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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Standing O

Just wanted to say that I hugely admire and respect I Want Revenge's owner, David Lanzman, and trainer, Jeff Mullins, for scratching him from the derby even though his vet check passed. After discovering a hot spot and expecting a wet track, both trainer and owner decided against running even though the horse jogged fine for the vet and nothing was discovered on ultra sound.
This is a huge breath of fresh air as many trainers and owners have been known to run their horse in the big races despite the horse being off. Kudos to Lanzman and Mullins.


CharlesCityCat said...

It is so nice to hear of owners who put the welfare of their horse above the almighty dollar.

bhm said...

I second CCC's comment. Very good to read this.

CinammonSwirl said...

Boy, that was quick. xD

I thought it was good news to have this morning, as they truly did not have to pull him out. The fact they did shows how much this horse means to them. Even in other industries, I think this horse would have simply been drugged for pain and would go on to compete.

What a good day for the industry and all industries, and what a good job to the owners.

OldMorgans said...

I am impressed, which is rare.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

How about the little no-name who just ran away with the race? much for it all being about big money! I thought the jockey was going to bounce right off of that horse.

Sadly, my pick, Mr. Hot Stuff, came in 15th. Well, so much for that $10.

GoLightly said...

It was a beautiful, safe race,wasn't it?

Loved the under-dog and his jockey.
What a great race!

I picked by name. Chocolate Candy- how can that NOT win;)

CharlesCityCat said...

It was a great race, that horse just put it in hyperdrive and smoked em! Calvin Borel did a superlative job. He seems like such a down to earth guy.

I had bet on Summerbird because his Sire is Birdstone, who I love. Had I known that Mine That Bird was his son, I would have bet on him too. Darn It!!!

ezra_pandora said...

Especially now that you find out on MRI's that it was torn ligaments. How did THAT pass a vet check?? Did the vet, just NOT check to carefully or what? Sheesh? But yes, definitely kudos to the owner and trainer for sure.

And when Mind that Bird won, that crazy jockey, he was hilarious! My husband asked where I thought he was from. I said cajun 100%, Lousianna no doubt in my mind. lol What spirited people. And take that horse in a horse trailer and pick up truck and not some fancy getup? They earn kudos in my book too, not to say that fancy getups are wrong, but a $9,500 horse winning with true, down to earth people beats it all in my book.

Padraigin_WA said...

I was on a television-less island the day they ran the Derby. Had to keep really busy that day and avoided the radio, too. I am sooo glad that there were no injuries, or better yet, no fatalities. Still can't get that image of Eight Belles' final run out of my mind.

A Cinderella story, in a way. Three cheers for Mind That Bird and his jockey, Calvin Borel! Yes, he's a Cajun, from St Martin Parish. Kent Desmoreaux and Robbie Albarado are also from those Louisiana tracks.

Shadowed Storm said...

I was glad to hear that they put the health of the horse first, particularly with the more recent results from the vets... too many owners would have just gone with the original vet check, then thrown a fit and blamed everyone else once something had went wrong with him.