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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taking a step back

It's been a long time since I posted. Yes, I have been very busy but that isn't the entire reason why this blog has come to a stop.

I first started this blog because I didn't agree with everything Cathy, on the Fugly Horse of the Day blog, said. I never liked the fact that she preached on and on about sub-standard studs, but continued to keep one of her own. Whether he was going to breed before or after his show career has never mattered much to me when at best I think he'd make a nice gelding. She preaches about conformation, when her stallion has clear flaws that if he were bay or sorrel and belonged to someone else, she would be screaming "geld him."

I'm stopping this blog because it has lost its meaning. It went from being about Cathy to being a hide out for a few people that I would never IRL associate with and after seeing details of what has gone on in the past few months, it became very clear that I don't want to associate with some of you even on the internet.

Dena- You stole tack. You might have your cronies believing every word that falls from your mouth, but not this old hag. I've read your blog(LBTD) and am appalled at the lengths someone goes to try and place blame on the victim, like you have done to the people you stole tack from. Face it, if they wanted to scam an insurance company then WHY ON EARTH GET COPS INVOLVED WHEN THEY SEE THEIR STOLEN TACK ONLINE? My daughter has said it before and I'll say it again. If they wanted to defraud insurance they would have played dumb and not gotten the police involved.
You got caught red handed. YOU are the one with the criminal record. YOU are the one that had to enter into a plea. YOU are the one that invaded someones property and shattered their feeling of security. Deal with that and quit playing poor pitiful me.

For those that are enabling this thief- I don't understand and never will. But Dena has you all snowed. I don't care what she tells you over email, telephone, or telegram. She is a criminal. If what was printed in her local papers about her being busted for tack theft was false, then why not persue legal action to have the articles retracted? You know why? Because it's ALL true. It doesn't take a genius to see this. She got busted! There is no harm in admitting that you put trust or faith into a person that let you down and proved you all wrong. I'm not going to neener neener neener at you, I don't think anyone would. I think if you take a step back and review the situation, you'd see. Had this NOT been Dena doing this deed, had it been some person you've never heard of that did what Dena has been accused of, would you still be looking at the situation in the same light?

So continue to post on the other blog. I could care less as I read most of the comments over there too and it's not my cup of tea. You have to wonder, can she really be that righteous if she has to have all of you proclaiming her innocence ALL THE TIME? I'm letting you all know where I stand. I am for the horses and for supporting the actual innocents. I'm letting you know why this blog stopped.


kestrel said...

FWOTD, I'm sorry if you think I'm proclaiming Dena innocent...or guilty for that matter. My stance is that it is for the court to decide, because in this country the law states that we are innocent until proven guilty. I am watching the news and waiting for an actual legal judgement before I make a decision. I really do not have an opinion in either direction, since I personally do not know the entire set of circumstances or any of the participants involved.

My concern with Dena's case, and also the case of many others that have been attacked by the fugly blog crowd,is that when anyone is tried and convicted in the court of public opinion without the validation of a trial,('someone said so and so did such and such, so it must be true, so it's our duty to hunt them and their children down and destroy them...') it is far too easy to get sucked into personal vendettas or mistaken identity.

Encouraging stalkers is dangerous business, even if we do believe another person deserves to be punished. Vigilantes often make mistakes by placing more emphasis on emotion than reason. Publishing names and emails and encouraging followers to do what they can to destroy people's lives because they may be doing something you or I may not agree with, (for instance, sending a rank horse to auction) is something that I personally must take a stand against.

Going after anyone's child should be considered despicable in any society. When the poster is going after a beautifully turned out child showing a lovely horse, the smell of sour grapes should be enough to put off any parent!

JohnieRotten said...

I agree with you there Kestrel. Let the courts decide.

CharlesCityCat said...

I made my comments on this topic on the Fugly Horse of the Day Review.

I find it very strange that if this Blogger wanted to shut down this blog then why is it being left open for comments?

The Wenchster said...

I didn't shut down the blog, I've simply stopped posting. You are free to comment because I do believe in free speech, I just don't believe in supporting a known criminal who violated someone yet again. IMHO, the courts have already spoken when she was arrested and had to enter in a plea. But continue to support her, if that is what is going to make you feel good, then so be it.

kestrel said...

Did she plead guilty? I had not heard that.

CharlesCityCat said...

This blog hasn't been a viable, active blog in months, long before anything came out about Dena. The only activity that it has seen over the past eight or nine months is some random posts by commentors who were pretty much just keeping the cobwebs out. Your pretending that it is otherwise is, well, just plain weird.

As I said on FHOTDRev, you failed to comprehend what was going on as far as Dena was concerned. You accused Dena of being a thief before she was tried and convicted, you trash talked everyone who wanted to wait for more information, and you know one of those pesky little things like a trial, before condemning her AND you belittled the new variation of FWOTD all in one topic.

Congratulations and nice job for proving yourself to be, not the answer, but part of the problem!

Why does the Manure Pile come to mind?

As my Irish ancestors would say Tooralou!

Cut-N-Jump said...

All I have to say is Brava there wenchster. You have proven yourself as another who cannot see through the lies long enough to find the truth spelled out so clearly through the use of a little common sense.

Word verif- gundone How fitting.

The Wenchster said...

CCC- I didn't accuse Dena of being anything that hasn't already been printed not only off her own newspaper but other information(police report) that was sent to me via email.

And you know why this blog stopped MONTHS ago? Because I was sick of the Dena drama being brought over here into the comments threads, not only by herself, but SFTS, and a few others.

And you're obviously diluted if you think this will go to "trial". Her fate will be decided by a judge, not jury. I'm willing to bet a pretty hefty restitution, probation, and community service.

But I'm sure you won't hear about any of that from Dena herself, just like she will never tell you the real date of when the victims got insurance for their tack. (Keep saying it's 3 weeks prior Dena.)

Oh and CNJ, I've nothing to worry about when it comes to seeing the truth. I've seen the many lies and contradictions on her own blog to know the truth. But go ahead, keep donating her hay, paying her bills, calling her friend. I'll rest easy at night knowing I she's no friend of mine.

CharlesCityCat said...

FWOTD, we all know she was arrested, you are a day late and a dollar short on that info, and yes, it might not go to trial, but as of yet, she hasn't been convicted. So given the fact that in this country, people are "innocent until proven guilty," I refuse to brand her as guilty until such a time as the case either goes to trial or goes before a judge and judgement is handed down.

I know I am not Judge, Jury and Executioner and I would like to know who appointed you or anyone else for that matter to stand in their stead?

You pretty much abandoned your blog a very long time ago, you made a few random comments here and there and lead everyone to believe that you were just real busy and would be back at some point in time. If you didn't like what was going on, why didn't you just stand up and be honest? Your way of dealing with it is, frankly, being a chicken shit.

Yep, this reeks of Fugly a litle over a year ago, when she wasn't happy about things on FHOTD for the very same reasons, instead of stepping up and just saying it, she chose another route, also chicken shit, aka The Manure Pile.

As I said before, instead of being an answer to the problem, you are part of the problem.

BTW, I am not "diluted" about anything, actually, I am pretty "concentrated" about the whole thing. Maybe you should check your choice of vocabulary before throwing insults out there.

rosesr4evr said...

Are you really that much of a fucking dumbshit? Or do you just eat the shit that is served up to you? Dena is not the one claiming the tack was insure just 3 weeks before the "theft", the person whose tack was supposedly stolen made that remark herself on another forum.

"just like she will never tell you the real date of when the victims got insurance for their tack. (Keep saying it's 3 weeks prior Dena.)"

You are just as bad as Fugly on this one. You don't know shit about the situation and yet you want to run off at the mouth about it. Well, suck hind tit, you little heifer. Even those of us that are more in the "know" than some aren't passing judgement. That's not our job. That's why we have a justice system in this country. They decide, not the lynch mob of public asshattery.

At this point and time, it doesn't make one bit of difference to me if she is guilty or innocent of any wrongdoing. It doesn't change a thing. It's along the same lines as hate the sin, love the sinner.

So you sit up there on your high horse of what you consider your information and your opinion. I think it's a load of bullcrap. Oh and by the way...someone has to steal to be considered a THEIF!!! She is charged with being in possession of stolen property, not theft or burglary. Might want to think about getting your shit straight before spouting off.

In my opinion, you're just as bad as Cathy herself.

Dena said...

Wow Winchester you may want to give some thought to adjusting your sights because you are shooting far and wide of the mark.
I have never been charged with stealing tack.
As to the rest of what you wrote? Ouch.
Showed your ass with this one didn't you.
You do not know me in IRL or anywhere. And yet, you think that you have the power to make me guilty of something not even the police are accusing me of.
If only in your own mind.
I do not encourage or cause anyone to support me in anything.
People make their own choices. Based on their own thoughts and opinions.
Just as you have done. I should thank you because your words actually made me laugh. And laughter is rare in our house these days.
What your words did not have the power to do is hurt me.
I am already either too numb or to the point where I just don't care what people like you might say about me.
I am neither flattered or irritated that you took some time out of your day to try to cause more negativity in mine.
That speaks more to the kind of person you might be and says nothing at all about the kind of person I may be.

bhm said...

Woman, 44, enters not guilty plea to receiving stolen items

Feb. 19--OLIVIA -- Dena Joy Rodacker, 44, of Franklin, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to a felony charge of receiving stolen property for possessing an allegedly stolen saddle worth $4,000.
The plea was entered in Renville County District Court. Rodacker was released on her personal recognizance. Her next court hearing is April 9.
Rodacker was arrested Saturday after law enforcement from the Meeker, Wright, Carver and Renville county sheriff's offices served a search warrant on her rural residence and located thousands of dollars of horse equipment. One of the items discovered was a custom-made Dale Chavez saddle allegedly stolen from a rural Litchfield residence in December.
According to the complaint, the Meeker County citizens whose saddle and other tack was taken found a person, who went by the screen name "Dena," offering the saddle for sale on a horse forum Web site. An investigator made contact with the woman through the site and learned she was Rodacker. The investigator also learned Rodacker had moved to a rural Franklin address from Brownton with her boyfriend and that her boyfriend is in custody on charges of theft of horse tack and equipment.
A search warrant was granted and officers served it Saturday morning. Also discovered was a horse blanket with the last name of the victims printed on it. Rodacker claimed she didn't know the items were stolen and assumed her boyfriend purchased them at various sales.

bhm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dena said...

Oh and wench one other thing. Wasn't that you who once told me to stop being a victim?
Based on your grossly inaccurate and deliberate misrepresentations here. And the fact, that I believe you posted here solely for the purpose of further defaming me.
How about I stop being your victim?
How about I take a moment out of my day, call an attorney, in your state of course, and initiate a lawsuit against you?
How about I hold you legally accountable for attempting to cause harm to myself and my family with your provably false accusations?
That might have the power to take my mind off of my other troubles for a moment.
And what with my recent financially reduced circumstances it isn't as though I couldn't use the additional income.
Wouldn't that be a kick in your pants if you had to pay me?
I guess you forgot that much of your information is readily available right here on the internet.
And yes Maam, I surely did copy it all to another file before posting this.

JohnieRotten said...

Seems to me Wench that you have become the very same person that you started this blog about. Yes I mean Fugs!

Anonymous said...

Good call wenchster. How long will some of you listen to all Dena's tales and myths and rants and rages and continue to think she is actually telling you the truth? She has been spinning you and using you for a very long time now. A friend would not lie to you and manipulate you. Try being honest for a change, Dena. You even lie to yourself.

You have all behaved worse than Fugs at times so stop pointing fingers at the wenchster. Anyone even hinting that Dena might be less than what she claims to be or daring to have a different opinion is trashed and cursed at. You even bought into the insurance fraud excuse. How dumb are you all? As was mentioned, who would call the cops in on the case if they were committing insurance fraud? I am sure Dena will have an excuse for that. She has lame excuses for everything and many reasons as to why everyone and everything is plotting against her. Nothing is ever her fault. She never accepts any responsibilty for her own actions. Of course not. Saddest of all, she will use her poor little kid as a pawn to gain sympathy all while knowing that she should never have put him in this situation to start with but she will never admit that.

Dena you have repeatedly contradicted yourself in your rambling blogs. PLEASE DO NOT INSULT ANYONE'S INTELLIGENCE BY CONTINUING TO PLAY THE VICTIM. You KNOW you are not. You just trust that CutnJump and JohnnieRotten and others are too stupid to realize that. At some point they will wake up but I think rosesr4evr really is that stupid so have at it. Use her all you like. She will not catch on.

Start making more excuses. You know you will.

CharlesCityCat said...

Really Divinity Fudge, Really?

I wouldn't be calling people "stupid" if I were you.

Who Said That? said...

Divinity fudge- funny you should type the names of CutnJump, Johnie Rotten and roses4ever. That may be as close as you will ever come to your brush with Their greatness.

Besides, CNJ, JR, Roses and plenty of others posting on Dena's blog and others, have more than proven enough to be able to handle themselves in any given situation. Don't you wish you could say the same?

Dena said...

The super information highway is an amazing mode of travel.
Would Wharton TX qualify as the middle of nowhere?
It is unbelievable to me what some people will dare from what they believe to be the cover of anonymity.
It goes a long way towards establishing the true character of people doesn't it?
Exposure can work both ways. At least what I present will not be libelous.
When I have a little more time that isn't actually taken up by important things I will do a piece on my blog about the true identity of The Wenchster.
You all might be surprised. I know that I was.

*CCC I think that calling you diluted was some type of disingenuous attempt to mislead.
Or perhaps, cowboy speak.
As The Wenchster has been published in other venues I find it hard to believe that she does not often misuse words to establish a writing personality if you will.

Anonymous said...

CharlesCityCat, when you find out how many times you have been lied to by Dena, then you can call ME stupid. REALLY? Yes, CharlesCityCat. REALLY!

You are in for a rude awakening but OF COURSE it will not be Dena's fault. Nothing is. Dena is going to "expose" The Wenchster just because she is no longer buying what you are selling? So you will behave exactly like Fugly who you supposedly hate. Look in the mirror and lecture us all about True Character again, Dena. This should be interesting.

Delete the whole damn blog, Wench. No need for yet another place for Dena to ramble on.

Dena said...

Blah, blah, blah, boring. Wench can nuke this I could care less.
I just have zero tolerance for bitches who talk shit from anonymity.

izzypie said...

I'm not blind Fugly Follower, however I'd like to point out that the VLC is with a trainer, and is going to show next month. Yes, I think he should be gelded, but at least Cathy has said she will wait to see what he can accomplish before breeding him, unlike many people with a buckskin stallion who will just say "he's colourful, let's breed him!"

Also, the sway-backed, long bodied horses that Cathy owns were not bred by her. They are rescues, and she acknowledges how bad they look, and would not breed from them.

I figure at least FHOTD does raise some valid issues such the slaughter debate, gingering & soring of show horses and backyard breeders. The blog also regularly features news articles and court reports to make it easy to keep up to date with what is being done about cases of abuse.

On the other hand, your blog only talks about how much you hate Cathy. It is a website with only one aim, and that is to say mean things about one individual. That is not helpful to anybody. At least FHOTD brings up some interesting topics, and has varied content.

Just my two cents Wenchy.

Dena said...

Yes, but it offends someone of Sally's literary prowess to be outnumbered in popularity by a re-rider(Cathy)and someone like me.

My kids have a saying, "Such a Sally."
I will always chuckle when I hear that

CharlesCityCat said...

Divinity Fudge, FWOTD and all of the others:

I am tired of being called stupid, a crony, deluded and all of those other assorted insulting terms because I happen to like Dena.

None of you know me or the type of person I am. None of you know what Dena has or has not told me and most of all, none of you know what I do and do not believe, and frankly, it is none of your business.

Everyone has their right to like or not like Dena and also a right to express that. However, I don't understand the need to also insult those who feel differently. Given that not a one of you can claim to be omnipotent, maybe you should leave other people's experiences out of your dialogues.

Oh and Divinity Fudge, unlike you, I would not call you stupid because my experiences and opinions differ from yours.

Really, yes, really!

CharlesCityCat said...

Oh and Izzypie,

You can safely read FHOTD, FWOTD has taken her toys and gone home!

Anonymous said...

The idea of Dena having disdain for "bitches posting from anonymity" is so completely hypocritical that I literally fell off my chair gasping for air. Because she has NEVER done such a thing. No, NEVER. LOLLOLLOLLOL!

That was seriously funny, Dena.

Anyone who would actually share their name with you so you can threaten and rage and EXPOSE them would be really stupid. Why would anyone want to be the focus of one of your raging blogs that you may or may not delete?

Charles City Cat, the only thing you may be a bit stupid about is your rush to defend Dena about everything she does. She even threatens to expose the Wench in a very Fugly way - and that is okay with you? She repeatedly tells the world how SUPERIOR she is to everyone and how GOLDEN she is and how untouchable. She is above all of us - including the law. That kind of arrogance might lead one to post photos of an allegedly stolen saddle on line and think no one would notice. That kind of arrogance might expect complete strangers to pay your power bill and then become enraged when they called you out on it. ABR is full of morons but even they did not fall for that.

You may be too close to recognize the hypocrisy and the rages and the endless contradictions but most of us OUT HERE see it all loud and clear.

She makes her bed and then lashes out when others mess it up. It will always be someone else's fault. Everyone else is stupid. And IMO she is laughing at all her gullible friends behind your backs.
Just my opinion.

CharlesCityCat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CharlesCityCat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Charles City Cat, I am not taking you on. I also did not presume to chastise you. I just stated my opinion which OF COURSE is not acceptable to you. You just proved my point that you will bend over backwards to defend Dena or get outraged in some way.

I will not even say I TOLD YOU SO when you figure all this out.

Party on. I have better things to do for a while.

Dena said...

CCC I almost went there. But I have never felt the need to defend our friendship.
It does seem to be an often attacked thing doesn't it?
And what I always see as the end result, is the very posters who are attacking it, are the very ones who wish to be the recipient of YOUR friendship.
Not very many can wear green

CharlesCityCat said...

After coming back and rereading my last comment directed at Divinity Fudge, I decided that she is correct, it did sound bad. I was in a very pissy mood due to another issue and it sure showed. So I deleted it.


Yes, for some reason, it does seem to be attacked way to often, something I really don't understand, but whatever!

And, thank you for that, but I seriously doubt that there many people out there who want to be my friend. I imagine that those who do, already are.

CharlesCityCat said...

Okay, now that I am in a better frame of mind, I did want to address Divinity Fudge's last comment. I don't know if she will see it but it does also apply to others, so here goes.

Divinity Fudge, yes you did chastise me. If you look at your comments, you will see that besides calling me "a bit stupid," because you feel I rush to defend Dena, you also accused me of supporting her about exposing FWOTD.

For your information, Dena is an adult, and the last time I checked, no one put me in charge of her, what she does or what she says. She is a big girl and can take care of herself.

I find it very unfortunate that some of you have failed to comprehend what my message (and the message of several others) about Dena and all that has happened. If any of you would truly read the comments from myself and others, maybe you could see what the real point is and always has been. But, since none of you are willing to do so, you really are just a pack of hyenas.

Frankly, I have decided that corresponding with people who throw out accusations and insults with no backup proof to be a waste of my time.

As far as I am concernd, put up or shut up!

bhm said...

I agree with you. No one has bothered to read what anyone has said about Dena. They are writing from their own perspective and assumptions. You are the last person who is stupid or misguided.

The Wenchster said...


Nice try, but not from Wharton, TX. So go ahead and try to expose me. For what? I've done nothing to be exposed about. Never been arrested, take exceptional care of my animals, and have nothing to hide.

But I'll be waiting for that blog. I'm sure it will be a laugh! Especially since whomever you do the blog on most definitely won't be on me.

BTW, to help you out- I live about 6 hours North west of the city you claim I'm from.

Anonymous said...

Charles City Cat, I did peek back here to see what was up and if Dena had delivered on her threats (in this case, exposure etc) that she loves to dangle in front of others.

I do not know how to quote properly on Blogger so bear with me.

"For your information, Dena is an adult, and the last time I checked, no one put me in charge of her, what she does or what she says. She is a big girl and can take care of herself."

Well she SHOULD be able to do that, yet some of you immediately rush to her defense about anything and everything and loudly proclaim her innocence and all around wonderfulness and insult anyone who would dare have a differing opinion or have questions.

"If any of you would truly read the comments from myself and others, maybe you could see what the real point is and always has been. But, since none of you are willing to do so, you really are just a pack of hyenas."

I am not a pack of anything, see, still more insults from you! I have read the comments. I get your point but I have a different point of view that you and others just dump on me for as bhm demonstrated. I do not have a pack mindset. I speak and think only for myself. I have casually checked in on this whole soap opera since Dena showed up on ABR expecting a handout for her bill, have seen the tall tales and the endless contradictions and the blogs that were often deleted when even she realized that they had gone too far. I probably even missed a few of those. After this latest and no doubt far from the last episode, I have come to different conclusions than you have. But that is not acceptable, right?

After all the bitching many of you have done about Fugly, you are awful quick to want to expose Wench or carry on in a very Fugly way. That is very hypocritical to me.
I am sure that opinion is also unacceptable.

Dena and roses have often cursed a vile venomous blue streak at anyone who dares to disagree with them so you will have to forgive me if I am extremely dubious about the way many of these "discussions" have gone. The victim game has gotten old and irresponsible. It is always Someone Else's fault. That will never end. And many of you simply enable it. Just my opinion.

fillygrl said...

divinity fudge,

I just wanted to say that I agree with your posts word for word.

Dena said...

Wench you are a bitter and rather silly joke.
Even in the blogger world.
And that is saying something.
YOU accused me of stealing tack. Are you psychic? Because not even the police have gone there.
You don't think that is a might presumptuous of you?
A tad libelous?
At best irresponsible reporting?
As for the rest? I do not need your hints. I have all that I sought already.
And that really is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

As for DF you sound butt hurt about something. Not my problem.

There is a difference between friends supporting you and defending you.
I never asked for them to do either. I guess that is the problem for some.
I have amazing friends no matter what and come what may.

Or, is the problem really that you dregs from anonymity cannot make me guilty of something I did not do no matter how hard you try?

fillygrl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fillygrl said...

"is the problem really that you dregs from anonymity cannot make me guilty of something I did not do no matter how hard you try?"

No. I think you are clever, brilliant, witty and the victim of life-long serial conspiracies.

The Wenchster said...


Really? Then go ahead and blog away about who you think I am. It won't do me one bit of harm or hurt since whoever it is about won't be me.

I guess I'll just get a good laugh because after all, I did warn you. I'm sure you'll make up a good excuse now though why you aren't going to post the blog.

CharlesCityCat said...

I thought long and hard about making another response here. Generally, I don't like repeatedly beating my head against a wall, but for some dumb reason, I felt I should respond.

First thing, Divinty Fudge, you have accused me of supporting Dena in exposing Wench and others, please provide proof of that. Good luck Sister, because I did not do so, hence my comments that I do not control what she says or does. Comprehension fail on your part.

Here is a big surprise to you and "all of the others," I am a very loyal friend, I will support and defend my friends until they give me a reason not to. Dena is my friend and yes, I was upset about all of this crap, but until she is convicted, I will not condemn. Funny thing about me, I do believe in that silly old thing about being innocent until proven guilty, and as of today, she has not been convicted. Dena has never done anything to hurt me and she has never asked me for anything. So DivFud, your constant rants about her don't mean anything to me unless you can provide concrete proof. Oh, and guess what, just cause you say she has lied to me, or because you reference what people say on other forums or blogs, well, that does not constitute concrete proof to me. You have to do better than heresay, and so far, that is all you have.

DivFud, you really are silly. I have read your comments several times. You accuse me of all types of things, and yet you are guilty of the very same things yourself. You accuse me of not accepting your opinions and being insulting and yet you are just as guilty of the same. I have accused you of being part of the hyena pack, you have denied it, well, I see it different, at least as far as this topic is concerned. I am hoping in other aspects of your life, you are an individual and not the pack member that you have proved your self to be.


Anonymous said...

"DivFud, you really are silly. I have read your comments several times. You accuse me of all types of things, and yet you are guilty of the very same things yourself. You accuse me of not accepting your opinions and being insulting and yet you are just as guilty of the same."

Where have you seen me falling all over myself to constantly defend ANYONE? Many of you do it with Dena. No matter what the latest issue is. Dena is never to blame. There is always one more evil horse person or cop out to get her. There will always be one more conspiracy.

Where do you see me falling in line with anyone? I said it before but you chose to ignore it. I speak and think only for myself. I am not part of a pack out to "get" Dena or anyone else. Dena does a good job of messing things up herself. She does not need anyone else's help. I say that in a sad way not a nasty way.

This Dena Soap Opera is just a small and bizarre tale that I have kept track of on and off. I only checked back in here as many of you have used this blog as yet another place to nod in unison with whatever Dena says and now bitch that the Wench is not agreeing with you.

You may think you are a good friend, Charles City Cat,but I stick to my quiet opinion that if Dena was truly a good friend to YOU all she would not be endlessly putting the spin on everything and crying foul and raging and ranting that everyone and everything is out to get her.

Dena, I am not butt hurt about anything. I know that is one of your usual comebacks to people who do not buy what your selling though. You suggest that THEY have issues, not you. Never you, you are GOLDEN. Unlike you, my life is not an endless series of legal matters and drama.
If it is proven that you were caught with stolen goods (I did not say that you stole them yourself) then what will your excuse be? What new conspiracy?

Charles City Cat, I have not "accused" you of anything per se. I just suggested that maybe some of you have been acting in a very Fugly way. A way you supposedly hate. And that is true.

You also said this:

"Everyone has their right to like or not like Dena and also a right to express that."

REALLY? Many of your "pack" say such opinions must be shouted down.

Dena created the merrygoround that she complains about being on and you are just along for the ride and keep pushing it. It seems to be a sad, endless cycle.

I hope for the best for the little guy. He does not need to be trapped on that merrygoround. It needs to stop for HIM.

You keep complaining about people being anonymous, Dena. But some of us really do not want to be part of your "investigations" and paranoia.

CharlesCityCat said...

Divinity Fudge, I am sorry that you are unable to see the big picture, but that is your problem, not mine. I will not debate with you further as lessons in futility are not my thing.

Take that as you will, as I am sure will, it matters not.

I wish you the best.

Dena said...

DF it does need to stop for HIM! You bet. I completely agree.
Now maybe some of you with the rope can actually stretch your brains to encompass THE FACT, that I bear no responsibility to determine or ascertain whether or not, what I buy from licensed and bonded auctions, is, may be, or ever was stolen!
Not my job! No liability to me!
And yet, people twist everything with no regard or concern for the fucking truth.
You remember that? Right folks?
Yet so many of you rush to judge me.
As though you have some sort of right.
Based on what?
Honest to God I could care less about this shit anymore. No one can make me guilty of something I did not do. And what I did do is perfectly legal.
It is called business. That
I keep receipts on and pay taxes on.
It was my livelihood. You know, how I paid the rent, kept the boy in clothes, food, and shelter, with a want or two thrown in here and there.
So many rejoiced over this travesty. Thrilled to see me getting mine.
For what? Telling some people what they did not want to hear?
Wow... That is scary.

And wench I do not know if you are suffering from dementia or if you are just seriously that much of a twisted bitch.
Don't particularly care what your excuse might be.
You bore me with your misdirected venom.

Who was it that said, "It doesn't matter what they say about you as long as they are talking about you."?
They pretty much had it nailed.

SFTS said...

I am very sorry to hear of your recent troubles, Dena, especially for what they are likely doing to your little boy. It's always tragic when children are caught in the middle of things they have no control over or understand. You and I may not always see eye to eye, and I have no comment on the situation at hand, but your son does not deserve to be put through any of this.

Dena said...

Thanks Lady. I am hoping your's have been resolved and you and your's have peace.

Dena said...

Upon reflection wenchster it would appear that I really am THAT righteous. And my friends are people of discernment.

CharlesCityCat said...


Mighty quiet in here.

Oohh look, there is that pin that I heard drop!

So, to those who were so very freakin happy to condemn, especially the Wench and Divinity Fudge, where are you now?

I have a guess, CAH, CAH, CAH! Isn't that the sound that a crow makes right before it is being prepared to be eaten?

I have been waiting, but since it hasn't happened, I just couldn't stand it any longer!

rosesr4evr said...

I just have one thing to say:

Dena's case has been dismissed by the prosecution. The reason? Prosecutor said they had no evidence with which to ethically proceed in the matter.

I'm sure this won't make a darn bit of difference to all the Dena Haters out there, but there it is folks. I'm also sure folks will come up with a million different excuses as to why she is still guilty, even though the prosecutor in the case couldn't seem to get the job done. Maybe they should've tried the case instead of the actual lawyer.