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Friday, April 10, 2009

Protecting yourself and your horse on the road

Since many like the topics that don't center around Cathy I decided to bring up a new subject after reading a story today about a Canadian Olympic hopeful and her horse that were struck in a hit and run while out on a hack on a rural road last week. Jessica Ruppels 3 year old Hanoverian filly, Bella, had to be put down on the side of the rural road where they were struck after vets fought to save the Olympic prospect for several hours. Jessica walked away with bruises and only minor injuries. Reportedly, the driver of the light colored truck that struck them was driving on the wrong side of the road. Jessica waved her arms and did her best to move her and Bella as far off the road as she could. After being struck by the truck who apparently didn't even try to miss the horse and rider, the truck came to a stop only for the driver to jump out and scream at Jessica,"What are you doing on the road?". He then got back in his truck and sped off from the scene. The driver of that truck has been found and is facing charges. Here are a few more news links regarding this-

So my question for readers today is...what are your safety protocols regarding riding on the side of a roadway?

Here are a few of my tips for those that choose to hack on the side of the road.

  1. Talk to your county representative about placing warning signs like this one on roadways that horseback riders frequent.
  2. Wearing a bright orange vest may not be the highest of horse fashion. But it is one of the most recognizable colors on earth and will catch a drivers notice giving them time to slow down as they pass you and your horse. If you can find one with reflector tape of some sort it is especially good in case you do have an accident that leaves you stranded until after dark.
  3. Wear a safety vest in case you do have a spill or do get hit. It might not do much to protect your horse but it will protect you if the ground near the roadway is hard or rocky.
  4. Wear a helmet.
  5. Carry a cell phone and let your barn mates or family know where you are going and when you predict you will be back.
  6. Carry a emergency horse kit in a saddle bag or back pack while out on your ride. Many human safety kits come with everything you need for both horse and rider. And to top it off I especially recommend a roadside safety kit. The flares and reflecting triangle are great in case something does happen, they also come equipped with the reflecting vest and flash lights.
  7. Carry lead and halter. Should you or your horse become injured it is always best to move away from the road as fast as you can. This will make it able for you to tie off your horse and stay closer to the road to wave for assistance.
  8. Try to always ride with another horse and rider. If a situation does happen where you and your horse are injured there will be an extra set of hands to help.


CinammonSwirl said...

I heard about this, and thought it was such a sad story. I feel so bad for that girl and her horse whom she must have loved dearly.

Great entry, too. There isn't enough of this information out there. It should almost be something put into every horse magazine issue as well as any horse owning manual. In a word of increasing nutjobs and decreasing places to ride, any information is very welcome.

Padraigin_WA said...

Such a sad story about this promising young Canadian mare.

things I think of when riding along a road:
- carry a cell phone
-always tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back
- reflective jackets. I live in an area where the fog is as thick as pea soup in the winter months.
- a flashing light. Out here it gets dark around 4 pm in the winter.
-when crossing a road, I always make sure I make *eye contact* with drivers.
-never wear an i-pod on the road, no matter how tempting to ride to tunes

I feel extremely lucky to have never had an accident (knock on wood), even though my friends and I were constantly riding on the shoulders of county highways and gravel roads when we'd ride around the sections. Now, I just cross one road to get to the trails by the barn where I ride.

Trainer X said...

OMG that is such a sad story... When I'm on the road I always TELL people where I'm going and always carry a cell phone... I NEVER where dark clothes. Always bright or reflective...
I know from riding on the roads that some drivers can be real A-HOLES about horses.... It's too bad...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely essential to wear a reflective day-glo vest. Driven home to me by a mate when I was riding down the road wearing bright-red jods (think definitley NOT a natural colour) who said he couldnt see me on my white horse until about 50m away without the day-glo vest. Now I wear one all the time - others on our road down here complain about the car drivers on our quiet road - I dont have a problem with them as they see me but I am the only one who, even in the middle of bright summer's day, wears a road safety vst over my tee-shirt.

Anonymous said...

One thing I wanted to add, Make sure you keep the cellphone on YOU not the horse.

Im a competitive trail rider and have picked up my share of fallen riders who had to walk it home after a fall because they left the cell phone in a saddle bag.

Viatecio said...

With regards to that story...that driver had to have some sort of agenda going. It's one thing to simply dislike having to drive around a horse, it's another to deliberately hit one.

I don't own a horse so I don't think I have much more to offer in the way of road safety not already mentioned...though when I walk my dog in the dark, he's wearing a blinking collar tag. He (and I!) should have reflective vests, but suburbia keeps its streets lit up decently enough to suffice. He's a lighter-colored dog too, not black or chocolate, so he doesn't blend in with the night too badly.

For those who go riding anywhere there be dogs (stray or otherwise), be sure to keep a can of pepper spray or a bottle of ammonia/water mix handy. A stun gun is a good sound deterrent when out walking a dog, but the horse might spook at it too. Of course, there's the problem of the dog spooking the horse and you not being able to get in range of the dog with the spray, too. I know horses are allowed on a lot of riding trails where people walk their dogs, and while the majority of them are OK around the horses (and the owners responsible enough to pull them out of the way for a passing rider), there will always be idiots who let the dog run off-leash without having a soild recall and/or have a dog that yipyaps at everything in a way that might spook a horse.

Anonymous said...

One of my older students was involved in a hit and run about a year ago. They lived on a road that has a fast speed limit, but it's not real busy. They had to ride about 20 feet down the breakdwn lane to get to the start of the trails. Other riders and Four wheelers do it all the time, and they used to do it on daily basis. The truck moved into the break down lane where she and her daughter were riding and she tried to get them out of the way, but her horse was struck from behind. It was believed to be intentional. Then truck sped off. The horse recovered, but they never found the driver. She had over $1,000 in vet bills and wrote letters to every newspaper in the area with a complete description of the truck. One paper came out to interview her and took photos of the horse's injuries. At the end of their article they said that the hit and run driver was still out there and that they should be ashamed of themselves for not coming forward. In this state we have laws about how drivers are supposed to handle having horses on the road, but few people are aware of them. I just have everyone avoid the roads as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

I also thought I should post this...

I am ordering some for my riding program.

GoLightly said...

Great post, Wench.

Getting harder to stay safe, with nut bars like that on the road.

Crowned Sun Stables said...

Thank you for posting about this issue. I live in the area where this happened, and have ridden on roads just like that one most of my life. It was such an avoidable tragedy and thankfully, the man driving has been identified and charged.

Sadly, not enough motorist know the protocol for passing a horse and rider on the road. Not that this incident was an accident though.

CharlesCityCat said...

Great ideas everyone. I especially like the ideas of:

--NO Ipods on while riding
--Cell Phones on person, not horse.

Sometimes people who are driving by horses near a road don't understand that horses do spook. I don't know how many times that I have been riding near a road and people will honk and then hang out of the window of a car and wave and scream. Not that they were trying to cause a problem, just that they think it is cool to see a horse. Ignorance is bliss kind of a thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they got the guy, what a piece of work. What, did he think that hitting them would teach the girl a lesson? He could have killed her.

Anyway, I do not feel safe riding along the road, be it a normal thoroughfare or a private country road for any number of reasons. I have seen people riding at dusk using reflectors on them and the horses, which was rather refreshing. My friend has to cross her road to ride in the field she uses to trail ride, and she put up a horse and rider crossing sign because where she lives is on a back country road and some people assume that just because it is, means they can drive like crazy people. You just can't trust people in cars.


Roxmysox said...

Bright yellow reflective waistcoat - don't leave home without it.
As for the comment "those that choose to hack on the side of the road." Unfortunately some of us don't get a choice in that - in order to get anywhere on horseback in the UK you have to use the roads. Luckily we do have roadsigns- and pretty sensible drivers (for the most part).

Anonymous said...

Also, I would recommend wearing an armband with all your medical information and emergency contact numbers. This way if you get knocked out you can be identified, helped and your family called.

It is important to note that although you don't have to have an armband, you should have the info on you, if it is in your saddle bag and your horse runs off it doesn't help!

ZTIG said...

Whenever a car is coming towards a horse I am on I move the horse off the road (if needed I will move off at a trot to get to a safe place)stop the horse, turn the horse to where they can see the car and so can I.

When there are children in the group, they are instructed to do the same thing. I always place me and my horse between the car and the kids. Better me than them is my motto.

By following this method we have never had a horse spooked or upset by a vehicle passing. Even green horses handle it fairly well.

kestrel said...

In my area it's hard to find a decent place to ride. I quit riding on roads 2 years ago, had a twit on a cell phone look at me and drive where she was looking. I jumped off my horse and started cussing and yelling, and grabbed rocks to mare was really impressed that I would defend her!
Stupid girl drove off waving one finger at me as if I were at fault. It's really strange, horses are a big part of the economy around here, yet there are very few trails. And don't ride on the bike path, they'll pitch a fit! When bicycles don't pay taxes but horses do...?
Why anyone would deliberately hurt a horse is beyond me, I just don't understand. Be careful out there.

cdncowgirl said...

Unfortunately where I board we have to ride on or around roads unless we ride in the arena or haul away.
When possible we ride in the ditches as far off the road as possible. There are a few back roads where that is not an option. In that case we ride ON the road, off to the side and check frequently for vehicles. When there is a vehicle coming we move the horses to the CENTRE of the road to make sure the drivers see us. When the vehicle slows sufficiently we move to the side and make sure to smile and wave.
Of course we pay close attention... there are times when the drivers may not see you and then we are prepared to hustle the horses the heck out of the way. These days you can't assume drivers will see you, another vehicle or anything else for that matter. People are too preoccupied with texting, talking on their phones, playing with their music (radio/mp3/cds etc). I've never been even close to being hit by a vehicle on horseback (thank God!) but there have been a few close calls while driving thanks to things like those I listed above.

cdncowgirl said...

Other ideas for carrying your info would be a strip of tape on your helmet or a luggage tag attatched to your person. As with a cell phone your info should be with YOU not your horse.
Info to include would be your name, any vital medical info and contact person's name and ph #.

Anonymous said...

When the fields are wet (as they are at this time of the year in Ontario) I ride on the road and our road is fairly busy. My biggest peeve is that our road is a fairly popular route for the twits on bicycles, not your ordinary kids on bikes...the racing kind and they are for the most part ignorant! I wrote to our newspaper in the editorial after them spooking my horse (riding up behind, no calling out and whizzing by within a couple of feet, no other traffic so they could have crossed the line) ARGHH! A response I got back was that I shouldn't be riding out on the road if my horse spooks at bikes. Well duh! I pay taxes too. Unfortunately I'm partially deaf so I can't hear the damn things coming up behind, though I spend alot of time looking behind for cars, etc. (because I am safety consious and realize that I don't always hear stuff) Though I have had my fair share of twits coming up close to the horse (again, no traffic coming from opposite direction, they could get closer to the yellow line) Just rude and nasty people! I should mention, since my husband has a farm & industrial business at our farm, my guys are used to large trucks, machinery, etc. and they are pastured right along the busy road, they are exposed to this stuff all the time. But those darn bikes make a high pitched whining sound and spook them like crazy! And yes, I did have my kids when younger ride near the horses with their bikes, they got used to them, but they didn't have the high pitched whine. I ride Western, but do wear a helmet and recently purchased a flourescent vest for riding on the road in the daytime (never ride at night, not since I was a kid) Oh for the days peope where more courteous! 8>)

Anonymous said...

Umm, that should be "people" And I don't mean to be annoymous, wouldn't accept my password. ???

Darcy Jayne said...

Here's an idea for ID:

Originally for runners and bicyclists, it's good for anyone who wants to be sure that first-responders can find ID and know who to call.

Anonymous said...

"Bella, a three-year-old Hanoverian filly."

Why was this idiot riding a 3yo Hanoverian in the first place, let alone on the road?

Cause she's another ignorant Eventer out for her personal thrill.

And how many great cross-country horses in the last year have died because of the riders ignorance/arrogance and the thrill? 2008 Rolex = 2 dead.

I rate this sport right up there with the Omak Stampede. The riders live and the horses die. On to a new horse next year.

Why was she riding a 3yo WB period, on a road?

Anonymous said...

I am an event rider and USEA rules say that you must wear your armband when jumping, even for warmup. They cost $10 and are a plastic cover with a velcro attachment.

Then insert card has all your personal info, emergency contact numbers and most medical history. Medication, sugeries, visual and hearing impairments, past head injuries as well as your doctors info. I think that for $10 that could save you life why wouldn't you use this?

CinammonSwirl said...

"Why was this idiot riding a 3yo Hanoverian in the first place, let alone on the road?"

Sounds like the stable was near the road, so chances are cars were not an issue for this horse as she probably saw plenty go by during the day (or maybe now and then.)

They also made it sound like it's not a super busy road. I highly doubt she was taking a horse out on a road that has tons of cars going on it.

Then let's not forget the guy went right for her and was driving on the other side of the road.

There's your answer.

Anonymous said...

Anon said...

Why was this idiot riding a 3yo Hanoverian in the first place, let alone on the road?

If you had bothered yourself enough to read the news story you would have seen that she, Bella, and her friend that was riding an Appy were struck only meters from their barn entrance.
I don't see why you're getting so upset that she's riding a 3 year old Hano filly. A lot of eventers lighting start theirs that young. Its not as if she was already going over fences. It's better than some of the sports where they are started as 2 year olds on hard activity. To me it sounds as if this filly had a good head on her and was sane enough to be out on a hack. Would you rather her be making circles in a round pen?
I hate people that sit there and say eventing/racing is cruel because the horses are the ones that suffer.
Well, those horses can easily refuse. I've seen some jumpers that look like they own the world when they are in the ring. I've seen race horses that it almost looks like they were smiling when they won or placed.
Truth is horses can get hurt doing stupid things like bucking in the pasture or loading in the back of the trailer. Are those things cruel too?

GoLightly said...

Anon 7:20
No, actually horses were born to be pasture ornaments, and to be wild and FreE. (that was sarcasm, btw). We never should have climbed on their backs, for shame.
Domestication is for the cruel, I guess.
Like me.

trainingemmy said...

Great topic, Wenchster. Thanks for posting it. I don't ride on the road, but I have handwalked my mare on the road a few times.

The last time I did so was, well, the last time because a couple cyclists came up behind my friend and me--no warning call, nothing--just zipped up and around us. My mare freaked out, as did the other horse. Both were rearing and shying. The cyclists KEPT riding through the melee. I was shouting "stop your bike. get off! just wait!" but they kept riding through. One of them nearly got creamed. Then they yelled back, "control your horses." Ugh. And cyclists will be the first to say "we have rights and no one respects them."

What's particularly disturbing about the story Wenchster posted was that the guy seemed to strike Bella and her rider deliberately. My heart goes out to Bella's owner. What a terrible thing to endure.

Caela said...

An old friend of mine was in a similar accident about 15 years ago. A car came from behind and hit her under a railway bridge - it just went straight into the back of the horse, who had to be put down at the side of the road. The driver didn't stop, he drove round her and continued on with a damaged car and was never caught. My friend never bought another horse after that - she hasn't even ridden, as far as I know.

I always wear a bright pink vest with reflective strips, whether I'm on the road or staying in fields. I have found the pink to be more visible than the yellowy green; the latter mingles too well with sunlight through trees in spring and autumn and I am terrified of not being seen until it is too late. It's not just road traffic I worry about, but farmers in fields and dog walkers too. I don't care if I look like a prat so long as I stick out! :D

Roxmysox said...

By now I'm quite attached to my reflective waistcoat - truly a case of don't go without it - I wear it even when I'm not riding and I have a spare for when I'm washing.
We also had a run in with cyclists last year - on a very narrow bit of bridlepath - for some reason she thought she could fit between the horses and the trees. She was wrong, bounced off a horse's butt and ended up under the feet of another. Very lucky not to be injured and the third horse was reversing at high speed in a panic.
Common sense should be taught to anyone intending to use any roads or foothpaths - pedestrians included. Too many opeople seem to behave like lemmings.

Anonymous said...

Many like the topics about Cathy?
Or trying to give an excuse for starting your own imitation-as-flatery Fugly blog?

Seeing as there are about 100 more comments on Cathy topics, I'd say the latter.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Many like the topics about Cathy?
Or trying to give an excuse for starting your own imitation-as-flatery Fugly blog?

Seeing as there are about 100 more comments on Cathy topics, I'd say the latter."

Haven't gotten your daily dose of "trash the innocent" from your fugly goat, so you have to come here to stir up drama? YAWN Go back to the flock, sheeple.

CharlesCityCat said...

Anon 3:34PM

Please re-read the topic. Wench said many like topics NOT centered around Cathy. Reading comprehension is everything. As I have said before, please run home to mommy Fugly and reattach your lips to her rectal sphincter.

I can't believe I have been given this opportunity to use this again.

Darcy Jayne said...

It's an unfortunate fact that all sorts of people do amazingly stupid things.

If I'm walking on a trail and see a bike or a horse coming, I step off. For the bike because as a cyclist I know it's easier for a pedestrian to step off the trail and make way than for a bicyclist (even thought the ped has the right of way). For the horse because I don't know how that horse is going to react to me and I want to be sure that I don't do anything to spook it.

When I'm on my bicycle on the road and realize that I'm going to pass a horse from behind, I move well over and call out "passing" from far enough back that if the horse is going to spook we've all got time to get clear.

If I see a horse coming toward me, I watch for any signs that it's frightened by the bicycle, and stop and step off if I see any.

I just don't understand why anyone (pedestrian, cyclist or driver) would not take extra care around a horse and rider.

Anonymous said...

Please re-read the topic. Wench said many like topics NOT centered around Cathy. Reading comprehension is everything. As I have said before, please run home to mommy Fugly and reattach your lips to her rectal sphincter.

I can't believe I have been given this opportunity to use this again.
Are you stupid or something? What part of my comment did YOU not understand? Reading comprehension IS everything, honey. And "rectal sphincter?" Wow, mature and not creepy at all.

Dena said...

I think the anon with the stirring handle for the deep pot was inferring that some enjoy a place to make fun of fugs.

CharlesCityCat said...

Shouldn't have put that question mark there then. That question with the following sentences was not clear as far as I am concerned.

No, I am not stupid.

The rectal sphincter comment is designed specifically so as not to use bad language which Wench does not like.

BTW, I never said I was mature and I can be a bit creepy as well, so what's your point hon?

bhm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bhm said...

bhm said...
Anonymous said...
And "rectal sphincter?" Wow, mature and not creepy at all.
Well yes, I do find your obsession and fugly butt kissing creepy and immature.

bhm said...

Many local trial riding associations but out safety manuals.

GoLightly said...

I think being anonymous is kinda creepy.
Sorry, I do. Plus hard to follow.

It's like someone with a paper bag over their head, hiding from what? How can I take someone with a bag on their head seriously?
Right, anons are worried about their business.
Everybody is.

To safer roads for horses, and WAY kinder/smarter people.

EveryoneThinksThey'reGoodDrivers said...

I haven't read all of the comments but I thought I'd add that I only ride on roads that have a shoulder. I always use the ditch if the footing is good and clear too.

I also stay away from intersections if I can help it.

I ride facing traffic as well. I'm not sure if that's how horses are supposed to travel (the Amish ride with traffic) but I prefer to see what's coming rather than have it behind me.

I also don't stop my horse if a car comes by. I pretend like it's no big deal - don't want the horse to think it is.

I don't think people should let kids ride down the road either (dirt roads don't count). All it takes is for someone to be lighting a cigarette or changing a radio station.

Anonymous said...

Your blog might be interesting to read but your choice of multiple colored and LOUD fonts and lack of paragraphs make it an eye sore. Much like a teenager would put together. I can't even read what is written after your banner and before your description as it is black font on a dark horse.

Roxmysox said...

If I could avoid riding on the road I would do, unfortunately I don't have that option and neither do the kids.
There are specific rules for riders included in the Highway Code and drivers are SUPPOSED to be aware of other road users and to drive accordingly. However, there are always thoughtless idiots ( both in cars and on horseback)

GoLightly said...

Yeah, presentation IS everything.
Content is SO not important. (not)

The paper bag on the head crowd can't seem to stay on topic, without griping about the important things in life. Like deSign..

Not all of us are computer wizards, and wench has very kindly changed it, so you can be happy now.
Are you happy now?
Somehow, I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the original poster of "hard to read" but I too, found it hard to read and always appreciate redesigns that allow easier reading.
Seriously presentation is important when you are communicating- not much point in providing information if people get a headache trying to read and give up. Some people have vision problems or color perception problems too. Not sure how it hurt for the other anon to point this out.

Anonymous said...

Aaah, Golightly, just the wench crowd trying to find yet another thing to complain about. It's in their grain, sadly. I guess when you're used to what fugs feeds you, you expect it on every plate set before you. I find no problem at all with the design of the site, never did. I think they're just grasping at straws.

And my captcha today? suckse. HA!


Anonymous said...

And when I say wench, I mean now our beloved Wenchster. Just to clear things up.


Anonymous said...

now = not. Damn, I need to learn to sign in.


GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

No new post since April 10? You gonna bring it or not?

CinammonSwirl said...

"No new post since April 10? You gonna bring it or not?"

Some people have a life. We all know Fugs doesn't have enough of one since she's always in someone's business, but Wench doesn't. *gasp*

Anon #987- Go outside and play or something if you're about to wet your pants waiting.

GoLightly said...

snerk, the war-drums are silent.
Funny how the anon's are beating them, eh?

Yeah, go brush your horse, or something. Just spoiling for an argument?
Wrong blog, I think.
Go that a way..
It's easy. Just point out some facts, or something.
Did anybody else notice how reasonable UendUpHere has been sounding? People hate hard facts.
Hate them. It's like death, for some, hearing ugly truths.
Not enough people for too many horses/animals, and too many non-horse/animal people owning horses/animals, and the economy tanking harder than ever. People can't afford their animals.
Oh, and too many people, period.
It won't affect the rich..
It's so sad....
For the Horses.
Kind eyes are always close to tears, aren't they?

CinammonSwirl said...

You know would be a really good entry? Keeping horses on a budget in this economy. All horses deserve to be cared for, and mayhaps there is a way to be able to do it without the horse or owner suffering and leaving a horse up for sale weeks on end?

IE, if you don't have a brush that can remove mud easily, get those wire pads (I can't think of the name) and use it to rub it off. They come in two packs for like...1 dollar.

Anonymous said...

Cinnamon Swirl-
Well duh! Thanks for the tip about the scrubbers and mud- in all these years has NEVER crossed my mind (probably because I actually have mud brushes) though I have used scrubby sponges to bathe.

have no idea what my password is- am logged on at home.


Anonymous said...

Knew this blog would stand the test of time. Activity is what makes a blog. People comeback everyday to check for updates and you have give them nothing since April 10.

Night night Wench blog.

CinammonSwirl said...

"Activity is what makes a blog."

Why women hate men is a blog that is known to have entries come once a week at most, sometimes being pushed back to once a month due to him having a real job outside of blogging. It's a popular blog, so activity of the blogger isn't always key. Sometimes it's quality over quantity.

CharlesCityCat said...

Cinnamon Swirl is right, Wench might actually have something really important going on, the list is endless, from really terrific stuff to maybe something bad, we don't know, so what's the problem?

Oh, I see, someone is spoiling for a fight and are not getting a topic. Snork, got an addiction problem have we?

Anon 3:47 pm:

"and you have give them nothing since April 10."


Padraigin_WA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

horses are supposed to be ridden or driven with traffic, like bikes.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but if you guys want to read the fugly blog without adding to her hits and increasing her revenue use the Google Wireless Transcoder. It strips all web analytics including ad sense and prevents hits from being recorded. Here is how:

Go to-

Enter in the web address in the "Enter URL" box. Make sure you leave off the www. or it won't go through. Your URL should look like this:

Anonymous said...

Or it could be that Wench has nothing left to say. She has plenty of sycophants, though, it seems. Maybe you guys could help her out with a guest blog.

Anonymous said...

The reason people don't update their blog? It's called reality.
Give Wenchster a break- and now go give your horse a peppermint. Maybe you should switch to them instead of lemons?
over and out.

Wicked Walkers said...

I try to stay in yards as much as possible. I wear bright colors and alway carry a cell. I let someone know where I am going and when I'll return. If don't, come look for me.

GoLightly said...


Yeah, I'm sick of ants, too.

debarkey is word verf.


You has been debarked.

spelling police ALERT!

Anonymous said...

Ah yeah, the sweet siren sound of the fugly sheep as they bleat out their vile hatred of anyone or anything they fail to deem worthy. Anonymously mind you. You'd never see THAT feature on the other blog.

They don't really care what they're bashing, just as long as they get a fight going, well, that's all that matters, isn't it children? Who can push who off the swing first? Who's got the biggest skinned knee? Then you get mad because the big kids won't play with you anymore, so you stalk away in a huff and call names when you think no one is listening. Why don't you run back to mama fugs and let her put on a band aid for you. If she still doesn't consider her readers... what was it she called them? Idiots?

Wench, you keep up with real life, darlin' and don't let the playground bullies bother you. We, your loyal and sane readers, appreciate you for what you do and we're still here, waiting patiently and not causing trouble where we don't belong. =)

EveryoneThinksThey'reGoodDrivers said...

I don't give a crap about the rest of the back and forth.

Wicked Walkers said...

"I try to stay in yards as much as possible."

You are kidding right? Tongue in cheek? Or you mean ditches?

GoLightly said...

"Yard" is british speak for rings.
You know, riding rings..

Pretty darn dangerous on public roads. With bad drivers.

flying fig said...

>>Ah yeah, the sweet siren sound of the fugly sheep as they bleat out their vile hatred of anyone or anything they fail to deem worthy. Anonymously mind you. You'd never see THAT feature on the other blog.<< The constant sniping and bleating of Anonymous sheeple like that ^^^ only cheapens this blog. When you practice what you accuse others of doing, your point becomes - what's the word? Oh yeah... pointless.

And contrary to what seems to be the accepted opinion here - we are not all attached to any sphincter. Never have been. Never will be. Yet it seems to be an endless refrain. Whatever.

Good post, Wench... and sad stories all around. Another idea we used to use is to attach a luggage tag to your saddle or even braid it into the mane - with all your contact information. That way if you and your horse part company, someone who finds him in their front yard 3 miles away will have a clue where he came from...

Anonymous said...

"The constant sniping and bleating of Anonymous sheeple like that ^^^ only cheapens this blog. When you practice what you accuse others of doing, your point becomes - what's the word? Oh yeah... pointless."

Well, when Wench decides to get rid of the anon feature, then we'll have anons here both good and bad. As well as people who sign in. 99% of the anons are the ones who stagger in here from the hate blog and try to start trouble. I think it's plausible for the anon readers loyal to this blog to say something about it.

GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

My God, all of you.

All of you who post post post here, AND there (fugly) --


- A 22 year old college student who actually does something productive with herself.

GoLightly said...

screwed up the link, dammit:(

DK said...

Good grief people, has fugs got so boring that you all have to come on here to start fights?

Grow up!

CharlesCityCat said...

Here's to hoping that Wenchster is just really busy with horses and foaling!

I thought I would totally hijack this blog (hope you don't mind Wench) to ask some opinions. I thought maybe someone who comes here, no matter why, would be able to give me some insight.

Everyone get ready because this is going to be a bit off the wall!

My husband wants to start a small Alpaca business. We know that the market is down but isn't that the best time to get into an investment?

We have plenty of room and are already partially set-up for something like this, so that expenditure would be minimal.

If anyone out there has any ideas or advice, I would really appreciate hearing from you.


DK said...


I've heard some good things about alpacas. I don't know how far they've fallen in price, but I know two years ago, they were 10 to 15k for quality animals. Then, you have their fiber, which can bring you in money if it's high quality as well.

That's my two cents, however. I know they're advertising alpacas and their farms here where I live. Go with your gut, kiddo.

CinammonSwirl said...

"- A 22 year old college student who actually does something productive with herself."

Ahahaha, 21, ANSI: Pre-vet. 41 hours until graduation.

I suggest going for something more...convincing. Like not posting. Then you sound credible, not pot calling the kettle black.

CharlesCityCat said...


Thanks for your input.

My word verification is Costs, how ironic is that?

Anonymous said...

Padraigin_WA here. Too lazy to sign in.
There are alot of alpacas out our way in western Washington. And oh, those adorable babies... crias ? I stayed on an alpaca farm once, and they had a llama as a bodyguard, as they are gentle little beasties. The owner gave us all free alpaca socks! Now there's a warm pair if I've ever seen one! My friend also gave me a skein of alpaca wool and it is incredibly soft to knit with.
Anyway, here is a website for the Alpaca Association of Wesern Washington that may be of help, even though you're down in NC. Lots of links and resources.

Let us know if you go ahead with this! It sounds like a great idea.

Anonymous said...

CCC, sorry, that's


Anonymous said...

just one more:
The Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association at


GoLightly said...

I wouldn't call it ironic.
I'd call it prophetic.

I don't know what the market is like in the states, but up here, it kinda fell out. We had neighbours up the road with them. And Ostriches. That was supposed to be the next big thing.

I'd get 'em (Alpacas) just for the adorable factor:)
Those faces! Oooooohhhhh.

PutMeInCharge41day is being beautifully cynical about the whole terrible Three Strikes mess.
I'm in that league, I'm afraid.
It has all the makings of a great TV movie, doesn't it?

Where's the real story?
What is the real story?
We may never know. It's bloody orgasmic for the donaters, though. Terribly upsetting for the horse lovers we are.

I just hope the $$ ALL go to the horses. Not the next HSUS media campaign.
Or, am I being naive?
It already did?

CharlesCityCat said...


Thanks for the links on the Alpaca. I found out that there is a breeder not far from me. Maybe will arrange a tour and talk with them.


I believe the market has fallen off a bit as well, but then that is the best time to buy an investment if you plan to hang on to it for awhile.

It sounds like the tax advantages are really good.

DK said...

And Ostriches. That was supposed to be the next big thing.Ah yes, I remember that fad, too. And Emus. My word. With exotics like that, if you're the first to get into it, yeah, you may make a profit, but then, pffft, down hill.

Good to hear you have a breeder close to you, CCC! That way, they can be a mentor to you while you're starting out in it. Please keep us updated. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha, 21, ANSI: Pre-vet. 41 hours until graduation.
What are you even talking about?!
You have no idea what I'm majoring in, and why does that matter? And ohhhh, you're one year younger than me! Scary intimidation! (I guess that's what you're getting at, since you're making no sense?)

And for someone who's so busy being "pre-vet" and all, wouldn't you find yourself to be more dignified than to go around sitting on your ass all day (you, just as much as anyone) between these two blogs, warding big bad meanies off with talk of tinfoil hats and rectal sphincters?

Now you're going to take some time to think of something creative to spin back at me so your ego can repair itself, "cinnamon swirl."
I, on the other hand, have better things to do. So, bye

CinammonSwirl said...

"And for someone who's so busy being "pre-vet" and all, wouldn't you find yourself to be more dignified than to go around sitting on your ass all day (you, just as much as anyone) between these two blogs, warding big bad meanies off with talk of tinfoil hats and rectal sphincters?"

I managed to get a lot of classes with a great schedule this year. Apparently you did, too if you got tons of time to argue with me.As for not knowing your major, it must be pretty piss poor if you have time for me. Besides, it just showed you that posting random credentials doesn't make you the big dog of the board. Oooh, you're a college student. Big whoop. You and a ton of other people, too. Doing what I did showed what a pretentious ass you were. "If I post how super I am, I'll have merit!" Hun, you're as wacko as Al Gore when he got on that cherry picker because he made a graph 100 times bigger than it needed to be to show his biased results.
Once again, pot calling the kettle black.

I also don't visit the bit- err...Fugly's blog anymore. Haven't since last year. I posted a total of maybe 10 times when I was over there. Not exactly what you seem to think I am posting over there. I also never said any of those things. I know using your eyes and brain is really tough, but you might want to read that again.

Basically, what I am saying, is that you're a wackjob who is clearly from the other side. Go back to your drama llama blog.

You might also want to read again. ANSI: Pre-vet. Think hard, it may be tough to comprehend degree options!

CinammonSwirl said...

"Now you're going to take some time to think of something creative to spin back at me so your ego can repair itself, "cinnamon swirl."
I, on the other hand, have better things to do. So, bye"

Haha. Yeah, right. You clearly came back once already!

As for your petty 'insults' (was that what they were? Cause it sure was funny as hell to watch you try and squeeze something out of me) I'm not sure I felt much of anything. If anything, I sense a little jealousy on your end!

Michele said...

CCC: I trim a couple horses that live on an Alpaca farm. I think the lady told me they shear? them once a year. She had about 60 or so and made a darn good living from them, even after all the expenses of feed and vet care and such. I've heard stories of people having 10-20 and living off the profits of their wool. I thought about it also, but right now the initial investment is out of the question.........maybe when I win the lottery :-)

Anonymous said...

I wanna know what fugly thinks she's doing up there with all those mustangs? I have a feeling that the only reason she is there is so she can schmooze with the so called ~*~famous~*~ people she name dropped in the hsus post she made. If she's only there for bragging rights, that's just sad. "Oh, I helped a million billionty mustangs, I'm uber famous naow."

CharlesCityCat said...


Will keep everyone updated on the Alpaca situation.


It sounds like people can do pretty well with them. The farm that is near me is selling open females for $18,000 which boggles my mind. We have a chance to get three pregnant females and a male for $40,000.

Michele said...

Even though it sounds like a lot, I think from everything I've heard about them, that's a good price for 7. It'd probably cost double if you waited till the cria's were born.

CharlesCityCat said...


It is incredible to me, but hey, I know nothing. I think it probably is a really good deal. The guy selling is getting out due to health and marital issues (divorcing much younger 3rd or 4th wife). The place we are visiting today will be interesting, will get some more info.

Will keep you posted.

They are awfully cute and apparently intelligent and gentle. My oh my, the spoiling possibilities are endless.