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Thursday, April 30, 2009

For GoLightly

I felt that Go's blog needed it's own post for those who may not sift through comments or know her side of the story. Time is short and I feel that Go covered this very well in her own words. As I've stated before, I honestly hope that other people read her story and what has been done to her and many others that have donated in the past to Cathy. I hope everyone considers researching the 501(c) 3 they wish to donate too and don't be afraid to ask questions. I also urge people to never donate to a rescue that does not carry a 501(c) 3. Most are just wolves in sheep's clothing(case in point- Cathy). Myself and countless others felt from the beginning that Champ should have been PTS. There are just far to many sound, sane, and healthy horses that could have been saved in that one horses place. I also found it quite unusual that any horse enthusiast or "rescuer" wouldn't have known or at least checked under the hood before actually rescuing to see if it's a stallion or gelding. But all of a sudden, "Oops, we rescued a stallion!" Just sounds a little strange to me, but I guess I'm also not shy when it comes to casting a glance under a horse to see if the chandelier is still hanging. My theory and this is purely speculation, perhaps she knew exactly what they were doing in "rescuing" a nicely bred stallion with hopes his health would turn around.


CharlesCityCat said...

Wench, unfortunately, because Fugly has twisted her request into something it isn't, most can't understand where Golightly is coming from.

Paints_Forever896 said...

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. I was getting sour awhile ago at FHotD, and thankfully my reasoning seems legit and I can't be labeled as some psycho with a conspiracy. I really wonder why she won't chop VLC's nuts off.. To be honest afterall. Is he ugly? No. But he's not outstanding in any way, shape or form. He has far too much mass to be a western pleasure horse successfully on a noteable circuit, and he certainly has no presence. Deffinately not worth being kept a stallion. I was quite shocked to see her riding the pretteh kolurd stallyun bareback, in a halter and a lead rope - one rock gravel - with no freaking helmet. Hypocritical extreme. Oh well. Cathy is merely a pot calling the kettle black.

bhm said...

It outrageous that anyone who is fundraising would deny their donors accountability. The rudeness of fugly's letter to her donor was uncalled for.

Did you cover the fundraising that fugs was doing on her blog? I turns out that she was using the money to take a day off work.

bhm said...

Yes, Fugs is, on her blog, telling everyone that the reason GL is angry because of Dena. Unfortunately, the sheeple on FHOTD are falling for it. They actually believe that everyone is angry with fugs over Dena.

Dena has nothing to do with it. GL is angry, and rightfully so, because she was told to *bleep* off by fugs when GL asked for financial records. Financial accountability for your readers and donors should go with out saying. Too bad fugly doesn't understand this.

My word verification is pyrianaw. A "pyria"? "Naw", I don't think so.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Ohhh the tangled web fugly weaves.

All her words of "wisdom" of how to not get suckered into donating to or supporting rescues that aren't accountable...except for her of course, then it's "how dare you expect accountability"...

Hate the mustangs, the BLM should euthanize...OMG, we need to save the starving mustangs, how could the BLM dump those unwanted horses on someone else...

The "cowboy" methods are b.a.d., cruel and outdated...Until you need those cowboys to round up and process a bunch of starving mustangs.;)

Everyone should geld their BYB stallions...except hers of course...

HSUS don't do what they say they are going to do to protect or rescue animals...Look at me hobnobbin with the muckitymucks of HSUS. Oh, and don't forget her little pout that they don't have awards for bloggers yet(eyeroll).

Seems Cathy is really good at what she despises the most in other people...talking out both sides of her mouth!

Anonymous said...

Good topic, Wench. Seems fugs has taken this to a personal level to divert the fact she offered up proof then refused to show proper documentation to back it up. Her answer was to challenge Go to a ride off. That magically dissolved quickly, didn't it? Just a smokescreen.
And here is Fugs applying for tax free donation status- will that be in the proposed plan she gives to the IRS for her rescue? Any donator that questions funding will immediately be challenged to a ride off?
And as for the VLC- very quiet on that front.

bhm said...

I really hope that the rescue Fugs is involve with doesn't let her near the finances. Can you imagine how many days off work she can take with all that money wasted on hay. I hope, for the rescue's sake, that there is someone on the board strong enough to stand up to her and hold her accountable.

Oh and the VLC, there's another fundraising project that went belly up. It "Plan Fail" strike three. When did fugs say, "and all the money that you donate will go to the VLC's training and show carreer." She made the request last summer or fall. Now it's one year later and the VLC has no training or show carreer. That suddenly went out the window.

CharlesCityCat said...

I rarely read FHOTD anymore and even more rarely read the comments. I always end up being irritated unlike in the good old days where I learned and enjoyed reading. Anyway, I see that I haven't missed much.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the VLC- Fugs now says she will let the trainer make the call on if he keeps the family jewels or not. Seems he doesn't like anyone leading him around that is not Fugly. Sounds like a typical 4 yo to me.

Backpedal much? What happened to the judges recommendations?

The Wenchster said...

Anonymous said...
Speaking of the VLC- Fugs now says she will let the trainer make the call on if he keeps the family jewels or not. Seems he doesn't like anyone leading him around that is not Fugly. Sounds like a typical 4 yo to me.

Backpedal much? What happened to the judges recommendations?

Cathy lives in a fantasy land thinking that her internet fame is going to bring lots of mares to her stallion. She seems to be playing off his color when the truth is if he was just a plain sorrel or bay horse, he'd have his jods chopped a long time ago. To me, she just seems like another crazy kolor breeder who doesn't understand genetics. Just because her stallion is buckskin does not mean he's going breed for colorful babies.

Personally, if someone is wanting to breed for a colorful, big, well bred horse then they are better suited going for a very accomplished horse that is guaranteed color such as RFF Starbuck. He's quaranteed to throw a big buckskin baby on all sorrel, bay, and blacks. Along with that he's a very accomplished halter champion, western pleasure champ, english pleasure champ, and hunter/jumper. His pedigree is great, his stud fee is reasonable, and he's not a bad looking horse- even for a perlino. In the end if you cross your QH,PH, or TB with him your foal can be registered in multiple associations and registry. Here's his website as I remember not to long ago one of Fuglys supporters challenged that there weren't many hunter/jumper or english performers with color.

The Wenchster said...

Here's another website about Starbuck too. I'd rather breed my mare to this stallion who has outstanding credits and quarantee color than I would to VLC who has not been shown at all, even in halter classes.

horspoor said...

Hmmm, interesting. I guess a lot on allowing the trainer to make the call is 'how scrupulous' is your trainer. I have no idea who is training Fugly's horse, so this is not in anyway shape or form a slam at the trainer.

If the trainer sees dollar signs by promoting a stallion, quality be're pretty much hosed. If the horse is actually stallion quality, and the trainer doesn't want to have to deal with a stallion, hosed again.

Me, I look at my colts...decide who is stallion quality, who isn't....I haven't had a stallion quality foal by my standards yet. I've had two that other people were 'upset' with me for gelding, oh well. They probably would have been fine stallions, but not great why bother? They were dang pretty geldings. lol

GoLightly said...

previous thread.
"Didn't you say you saw a copy of the vet bill or something?"

Nope, never did. A generic e-mail. Period.
No offense taken. I have gotten more for my donation dollar from the Brownies of Canada, LongRun TB Retirement and The Donkey Sanctuary, for far less money.

"Please name a reputable rescue in Toronto area. I've been looking, not finding. I've asked this question, in the comments.*****
If this is still incomprehensible to you, I will have no choice but to send an inquiry about your finances to your local government."

Yup, forgot to add that damn paragraph, where the **** are. You're right, it didn't come out right.
In that stupid ride-off really weird thing, she said she'd fly to Toronto, to her "friend's" rescue.
I thought
GREAT, a GTA rescue! NAME it, please.
I'd be glad to help a reputable GTA rescue.
But I'm tooo dramatic.
Not very rich, either.
I should have added a paragraph. I know.
Comprehendability, fail. Spell FAIL, I know.
It should be a word.

Thanks, Wench. What you said in your post, in what I was trying to say, too.
Be careful with what you believe, is all.
Humane work needs to be done, from a common ground of trust.

I wanted to e-mail you, but you don't seem to have one available.

I feel better. Thanks, to so many of you, for getting it.

My Spock brain couldn't take it anymore.
It's over. It's done.
over there.
Who IS that, anyway??

(bows, for absolutely no bloody reason at all)

back to work:)
Thank gawd I have some.

Best Wishes for the Spring Season, Wench.

Best of luck to all.
To Horses and Humans, both.

GoLightly said...

14th, for luck:)

WildCaballo said...

I'm confused. I know that Cathy got involved in Champ's rescue. But I thought that it was someone else collecting the money? For Champ. Does anyone have the link for the Champ stuff? How does Dena fit in to the Champ saga?

Anonymous said...

As far as the VLC, leave it to the public to handle it. If they don't approve of him, they won't breed to him. The AQHA judges will hand out the dissings by not placing him.

Some of you are starting to sound like a bunch of perimenopausal women. The more you rail against the colt, the more I think you just want to bitch about Cathy and the VLC is just the easy target. Someone needs to get GOOD pictures of him, maybe show up at his debut show and snap a few. Then there can be a critique of him.


horspoor said...

I am peri-menopausal. So? lol

Anonymous said...

Laugh, horspoor.

it should read... perimenopausal with an ax to grind...

Oh, and welcome to the club, been in it from a young age.


bhm said...

Aren't you suppose to get bitchy when your premenstrual not perimenopausal?

bhm said...

Q: How is Dena involved in the Champ saga?

Every time fugly was question about unaccounted for funds she would bring up Dena instead of answering the question. Fugly also told her followers that the reason that everyone is mad at her is because of what she said to Dena. This only served to distract the readers from the argument and provide a smoke screen.

When questions were still asked about the funds, fugly challenged GL to a ride off to change the topic and to avoid answering the question.

Anonymous said...

<---- doesn't miss PMS one bit. All I did was crave Cheetos, and got nasty.
<______ perimenopause was a drag, short periods, long ones, some two months apart aka "pg scares" and some two weeks apart.
<---- post-menopause is here. No more worries. I thought I'd get really depressed, but it's not that big a deal, ladies.
Bitchiness gone. Gone, gone, gone--- just like the Led Zeppelin song.

bhm said...


I certainly appreciate my menopausal years.

kestrel said...

Just looked up Pony Up, fcs at least they're honest...just send cash and stuff, and our 501 is still "pending," so it's not a tax deductible donation. Oh, and we're doing a lot of site improvements with donated dollars, too.
They have a couple of horses, big deal. Most of my friends rescue more horses than that, and are not posting a donate to me site.
Cathy appears to be secretary. On their 'wish list' they are asking for funds to train horses. WTF? I thought that with all her expert knowledge she'd be training...but no. Sheesh.
It's too bad that horse rescue has become just another money making scheme.

bhm said...

I think you are right about the rescue being a money making scam. They've set the organization up to create paying horse training jobs for themselves.

Since Cathy has been asking for donations I've seen a whole other side of her emerge. She is fundamentally a sleezy person. I think we should place bets on how long it takes for Cathy to have a falling out with her rescue friends. She seems to have a falling out with every horse person she comes in contact with.

kestrel said...

Hah, too funny! I also checked out Eramus Farms, which they are affiliated with. Whoa doggies, that is a spendy operation. 525 for board, plus another minimum of 260 a month for riding lessons, whether you need them or not. I am sooo in the wrong business, but I couldn't live with myself if I honked people that badly. Fewer morals, more cash?

horspoor said...

Was thinking I should do fullboard, and make mandatory weekly or bi-weekly lessons. You pay the first of the month period. lol

How do you think that will fly?

kestrel said...

It seems to be working for them! How do they do that?!

Anonymous said...

>>Yes, Fugs is, on her blog, telling everyone that the reason GL is angry because of Dena. Unfortunately, the sheeple on FHOTD are falling for it. They actually believe that everyone is angry with fugs over Dena.<< THEY do? Oh please. No, THEY don't. Everyone knows Dena is a special case in and of herself, as her recent posts at FHOTD demonstrate. Sorry, bhm , that is wrong. Or maybe it is just what you want to believe.

And if you claim Cathy said something then PLEASE provide a link, otherwise it is just so much antagonistic hot air. Some claims and assertions that have been made here have been waaaay wrong in the past and I am not sure why you would want to go down that Pot Kettle Black path. So where is the link that shows she used funds to take a day off that had nothing to do with rescue? Deal in facts, not rumors. Otherwise, you are no better than FHOTD.

Considering the way GL was posting on the FHOTD blog with her long, rambling accusatory posts that seemed to make very little sense while pointing fingers and pouting, some posters seem to have had enough of that drama and asked both her and Cathy to take it to email. And considering all the drama that was behind those emails I do not find Cathy's email to be all that rude. And UMMMM - ISN'T IT A BIT RUDE TO SHARE PRIVATE CORRESPONDANCE LIKE THAT?? If Cathy had posted GL's emails and suggested a kind of blackmail you all would have freaked out about it.

I think GL is more than capable of finding a rescue she likes on her own. She is intelligent and more than capable. Since she does not agree with Cathy anyway, why ask her for a recommendation? Sorry, again, that does not make sense. And it seems to be creating drama just for the sake of doing so. I think you handled this the wrong way, GL. Sorry. And the fact that you seem to welcome the added drama sort of proves that.

I have no love for Cathy but this situation is getting lost in translation.

bhm said...

Do you not read? Go back and read Cathy's post for March. Cathy and others keep putting out the idea that the argument is about Dena.

Does anyone remember were and when the Fugly post is saying that she's using the funds to take a day off work? I think it was on the VLC in the fall.

Why do you insist on speaking authoritively about Fugs comments when you haven't bothered to read them. Go back and read fugs comments so you'll know what everyone it talking about.

As far as GL's letter, GL is entitled to be angry when she and others have received rude comments from fugs.

blueheron said...

I am the one who did the digging and found the quotes that GL used in her blog post. It's from January and February.

On Jan. 6, she posted that people could take out ads on her blog, and the ads would help support her rescue efforts. When asked about this by Wazzoo, Fugly responded that the extra income allowed her to take days off of her paying job, to help rescue. She did not say she was just taking off of work. It was taking off of work to do rescue, to help others with rescue, like Champ.

Hope that clarifies things and gives people the references they can go check.

bhm said...

She originally asked for donations to help her rescue horses of which she was going to volunteer her time. On January 6th she informs her donors that she used the fund to pay herself to rescue horses. Funds were given to her to go directly to the horses. If she wants to volunteer then do it on her own time. This is what she was given money for.

blueheron said...

BHM, I think the donations go directly to the horses, and the money earned by selling advertising space goes into her pocket to support her rescue efforts. I have not seen anywhere where Fugly says she is using rescue donations for herself. Now, in the billing statement she sent people, was there any payment to herself? I don't recall.

bhm said...

She certainly did tell anyone that that is what she was going to do. She came out with it later. I doubt anyone would have donated money to her so she could pay herself to rescue horses.

bhm said...


blueheron said...

Hmmm. I don't consider people buying advertising to be donating money to her, because they are getting something in exchange. She makes money off of the blog, it is up to her what she does with it.
If she took money people donated to a horse's rescue, and paid herself, that would be another story. And I see no evidence of that.

GoLightly said...

BlueHeron, as I've said, I have no problem with capitalism. I don't care if fugs makes money. Good for her. That's great. She needs to eat, and to feed her red mares.
She has done great stuff.

So has Trojan Mouse.
So did Randy Beyers(?), with his link to fugs blog. Maybe he does have a large hole in his psyche. How would I know??
The more awareness the better. The more rational discussions, the better.

I would assume that advertising on fugs increases exposure for the horse rescues she takes $$ from. I hope that money helps them adopt more horses out. I do hope the dangerous ones are not saved. When they are, novice riders get hurt.

I also run a business. I like proof.

I simply asked for proof, Blue.
Proof, through a vet record or statement. Farrier bills. Pic of Champ euthed.
I never said anything like Champ never existed. I have no issue with that, at all. His demise took a month. Probably two weeks too long, but IDK. I didn't see him daily. His x-rays were very bad, from the beginning, very familiar to me. The Farrier for Champ came on and commented through the initial fundraising. But she sent nothing, either. Said nothing else in the comments.

I posted fugs donation statement, e-mailed from
Somewhere. It's something anybody could type.

It's easy to scan a document. I have a fax. I'd have shut up a long time ago, if I had one piece of paper, for proof. A picture.

DYRNFH was there, I believe that. But again, those are just words. Real Life Documents speak the loudest. The penultimate "ring of truth", yes?

What, people just expect every word on the 'puter screen is true?
Didn't we establish that, Blue? It isn't, necessarily. Pictures, proof, increases the perception of truth.

It just smells kinda funny still, particularly since ponyuprescue is part of her myriad duties.
Wouldn't you have access to simple business machines?
If you have worked in law, you do know how to work them. If the dates matched, there ya go.

Fugs said she'd be happy to provide these statements. But when I said, Yes please. Then waited & waited, I did start to wonder if I'd been had.

I have a very healthy suspicion towards horse "rescue" now.
It wouldn't have been like that, with one piece of dated paper, from anybody involved with Champ.

Oh, and good grief. How should I have handled it? I'm so sorry I wasn't able to handle it in the way you think I should have. You handle the next one, mK?
Sorry I let you down.

I'm so done. I didn't look for drama. It happens, over there.>>

It can stay there.
I'll keep looking for a reputable rescue. There don't seem to be too many, at least, none I've been able to glean. Fugs knows one apparently, but I should not be inflicted on them.

I thought I could help.

I still hope that I did.

To sound, well-broke, well-trained, well-owned horses.
And I hope Kind Horse People will finally be able to work together, without all of the finger-pointing and pouting.
The wealthier demographic over there, doesn't get the, oh, never mind.
They don't get it.

I won't miss the shrillery.
It's just plain sillery.
Oh, STFU, spelling police.

horspoor said...

Okay...I'm really lost here. Yes, I too was a donater to Champ. The email and PayPal account were not Cathy's.

Cathy did not take donater's money to take a day off. She said if she got more hits or whatever, it would make it easier to take a day off without pay.

No I did not get copies of receipts. I did get an accounting showing that the money balanced. Which at first glance seems odd until you take into account the original adopter picked up the slack.

No, I don't have solid proof, or copies of invoices. I thought the horse deserved a shot. As soon as I saw the feet and Xrays, I realized it was a bust. It was worth it to me that he didn't end up on the truck. Got some good food, some drugs for pain management, groomed and put down. Screw it, money well spent.

I did however bust the chops of one of Champ's previous owners. I posted Champ's memorial page at the 'Watch and Wager' where the guy hangs out, and bets. It was ripped down in under 2hrs. I asked him if he remembered Champagne Till Dawn. He didn't want to talk and walked away.

flying fig said...

Thank you horspoor & blueheron for being voices of reason here. I agree with you both - and have found nothing to back up some of the accusations here. I suspected that would be the case - because if it was as bhm asserted - I would have been waving some red flags myself. Violently.

CCC - you really need to read things for yourself instead of relying on hearsay to point fingers - especially when it comes to statements like Cathy used donations just to take a day off work. As horspoor & blueheron pointed out - that was not the case.

horspoor - I also felt Champ deserved a shot - and then we saw the xrays and the only goal was to make him as comfortable as possible while options were considered and rejected. The implication that they were trying to save him as a stallion in order to use him for breeding etc. is laughable - but I guess where people want to find fault, they will.

And yes - major DUH - originally a lot of this was about Dena who got others like GL to rally around her and go to her defence. Only to find out later - as GoLightly did - that perhaps that did not feel right to them.

But it evolved from there. Champ came along. GL - I know you meant well, but I tend to agree that offering up private correspondance and hinting at a bizarre form of blackmail was not the best approach. Needing pics of a dead horse? To prove what, exactly? I'm sorry, but that mystifies me....

I know you suggested a while ago that maybe he did not exist so I reported to you that I was at Enumclaw that day and saw him. Miserable. Head down. Back hunched. Tail clamped. And no - looking at him in the pen that way in the low light of the holding barn, it was not "obvious" that he was a stallion. I also thought gelding at first. But he was very real - as I told you then - and if I had had a place to put him I likely would have tried to help him as well.

GL - you did help him. At least the last month of his life had warmth... food... care... freedom from the worst of his pain... and the attention he so desperately needed. Know that you did help - and you do not need farrier affidavits or itemized vet bills that showed what syringes you paid for ( I have never seen anything even remotely that detailed from any rescue BTW) or any other paperwork to know that. You. Helped. Him.

Anonymous said...

From January's comment on "What's Your Learning Style" on Training The VLC-

"verylargecolt said...
Also, the more drama, the more traffic, the more ad revenue in my pocket. So keep on trollin' - full training and heading to the shows isn't cheap!


Doesn't sound like that money is going to rescue to me.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps an accounting of donations dollars should look like this and be publically posted:

clean, simple, easy

In Champs case, it would not have been anywhere as involved.
IMO- Cathy's refusal to provide legitimate bills is to cover up something. She offered, she needs to cough it up.
If I were seeking 501 status, this woman would NEVER be on my board of directors, much less in any way, shape or form involved to the point that my rescue could be assosciated with her. She has no credibility.

CharlesCityCat said...

Flying Fig:

I do read things for myself before making comments. I said I rarely read Fhotd, I never said I don't read it at all, and I would never come on here or anywhere else and make random statements.

I did mis-speak on the last topic when I said she uses donation money to take time off to do rescue work. I do know that she uses money from her ads to take the time off, so for wording it that way, I stand corrected.

blueheron said...

GL, I am sorry that you took my response to BHM as a criticism of what you have done/how you have handled things. Not my purpose, AT ALL.

I was trying to correct one fact. BHM asked where Cathy said she was using DONATED $$ to take a day off of work. That is ALL I was responding to. And I said that I had NOT seen that said by Cathy, anywhere. What I had seen were comments about using revenue from the blog to support rescue. And I gave references to where people could find that information, for themselves.

Whether or not she actually DOES use revenues to support rescued, this, I have no clue. That wasn't my point. My point was to report the facts. That's all.

blueheron said...

Flying Fig, I am at a loss as to what Dena has to do with GL's request for accounting? That's part of what CCC was referring to, I think. correct me if I'm wrong, CharlesCityCat, okay?

Cathy did say that she would provide whatever evidence people needed, in order to know that their $$ was going where it should (see quotes on GL's blog). Whether or not anyone agrees with WHAT evidence GL wants, it is clear that Cathy has not responded to GL's requests. End of story. Would be very easy for Cathy to rectify the situation, but she's dug her heels in the sand on this one, and has chosen to denigrate GL, instead.

CharlesCityCat said...



GL's request was quite simple but Cathy's refusal to comply is what turned this issue into the drama that it became.

GoLightly said...

Let's NOT forget Dena in all of this.
Warts and all, she never, ever starved or abused her animals.
It was the ABR that "sacrificed" Dena to Fugs.
For asking for help.

She was named all sorts of lovely things, by >>>>>>> that. By me. By almost everyone commenting on this blog. Her rage is justified. Her voice has been stifled, by the charmers that label anything they don't want to listen to.

No wonder she's still angry.
Read her blog today. She says it all.

Coherently and succinctly.
Sure, she's had problems. Don't we ALL, when we aren't born into the perfect $$$$$$ bracket.

Of course, we don't all react the same way. Looks to me like Dena's done pretty bloody well.

But, instead, ABR'ites happily sent more horses to Jason. To their terrible deaths by starvation and neglect.
He looks better with his shirt off, than Dena. (just an assumption, here)


Again, Dena.
I'm sorry. No-one deserves what you went through. I do not pity you. I wish you well.
I do not think you can change those boneheads over there. That's all.

My own failings as a human being will always haunt me, when it comes to you.

It's taken the wind out of my writing sails.
Why bother?

I have nothing else to contribute to horse society. No money.
It's too rich for me anyway. I have a husband & family business to support.

Flying Fig.
My "bizarre" comments are easily explained by heavy, constant drug use.
Just keep telling yourself that.
It's not true, but it's easier to believe.
I posted here that I'd e-mailed fugs. I posted that I would let you all know her reply.
I did.
That's the ONLY "private" correspondence I sent.
I posted the Square Peg letter, because I was genuinely ashamed by what I'd said to her.

To hell with horse people.
The horse world sent me to hell. Read all about it.
HereOr not.
Obviously, nothing's changed.
I won't be back.
No loss.

To Horses.
Good luck to the horses in the Derby.
They'll need it.
I'll be watching, holding my breath.

We all do, in these terribly twisted times.

bhm said...

bh, hp, and ff,
I understand your point, but if you redirected funds in a non-profit that were allocated to horse rescue to your personal income, despite the reasons given, you'd end up in court. The funding source is irrelevant. I do know people who have ended up in serious legal trouble for doing less than Cathy did. It's called misappropriations of funds and embezzlement.

It would be a different matter if Cathy had solicited funds with a budget that allocated resources to paid staff. However, it still remains a problem if a disproportionate amount of funds are allocated to salary. Please note that Cathy never intended to set up her in devour as a private business. If she had done so then I wouldn't have a problem with it.

Also, Cathy has criticized the solicitation of funds for less of a violation. (See th Begging Bertha post). She repeatedly comes out against any form of redirecting funds towards personal income and using a disproportionate amount of funds for personal income. I agree with Cathy on this point.

I don't think that you are understanding my position. When I was fundraising for non-profits, including from businesses, I would never redirect funds to my personal income that wasn't defined in the budget. If I was to do so, I would be sued by the businesses and the non-profit, fired from my job, as well as facing criminal charges from the government.

Ask anyone that is involved in n-p administration and fundraising, including the anon. that runs a horse rescue, what would happen to them if they pulled Cathy's stunt. There are standard business and accounting practices that must be firmly adhered to when you are soliciting funds. This is not my personal opinion but a legal requirement.

blueheron said...

BHM, you wrote:
"if you redirected funds in a non-profit that were allocated to horse rescue to your personal income, despite the reasons given, you'd end up in court. The funding source is irrelevant. I do know people who have ended up in serious legal trouble for doing less than Cathy did. It's called misappropriations of funds and embezzlement"

Four questions:
1- Is FHoTD a non-profit?
2- Are the revenues from the blog alloted to horse rescue? (I am NOT talking about paypal donations here. Just advertising and hit revenue)
3- Isn't she entitled to use income from her blog in any way she sees fit?
4- How is putting money made from the blog into her own pocket a re-directing of funds? I really don't understand this at all.

Cathy wrote that income from her blog would allow her to take days off of her paying job to go rescue horses like Champ.(She also said revenues would pay for her horses training, earlier.) Maybe I am being really obtuse and thick headed, here, but I don't see why this is a problem. Buying advertising is not the same thing, in my understanding, as donating money. And, again, just because someone says they are doing something means nothing, as GL pointed out. I am not talking about proof of what has been done. I am talking about what has been said about what was done. Hope that makes sense.

In my eyes:
Not providing requested proof of where DONATED funds have gone IS a problem.
Denigrating people who have made donations IS a problem.

Anonymous said...

GoLightly - I think you are over analyzing - everything. From Dena to something in your past to the handling of your donation. You reflect so deeply - good for you, but I doubt it helps much in the end. Things are what they are - although on the internet an awful lot can be misconstrued. Take from it all what you will but there is a lot to be said for letting go of things and moving on. Learning from them along the way, of course. I didn't donate to Champ's cause because it all wasn't clear enough to me and though I'm sure glad the poor boy had a decent end, it wasn't the way I'd have done it with him. I have some rescues I have researched very carefully - in person - and donate to specific things at these rescues that I can also measure (towards a stall construction, or fence, or medication, or special shoes, etc). That's just me. Not saying you weren't treated unfairly. As far as Dena, boy an awful lot can be said about her but one thing can't be denied - she is consistent and sticks to her guns, doesn't back down. No waffling. Good or bad, in its own bizarre way, it is quite refreshing.

CinammonSwirl said...

Sorry for no hyperlink (I don't know how.) I also apologize heavily for being off topic.

I just thought that it paints a good side for a racing industry that I believe is trying to reform little by little for the better. A horse with what some other money grubbers would bute and race anyways, was pulled out of the Derby, which we all know is a major race.


On Cathy's note. Allocating funds to your show funds/ taking a day off so you can afford to take it off is wrong, especially since you have a rescue paying for spots on your blog (or at least last I checked. I haven't visited and have the ads blocked.) Rescues should happen on free time, not to take days off work. Yeah your work will be limited unless you get volunteers, but that's life. No job = no rescue. I'm sorry, but unless you have volunteer staff, you have no business taking days off of your regular job. As an employer, your hobby doesn't take precedence over your side 'hobby' of sorts. Days off are for when you really need it, and although people abuse it, I think Cathy is fairly predictable on what she is doing.

Champ should have been put down from day 1 of acquisition. A horse with such bad x-rays should have been very very very visibly in pain. Yes give him a few days of dignity until the vet can come out and give him a good end, but don't keep the damn horse alive and beg for donations.

She should have shown GL at least a copy of the vet bill or something to prove that something was done. All pictures were of the horse in a stall, and nothing more. Pictures of the horse being euthe'd, although a bit creepy when you say it, was nothing more than her trying to have SOME form of proof that the horse existed in the first place. I think any one scanned copy (or hell, a picture) of a bill or the vet visit...just something would make GL happy in knowing her donation went towards something that helped the horse. Again, the blog always showed the horse in the stall or auction grounds. That's not exactly putting confidence into people who donated. Yes he got x-rays, but what else from what was said had proof? Even then, the vet would have given a bill for that. It's not tough to figure out. I think she understands that it can be tough to say, "Show me where my 100 exactly went and circle it for me!" Just proof that the horse had something done.

The VLC needs his googlies gone. Even in my inexperience, I can spot a mediocre horse. Yeah, he's buckskin, but I've seen nicer buckskins who have been gelded and don't look so rough. He's just nothing spectacular and hasn't done anything yet. Anything would have been a start. Halter, lunge classes, just ground stuff.

I'd also like to note, the woman who barely has enough money for herself has a stallion, and somehow plans to show and promote him. Yeah, cause that works well.

Anonymous said...

CS -I'm not understanding why any money generated from the ads on her website needs to go to rescue? It is space someone bought, rescue or business or whatever. That's like saying if I blogged about homeless people and received Adsense $$ I would be branded a hypocrite (or whatever) because I didn't send any $$ generated to homeless shelters? I would've spent my time making a blog and bringing issues to light. It seems strange to have rescues buying space, but hey, it must work for them somehow.

I think the VLC is nice looking. Let him prove himself or not. She isn't standing him now.

CharlesCityCat said...

Cinnamon Swirl:

My first horse was a buckskin (see my blog), I think he was better looking than the VLC although he was a large pony, he didn't have his googlies.

bhm said...

I don't think that you are thick headed at all. Please don't take any of my comments as implying anything negative about you as my manner in writing, when I'm trying to be clear as possible, can sound direct. Your questions are good ones and I deeply respect you and your feed back.

The difference is that using the funds to care or buy a rescued horse is philanthropy. Using the funds to pay yourself a salary is a business. The two are distinctly different enterprises and should never be confused.

Now, if Fugs had said that although she originally stated that she would use the funds to rescue horses she no longer finds herself in the position to continue to do so. Her reasons are time constraints and personal finances, so she has to switch the advertising to a private business. Then there may be some complaining, but everyone, including myself, would understand. Cathy has outed people for confusing philanthropy with a personal business. When money is involved,she should be clear about what she is doing with it.

In the non-profit field, if your organization starts to direct too much money to salaries and personal benefits then it starts to taken on the financial structure of a private business. NPs get raked threw the coals for doing this and would loose their funding sources. Veering too much in this direction will get you sued or legally charged. This is a moral issue as well as well as a legal one.

Sadly, Cathy knows the distinctions, but intentionally continues to continue confusing the two. The bottom line is that Cathy is running a business and she should not paint her business as a horse rescue.

bhm said...

You are correct that advertising money from a private blog on the homeless does not have to be donated to the homeless. However, if you are stating that you using the advertising money to help the homeless and it turns out that that is not what you are doing with it then the public will have a serious problem with you. If you are soliciting advertising revenue under the guise of the funds going to the homeless and that's not where the money is going then you can be sued or legally charged. Cathy has not revealed whether or not that this is her agreement with her advertisers, but she has mislead her readers.

Anonymous said...

Bhm - that makes perfect sense, thanks. I really didn't realize she misled like that about the ads. That is really rotten and arrogant of her. Now I get how it all connects with GL's donation problem - no accountability. Thanks again for clearing that up for me.

flying fig said...

***Flying Fig.
My "bizarre" comments are easily explained by heavy, constant drug use.
Just keep telling yourself that.
It's not true, but it's easier to believe.***
Why on earth would I tell myself that - especially as it is not what I think in any way? As for Dena (and yes I am still ignoring you ; -) as I am not talking to you here) - she has gone off on so many tangents... sensible one minute... then erratic venomous blogs that got deleted... swearing she would never post at FHOTD again - only to occasionally sail in with yet more venomous posts such as a recent one abut flushing Cathy down the toilet.. *snort* ...mixed in with somewhat normal ones... she has not presented herself as credible or coherent at times. Not at ABR. Not at FHOTD. Not even on her own blogs. And she has only herself to blame for that.

Dena is not connected to the Champ thing - nor did I see her being used as a ruse and a smokescreen as bhm insists. Those who supported Dena vehemently at first- as GL did, were already "at war" with Cathy. And thus there was already a great deal of friction there.

***All pictures were of the horse in a stall, and nothing more. ***

*** Again, the blog always showed the horse in the stall or auction grounds. ***
WTF? That ^^^ seems to be some rather nice revisionist histpry - no matter what issues I may have with things at FHOTD at times and been very vehement and loud about - there were actual VIDEOS of Champ in the little sand ring at the barn he was moved to. Links were provided. I saw them. I did not imagine them.

GL - if Cathy had posted emails you had sent to her, wouldn't you have been pissed?
I know I would have been - as I would have viewed that as a conversation between us. Just us.

**Pictures of the horse being euthe'd, although a bit creepy when you say it, was nothing more than her trying to have SOME form of proof that the horse existed in the first place.*** So eyewitness accounts that he existed - FROM ME (apparently my word is sheer crap - thanks) - and actual videos - were not good enough? I am sorry but some of this has gotten waaay overblown. Instead of seeking out the correct affirmation of donation money it has gotten down to Champ being a mere fantasy to leach money out of people.

Along the same lines are accusations of embezzlement and misappropriation of funds from bhm. bhm - to be honest - you come across as so very determined to "get" Cathy - that you will spin anything towards that end... even when - as horspoor and others have noted, you were incorrect or jumping to conclusions. That is how it appears to me, anyway. And that is not sheeplespeak - as no doubt you will insist. I don't "fall for everything" as you insist happens over there. Actually - I fall for nothing. But it is potkettleblacking when you jump Cathy for not researching or not sticking to the facts - and then do the same things yourself.

GL - I am sorry you felt that you were wronged... and I do not think there is any way to fix that now. Perhaps if you had started out with quiet emails instead of rambling posts... I really don"t know what would have been the best approach. What I do know is that things got screwed up when it came to what you expected and what Cathy presented. Maybe you should have stated exactly what you wanted to receive before you donated... to me - that seems reasonable and I personally would comply with such a direct request. I would suggest that veiled threats were not a good idea, though... ;-)

horspoor seems to have had no concerns with what she received...

If I was you - I would be content in knowing that I helped him - and leave it at that. No more drama, no more angst.

I have an idea for a "rescue" for you in the TO area. Find one of the therapeutic riding programs and volunteer there - or offer your talents in other ways. I know CARD, Sunrise, Windreach, Traditions... are all in that area. Watching the interaction between the riders and the horses is all kinds of awesome - and grounding. If that makes sense.

Here is a map of nearby centres... might find what you are seeing there.

You know - I could care less about the VLC, even though he is a Major Issue with many here. He is not to my personal taste at all but as he is not reproducing at the moment I am not going to get all riled up about something that is not even happening. I do not see backpedalling there at all - just re-evaluating. Which is what should happen (if only I could get my boss to do more of that!). He'll end up a gelding. The less stallions the better. Of any breed.

*** Cathy has not revealed whether or not that this is her agreement with her advertisers, but she has mislead her readers. ** bhm - where has she ever stated that all income from the blog was going to rescue and rescue only? That is not even the stated purpose of the damn blog... so I am not sure how readers are intentionally being mislead as you assert.


I think I might just go to the Enumclaw sale tomorrow - sad though it may be... maybe I can conjure up a horse that never existed...

bhm said...

flying fig said...
bhm - where has she ever stated that income from the blog was going to rescue and rescue only? That is not even the stated purpose of the damn blog... so I am not sure how readers are intentionally being mislead as you assert...

Along the same lines are accusations of embezzlement and misappropriation of funds…you will spin anything towards that end.
As I said, around the fall she was asking for money. Here's one example of Cathy asking for money on her blog and saying that it will go to saving horses. Until January 6, 2009 she has never said that the donations would be going into her own pocket:

October 22, 2008
If you appreciate what I'm doing and want to contribute toward getting that main site up faster (aka buying me some more Diet RockStar and paying for forum software and hosting that doesn't suck), I would greatly appreciate your donations - there's a Paypal link on the bottom of the main page.

I know this is going to save horses' lives. I have never been more sure of anything in my life. It is obvious to me how many people DO care...I appreciate your support, whether it's a donation or all of the great e-mails.

Secondly, your mis-reading my comment. I said that 1)Cathy has raged about others asking for money and then later putting it in their pocket. She has written about this so many times just pick one of her posts as evidence.

2) I said that if a NP fundraised and then later redirected funds into their own pockets they would be charged with embezzlement. Check the legal records for those who have be sued or have been charged for these practices. Embezzlement is a crime and it will land you in court. More than one person has come to realize this.

Dontyouridenofuglyhorse said...

Flying Fig said: "I know you suggested a while ago that maybe he did not exist so I reported to you that I was at Enumclaw that day and saw him. Miserable. Head down. Back hunched. Tail clamped. And no - looking at him in the pen that way in the low light of the holding barn, it was not "obvious" that he was a stallion. I also thought gelding at first. But he was very real - as I told you then - and if I had had a place to put him I likely would have tried to help him as well."

I too was at Enumclaw and saw Champ, and even went into his pen to unwrap his small thin lead rope that was caught on the heel of his shoe. I had no clue that he was a stallion and I stood within inches of hi in his pen at the auction.

flying fig said...

But, bhm - once again, it seems that you are taking things out of context to put the spin that you require on them. Even as nitpicky as I am, I did not see much of anything amiss with what you are presenting as evidence there. That was not about the blog but the Welcome Home page on the Horse Reunions site - where breeders who would take back/rescue horses could post their contact information. I would think that breeders who wished to participate in the site might like to donate towards it if they wished. It is also a bit of extra advertising for them that they can link to to show how responsible they are. Where does it say that is a non-profit set-up? Maybe I missed that info? I do not see it listed as such anywhere.

A donation was not a criteria. Not even a demand. Just a suggestion. For something that I thought was a good idea. You seem to see it as just another plot to leach money from people.

Which is the way I see most of the Truck is Coming Tomorrow pleas at ABR...

That is not evidence of embezzlement as you claim. And yes, I am fully aware of the legal definitions involved.

And after a pleasant interlude to watch an AMAZING Kentucky Derby (go Canadian-breds!) it is time to get back to the barn...

ETA: DYRNFH - Oh come on now... you mean you could not tell immediately that he was a stallion? ;-) Some posters here could. Even without being there!! He was a pitiful imaginary sight, wasn't he.... *sigh* ... I wonder what will be there tomorrow...

bhm said...

flying fig said...

Where does it say that is a non-profit set-up? Maybe I missed that info? I do not see it listed as such anywhere.
Now I know that you are being deliberately obtuse. When I was fundraising, I wish I knew that there were people like you who don't mind if I redirect money raised for saving horses into my own pocket. Wow, I would made a great living from it.

flying fig said...

Crap. I forgot to post the link to that Champ VIDEO that was linked to on a FHOTD Champ update blog on January 11, 2009.

The one that some here who maintain that we only saw photos of him in his stall seem to have conveniently missed. That is what bothers me about some who post here - who simply ignore what may not fit the agenda. Or spin things to meet said agenda.

If something is truly amiss, I will be all over it. No spin needed. As I have been in the past. But this video was not one of those things...

ChampNo, bhm - I am not being deliberately obtuse - I am asking a simple question. And you have responded with a sneer. Not agreeing with everything you say is simply having a different opinion - not being obtuse or stupid as you imply. I may have missed that info - so please help me find where it says that Horse Reunions is a non-profit? Maybe my Mac configures the page differently or that fact that I have misplaced my glasses is at fault... seriously, I looked.

And you would make a lousy living off of me if you were waiting for my money... ;-)

CinammonSwirl said...

OMG, seriously? That video just 100% proves that horse needed to be put down on site. That horse is clearly walking in a lot of pain, as if he's on pins and needles. Either way, my point is that there was nothing picture wise of that horse EVER leaving a barn of some sort. I did I see a "Here, follow my hand since you have flippin' founder and a fused ankle! Walk as fast as you can!" Super care, yeah?

Wow, just wow. All I see is another video showing no proof of a horse getting any care. I see a horse who hurts when walking. I see a horse who had no change. All I see is a horse being kept alive for no reason.

What I still don't see, is proof that this horse was given any care of any kind past being at a barn.

flying fig said...

I am not sure what you wanted to see, CS. You can easily see the glue-on fresh farrier work there, though. It is more than obvious. I did not link back to that vid to show that he was happy and trotting around - we all know that was never going to happen after seeing those xrays. Unless of course you think the xrays were faked as part of the entire bizarre "conspiracy" - that is getting beyond ridiculous IMO. But he was being cared for. If you had seen him in the shed at the auction - you would realize that vid was an improvement. He is brighter. Actually interested in his surroundings. The horse (yes the same one) that I saw in the barn at Enumclaw would not have been able to get down and roll like that in that condition. Not a chance in hell. Cathy had links to the vet and farrier involved on those Champ blogs - you can always contact them to demand to know what they did or did not do. Although one could even have done that at the time as opposed to months after the fact. All the links were/are there... plain as day. That end of it was/is very transparent... and easily verified. But likely not exactly supportive of the no care/scam theory...

Anyway, there you have it. Pay no attention to the obtuse, cynical one behind the curtain... it's just me.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Champ's owner gave the vet permission to discuss treatment with the general public? Otherwise, I believe that a treating vet's discussion of an animal's treatment/condition without the owner's permission may be an ethics violation. I guess if fugly posted the link, then that implies consent? Not a vet, so I could be mistaken...

blueheron said...

The only information I could find about whereadvertising money goes: Nov. 29, 2008.
" is close to launching and we are auctioning off the top banner ad for the first month, with 10% of the proceeds going to all breed equine rescue Save a Forgotten Equine. (That is the rescue that rehabbed the Jean Elledge horses). "

From the banner ads link, no mention of where proceeds go to:

Doesn't mean a reference has not been made, just that I could't find it.

I'm not trying to argue with you, BHM. I just feel this is important to clear up. M understanding is that unless a declaration was made that all proceeds from advertising on the blog go to rescue, Cathy is free to do whatever she wants with the money. She is not a non-profit.

However, she needs to account clearly for whatever money was donated to rescue a particular horse.

Anonymous said...

Here is the horse's correct pedigree. The one thing you are right about is that the horse should have been put down immediately. He was too far gone to save.

Dena said...

BH you are good at this, "Who" was it that said, "It doesn't matter what they say about you. As long as, they are talking about you"?

I guess I can lay that delusion that even when it isn't about me,
it really is about me, to rest.
Absolutely no foundation in fact.

65 posts and approximately 22 references to me. By name. I didn't count the her(s) and the she(s).

GL you write amazing things. When you are not being twisted by the strings others would attach to you.
I do not doubt you will find your stride.
*everyone on the planet makes mistakes*
None of us are unique in that.

You all should check out the
I had tremendous fun with it today.
And "I" didn't use any swear words.
Or, trash anyone.

rosesr4evr said...


I was just thinking what you said : Dena said...
BH you are good at this, "Who" was it that said, "It doesn't matter what they say about you. As long as, they are talking about you"?


I imagine most of this drama will sort itself out in the long run. There are folks that have been accused of being many things on that blog and I'm sure that some or most are very far from the actual truth. Hell, I was branded a serial killer that was going to devour her own soon to be born young, that got my jollies off killing stray cats and nuisance wildlife (to clarify: I've NEVER shot or killed any cats, EVER!)

And I wonder about this statement by Anon 10:59:

"As far as Dena, boy an awful lot can be said about her but one thing can't be denied - she is consistent and sticks to her guns, doesn't back down. No waffling. Good or bad, in its own bizarre way, it is quite refreshing."

Why is sticking to your guns, good or bad, bizarre?? I will say this about Dena, she does stick to her guns and well she should, right or wrong. What she's posting about are her thoughts/feelings at that particular time. I don't feel like she should have to clean it up or sugar coat anything. It's right out there for all to see (even if some of you think it's just "OUT THERE") Call her what you will, think of her what you will, but that girl sure as hell aint' no PUSS! It takes guts ladies, and she's got them in spades! Now don't get me wrong, she's sure as hell isn't perfect, but who's gonna throw that first stone?? I remember something about glass houses...

On the other topics: The VLC should really be the VLG it's true. But this is still America and the last I checked she's free to do whatever with the horse as she see's fit. Does that make it right? @#$% NO! Do at least most of us realize that he should be a gelding if she held herself to the same rigid standards that she tars everyone else with? I believe so.
Does she look like a dumbass BYB, Krazy Kolor breeder wannabe? Ummm, yeah I think so. And we all know that the general public has no bearing on what should or shouldn't be stallion material, as judging by the staggering amount of shitty, poorly bred fuglies, most people aren't bright enough to make that distinction, hence is why we have BYB's and Krazee Kolor breeders in the first friggin place.

Champ: All I'm going to say on that particular hornet's nest is that Fugly should just practice what she preaches out of her double sided mouth and there wouldn't be a problem. It makes no difference if she's got NP status or not. She asked for donations towards the horse and his rehab or euth if that was what needed to happen. So then, she should make the spending of whatever donations were received towards that particular cause available to anyone that asks-whether they donated or not!

On Cathy's surprising turn around on the mustang issue. Just blow lightly in my direction, will ya?? One post she's stating that these horses are worthless and that 30,000 TB's would be much more deserving of funds (Pickens' $$$) and that she wouldn't mind if they were euthed. I guess it paid to go to Nevada and hang around the very organization that you were slinging Katrina mud at just a short while ago??

On donation dollars and how they're spent??? It's just like buying a horse, do your research, check references, and most importantly-BUYER BEWARE or in this case-DONATOR BEWARE.

CharlesCityCat said...


I agree with you on pretty much everything!

rosesr4evr said...

Thanks CCC, I wasn't sure if it came out in comprehension. Sometimes things just get lost in translation.

Anonymous said...

Roses: I am the anon who wrote the comment about Dena sticking to her guns. Of course I didn't mean that in itself is bizarre, I meant it was refreshing that she does (stick to her guns), regardless of what the nature of her comments might be or how people take them. It wasn't intended to be an insult.

Reading comprehension can be your friend. Sheesh.

rosesr4evr said...


Then why label Dena's comments as bizarre? I can think of a few others I find bizarre in their comments. The passive/aggressive behavior that goes on in several blogs is baffling to me. If you(not you as in YOU, just anyone in particular) want to say something, just come out and say it. For chrissakes don't "go off" on somebody and then retreat into a sniveling pile of "oh, I'm soo sorry I offended you, that's not really how I meant that" and "I really do think you're great" BLAH BLAH BLATHER.

Anon-YOU said:
"regardless of what the nature of her comments might be or how people take them"

Is this what you meant to describe as bizarre. I'm confused. Just what about Dena, her comments, sticking to her guns, bad or good, is bizarre to you or to others?

PLEASE help me comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Roses OMG. You're not gonna get what I'm trying to say. You umm, win.

Dena said...

Roses I am not a PUSS!?! Thank you.
That made my day reading that.
I think what Anon meant by bizarre is not the usual or the norm.
It is okay everyone.
I have a new therapy exercise.
Anytime, I think it is about me, I close my eyes, click my heels together 3 times, and repeat 3 times "It is not all about me. It is not all about me. It is not all about me".
It doesn't seem to be working so I scheduled an appointment with the eye doctor.
Do you suppose it is possible that I have gone from imagining things to seeing things?
Laughing so hard I really need to look into that "Depends" stock...:)

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm going to take one more stab at this because I think you might still be reading, Dena. What I was trying to say (albeit incoherently) was that despite what anyone's take on you or your comments might be, the way you stick to your guns is refreshing. I think "ironic" would've been a better choice of word than "bizarre". Ironic because despite how tedious it all becomes, it is (ironically) refreshing in that at least you do not waver. It really wasn't intended as an insult at all - kind of a everyone-has-to-give-credit-where it's-due kind of comment. Call me sniveling, apologetic, passive aggressive, whatever - that's really what I meant originally!

CharlesCityCat said...


I got what you were saying. I feel the same way about Dena, she doesn't need us to fight her battles for her, she is perfectly capable of holding her own, no matter how much we want to "protect" her, she really doesn't need us to. Now, alot of people don't understand her comments, or just totally refuse too, and that is their loss. I understand what you meant by bizarre, as that is how some would interpret what she is trying to say.

Roses, I really think Anon does get Dena, just how she said it didn't come out quite like she wanted it to.

Dena said...

I actually got that the first time I read your post.
I even get the bizarre. It can easily be construed that way.
I have asked myself if I would have reacted to any of this the same way if I had ever had anonymity. No slam on anyone in that.
I just have more of a burden to own what I say or write because people know my name.
The reality is I am who I am. So it most likely would have been the same.
I never took offense to the word "bizarre" in your post.
I took it as, I am a person of my word and I stand for my beliefs.
That is high praise.
Maybe, the bizarre part is, that I am somewhat like Chuckie. It just doesn't seem possible to kill me.
Put me to sleep. Or, cause me to go lay by my dish. No matter what anyone says about me.
I do not think I am a masochist. Just not easily beat down.:)

Dena said...

Why CCC you are brilliant Dahling...
And roses is an amazing friend too.
That has been part of the problem for awhile now. And part of the change.
A lot of folks reacting to what labels are applied to me. Good or Bad.
And some are horrified that I will keep drawing fire. When I could just be quiet and let it all die down. HA!
Go back 6 months anyone. Look at the complete disregard for decency.
Take a look now.
Is maybe a little different?
I hope I have set a tone for anyone/everyone that it is not necessary to be a victim. Or easier.
Be very quiet and maybe they will all move on and forget about you.
THAT more than anything gave them the power to carry on with the random destruction.
To be a martyr you must be sacrificed. I have fought every step of the

Anonymous said...

Thanks CCC and Dena for "getting" what I meant. I can understand why it looked like I was sniping under the guise of being anon, but really I'm just too lazy to sign in correctly. Dena no one can ever accuse you of being a kiss up or wishy washy - I mean that fondly, honestly - even your harshest critics (me NOT being one of them) have to admit you stand your ground!

CharlesCityCat said...


I was one of the ones who at first wanted you to stay away from the fire, but as time has gone on, I realize that you are who you are and you must do what you feel you have to. The part I now get, is that you can handle it, and you will handle it. This is why I so enjoy being a friend.

rosesr4evr said...

okay, okay, I get it now...I comprehend! Geesh! HEE HEE! I was just asking for a little clarification on what was meant by bizarre. What exactly was bizarre? No need to explain anymore, though, I GET IT now. Thank you everyone.

CharlesCityCat said...


No worries girl, how is that handsome son of yours doing?

Dena said...

That is why the military should give you and I control over all the weapons.
I'm telling you if we can scare some into behaving with my presumed insanity and a couple of little hounddogs IMAGINE how well they would behave if they knew we could push the button.
Oh and we should control the liquor

rosesr4evr said...

I always thought it was kinda funny that Dena would never let them rest over there at FHOTD. like I found complete humor and amusement in it. She just wouldn't say die, no matter what, she kept her head up and walked proud when most people would've slunk away with tail tucked firmly between legs, to be forever silenced by the Mafia that is Fugs. Good for you Dena! Don't ever let anyone put you down.

Anon-I was not trying to pin the passive aggressive yada yada on YOU. I was talking about behavior on blogs, like the one that shall not be named. If some of those folks were ever confronted in a real life situation, they would piss their pants and run home screamin to mama about the "bully" that's being mean to them, when in all actuality, the little nerd they've been pickin on for the last month finally gets fed up and dots them in the friggin eye!
So please don't take offense as I did exclude you from that description.

rosesr4evr said...


Thanks for asking! Right now he's being crabby! It's getting time for bed. He's almost walking, he waves bye bye and starts a commotion of admirers where ever we go!

So tell me how I can post a pic link direct from puter and I'll show ya'll a more recent pic of him! He's too cute!

Anonymous said...

I completely understand, Roses (and agree). I guess that's why I was so frustrated because I feel the same way.

Enjoy your little guy - they grow up way too fast.

CharlesCityCat said...


Glad to hear he is doing well and receiving the attention to his cuteness that he deserves. I wish I could tell you how to post a pic here, I am clueless on that. I just change my avatar.

blueheron said...

About pictures, the other day I found out that anyone with a google account has a Picsa account. Any picture you have ever put in your avatar is in that Picsa account. And you can upload pictures there, and get a web link so people can go look at the picture in full size instead of the tiny avatar postage stamps. :)

Go to
On the top left, where you can click on "videos" or "maps" or "images" there is a word "more" with a down arrow. Click there. Go down the pop-down list, and select "picture." If you are logged into Google, your photo site will open.If not, you ought to get a prompt to log in.
From there, find the "upload" button.
Once you've uploaded your pictures, if you select a picture, you can get the url for it in a box on the right.
Hope that helps.

rosesr4evr said...


I couldn't get it to work. I'm computer illiterate. Could I do it from facebook?? I wonder if there's a way to link just to the pic and not the page.

Anonymous said...

Someone else did collect the funds for Champ and can account for all funds except those paid to the boarding facility as she did not provide receipts.

I know this because I collected them and have receipts from the feed store,vet and will attest to the board paid.

It was extrememly expensive board because she did not have proper bedding for a horse so painful, nor feed he could safely eat so in addition to the board we had to pay out of pocket for the bedding and feed.

However, she did take in a stud straight from the auction yard and not many facilities will do that so she deserves something for that.

As for whether or not he should be euth'd, we left it to the vet. I can provide her notes stating it was reasonable to attempt to get him comfortable and if that could not be done her recommendation was humane euthanasia. It became apparent early on he would not get more sound so a date was picked and he was let go in a far kinder manner than a truck ride to the plant.

As far as the donations go, the total from the owner was $700 and the rest of the donations totalled
$790 from 18 different donors.
This does not include the fees Paypal deducted from the donations.

The initial cost of the horse was
$250.00 purchase price
$50.00 Hauling between 3 counties
$250.00 board
$268.38 Bedding,hay,feed and supplements at Graham Hay
$264.00 Vet Fees
$83.39 feed and bedding at Dels
$51.95 feed and bedding at Dels
$80.00 vet bill

Total of $1297.84 the small balance was refunded to the owner to defray the cost of the euthanasia and disposal($400)

GoLightly said...

Ah, yes, the power of anonymity.

You are welcome to e-mail me.
Why you haven't before now, whomever you might be, is tres interesting. My e-mail has been in my profile forever, almost.
Since the 3000+ post, for sure.

So a vet called the shots? Pardon the pun?
Isn't that a teensy conflict of interest?
Wench's speculation is re-validated, isn'ta?
Attesting isn't quite the same, my dear anon.

I think hind-sight is always 20/20.

DYRNFH, is that you?

I'm pretty sure, anon, you are NOT UendUpHere.

If you are the kind hearted adopter that saved him from the truck, why would you hide for so long? Are you computer literate?
Neither am I.

Fugs is. Did you know fugs has a rescue,too?
She has horses available for adoption, on CL. I hope they all find kind, caring homes.

Ho, boy.
Champ took a month of hobbling around for cookies.
Poor critter.

Champ was adopted with glue-on therapeutic shoes already installed. Someone had tried, I think.

I cried, watching Champ's video.
I was surprised there was no news, for so long.

Maybe Champ's previous owner ran out of money, or was terrified to ask for help.
I wonder why that would be.

I also know how that feels. Finding my horse foundered again, while my vet watched, and condoned my BM's grain diet/stall rest:(

Who could I ask for help?
I moved him to pasture board, after that. My money was drained. Tad came sound, for a while,and then not.

At least I euthed my Tad, before he was in absolute agony.
I hope the same can be said for Champ.

RIP, Champ.
Beautiful Bright Bay Horse.

To Horse Husbandry, that one day truly lives up to it's name.

To the END of laminitis and founder and colic and HYPP and CA and OLWS........
All the other ailments we've so kindly domesticated into them.
And perpetrated on them, with our terrible mismanagement.

To Horses.

incoherent out.

Anonymous said...

Here's to you, GL. Awesome comment. Dang, you said that all so well!

blueheron said...

If you have a photo on facebook, and you open the photo so it is large on your screen, under the photo you will find a link, below the words "Share this photo with anyone by sending them this public link". this is in tiny print.

See what this link does for you:

Should take you to a funny pic of my Ber.

Dontyouridenofuglyhorse said...

Go Lightly said "Champ was adopted with glue-on therapeutic shoes already installed. Someone had tried, I think."

Champ had a set of keg shoes with some bright yellow rim pads when he got here. The glue on shoes were done at my place.

Dontyouridenofuglyhorse said...

Anonymous said: "It was extrememly expensive board because she did not have proper bedding for a horse so painful, nor feed he could safely eat so in addition to the board we had to pay out of pocket for the bedding and feed."

Champ did require extra thick bedding due to his hoof issues and we currently use pelleted bedding. That is why the cost of the extra shavings. The 250.00 I received was for his stall, someone to feed and medicate him daily, clean his stall and turn him out into the softly bedded walker area.

GoLightly said...

That's cheap, DYRNFH.
I mean, that is very reasonable board for the care involved.

savedbyahorse09 said...

No offense DYFNFH.....

Merely pointing out it made the actual board costs $650 because of having to provide different feed and bedding than you used with your healthy horses. Again, very few barns would even have allowed him on the grounds having come fresh from an auction yard.

Dontyouridenofuglyhorse said...

"Blogger savedbyahorse09 said...

No offense DYFNFH.....

Merely pointing out it made the actual board costs $650 because of having to provide different feed and bedding than you used with your healthy horses. Again, very few barns would even have allowed him on the grounds having come fresh from an auction yard."

Yes his care was more expensive because of his difficulties. Around here to get a self care stall in a local barn will run between 150-200 and that does not include having someone feed the horse daily or clean its stall or turn it out. I simply charged 100.00 moer for his care due to having to pay my barn helper to medicate him daily, and clean his stall as well as turn him out. Champ did require a large amount of bagged shavings to make him more comfortable due to his leg issues.