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Friday, May 8, 2009

Lets Get MOOOOving Bess!

Don't know if anyone else saw the story in the New York Post about Molly the cows escape from a Queens slaughter house and her finding a new home. Such a heart warming story and guarantee to put a smile on your face.

Have a happy Friday.


CinammonSwirl said...

Odd. Not sure how I feel about the, "I'm vegan, so this cow is sure as hell safe here!" That doesn't mean a thing in my book. I can eat a steak and have a pet cow if I wanted, too.

All in all, I can't say I'm that impressed by it. It's sad the slaughterhouse had to give up on her because of media attention. I have no doubt in my mind the PETA nuts and ignorant people were in an outcry over something as trivial as a cow who would have had a quick death.

Yeah, she's got a new home, great. She had one before she was sent there, and I have no doubt being on a pasture and then allowed to stuff her face before being killed was not something they needed to highlight because letting people believe in the lie is what it's all about, yeah?

I'm sorry, but all I see in that article is a vegan's wet dream.

Cows are not endangered species, and that person who had the steer was not in short demand of cows out there for a companion. She escaped, cows will do that. One bad part in the fence, and any cow can get out.

Sorry to be a negative nancy, but that is ALL this article entails.

The Wenchster said...

I don't know. I thought it was cute that this little cow caused such a ruckus.

BTW to other readers- Anon option has been turned off. So if you want to troll, troll somewhere else. If you want to state your opinion, have the brass ones to back it up with an identity that can link you back to your blog or where ever you came from.
Otherwise, as has always been. This is my blog and I'll choose what content I place on MY blog. Don't like it, oh well.

kestrel said...

You go girl! Good to see ya Wenchster.

GoLightly said...

Yay for honesty in commenting!!!!!

I hear ya, CS, I was more saddened to see the terrified critter careening around. Cows really aren't that stupid. They know their lot. They can feel their destiny, too. That's why husband used to cry when the truck came to take his cattle to the abattoir. The worst part of their short lives is the transport.

To furthering the lot of all animals.
Let's be grateful for what they give us.

They are not product. They are gift.
word verf is just plain Odd.


Darcy Jayne said...

I'm with CS. We have a very good rescue in Western Washington (Pasado's Safe Haven) that has a number of critters rescued from slaughter. What's the point? Compassion for animals is commendable, but saving a critter that was on its way to slaughter feels like a waste of scarce rescue resources to me.

And speaking of slaughter, Fugly is showing herself as a hypocrite yet again. A trainer has said that he's sees no alternative but to shoot his horses if his sport is outlawed, and she's all over his case. Isn't he doing what she wants? Hasn't she been saying that a quick bullet is better than an uncertain future or (the horror) slaughter?

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Not a smile, instead headshaking disgust at people's stupidity when they think they are "saving something".

Just like some unfortunate dog or cat that managed to survive some trama that the media picks up on and 100 people rush to rescue "that" animal, but could care less about the hundreds of others that are sitting at the pound.

Seems like people are only interested in owning an animal if it has a story. A cat that survives 6 lanes of rush hour traffic(AZ-05), a puppy that was dumped beside the road(AZ-04), a bunch of mustangs no one wanted until someone starved them nearly to death(NE-09)...and now a cow that managed to "get away" and suddenly there is an uproar to save the poor cow from slaughter.

Give me a break! If her steer needed a companion so badly, why didn't she just go to the auction and buy one? Oh yea, cause that would have cost money and wouldn't come with a "feel good" story.

The Wenchster said...

I guess I'm with those that found this cows story "feel good" then. I think it's great that so many people had such a big heart and felt compassion towards this cow, a compassion that is so lacking towards other aspects of life. I'm not a vegan and I raise my own cattle for slaughter but I found the moral of the story heartwarming that so many people rallied and cheered on the underdog. I'm sure now this heifer will go on to be a mascot of some sort for these people. To some people this little heifer is a gentle reminder to keep fighting the good fight, even if the end result could be slaughter.

But who knows. I'm just a 57 year old pork-hamburger-chicken loving woman that still sheds a few tears when she watches the movie Babe with her grand babies.

CinammonSwirl said...

What's feel good about a story on a cow that escaped the house, was probably terrified being separated from a herd, wandering alone in a strange place. No food, no water, chances are being chased around so they could catch her.

Then the media on the slaughterhouse, who probably went to fix the problem where the cow escaped (as it was just one) had negative attention on it since it slaughters cows and we all know how evil slaughter houses are *eyeroll*

So it got a home since the media negatively puts all the bad bad bad bad bad on the slaughterhouse, so naturally it has to give up on the cow. So due to lack of information, and public sheeple-ness, the slaughterhouse looks like this big bad guy when it's not.

Then they all go, "We want the precious ickly abused cow!" So person who mysteriously acquired steer cannot acquire another animal earlier due to a head full of stupid, wants this one. Why? Because apparently it has human brain function and escaped for the homelands because it had a thought process of, "I must get out of here. Oh, look, a place to escape. We took I-90 off the X Exit ramp. If I follow it, I'll land myself back home! Then I won't be that man's hamburger!"

Sorry, I don't see feel good anywhere in any of this. All I see is ignorance and hurting people that don't deserve the negativity.

CharlesCityCat said...

Good riddance to the annoying anon.

Obviously, it wasn't Molly's fate to be put on a plate (sorry about that).

I'm going with Wench on this story, I like that Molly said screw this, I'm outta here.

I know, I know, sunshine, butterflies and sparkly thingys. Sometimes I like to take things at face value and not delve to deeply.

GoLightly said...

Oh, wench.
Ya big softie..

Babe makes me cry too.

Darcy Jayne said...

The compassion is all well and good, now if we can just get people to extend that to animals that don't make the news.

It's a feel good story, and it does give me hope to see people step up and do something. But I'd rather see folks take the next step and ask if there's a better way than factory farms and hauling live animals long distances.

GoLightly said...

Amen, Darcy.

Not enough city folk have clue one how their dinner gets to table.

trainingemmy said...

It's possible to eat one's food ethically, and I think knowing how animals get from pasture to plate is a big part of that. Obviously there's nothing particularly fun about dying and becoming someone's dinner. I mean, seriously, when people say stuff like "OMG, it's so horrible," I'm like, "Well, duh, of course it's horrible to be slaughtered for food."

But humans are omnivores. We are designed to eat a fair share of protein, and a quick way to obtain protein is to eat meat. We overconsume meat in this country, but the bottom line is we're designed to do it. I'm OK with people doing it too, but I like them to be informed. I grew up on a farm where we butchered our own meat and ate it. I hated seeing Click and Cluck, my favorite chickens be killed, but it was part of the work on the farm. (For the record, those birds were tough. Their final revenge perhaps?)

I'm taking some friends on a tour of a slaughter house later this month. They're both meat eaters and big foodies, and they want to know how the pork chops they love to eat get to their grocery store. I'm proud of them for agreeing to do it. I was surprised that they did.

I can see the charm in this story, though. It's not often something like that happens. Humans love their novelty. :-)

DK said...

Whoo! You go Wenchster!

Roxmysox said...

Lucky cow.
The only bad thing I see going on here is that the media saw fit to make a big hoo-ha.
Call me paranoid but when they hype the small stuff it always makes me wonder what they are trying to distract us from.....
Now excuse me - I need to buy tinfoil - time for a new hat.

Randy Byers said...

Fugly-W so how do we reach you for a private phone call?

GoLightly said...

Oh, heck, I'll take a message:)

ThaT's (roflmao) funny.

"Nice guy".

Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to doooo.

word verf

Okay, subliME,
Subliminal, sublisticious.

Don't ask what it means. I don't knoW.

Alyson said...

Blogger Darcy Jayne said...

And speaking of slaughter, Fugly is showing herself as a hypocrite yet again. A trainer has said that he's sees no alternative but to shoot his horses if his sport is outlawed, and she's all over his case. Isn't he doing what she wants? Hasn't she been saying that a quick bullet is better than an uncertain future or (the horror) slaughter?
I don't get it either. I fail to see why someone who's ok with a bullet (sometimes?) isn't ok with one when it means that the carcass gets used for something, like oh say, pet or human food. Why is that so much worse than euthing the horse with chemicals that end up polluting the environment as the carcass breaks down?

GoLightly said...

It depends upon the cycle of the moon.

Dena said...

Poor Randy. You are persona non grata right now.
Because of a "Story" that may or may "not" be true.
But there were so many unidentified and anonymous witnesses against your atrocities to a poor aged Arabian mare.
May I suggest that you put your side in print somewhere?
Hell, even here maybe?
And this inquiring mind wants to know one other thing.
Did you really seriously date fugly?
Shame on me. I have been good for over a week people:)

HA! My word verification is "comet".
Not zephyr. I am not meant to be a warm gentle wind. Today...

horspoor said...

I think I'm calling "BS" on Randy Byers here. If it was Randy Byers wouldn't he have posted links to his website, and email. That way Wench could just contact him that way.

Anonymous said...

Nice story about the saved cow. I'm glad they looked out for her!

I just found your site, and I'm bookmarking it. Good stuff!

Just one little suggestion: it's extremely hard to read pink lettering on a reddish-brown background. Tiny white font on reddish-brown is also a bit difficult. I'm all for creative license, but on my monitor it's very hard to read. I turn away and blink and the pink lettering is still etched into my retina.

Thanks for a fun blog.