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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aren't genetics a funny thing?

Here's another Cathy gem. Seems she likes playing chicken with a speeding bullet as this time she provided her own ammunition.

Check out this Thoroughbred mare, Teresina. She's in my VLC's pedigree and I'm quite grateful enough other horses are in the mix that her legs were "overruled" by better conformed horses! Over at the knees, camped out behind, very weak gaskins. She might have been a fast, fast mare in her day but it's breeding for speed alone that has given us some of the flaws - and accompanying lamenesses - we see today.

**Insert excited smiley and clapping smiley here** Did she just say over at the knees? Does she mean like this?

Oh, but surely bad legs were bred out of VLC by now with all the phenomenal horses in Big Yellow Caddis pedigree? Hows that stifle feeling VLC?

Here's a horror show of conformation, and again, she's from my own horse's pedigree. The only nice thing I can say about Dixie Beach is that she appears to have pretty nice pasterns (set atop hooves that are all toe and no heel). She's also got a straight shoulder, nonexistant neck, homely head, long back, and a super high set tail.

High set tail? Long back? Short, chunky neck with bulky throatlatch?

WHEW! I'm sure glad that VLC dodged all those bullets otherwise he wouldn't be breeding worthy.


kestrel said...

Hahaaaa! 1st! And who would be the rider? Can't quite get a good look at those shoes but they do kinda look like tennies...

GoLightly said...
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STB4U2NV said...


The husby and and I had quite the giggle over this one! Thanks Wenchy! We needed that!

WildCaballo said...

lol, now,now don't go and get all giddy with yourselves, just because she shot herself in the foot... GEEZ Ladies decorum..

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

O.M.G...Is she referring to "The Dixie Beach"? The DIXIE BEACH who is a full sister to Lady Coolidge? The two mares that are considered two of the finest BLUE HEN mares in the history of the AQHA?

OMG...OMG...OMG!!!! She is a complete and utter MORON!!! Words cannot even describe how stupid she is!

In case anyone is interested in the TRUE value that Dixie Beach has had on the breed here is a link to an article about her.

For someone to be so completely ignorant of the magnificent impact Dixie Beach and Lady Coolidge had on the QH breed makes me sick. This is why we have an overabundance of unwanted horses...all people want to do is breed "pretty". Well, pretty is "pretty" damn useless if that is all he is!!!

trainingemmy said...

I was *so* hoping you would comment on her genetics post. It's like she wants to be slammed or something. Seriously, nice post, Wenchster.

CharlesCityCat said...

Snorked my darn coffee all over the place!

Anonymous said...

Seeing that one mare who was so over at the knees, compared to that VLC's colt, Moose...was AMAZING!!! Like déjà vu!!!

Dena said...

I caught the Dixie Beach reference myself.
I believe she was also listed in an extensive article about mares with more.
Personally, I thought that the humble tone may be a prelude to having the VLC cut.

Wench I am going to keep calling you a baby hogger until you share a picture.

I think it is a hard leap/transition from TBs to QHs.
They can be blended. And blended well.
Basically every one of my personal picks here are Appendixes with QH papers.
But if you love TBs you probably should not have led out with a QH stallion as your first real foray into educationing us folks who have QHs as our primaries.JMO

GoLightly said...
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Trainer X said...

LMAO People who live in Glass houses, shouldn't throw stones, yet she does, doesn't she??? Always ragging on other people's horses, yet her Stallyun is soooo perfect... OH and can we say PEANUT PUSHER! LOLZ!!! Nice POST!!

kestrel said...

Also, most of the pictures were entered in old style square screen format. All the new wide screens do is just streeeech the picture sideways. I just love playing with the new wide screen tv format button. Go from regular to wide picture and you can make Angelina Jolie look fat! Or at least not so skinny...!

CharlesCityCat said...

What is she planning on doing with him?

Dena said...


Here is a list of possibilities.

1. Taking the World by storm.

2. Retiring off the money from his stud fees.

3. Proving the rest of us wrong and that she is the only one who should be allowed to breed.

4. After waking from this delusion. And contemplating her chances in The Buckskin Horse World, realizing that if, he really were World caliber YHI would have been asking far more money for him as they do do this for a living, and proceed to geld him and deflect us from asking whatever happened to the VLC.

CharlesCityCat said...


Thanks for all of the options.

Personally, I was just wondering why he was half western and half english, although that saddle looks really weird to me.

I think the whole issue is that she subscribes to the whole "do as I say, not as I do" theory.

Dena said...


You made me blow snot. And choke.
Thank you.:)

If, I am not mistaken that bridle looks similar to the one that spotted mare was ridden in.
Is the only one?
The saddle is huuuuuuggggge...

I didn't get it either. Borrowed tack maybe?
Dressing for success? Western bridle head below your knees.
Dressage saddles are for masters of riding?
I am stumped.:(

GoLightly said...

I find the whole thing kinda ironic. No surprise there.

People have vociferously missed the conformation clinics by the great master, and it's so thrilling to be able to see bad confo points, I guess.

Trouble is, the master only sees the bones of the conformation, not the heart of the horse. Let's! laugh at the fuglies, and cull them/sneer at them all. Some fuglies happen because of idiot back-yard breeding, 4sure. But horses can still turn out fugly today, just as they did way back when, in the fanciest, schmanciest barns..
It's frickin' genetics.
Beauty and perfection in conformation guarantees a pretty picture.
Not a good/great horse.
Exactly like people.

Oh, and over-at-the-knee isn't nearly as bad as calf-kneed, at least.
But I still wonder why his head is so low. I thought VLC was really tired, when I first started reading VLC. Then I saw the videos of WP on Trojan Mouse's blog....
Just takes me a while.


That's still just so funny...

Western vs. English will come together with VLC! That's her ultimate goal!!

Oooh. The Great Divide has been narrowed, single-hoofedly!

Oh, and that's not a dressage saddle she's in, btw.
just so ya know.
All-poipose. To what ultimate purpose is still unclear.
How ARE his stifles??

Good ol' Dr. James Rooney..
40 years ago, he noted straight hind legs = stifle problems.
Easily holding a camped out stance meant you have a horse with a back that may sway.


Have a great weekend, wench!

To Healthy Happy Horses!

and TGIF

minihorsegirl said...

i may sound like an idiot here, but who the heck is VLC?

Dena said...


The VLC is fuglies Very Large Colt.
I think wench may have provided a link to that blog by her profile.

He is the large Buckskin horse in the western bridle and english saddle.

minihorse does that mean you like minis? I have 2 that could use a rehoming somewhere their antics might be more appreciated.:)

H.M. said...

You're right, the very large colt thingy is fucking ugly.

Dena said...

All purpose saddle on top of a dressage pad with a western bridle and D ring snaffle.
Inappropriate riding shoes but the leg position isn't terrible.
Outside rein sag.

Technicalities for a horse that has a croup like an A circuit Arabian.

minihorsegirl said...

Dena, i may be interested, send me an email and we'll discuss it further.

rosesr4evr said...

Ahhh! This was a long time in coming! I just can't believe she's provided the ammo yet again. I didn't even get through all of her blog... I JUST KNEW it would be here! HA HA HA HA HA

Just too funny. It's obvious to anyone who'e primary horses are QH's that she has no flippin clue and should probably stick to her TB's. She knows almost enough to be dangerous.

The proving ground of QH has all but disappeared. In the old days it didn't matter if a horse was pretty or conformationally correct. They had a job to do and if they couldn't get it done, they weren't kept. They weren't pampered, didn't always get the best of care, there were no shrinking violets in the old days.

The best steel is forged from the hottest fires so they say. Pretty is as pretty does! Goes along with the saying "You can't ride papers"

It's hilarious though, that she points out the conformational flaws that are seen by others on her colt, his offspring and then SHOWS you which ancestors they likely came from. Golden.

Dena said...


please feel free to email me at

I was kind of kidding and kind of not.
They definitely need the right for them home. As I never have personally had a desire to own minis.
They showed up here in need of a foster home.
And they are cute. And little brats. And I certainly have no use for them. I am just their two legged

Anonymous said...

L. O. L.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

roses..."She knows almost enough to be dangerous"...LMAO! That's funny.

Just for kicks I looked at the VLC's pedigree...registered name Big Yellow Caddi.

If Cathy didn't like seeing Dixie Beach, 8 generations back on his pedigree, she would pop a nut to see Bert on there. Bert is not an attractive horse, but the rodeo people loved his get. Bert's dam is Lady Coolidge, a full sister to Dixie Beach. Not only that, but Lady Coolidge shows up 4 more times because of a horse named Page Lee. Page Lee's sire is a son of Lady Coolidge and his dam is a daughter of Lady Coolidge.

So the VLC goes back 6 times to the same genetics she was making fun of?

Oh, and she used the same crappy picture that Wench used of the VLC on allbreed. Wow! Now who should be "the authority" when it comes to telling other people how they should put a little time and effort into getting decent pictures to post of their horses?

GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
secondwindacres said...

I haven't been over to fhotd for awhile. Thanks for posting this. There has been a time or two that I doubted myself a little, and thought that maybe the reason I "looked" for Cathy's mistakes was because I had sour grapes. Ummm, nope. Her holier-than-thou, know-it-all attitude is very real and very dangerous for those who follow her hook, line and sinker. And they all say that they make up their own minds and don't follow her blindly, yet nobody can see that the very attributes of her VLC would be fodder for her blog if he was somebody else's colt. Self-important, hypocritical and even gets the very basics, like laminitis and founder wrong.

CharlesCityCat said...

Wench, hope you don't mind if I bring up the latest topic on FHOTD over here, if just shows how pathetic a person can be.

The original post has some validity of course. That poor colt needs to be gelded or maybe euth'd given a good eval from the vet. But, can someone tell be why the whole thing was reduced to making fun of someone's name? What does that have to do with any part of this topic? Personally, I think the woman is just hoping to cause controversy so that her numbers go up, I don't give a rat's hindparts what she has to say about it. The girl's name or any other name has nothing what so ever to do with the main topic, so why the stupid snark.

BTW Cathy, how many CEO's, Senators, Heads of State, etc are named Cathy? And, what in your resume and dossier makes us think the name Cathy is oh so special? Another BTW, my name is Cathy as well.

You have become so transparent that you are actually a joke and a fool.

Oh, BTW, what happened to you and the Ponyup Rescue?

bhm said...

Yes, I was wondering what happen to why Cathy isn't involved with PonyUp any more. Maybe someone should go over to Fugs' blog and ask her. (hint, hint)

blueheron said...

Oh boy. Yeah, I was wondering about Pony Up. I was also wondering what happened with Randy Byers. He has references to both FHoTD and Pony Up on his blog, but he took off the "news" announcements which trumpeted FHoTD's causes. Was very, very interesting...

secondwindacres said...

That's the thing CCC. Anytime fugs is asked a legitimate question it never, ever, ever gets answered in a straight forward way.

GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GoLightly said...

( \_/ )

Thanks to NDa, too.

Artists are amazing..

rosesr4evr said...

Yeah, why did she do the snark on someone's name?? Sounds to me like she's got name envy, course who wouldn't with a plain Jane name like Cathy?? Not everybody can be named Brandi....

And I for one can tell you that my real name is Brandi, no I'm not the one she snarked, that girl is an embarassment, but I have a horse and it's not and never has been a trainwreck. So she can kiss my lily white ass! I've never been a stripper, nor loose by any stretch of the imagination.

Even without her name, she would be a plain jane, dumpy, mousey, thinks she knows it all little hypocrite who couldn't ride to save her life.

Since when did the blog trash people because of their names and not their behavior?? Or the way they do or don't take care of their animals. I have 3 animals, all are elderly and in good health. I have owned all of them since they were young, so I guess that's the makings of a trainwreck.

bhm said...

OK, who's going to be first to ask Cathy about PonyUp.

bhm said...

I know a Brandi who is an accountant. It must irk you to be told you sound like a stripper.

If you check the sex ads you will come up with more Cathy names than Brandi. I was going to post some ads to make a point but they were really disgusting.

bhm said...

You made great points on fugly.

GoLightly said...

New name of the week.
Jackie Pink.

Yup, a lawyer.

Padraigin_WA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rosesr4evr said...

bhm said...
OK, who's going to be first to ask Cathy about PonyUp.


CharlesCityCat said...

Yea for Brandi.

Now lets take bets on if she actually responds, LOL!

Andalusians of Grandeur said...

Sorry, Brandy. I guess the Turd Burglar got there first. Oh, well. She won't answer anyway. So, Brandy did you get the gray filly that Dena had who was by Invitation Only?

NW_Horse_Person said...


I posted over at Fugly and now here. Who did you speak to at WSU? The price I was quoted doesn't match the one you received. Yours was a lot cheaper than the one I got.

Darcy Jayne said...

Fugly and her friends have regularly incuded people's name and weight as part of their judgment of horses.

They remind me of the girl-cliques in junior high - always making fun of the surface stuff because it was easy and made them feel good about themselves by tearing down others.

CharlesCityCat said...


I was wondering if Cathy got teased in school by the cool girls, you know Tiffany and Brandi?

Darcy Jayne said...

Hmm...good point CCC. Much of Cathy's comments remind me of myself when my self-esteem was so poor that I would lash out at (what I saw as) other peoples' faults, and when I would automatically hate the cute/well-dressed/successful types. In other words, when I was too young and stupid to know any better.

I notice that she still hasn't come up with a good reason for leaving the VLC's ornaments in place. "He's not being used for breeding" is a poor excuse when she so loudly advocates the immediate gelding of any stallion that isn't top-quality (which the VLC clearly is not).

I've tried very hard to think better of her than her blog allows, but I'm starting to really believe that his status as a stallion is nothing more than ego-boo for her.

CharlesCityCat said...


It is such a shame about her, she really could have been a great influence, unfortunately she is unable to recognize so many things on so many levels.

I think a psychologist would have a heyday with her.

Darcy Jayne said...

Now, I wouldn't go that far. I don't think her particular quirks are any worse than a lot of folks.

I will say this, though - when I first found Fugly's blog (early this year) I found the information in her posts very helpful - conformation, how to take a good picture of your horse, too many horses, lack of care in breeding - lots of good information for a newbie like myself.

The metamorphosis into a primarly mean-spirited and even outright damaging blog has been very disappointing to watch. Even the commenters have become increasingly mean-spirited, and it seems as though whenever somebody steps in to throw a little water on the various fires, she steps in to stir things up again. (Yes, I still follow the blog - it continues to be education, just in different ways.)

rosesr4evr said...

AoG-I decided it was better to wait on getting a new horse until after we purchase a house with acreage. I so dislike boarding and would love more than anything to look out my window at my old glamour girl grazing in a beautiful green pasture. I want to be able to go out and do nothing but watch the horses graze for hours on end if it's possible.

We've seen several properties that might work, but the location of them isn't the best for us. One had a huge old farmhouse, 5 acres, pool and indoor riding arena (120'x60') that I would've liked. but it's a little out of the way. We'll find something, just takes some time.

rosesr4evr said...

Funny, I left a SNAP OFF post on the name thing and NOBODY has responded to it! Very funny indeed!
Kinda like when you hear someone talking about you and you get in their face and confront them about it tends to shut their &%#$% mouths. Sorry that name thing just lit the fuse!

She is like the girl that used to get teased by the popular girls in school who had all their daddy's money and could afford the really fancy show horses, of course they were all named really cutesy names like Brittany, Amber, Bethany, Lexi, and let's not forget...Brandi.

She reminds me of a childless spinster bitch that I know, jealous of everyone else for having what she wants.

secondwindacres said...

Darcy, I read fugs blog for a couple of years and at first I thought it was different and refreshing. Witty humor mixed with education. It had a small readership, just Cathy's family and friends and anybody who happened to stumble onto it. The readership grew as the snark became less about wit and more about cruelty. One thing Cathy isn't and that's dumb. She continued to push the envelope and give the people what they wanted. A place to trash anyone and anything, with no limits and no repercussions, in order to feel better about themselves. There are still a few people who know and can talk horses who post there, but most of the posts are just in mindless agreement and rehash what Cathy posted that day. The bulk of them are so quick to agree, with no thought to any other side or even taking the time to delve into the subject matter that you KNOW the only reason they post is to agree. To be part of the group. And they say that others are drinking the 'kook aid'. As soon as a brave soul of reason speaks up with a rational thought you'll get one of two reactions. The blind followers rushing to Cathy's defense or posts from thinkers who agree with the desenter but were too chicken to speak up until somebody else did.

I don't mind snark at all. Some of it can be quite funny. But Cathy doesn't really snark all that well anymore. It's not clever anymore. It's just cruel, judgemental and done to gain hits on her blog. Because there are a lot more people out there with issues, and they need scapegoats. They need shows like Judge Joe Brown and blogs like FHOTD so that they can sit back and say, 'see? my life isn't so bad. I'm not such a loser...look at THIS guy.' It's so incredibly sad that it makes my heart physically hurt. Isn't there enough mean to go around? I guess not. I guess we need to create more.

And it irks the bejeezus out of me that it's done in the name of horses.

secondwindacres said...

I forgot. One of the things that really drove home Cathy's mindset was her posts on another message board about her own readers. Calling them stupid and discussing them like a gossiping old crone. Even talking about the blog in general, saying that she didn't understand why some of her readers posted, "some of them don't even have horses, it's so weird". She doesn't respect her readership and I lost respect for her. Opinions are fine and she's entitled to have hers, but to post them on another public message board where she knew her readers had access to them was arrogant. She thinks she can do or say anything and never lose credibility and never lose readers. Her arrogance, self-importance and sense of superiority are infuriating.

I noticed on her last thread that she is posting up a storm. Kissing up to her biggest defenders and replying to the few people who actually know what the heck they are talking about when it comes to horses, like horspoor. I can't comment on threads from the previous couple of months because I haven't been back there too often. But I happened to check the thread the day she made the stupid comments about trailer trash names and I tried not to comment, but lost the battle with myself and did. :)

CharlesCityCat said...

Darcy and SWA:

Both of your comments are pretty much how I feel about FHOTD. I did really enjoy it for awhile, but as time went on, I was becoming more and more concerned about the direction it was taking.


Well, you are right that we all have our quirks, but I still think Cathy could use some counseling, there are some underlying issues there that could use some exploration. LOL

secondwindacres said...

Yeah CCC. And vengeful, destructive quirks scream 'I need help!'. :) :)

CharlesCityCat said...

Too funny that Fugs is now addressing her numbers over there. Damn (sorry) I thought it didn't matter to the Great and All Powerful OZ. Guess it smarts a bit.

Would like to address a comment from over there here, because I really don't post over there except in extreme cases.

There are times in shows that I do where I wouldn't ever show for points/ribbons, strictly doing it for ring time on a greenie. While I don't turn my number upside down, it is announced to the judge and the crowd "not to be judged." The judge does watch, and I do want feed back.

Reference my blog from a while back, the grey Connemara schizo, Splash. Talent meets Norman Bates.

secondwindacres said...

Just wanted to comment on something because it caught my eye. Cathy posted on her blog about people who have left and don't comment much anymore "hating" her. Speaking strictly for myself, I don't comment much any longer because, for the most part, I find the comment section boring and a waste of time. I don't 'hate' anybody, it's too counterproductive an emotion for me. I think it's funny (the strange funny) and arrogant that Cathy would think she's so important in anyone's life that they would hate her. Hassle her, call her out on BS, heck, even make a snarky sport of poking fun (as she does herself!) but hate? Please. I don't care enough about Cathy to hate her.

Darcy Jayne said...

SWA - I hear ya on the "posting with no repercussions" - I got slammed by one of her fans who knows me in real life - a fan who was outright lieing about things that I have personal knowledge of. And when that got boring, she went for telling lies about me.

rosesr4evr said...

fuglyhorseoftheday said...
>>By the way, Fugly- what ever happened to your own rescue, Pony Up?<<

They decided they wanted someone less controversial after I criticized another rescue on this blog.


CharlesCityCat said...

What a tidy way to put it. In others words, she couldn't get along.

GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kestrel said...

I really wouldn't mind her blog if she heeded her own advice, instead of trashing everyone else as BYBs, then doing exactly what every BYB does. Finding what you think is a good stud, and trying to bring a few good colts into a world of deformed show ring prospects. Mine That Bird sure pointed out that beauty is as beauty does. A lot of our best bloodlines were obscure themselves, and then their progeny proved them. Impressive did great in the show ring, then ruined numerous breeds.
She's caused a lot of people to be attacked by her followers. Now she knows what it feels like.

bhm said...

rosesr4evr said...

fuglyhorseoftheday said...
>>By the way, Fugly- what ever happened to your own rescue, Pony Up?<<

They decided they wanted someone less controversial after I criticized another rescue on this blog.


bhm said...

I think she kept the VLC intact because she wanted to show the world how it's really done. Now that she's being criticized, the VLC project seems to have imploded.

fuglyfuglyfugly said...

Man, I miss everything good...can someone elaborate on the whole Pony Up thing? This is the first time I've heard about it (although I tend to ignore FHOTD posts about rescues so that could just be my fault.)

bhm said...

Cathy was the Secretary for a horse Rescue call PonyUp. I predicted that this wouldn't last long because of Fugly's tendency to clash with horse people. I think she lasted a whole month and a half before they asked her to leave.

bhm said...

This is the comment taken from Fugly:

Padraigin_WA said...By the way, Fugly- what ever happened to your own rescue, Pony Up? May 30, 2009 1:20

fuglyhorseoftheday said...
>>By the way, Fugly- what ever happened to your own rescue, Pony Up?<<

They decided they wanted someone less controversial after I criticized another rescue on this blog.

fuglyfuglyfugly said...

bhm, yeah, I saw that in the comments. Interesting. I guess I'm not surprised...when she posts about going to such-and-such rescue to help out, I always wonder what her employers (and coworkers!) think about that. I mean, I see that she intends to use some of the money she gets from her blogs to take days off to rescue...but in this economy, I don't think I'd want to take off random unpaid days!

GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darcy Jayne said...

Is Fugly even employed? Reading her blog, I have to wonder...

The Wenchster said...

Sorry guys for the lull in my posting. I've been sick here for about a week with a chest cold and severe acid reflux.
I will post later tomorrow, but tonight I feel beat.

Best wishes to everyone and happy trails.

GoLightly said...

ooooh, wench.

we missed you.

Hope you feel better soon.

Stoopid weather, I blame it all on weather.

Dena said...

Wench I am sorry to hear you haven't been well.
I will pray for your recovery.
A little harder than I have been praying for baby pictures.
Okay a lot...
Get well soon huh?

To_Close_To_The_Action said...

I guess she doesn't practice what she preaches on FUGLY about being a responsible horse owner

This mare was a part of a rescue effort by fugly followers. As you can see, now that the back patting and kudos are done, this poor mare is shit out of luck.....

Here is where the horse is located

'scuse me while I gag

Dena said...


I posted today on
everything I referenced. I am contacting those listed to confirm pricing.
All the information I have is there.
Sorry it ook me so long.

Darcy Jayne said...

To_Close - can you give any more backstory on that mare? Name, when "rescued", etc? Thanks.

Dena said...


Okay here it is as of today the cost of euthanasia and disposal at Washington State University is $263.00

I apologize it took many tries before I was able to get an answer.
But, I only started calling today.

To_Close_To_The_Action said...

It was around Nov/Dec of last year. The horses were "rescued" from the Deer Park area in Washington state. The mares name wasn't given. I think she has a tattoo. I don't remember for sure.

The person who "rescued" the mare, always signs her posts (on Fugly) with her name and the tag line "DANCES WITH HORSES". I don't remember her name.

To_Close_To_The_Action said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
To_Close_To_The_Action said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bhm said...

Thank heavens for NCCatnip. She did an amazing job on her rescues. It's a relief to know that at least some rescues have a forever home.

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Last post May 20?

I knew you couldn't keep it up you stupid bitch. Yeah yeah, chest cold and severe acid reflux, whatever hun.

This blog is dead.

GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WildCaballo said...

Umm that's not Fugly, look at the created date..May 2008... I hope people aren't that gullible..

DK said...

Oh look. More Fugly trolls doing what they do best, putting their beloved leader in an even worse light.

CharlesCityCat said...

Fugly has been on blogger since May 2007 you idiot. Do you really think you are fooling anyone?

bhm said...

Dear psuedo-fugly,
Take your nasty comments somewhere else. We don't want to hear them. Do you really think that you are helping Fugs by trying to make her sound like a vindictive ass.

WiltedZebra said...

Me thinks the VLC may have been gelded. Between the post on FHotD today and the most recent post on the VLC's blog it seems possible if not likely. Thought you all might like to check it out and see what you think.

Dontyouridenofuglyhorse said...

I can assure you VLC is still a stallion. I saw him in his stall with my own eyes just yesterday.

Dontyouridenofuglyhorse said...

BTW it was the first time I had seen him in almost 2 years.

CharlesCityCat said...

Thanks for your input DRNFH, it is always appreciated.

GoLightly said...

Did ya see?

I finally got a response to my perennial question
"Why Are the WP horses heads so low?"

(smacks head)

They've been BRED that way.
Last 25 years or so, according to one commenter.

That timeline sounds about right.
QH's didn't have that low head 25 + years ago.

And, they are Extremely happy.

How happy I am for Horses!

tbowner said...


Her name is Carrie Giannandrea
Dances with Horses
Formula One Farms

She quotes bible verses and spends her time flagging others ads...

LeadbyExample said...

I think Kathy has no intention of ever showing VLC. She will probably come up with some excuse to still breed him (think injury and cann't be shown)and he's so darn special. Kathy is apparently clueless of gelding incentives also.
(I asked her a question on VLC blog, should definatly read her answer)

LeadbyExample said...

LeadbyExample said...
VLC? Think a four year old that has already been bred should not be called a colt but instead should be called a Stallion. Guess VLC does soud better then VLS but is misleading. And kinda sounds like you got him from a mix of byb and crazy color breeder(the one's that your always talking about on FHotD) Neither his sire or dam has done anything but reproduce oh and theyr'e selling all his siblings and his dam. If Bullwinkle with the unfortunate legs is an example of the babies that your Stallion is going to throw you should probably geld him now (especially since he seems to have leg problems also with as little riding as you put on him and as a four year old). As you know there are weanlings going through auctions some that have much better legs for about $65 (and yes even some of them are buckskin). Couldn't he be shown just as well as a gelding and then you wouldn't have to worry about producing more of him. If you get to call people out on thier breeding crappy horses shouldn't someone get to call you out. I do realize you are going to see if he does well in the show ring first so I'll give you a kudos there but I have seen some mediocre horses such as your stallion do well in the show ring so I am not sure that will prove he is breeding quality. Think you should take a look at what he has already produced before you make that decision and think about those weanlings (and other horses) at those auctions you like to talk about so much that need a good home.

May 18, 2009 3:09 PM
verylargecolt said...
>>Will you still be able to show AQHA if you end up snipping him?<<

I could but I wouldn't spend that kind of money if he was a gelding. To me, the whole point of it is to increase his future value as a stallion. If he's my pleasure horse, he doesn't need to be worth anything more than the million bucks he's already worth to me, since he's one of my favorite horses I have ever ridden. Either way, he will never be resold. He is with me for life. :-)

But so far so good - his trainer doesn't feel his behavior is anything unusual for a young stallion in a training barn who is NOT the stallion who IS getting to breed mares there! Our new joke is that I need to acquire a horny, sterile mare to pasture him with so that he can entertain himself until he has earned the right to breed.

I love Bullwinkle and think he is an excellent colt - something I would have been proud to have bred even though I didn't have anything to do with his coming into being. I'd repeat that breeding in a heartbeat. You may of course disagree. I do understand that when I post pictures or other people post pictures, it invites criticism and of course I support everybody's right to criticize since I do plenty of it myself!

It is technically VLS now but the blog is already named VLC and everybody knows him as that, so just consider it a nickname. You know, the same way we called her the Breck Girl, if you're old enough to remember that, even though we all knew she was over 18!

May 20, 2009 3:34 PM
verylargecolt said...
Oh, last note, he doesn't have any leg problems. He had a stifle injury, most likely caused by playing hard in deep mud, last fall but has had no problems since. If you believe you have bred a horse who is completely immune to hurting himself in the pasture, please do let us know as I am sure everybody would like to breed to him! :-)

May 20, 2009 3:36 PM

rosesr4evr said...

verylargecolt said...

"I love Bullwinkle and think he is an excellent colt - something I would have been proud to have bred even though I didn't have anything to do with his coming into being. I'd repeat that breeding in a heartbeat. You may of course disagree."


I'd say anyone that would be proud to have bred that crooked legged, VERY over at the knee, fugly disaster is very seriously "barn blind" or "stud blind".

To have you state that you would repeat that breeding in a heartbeat really explains why there is such a HUGE amount of unwanted, poorly bred, horribly conformed horses glutting the market.

Even someone as snarky as you are Fugs can't seem to see beyond herself and realize that offspring such as Bullwinkle are VERY good reasons for having the balls lopped off! And then you have the frickin audacity to bitch about the AHA going for a pro-slaughter vote. Also noting that the AQHA advocates the re-opening of the slaughter plants and yet you still keep an average stallion of Krazy Kolor with the grandios dream of promoting him in the ring with hopes of him becoming a "BREEDING STALLION".

Whether you admit it or not, you are just what you bitch and moan about on your blog. Another BYB with high hopes for their little horsie stud and yet can't seem to see the light with both eyes open and a damned magnifying glass. You may not have been the responsible party for his offspring as of yet, but you stated very clearly that you would repeat(in a heartbeat) the very breeding that resulted in the crooked legged wonder pictured above! IMHO you may not be responsible, but you are indeed reprehensible.

So whine and cry and write your letters to the powers that be. They will be sitting back, smoking their cigars in their big executive leather chairs shaking their heads at the little animal "wuvers" who can't stand the thought of even one horse going to slaughter and to combine that with the fact that a large percentage of people against slaughter for horses are also "vegetarians"...Well, let's just say the *eyeroll* comes out in massive quantities. You guys come off as fanactical and not willing to see all sides of the problem, as not acknowledging that we may have to endure the fact that slaughter is a viable option to people less holier thou than you upper middle class crusty asses.

I won't apologize for offending anybody's delicate sensibilities with this post. That measure of comfort sure isn't applied to others who find themselves on the wrong end of (and oft times unwarranted) snark.

Dena said...

roses and most everyone else this has been very enlightening.

On purpose? "In a heart beat"? Wow.
I have not seen so much cyber ass at one time in awhile.

Blind would be the kindest thing to call that thinking.
And complete lack of reason.

Just Wow...

CharlesCityCat said...

Well, you know what they say:

"Love Is Blind"

rosesr4evr said...

Then she should burn at the same stake she so zealously puts others at and lights the match to, while she stands back rubbing her hands in malicious glee and encouraging others to do the same.

I don't have any tolerance for that crap: People that go around thinking they're better than everyone else, and yet they're doing just about everything they condemn others for. Reminds me of organized religion as opposed to faith, spirit, and helping your fellow man, and treating others as you would like to be treated. Hypocrisy at it's finest!

CharlesCityCat said...

Help, Roses wants to kick my ass!!!

I do agree actually.

rosesr4evr said...

CCC??? I want to kick your ass?? Awww Sweetcheeks, I never made any mention of kicking anyone's ass, least of all yours. So you go rest your purty widdle head, 'kay puddin?

NOTE: The above little paragraph is a joke, not meant to be condescending or mean, just funny. Funny haha not funny q***r.

Slingblade was a good movie.

bhm said...

That one heck of email.

CharlesCityCat said...


Loved Slingblade.

rosesr4evr said...

bhm- Thank you. I kinda wanted to cross post it, but it would only get dismissed as trolling so we'll leave it where it is. Those who do happen to read it, hopefully will understand the view point.

CCC- That movie was awesome. I really like Lucas Black as an actor. I just love his thick Alabama accent. He's pretty easy on the eyes too, that sure doesn't hurt! LOL

CharlesCityCat said...


Lucas Black played the boy?

I thought Dwight Yoakum (?) did a great job as the asshole. I hated him and was glad that Carl took him out.

GoLightly said...

"Funny, ha ha, not funny, peculiar." My favourite line from a TV show ever.
WAY before your time, Roses.
(anybody remember "WKRP in Cincinnati"?)

Great post, Roses.

rosesr4evr said...

CCC-Yep! He shore did! And mighty well I might add. Dwight Yoakum played the bad guy so well even I was glad Carl split his head open and I'm a huge DY fan.

GoLightly-Don't be so broad in your assumptions. I used to fall asleep watching WKRP. I loved the show when I was little, but I just don't find the same interest in it now that I'm older. Night Court was good too!

I just like the line better in Slingblade. The way it was said by Carl in the restuarant is priceless. MmmmHHmmm.

And thanks.

GoLightly said...

See,I've never seen Slingblade.

And Les Nessman is my hero;)

Sorry, Roses.
I figure everybody is younger than me.

rosesr4evr said...

GL- I AM younger than you, but I had old parents! LOL ;-)

GoLightly said...

FHOTD said:)
"When I started this blog, two years ago, things were VERY different. Back then, if you did not have a job, something was wrong and it was probably something with YOU and your work ethic. Finding a job wasn't tough unless you were in some industry that was already nosediving.

These days? Totally different. "

This cracked me right up.

So Now we KNOW.

Fugs started the entire economic meltdown. Single-typedly. By blogging.
Wow, the power.


rosesr4evr said...

Yeah, Because 2 years ago if you didn't have a job you were a useless bag of lazy shit turd. But NOW... we have a recession and of course people are out of work and it's just not their fault.

And now, because she says it's okay, it's okay?? WTF? Not being able to care for your horses is still not being able to care for them, whether we have a recession or not. The only difference is the number of people it affects and it manages to work it's way up to the upper middle class. So now that they're being affected, it's different.

I call bullshit!

rosesr4evr said...

This whole recession didn't just come about in the last 2 years, I hate to tell ya. It's been coming for a while.

And as for her comment:FHOTD said:)
"When I started this blog, two years ago, things were VERY different. Back then, if you did not have a job, something was wrong and it was probably something with YOU and your work ethic. Finding a job wasn't tough unless you were in some industry that was already nosediving.

There were people even 2 years ago that didn't have jobs and it definitely wasn't because there was anything wrong with them or their work ethic!! Sometimes that's just the way it is, there are always times that good people can't find decent work and it doesn't have a thing to do with whether or not they are a good employee. It just boggles the mind.

NotA said...

Would somebody please explain to me why it's the end of the world when an obviously well-trained pony and a small child interact under the supervision of two adults?

Fugly's post from Thursday makes it sound as though the child is in imminent danger of a horrible death. Yet the video shows, to my eye, a pony and child interacting very well. Yes, there are obviously risks in having the pony under voice and touch control only (no tack), but I really don't see tihs video as the example of what not to do that fugly has made it out to be.

Am I missing something?

GoLightly said...


NotAFollower said...


rosesr4evr said...

Well ladies, you have to remember...this is coming from someone who admittedly, is terrified of riding anywhere outside an arena! A lot of us grew up doing things on horses that our parents would've painted our back porches red over, however, I do believe that has made some of us better riders in the long run. You have to learn to fall before you can learn to ride.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Holy buckets roses4ever-you have been on a roll and spot on in your assessments of fugly.

Two years huh? Funny, I moved back to South Dakota, from Phx, AZ THREE years ago and things were already starting to go south in the housing market there. The banks and mortgage companies were starting to struggle, people were getting laid off and having a difficult time finding replacement jobs at the same level, houses were being forclosed on, horses were cheap, hay was expensive...and I decided it was a damn good time to get the heck out of there.

Let me guess on the other one-Cathy found some kid who could ride better than her...not a difficult feat...and broadcasted to the world that this was a terrible and dangerous thing to let happen? Heaven forbid some kid actually get to ENJOY their horse. Because...Oh.My.God...horses are so dangerous and unpredicable?

Yea? And I'm dangerous and unpredicable in the mornings before I have slugged down my first pot of coffee. Whoop-teee-doooo!!

NotAFollower said...

And what better time to learn to take a fall than when you're a little kid with soft bones and no fear? Really, little kids are almighty bouncy and have relatively little mass to contribute to a heavy landing.

As with most things - start 'em young, take reasonable precautions, and give them the chance to learn the world has edges while they're still young enough to adapt.

NotAFollower said...

For those of you who don't visit Fugly's blog anymore, here's the video that she got her panties all in a bunch over, and that has her followers decrying the irresponsibility of people who would let such a small child ride a creature as unpredictable as a horse without first being hermetically sealed into a 100% safe environment.

rosesr4evr said...

BEC-I try. You know how your mom always told you to watch out for the quiet ones? Yeah well, she wasn't talking about me. LOL

Equus said...

I've been looking forward to a post for awhile now, I keep checking back only to be disappointed at no updates here :( Lol. Must be busy!

Anyways, I agree with the reviews thus far on Cathy's Thursday's blog. My oh my.

On another note, I posted a blog in regards to today's blog over at FHOTD, correcting a few false points Cathy felt comfortable spewing. Enjoy :)

Paigeley said...

That's not pe-nut pushing, it's called streching your horse down over his back. You do it to strech them and get them warmed up.

And why are all of you wasting your time picking this person apart? You could at least not sink to their level if you hate them so much. Start acting your age, all of you are acting like middle schoolers.

GoLightly said...

Actually, "picking people apart" happens in the highest levels of society.

Like, Oh, IDK,

Where do you think I learned?

Keep reading, young Paigeley, y'all may learn something.
We'll wait.

GetOffThatHighHorse said...

Oh, to be young and innocent and think the world really IS all posies and candies...

GoLightly said...

Paigeley, check out
This Blog

and explain to me how that is normal horse movement.


Nobody else will, maybe you can.
I'll then hold my breath 'til I turn blue.
Feel better now?

GoLightly said...

This Blog

I can do links, I can do links!
Some days, anyway..

GoLightly said...

Could someone please explain why it's okay for SOS equines to tell you that "the mare is on the truck tomorrow, if no-one adopts her"?

CBER can't do it, but SOS can?

To Horses.
Please be kind to them.

tbowner said...

SOS can do anything they want as long as they advertise on Fugly. I love how the Hypp question is dodged quite a few times.

NotAFollower said...

I couldn't help but notice that SOS also gets away with having people shown riding with helmets, riding bareback, kid with no helmet on horse described as "should not be ridden at all", etc.

Funny, that.

GoLightly said...

Funny, peculiar, yes.
Seems to be on summer re-runs over yonder;)

Gettin' a bit worried about Wench...
Hope all is well enough.

Bleedin' awful tough times out there. For most.

To Good hay crops. My area is having a helluva time with wet, cold and impossibly narrow windows of opportunity.

Oh, why is it okay to e-mail the AHA, but not the AQHA?
Same stance, on slaughter, haven't they?

Gawd, it does get confusing, trying to keep the "facts" straight.
To some sort of meeting of mostly like-minded, kind-hearted animal type-people.
Too bad the kindness couldn't extend a little further.
To People.

NotAFollower said...

Likewise on the worry about Wench...

Hey, Wench! I hope things are okay with you and you're just having too much fun to be bothered with keeping up a blog.

LeadbyExample said...

I have a neighbor with two very thin (skin and bones) horses. I have called this person and offered to buy the horses (where they will not starve to death. Nieghbor does not want to sell them.
My mom has talked to a police officer about this nothing has been done so far (we live far out in the country).
Our other neighbors have also commented on how thin the horses were thinking someone had dropped them for us to take care of. The horses frequently get out and graze on the side of the rode and we are known to take in some skinny(Three or four so far) or free ones(five free ones so far). We don't sell these and use our own money to take care of them. We do not need anymore horses but I would rather be feeding these two instead of seeing them starved to death. I have told everyone I have talked to about this the call the sheriff's department and know my mom has talked to a police officer about it. I have no doubt that it has been reported nothing is being done. Any advise on what to do next?

GoLightly said...

Do you have dated photographic evidence?
Do you have any form of animal control/Humane Society out where you are?
Can you offer to feed these horses for the neighbour, at least?

Good luck.

LeadbyExample said...

No pictures of them yet. They last got out on the road when I was at work and they are kept in a pen fairly far from the road (it would be hard to get pictures of them without going on the property).
These people think they are doing a good job with thier horses if I offer to feed them I am sure I will be turned down. I do not think these people are stable (their kids play in the middle of the road and will not move for a vehicle)
No Humane Society where I live.
Out where I live It took over a month for social services and police to investigate a different house where kids where left alone and parents have apparantly decided to just leave. Very sad.

GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LeadbyExample said...

I am thinking someone may have had a talk with the horse owners. My mom tells me they actually have a roll of hay and it is in the fence with them instead of being outside of the fence where they can only look at it and hope for a bite.

I have thought about sneaking them food but the house of owner is directly in front of the fence with woods and steep hill all around. I have not seen a vehicle in front of the house do not know if the owner has one so no way to tell if he is at home.

GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fuglyhorseoftheday said...

This blog is a friggen joke!

tbowner said...

Fugly your the fricken joke

CharlesCityCat said...


We all know you are an imposter as your profile says you have been on blogger since 5/08, the real FHOTD has been on since 5/07.

Why do you want to continue looking like a moron?

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Moron? and hanging around a dead blog that last posted nearly 2 months isn't dumb?

Imposter or not I do have a valid point.

Talk about flogging a dead

GoLightly said...

"hanging around a dead blog that last posted nearly 2 months isn't dumb?"

Still not quite sure what your point is, dear.
If it takes one to know one, I sure as hell..
never mind.
Nice to spew you again, though.

How's the money laundering scheme going?
Some of us actually check back out of concern for another human being.
You know?
No, I didn't think so.
Have another Ritalin.

GoLightly said...

Should we, CCC?

Drive the spewage chasers a little battier?
Maybe we'll stimulate the economy that fugs herself admits she destroyed;)
Just TWO years ago!
Wow, the power. Skeery.
Drug companies need the business, what with the sunshine and roses life we're all leading.
No need for the funny pharmacy anymore? Maybe Ritalin sales are down, too. eeeek.


CharlesCityCat said...

I hardly think checking back here periodically for updates is dumb. Wench herself made a comment in this topic that she had been sick and there have been several other items of interest brought here by posters other than Wench.

What is dumb is someone who repeatedly comes on here posing as someone else and makes idiotic comments.

GoLightly said...

You forgot to count, goopy CCC.


CharlesCityCat said...




tbowner said...

148 WOOT! Now everyone rush over to Fug and buy a print of what she thinks looks like her VLC

GetOffThatHighHorse said...

Am I the only person who wants to go over to fhOtd and ask who the hell has a plan for the horses that are getting trucked to Mexico? I am not for killing horses but I am not an idealistic moron with my head in the clouds, either. Slaughter should be made humane. It would be great if it could be eliminated but start at square one, yeah??? And good luck making other countries stop slaughtering because the rich Americans don't wiiiiiike it.

I just don't see what's wrong with the goal to stopping HURTING horses (and all animals). Am I crazy to think that humane slaughter is a better alternative than hauling to other countries with unregulated shipping here and unregulated slaughter houses there? Do the fHOTD followers not understand that non horse people read them as crazy quacks who want everyone to put their horse's welfare above humans? Not everyone understands the value of animals, especially horses that are so often perceived as work animals despite the fact that so many equines are our friENDS.

I hope SOMeone wakes up and tackles this issue from a realistic standpoint instead of pushing this unachievable (for now, anyway) goal of animals being treated like they sHOulD, always. The 9-year-old-pretty-pony fugly idealists just don't understand the real world, and the sad fact that this country is actually one of the GOOD ONES.

I have loved many fuglies in my life, and will likely love many more (I'm a sucker). But I'd rather hear that one of my old pals was put down humanely than sold at New Holland or Eylers. I'm all for rescues, and rehoming, and training, and giving a horse as much chance as you can. But life is hard. I'll take the lesser of two.

GoLightly said...



Kelsey712 said...

What they don't seem to comprehend is that whether it is is done here or not, it will continue to be done in Mexico. While it isn't pretty to think about, regulated slaughter in the US definitely seems like the lesser of those two evils.

NotAFollower said...

I've been posting over there off and on over the last two days on the topic of slaughter.

I don't get it - I view slaughter the way I do abortion: a horrible thing, but a necessary evil until better options are widespread and so easy for all to obtain that there's no reason not to use them.

Kelsey712 said...

Agreed, I don't believe that it should be used as population control but I do know that its better than starvation. I know that people don't believe this, but there are horses that are regularly being turned loose where I am from. How is being hit by a car or starving to death any worse than being slaughtered???

Equus said...

Great points!!! I plan on writing a blog along the same lines, however I've been procrastinating because it is going to take a lot of time to write it! Lol. Maybe if more of us continue to voice logic people will come around?

Hope all is well with you Wench!!

Dontyouridenofuglyhorse said...

I know that I am an infrequent poster here but I thought you all would like to know where Fugs is. Many of you know we had a falling out but the REAL reason is that she had an affair with my husband. Well guess what? She has not posted a blog today because she left WA DC and stopped in Atlanta to visit my husband again. She is there for some SEX! As you can tell my relationship with him is over. But I also thought I would let you know that she is a lying thieving WHORE! I have fully nude photos of her that she sent him in December if any of you are interested. Her phone number is 253-635-5307 if you all would like to call her and tell her what you all think of a whore!
She also used to steal from me when we were friends and sell the stuff on Craiglist to support herself. If any of you would like to email me my email address is

Dena said...

Hey Girls Wench is alive. And I hope well.

She told me to behave or something that amounted to that in the last 24 hours.


I am again sorry. If, it is any consolation he will have to deal with her particular brand of crazy when he dumps her.

I admire your unwillingness to accept this from people you should have been able to trust.

Wishing you much peace and strength through this ordeal.

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Shelly if you weren't such a frigid bitch and take it up the ass every now and again he would've gone looking.

Dontyouridenofuglyhorse said...

Blogger fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Shelly if you weren't such a frigid bitch and take it up the ass every now and again he would've gone looking.

Actually up the ass is my favorite.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Shelly-I'm very sorry to hear you have to go through this. Irregardless of how things were in your relationship prior, someone you trusted should NOT have contributed to those problems.
It takes a lot of guts to air your personal pain and betrayal on the internet. The comment by the imitation fugly is a pretty good indication of the bias some are going to show you. Chin up-stick to the facts and things will reveal themselves-whether people want them too or not.

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

oh ok..

You free tonight?

CinammonSwirl said...

Wow, we all knew Fugs was a wack-a-doodle, but goodnight...

So she's a
husband stealer (and apparently theif in general)
psycho bitch
and barn blind old hag.

Wow, all we need is the drugs and she's got the list completed.


Sorry you had to deal with this entire mess. Take this chance as the sign and chance to take them both entirely out of your life.

GoLightly said...

"I agree. This thread should go poof."

tooo late, DYRNFH.
And why would you want it to, when you brought it up?

So That's what happened through the Champ debacle.

oooooh, I get it!

fartin is word verf.

well there ya go.

I'm fartin on fugs.
I worry for the animals.
You girls need to grow up some.

DYRNFH, honestly, why didn't you just say so?
"Champ.... was a paid boarder that she left in our care and was told not to come back to my place in the middle of his month of board due to finding the naked photos of her on Mark's phone."

Class act, she isn't. I've figured that out, I think.

I'm so sorry.
For her horses.

fartin away..

GoLightly said...

I'm sorry for your pain, too, Shelly.

I'm sorry I couldn't figure out your clues.
It just seemed so odd...

I hope things will work out for the best.
They should, if you can stay honest in your own head.
Guy like that, an excuse like that, I've heard before.
Never will these people get it.

To Kindness and Fairness.
maybe someday.

sorry, murderous migraine today..

CharlesCityCat said...

Oh, Fuglyhorseoftheday imposter:

I apologize for doubting your identity, obviously you are the real Fugly (Cathy Atkinson), you have been outed as a Skank elsewhere, so that corrobates your activities here.

bhm said...


GoLightly said...

What's really strange, is that the imposter also posted some crap on fugs about this whole (term used loosley) sad affair.

Good grief...
A "troll" that goes BOTH ways.


My questions have ALL been answered.

I'll go back under my rock.
Much safer there.

CharlesCityCat said...


A bisexual troll, who would have thunk it!!

rosesr4evr said...

Unfortunately it's not crap. Fugly admitted to the whole (term used loosely) deal. She admitted that she DID in fact sleep with YHI's SO Mark and that she did it b/c she had come to despise her, that she(Fugly) passed bad checks so that feed could be bought for YHI's horses and as a result, her car had been repossessed. It seems like Fugly is no better than all the asshats that she blogs about that she thinks deserve to be on the reality talk shows.

GoLightly said...

Sorry, Roses, you are right, as usual.

Imposter posted the same crap.
She corroborated the crap. Why?
It's still crap. Sordid, sad, who cares, crap.

I just couldn't understand why the Champ story stopped so suddenly. That's why:(

How many times did you hear the line "open relationship"? I've heard it quite a few times from guys. Always, ALWAYS, BS. Never took the bait, after the first time. Fool me once...

The foolishness does indeed belong on Springer/Maury. She'd love the publicity.

Imposter's trolling both places.
That's so weird..

Maybe it's for the increase in traffic, huh?

Kaede said...

Off any sort of topic, but just curious, why is Fugly so concerned about kids? She has said she doesn't like them, doesn't have enough patients to work with them, and doesn't want any, so why the concern?
Most of the people I know who choose not to have or work closely with kids don't much think about kids one way or the other. In one prevention of child abuse class that I took we were told to be on the watch for adults with no connection to kids spending time hanging around or paying to much attention to kids.
For example, if the museum was having a children's class about the difference between Impressionism and Neoclassicism be aware if adults started following you around. If the adults weren't attached to your class, ask them to leave the groups area. If they persisted, call security.
Adult predators have much in common with animal predators, look for the inattentive, the weak, those separated from their group or guardians.
Not saying Fugly has any ill intentions toward children. Just saying I find it odd, and wondering if anyone had any information on the subject.

rosesr4evr said...


For the same reason that you were told to be aware of adults following groups of shildren around-They're weak and they make easy targets! And even though she doesn't like kids, doesn't want any, she knows that the way to hurt someone is through their child. That's what makes her sick, I mean tick. Oh well same difference in her case.

rosesr4evr said...

Oops! *children*

rosesr4evr said...

GoLightly said...

She corroborated the crap. Why?
It's still crap. Sordid, sad, who cares, crap.

Why does it matter?? Because of situations like what you had with Champ! If someone is such avengeful slut as to screw her friend's SO, then what gives her the moral fiber to use donations properly or to actually take responsibility/accountability and provide donators info they requested as to the use of said donations.

If you would vindictively screw another woman's SO you are taking something that isn't yours, do you think that behavior stops there?? It's along the same lines as misapproprating donation funds. Stealing is stealing, whether it's money or another woman's man or writing bad checks.

And it's not like this stuff is ancient history, it's right here and now!

GoLightly said...

"Class act, she isn't."

I agree.

What she did/has done is inexcusable.

That's the trouble with her.

She is a slippery slope;)

rosesr4evr said...

Slippery slut is more like it GL! LOL

And I'm not saying she's a slut for sleeping with an involved man. Lots of folks have had affairs with someone married or otherwise involved, it doesn't necessarily make them bad people. The intent behind the action is what's so telling. So I guess that would really make her a vengeful slut.

CharlesCityCat said...

Just caught up on comments over "there" on the last topic. Did you see that "Ginger" referred to Fugly as a celebrity? Gag me much? Well on further consideration, in the world of porn, Fugly would be considered a celebrity.

rosesr4evr said...


CCC-coca cola out through the nose hurts!

Dena said...

Hey kids check out

It is the fhotd creator feature.
Complete with pictures.

GoLightly said...

Okay, I will correct a couple of fallacies (no sniggering, you younger critters) about what ever.
1.)SuperDena was "featured", once.
Uno, not duo.
And the rationale was indeed questionable, on fugs part.

2.)Whomever didn't sign their name to roses mostly okay letter should grow their cojones up a little.

The point I wanted to make was lost.
Did you know that 68% of readers of my national "Horse Sport" magazine would get a rescue now? 9% have already done it?

Bye-Bye horse market. NOT the upper echelon market. No, No, No.

Hello more auctions/more rescues. More fearful newbies will clamber on their saved from horrible death animals and get half kilt.

I learned to be very wary of claims on the net.
I already knew that no-one's perfect, except me;)

I learned the horse world hasn't really changed a bit. Just bigger and crazier.

and that there is kindness out there. On both sides of this sad state. It's sad to think that mostly kind people can get so nasty with each other.
But, yeah, nasty sells the news, doesn't it?

Kaede, she must have had a nervous mom. A berry nervous mom.
Broodies always pass that on, don't they?
or do they?
Just askin'.

Mine sure did. Worry-warts begat worry-warts. It's why I admire broodmoms so much.
Brave people.

It won't change the neglect by the truly stupid & the nutsos. But horse care knowledge should be out there, so people who do care, can do it right.
I pray for that change to happen. Have for many years.

To well-loved, well-looked after horses.
Like everyone horses on this<<<
and that<<<.

incoherently out..

rosesr4evr said...

Either Google ate FHOTD's comment section or she pulled it.

trailblazer said...

Came by out of curiosity after the FHOTD comment section was removed. Congrats to a select few on victory(?). All this has accomplished is taking away the opportunity for others to voice their opinions (including opposing / moderating ones) on her posts / the information she has presented. But hopefully there will be some time now for those dedicated to disrupting it there to channel that energy into something positive and peaceful in their lives, as it seems to have become an over-the-top obsession as of late. After all, any moment taken away from the horses to fight and rant is a wasted moment (I think / hope? we all can agree on that).

rosesr4evr said...

Yeah information is great, when it doesn't do more damage than good, or when it doesn't hurt the people you're trying to "educate".

CharlesCityCat said...

Good point Roses.

GetOffThatHighHorse said...

Not clear how the comments being gone takes away anyone's ability to discuss anything... there are lots of places and ways to communicate beyond fhotd.

I would be shocked if she removed the comments section without some sort of statement about her reasons... too good of an opportunity.

I only got about half way through the posts from the 16th (went on vacation yay!)today before it all went poof, and I was actually pleased that there was some rational discussion in there and a few sane comments. There are a lot of folks who keep fussing about trolls over there arguing for slaughter. Makes me laugh a little. I keep thinking they must be YOUNG.

Bottom line is economics control everything, and you can believe that Joe Schmoe trucker who hauls horses down to the border has limited or no knowledge of horses, no comprehension of just how much personality they have, and could care less as long as Joe jr. gets a meal tonight.

FF can hang out with me any day.

LeadbyExample said...

Does anyone know if a normal person could press cruelty charges against someone else or does the police have to press the charges? Going to try to find out as much info. as possible.

Suzyn said...

rosesr4evr said...

"It seems like Fugly is no better than all the asshats that she blogs about that she thinks deserve to be on the reality talk shows."

I've come across a lot of horse people who seem to think the rules don't apply to them. My old BM would be the first to criticize how somebody was taking care of their hore, but then she would get drunk and forget to order supplies. I got to the point where I was keeping hay, grain and bedding my garage to make sure my horse didn't colic becuase of her negligence. I won't even talk about the number of times the horses were without water because of some crazy family drama. My new BM is better but she's crazy too. She think my horse's ground manners need work (it's true), but he stands like a statue for the farrier while her three year olds have to be sedated to get their feet trimmed....WTF!

Is it really true that all horse people are crazy?

rosesr4evr said...


Not all of us are crazy, although being involved with horses pretty much guarantees that you will run into, become aquainted with, or be terroized by the crazies that seem to flock to our beloved horses.

I haven't had the troubles you've had with BM but I've had boarders that were crazier than hell. No more boarding!! I've had aquaintences with people that needed to be turned in for neglect and cruelty.

Oh and here's the kicker, even though I might have been friends with someone, they certainly didn't get a free pass on that issue. That's RIGHT I turned them in. Needless to say, I lost some friends over it. Not that I miss them much, they weren't very good friends if they would choose to side with a neglecter and abuser.

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

I took the comments away because I have no time for my asshat followers anymore and it's starting to interfere with sex life. Vibrators only do so much for you and beside married men are so much more fun.

rosesr4evr said...


I might believe that except FUGLY didn't take anything away. GOOGLE did, for infractions to the rules of use and terms of agreement.

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Well why is this worthless blog still got comments and where is the stupid bitch that started it?

Banging someones husband too?

GoLightly said...

fuglypony, is that you?
Thought I smelled something.

RIP Walter Cronkite.

That's the way it is..

Kaede said...

Go Lightly, What does that say about ME as a "broodie"
My four kids go EVERYWHERE with nary a bat of an eye.
Mastering not one not two but THREE city bus systems so they can go where they want to. None of them can drive. I'm to cheap to by them a car so they learned to use the public transport system in our area (one small city, one medium city and one large city who's borders mash up against each other) Many years ago they were three separate city, since the 1960's they grew and merged. It is really one Very BIG City with 3 separate bus systems.

GoLightly said...

applause to Kaede!

My gawd, my nephew, his pay-rents pick him up from work. he's 22.
spoiled, oh, dear..

I have no kids. Too chicken. Too appalled, as a kid, by what I was seeing..

Sustainable population is what I (try to) advocate.
Nobody listens, but whutever.

NotAFollower said...

Blogger's rules were broken? Interesting...and not surprising given the way Fugly tacitly encourages abuse by commenters.

rosesr4evr said...

Oh yeah! And she pretty much admitted it on her new post. Direct quote:

"Apologies to those of you who were responsibly using the comments; however, Blogger rules were broken with regard to the harrassment of individuals other than myself and so they have gone away until I can come up with a reasonable solution that does not add hours of work to my day."

tbowner said...

"Want to comment? E-mail me your comments with: COMMENT JULY 23 in the subject line and I'll add the five best ones to this entry tonight! Yes, I do get to choose 'cause this is my blog and here, I am the goddess. ;-)

*Listens for the sound of heads exploding, and giggles.*"

OH MY GOD She really has them by the balls now! *snork* All scrambling to have one of the five (pauses to puke) special comments!

I heard a interesting tidbit the other day the hag has a child (a son) she has dumped somewhere. Id love someone to track that story down.

Kaede said...

That poor woman if it is true. That would explain her concern about kids in general. I wonder if her baby got hurt in a horse related accident and that is way she worries so.

rosesr4evr said...


What??? That "poor woman" that she's talking about that has dumped her son somewhere? Maybe I got what you just said all wrong, if I did, please say so.


She's saying that Fugly/Cathy is "rumored" to have had a child at some point in her life and that she didn't take responsibility for raising that child, she foisted him onto someone else so she could go and live out her life unemcumbered by REAL responsibilities. That she chose animals over a child's welfare. Hmmmm...sounds kinda familiar.

Kaede said...

Roses, I guess I had a different reading of what happened. My kids all claim that I simply can't see or think of bad things. They get very tired of having to explain jokes to me, because I usually see them as tragedies.
Any how, what I thought was that Fugly had a child and it was either born with a handicap and/or became handicapped through a horse related accident. I thought the child had to go into specialized care because of his handicap. I know I fought long and hard to keep my handicapped kid. There are lots of people (including my MOTHER)and agencies out there who want to "make my life easier" by putting my son in a home. Well, he HAS a home, right here, with me. I guess we all measure other people's corn in our own bucket.

rosesr4evr said...

It sounds like your bucket has a lot more room for corn in it than most other people's. My respect to you for fighting to keep your son. It's MUCH better than the alternatives. Trust me, I know. My parents (Dad and Stp mom) worked for the local agency for retarded citizens. (I know...retarded is not pc, but seriously that's what the agency went by) I grew up in the group homes (the HM's always lived in the homes with the clients) It was to provide a more home-like setting as opposed to NH type care or mental inst.

Only recently have more people begun to defy convention and keep their handicapped children with them, rather than having them "put in a home". It's not for everybody, so I would like to commend you for taking on an incredibly difficult job.