse freaking out in a stall because the wind blows or a bee is pestering them and charging around. Yes, but I wouldn't call that silly theatrics, eh Cathy?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Calling all horse people in Texas!!!!!

If you live in Texas I'm sure you have already heard about the horses seized in Hill County, Texas. Over 160 head of horses need to be placed after being seized from their owner last Thursday and Friday. Some of these horses are in good condition, many others are suffering from various disease and starvation. Humane Society is needing people to open up their hearts and homes to these horses as they are already over run. Here are many of the news articles with more information about what is going on.

Please if you have room and are in the DFW or surrounding area, be a hero for some of these horses. I am still trying to hunt down the rescue/SPCA website to post up here.

ETA- More information. Wild Horse Foundation is currently housing all these animals and assuming the care that is needed for the time being. So far, over $20,000 has been spent on this seizure alone. Here are their links-

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Head meet Desk

Here is another sweet Jesus moment since Cathy obviously doesn't understand that many of her followers are NOT going to follow her "profanity free" emails to judges, attorneys, D.As, congressmen, etc. Because we all know that these D.A.s and judges have so much time to filter through thousands of emails, let alone their desk jockeys being able to file through the thousands of emails I'm sure they have already received as result of todays post where Cathy posted-

E-mail for the D.A. Remember, short, sweet and profanity-free is what makes the point. Spewing invective like you're on the Internet makes people hit the delete key and ignore what you have to say.
Cathy, I can't seem to understand why you keep posting emails and links to attorneys and judges. As a para-legal you of all people should know that it's NOT the attorneys or judges filtering through these emails and most likely the para legals and desk jockeys are just going to do mass deletions. Even at that, should the A.C. officer have a trial he will file appeals up the who-ha screaming foul because attorney and judges minds were swayed by the thousands of emails they received. It may be one wobbly leg to stand on, but I've seen cases thrown out on less.
Then she posted this gem.
Where's the hay money going, Kenny? Beer? Drugs? Does Aleshia have an addiction to the Home Shopping Network? What exactly is the problem here, and did you think your property was invisible and no one was ever going to see this?
I'm now guessing that Cathy only holds the belief that drug dealers/users and alcoholics are the ones abusing animals. I'm also guessing that she thinks only Catholic priests are the ones molesting small children. Cathy despite your belief that he MUST be a drug user or alcoholic, stuff happens. A.C. officers aren't rolling in the money sitting around wondering,"Now what can I go blow this money on!" They get crap pay, for probably one of the most emotional tolling jobs. They have bills that a blog isn't paying for, Cathy.
How are you going to feel when it does turn out that these horses ARE rescues? Cathy constantly complains about people just letting their horses starve or sending them to slaughter, now she's complaining about death by a bullet. Cathy, make up your mind! It sounds like they put the horses out of their misery instead of begging for the funds to keep a lame/sick horse alive. There are a lot of horse owners that would prefer death by a bullet instead of making a horse suffer until a vet can make it to their property. And there are a lot of ranches that will leave the body in the back pasture, some will bury the horse, some won't. There is a rescue near me that drag their horses to a un-used pasture and have named it their own "Rainbow Bridge". A lot of people don't want to pay $150 or more for their horse to be picked up and dumped in a large pile. You think that the animal removal gives a horse or any other livestock a burial?
Yes, I know! How unethical of me to be standing up for an animal abuser! I just choose to wait for ALL the facts and not jumping to conclusions until all the facts are presented. How fast could those on FHotD ruin this mans name when he could and may very well be innocent? And just how many rescuers do you think are going to bow out of this business when they think could very well be the next FHotD post?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

You put your right arm in, put your right arm out!

Yes, that's the little dance number that Cathy is tap dancing too. Just a couple weeks after publicly slamming her readers and blog commentators on The Manure Pile she is singing a different tune- and quite off key if I might add. Here is what Cathy had to say in one of her latest comments.

P.S. Anybody can post as much as they want. I have not assigned anybody to be the comments police and tell others they are posting too much. If you have an opinion, feel free to post it.
I guess there should be a really small print terms of service agreement along with that statement that goes something like this-
Post whatever you want as long as it has nothing to do with my VLC, riding ability, hypocrisy, inability to stay at a job for more than a year, or my inability to love anyone other than myself.
On another note about her earliest post. I'm not trying to take the blame off of Trina Kenney because she is to blame for this. But how on earth can so many people be scammed by the most obvious things? And who purchases a horse sight unseen with out a vet check. Obviously, they paid good money for the horses and the shipping, otherwise they wouldn't bother with a law suit. I can understand if a horse is buted and missing a minor ailment. But missing major things like navicular, parrot mouth, hernia, unbroke/untrained horse, cuts/scars, and other lameness issues. I'm having a hard time grasping why and how so many people were scammed over things that could not have been covered up. Also, why did these people turn over money for a FULL payment of the horse before the horse was shipped. I mean that smells more of a scam than those emails everyone gets saying, I'll send you a cashiers check for XXX amount, ship the horse to this location(or I will have a shipper pick up the horse), and just hand back the extra amount the cashiers check was made for.
I'm sure I'll get bashed for saying this, I am in no way trying to take accountability away from Trina, and I'm not saying that I don't feel sorry for the people that were scammed. But when you hand over A LOT of money for a horse you've never seen or had a vet check on- you are kind of asking for a scammer to target you.
This isn't the first time I've heard of things like this. I've heard of a lot of disgusting ranches that take payments on horses. They'll have you sign a contract saying that you agree to the amount but you'll miss the fine print that says if a payment is not received the contract is void, there is no money refund, and they keep the horse. What happens is they have you pay a down payment of so much and then monthly payments for quite some time. Then 2-3 payments before you receive full ownership of the horse they'll claim they haven't received latest payment(when really they tossed the check). What happens is they make faux "Payment not received" documents giving 2-3 warnings, BUT they never send them. Instead they take the letters and contract to the attorney along with current bank documents showing that no money was received. The attorney then gives notary that the sale contract is in default. Soon after that happens you receive those "Payment Not Received" letters along with a letter saying you defaulted. BAM! The horse is still theirs to sell to another person and you don't get your money back. I know, not very savory, but it does happen.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Breeding Chatter

Sorry that the post is a bit late. I'm battling a mean sinus infection at the moment. So I finally got caught up on FHotD latest post and read through the comments. So it sparked a question that came to my mind. I saw a few people talking about it and wondered what the rest here would think.

Do you think that the government should step in and regulate breeding? Should government require a standard that each stallion or mare has to meet in order to breed? Do you think that breeders should have to obtain a license for each of their stallions through the government? If government did step in and tried regulation do you think BYB would stop? What kind of fines do you think would stem from 'breeding laws'?

AND... for the heck of it. If you had to pick one famous/popular stallion to keep intact which stallion would it be and why?