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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bloody Computer

I'm having issues with my computer right now so will try and keep this as short as possible before my computer turns off again. I promise I will get more into Fugly tomorrow.

Since we all talked about what makes a rescue in previous comment section and from FHotD post today- I would like to know what everyone thinks is the appropriate profit a rescue should be making and when does a rescue go over the line on how and when they spend their donations? When do you think/feel that a rescue should be outed? Have you ever had to report a local rescue? Do you donate money to rescues or do pay for hay/feed at the feed store you know supplies the rescue? What procedures do you take to make sure donations are being used appropriately at the rescue you donate to? Also, if you'd like please post a link to a rescue that you admire and think are doing it right.

Computer is slowing down again so it's only a matter of time before it turns off.


Dena said...

Bless You Wenchster... This could keep us busy for days...
I am thrilled with this topic.
Thank You...

Dena said...

Personal Pet Peeve. "RESCUES" outbidding private No Kill bidders at auction.
To me that is not a rescue.
That is an impulse purchase with donation dollars as far as I am concerned.

CinammonSwirl said...


When I was looking for a companion horse, that was what I eventually found and thought they did an excellent job for what means they had.

I digress...

You can consider a horse a rescue if you see that a horse can be helped and isn't getting the proper care from the current owner and the owner won't ever provide those means. This improper care would have to be affecting the horse in some way that endangers its life or well being.

This said horse can be taken from anyone as far as I am concerned, it all depends on what is done from there on out that makes it a rescue IMO.

If the person sees a diamond in the rough, brings it back, turns it around and sells it, it's a trader. This is especially true if you do this over and over and over. If a person brings this horse in to be brought back and has the full intent of helping the horse find a good home (this can include training it or finding out what the horse knows or tuning it up) or it has a forever home with you, then you can call it a rescue.

The rescue shouldn't be begging for handouts on CL (to me that's tacky.) Pointing people out to your homepage and connecting through other rescues that has a donate button on it is another story. Advertising where you can is fine. If you throw a benefit or some event, then you can do more and try and make sure as many people know as possible...

err, this is too hard. Too much to think about. xD I hope I did get some decent points in.

CinammonSwirl said...

^^--- Agreed there, Dena.

Anonymous said...

My rescue pet peeves:

Those who mooch for donations when they aren't registered with their state, nor do they hold a 501(c)3 status as well as having prior animal abuse charges already on them.

Be_Smart_Breed_Less said...

My two cents worth..

Don't beg..

Be prepared to let the world look at your books.

Have a back up plan in place if the donations dry up.

I no longer donate money, but I will donate supplies.

CharlesCityCat said...

All good responses. I donate supplies as well.

Nd_Appy said...

HHH Mini Horse Rescue

Yes they mainly help the minis, but they are not against helping "bigger" horses too. They get minis from auction that no BUT the KB are bidding on. They also get surrendered minis and minis that are donated.

They are what I think a rescue should be. Any "extra" money they make from donations should be funneled right back into the rescue. Nothing is sold for profit. For example, I adopted Blossom with NO adoption fee. That was because I also foster other minis for them.

Will post more later... Have to go chase kids.

Nd_Appy said...

On donating - I haven't donated money. I make and donate rope halters specifically for the minis.

Dena said...

The Safe Haven thing irritated me with their cost of care numbers.
Just not believable for me.
And the 12 yr old recital of saving Jazzercize got on my last nerve.

SHR pissed me off in that all they do is thrash the other rescues after offering to help.
Can anyone say,"Publicity and Photo Op"?
And their sale barn purchases. I call it shopping more than I do "Rescue".

MHARF I approve mightily of their care of the animals in their custody. As well as, their aggressive efforts to educate.
Education is HUGE...

Anonymous said...

Stop trashing rescues with your unsubstantiated claims. The question is about what denotes a rescue as opposed to horse trading. This isn't your personal blog for defaming rescues. But, I'm sure that you will come up with another manipulative excuse to justify your actions. What happened to your, "Be nice and tolerate others speech". Oh that's right, it only applies to everyone else but yourself."

Yes, but if your beloved fugly said the same thing, you'd be merrily bashing along with everyone else.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, said the same things Dena was saying about rescues.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I think the term "horse trading" is being used rather loosely. Most of the traders that I have known, really don't buy horses that need much, if any rehabbing or much additional training. Oh, there are a few who will pick up nice horses and maybe do a little ranch work on them or some roping, but they don't really finish anything. Mostly they are just looking for good deals that they can haul somewhere else and make some money off of.

People who truly scour the sales(or sales ads) looking for rehab cases most often know they are going to have these horses as projects for at least 6 months and likely a year or so. Some need feed, some need farrier work, almost all need training, but other than that they are not what I would call true "rescue" cases. I used to pick up resale horses like this and I know of several other commentors here that have done the same thing. Personally, I never thought of this as "rescuing" anything. But hey, I didn't know that all along I could have been doing this and classifying myself as a "rescue" and asking for donations. Darn, I am so behind the times-LOL.

Dena said...

Dear Anon
Not unsubstantiated at all. Nope.
Personal experience.
I shared my opinion. At least it was researched.
And what can I say? I am growing and changing every day.
And if, it was my blog? I just might have deleted you for being argumentative.
But I do not have that button.*sigh*

CharlesCityCat said...


I respect the fact that you allow anon posters, but sometimes it gets a little wacked out. Perfect example, the 2 anons that just posted, looks like a person who has MPD. A suggestion that I have, if someone wants to post as Anon, at the end of their post, just type some random code, whatever Anon wants, that way they can be disguinished from all of the other Anons and can be referenced by anyone who wants to respond.

Just a suggestion though.

CharlesCityCat said...


What, type much? geez!

That was supposed to be distinguished.

CharlesCityCat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GoLightly said...

I always know what you mean:)

The spelling/grammar police are quiet, usually, on Thursdays, anywho.

I have donated to the Donkey Sanctuary, in Guelph Ontario CANADA
This year.
Don't have a link, sorry.
They do not breed, and have always had a lovely looking facility.
I love donkeys, they remind me of myself:) Oh, go ahead, I'm leaving myself wide open with ThaT one.

Tried to donate once, to a horse rescue, via supplies, in this province, but the rescue had already gone under. The rescue had been featured on a well-known forum, highly thought of. The Vet had heard they had no more horses..

word verf is

SEE, even computers can't spell.
It should be miseries...

As in, well, you know..
How you Should Feel, with horses needing rescue.

BEC, exactly. I don't denigrate that idea at all. You're right, you should be shrilling to high heaven, how much you need the money, to "save" some more.

To Horses, with less misery.
Dare I hope for
No Misery?

PICTURES, Wench. Pleeeeez?
Good luck with 'puter, though.
Bloody t'ings..

Emily said...

If anyone knows of a good rescue in VA that has ridable horses, I'd love to know of it. I'm looking for a horse this coming fall, and would adopt from a rescue if I could find one.

horspoor said...

I rarely donate to any rescues anymore. I'm rather disillusioned. I'll donate tack, or useable items. Rarely do I send money.

One rescue here has certainly come up in their standard of living since becoming a rescue. New home, with acreage, beautiful grounds, money to travel and compete...wth?

The other, I heard the the grapevine are pulling in close to six figure salaries for a husband and wife team, that rescue maybe 15 horses a year, and have oodles of volunteers.

Who knew rescue could be so profitable...I'm losing my butt on the 2 or so I do a year. Oh, that's right, I don't get donations, I don't advertise, I just pay for it out of pocket. I get the horses I feel bad for, that I think have a shot at a new life.

I think Top certainly has a shot at a better life when were finished. What a nice horse. Now I don't want to re-home him. lol

Dena said...

A good rescue in VA? I do not know of A rescue in VA.
Now I am very curious.

Must go look.

I still donate supplies to other rescues.
And they donate them to me.
Tack and medical supplies usually.
And blankets...

Dena said...

Oh and how much profit is too much profit?

I think with horses and rescues profit isn't so much the problem as what might be done with the profit.

Say for instance someone donates a fabulous Champion.
That is valued on the market at $10,000.
Get the $10,000 if you can.
That will support a lot of horses that aren't per say fabulous.

BUT be reasonable in your adoption fees on "AVERAGE" horses.

Dena said...

Wenchster? I want a $279,000 a year salary.
And paid employees.
And my husband can have the $235,000 a year salary.
So, I can spend his money too.

That is too much profit.

horspoor said...

Kind of funny when the people that work in, and run rescues make more than breeders, instructors and trainers. Makes you wonder, huh?

rosesr4evr said...

Wow! I guess I'm in the wrong biz! Who knew horse rescue could be so profitable?

I do think that if someone wants to donate a really nice/valuable horse that makes money on a sale/adoption, that most of that money should funneled back into the rescue. Think of all the good things that could come about from that.

Anonymous said...

OK, so how do you know they are not killbuyers the rescues are outbidding?
They don't wear tshirts that say - I am a KILLBUYER!!!

Half the general public that go to auctions aren't bright enough to own a horse. They are there for a cheapy horse. It is a general loser buffet so if a rescue is saving them from a crap home and the person bidding wants the horse they can inquire with the rescue. The people at auctions know who the rescues are, if they have their eye on a horse they will come up and tell us about it.

Donors know the funds are for auction horses, the bidder from the rescue knows what the kill buyer price limit is and who the kill buyers are. They also know who the guys are that buy horses and shoot them if they don't work out. They know who is there buying horses , bringing them back skinny or ruined to the next auction and then buying another and another.
There are a lot of people who should not be buying horses. Very few at the auctions I have been to.


Dena said...

Dear Anon

Most anyone who goes to auctions with any type of regularity ie; rescues? Knows WHO the kill buyers are.

After all, if, they didn't? How would they be able to tell all those stories about saving them from the kill buyer? Followed by please donate to help offset the costs.

GoLightly said...

anon 222222said
"Half the general public that go to auctions aren't bright enough to own a horse. They are there for a cheapy horse. It is a general loser buffet..."
"There are a lot of people who should not be buying horses. Very few at the auctions I have been to."

Which is it then?

wolfandterriers said...

As far as rescues, I like to donate time. Everyone can use help with the inevitable chores of horses and it gives you a first hand glimpse into how the program is run.

Personally, I'm addicted to training. I really, really like acquiring a difficult horse and figuring out what needs to be done. I love my new Dutch baby, but I will know everything that happened to her in life. It's not the same as getting a strange horse with xyz going on. It's like completing a puzzle in the dark--and knowing that the process itself will take as long as it needs to... :)

Anonymous said...

k, i think this blog has run its course

CharlesCityCat said...



Anonymous said...

Anon: Very Very doubtful.

Hey! My word vert is glutes! Ha!


Anonymous said...

Anon at March 27 10:24 AM

Obviously Wench has a life and a lot of important things to do such as taking care of her horses instead of posting daily on a blog. I would be concerned for her animals well being if she was sitting on her ass just typing away on a daily basis, wouldn't you?
I'm more concerned about the person writing on a blog daily claiming to be involved in rescue work and being on a board of a rescue. Rescue work and even healthy horses take up alot of time. Obviously someone sitting on their ass scoping through the internet, writing a blog, and claiming to be a rescue or rescuer is not getting the job done. I have a rescue horse in right now that is taking up whole days just to monitor and get healthy. I read daily during lunch and have only found time to post 3 times on here. I wonder how some peoples horses survive if they are on the internet all the time preaching on fhotd how much they rescue and save horses from the KB.

Just an observation.

Anon 747

Dena said...

Personally I spend too much time on the computer.

It is still an early fascination thing for me.

And the inclement weather has contributed to more down time.

And I really don't enjoy being pissy or thrashing other rescues in my posts.
It just makes me mad. Really mad when I see inflated cost of care reports and what "I" think are donation dollar abuses.

Or, the silly (to me) stories. Like a rescue horse is soooo much different than any other horse.
They all require care.
I am starting to think we should classify horses in the following catagories.

1. A Pre-Rescue
translation; Not yet abused or

2. A Active Rescue
Currently being rehabbed.

3. A Post Rescue
No longer living after having
been at some point rescued.

Rescue is a great thing. And there are some really great rescues out there.
And horse/animal lovers would agree it is necessary.
It is just so frustrating when it becomes the latest greatest way to make money.
Or, when rescues start competing for donation dollars.
It is maddening and saddening to me.

Maybe I am crazy but I think that anyone who takes good care of their horse or takes in something a little sad at their own expense also qualifies as a rescue/rescuer.

And for those who blog? I think that too can be a very important part.
Raising awareness. Education. And yes, raising money to support them damn horses.
They don't quit eating until they are dead you know?

But that is just my opinion.

Shadowed Storm said...

CCC- I LOVE the idea of Anons IDing themselves... I always have problems keeping track of the different Anons when I'm reading....

Anonymous said...

Dena I did not mean for my comment to sound like I was implying you. I was talking about Cathy and some of the other people that post frequently on her blog ~~~Back to back to back~~~ as if they never step away from it and just hit the refresh button. I wonder just how many of them rescue or are actually horse trainers as they claim they are. I understand people need down time and am fine with that. But I don't buy some of the peoples stories that they are horse rescuers or trainers when they are constantly posting back and forth for hours on end on the COTH, Free speech, TMP, and horsecity forums. Its easy to spot who those people are when all their screen names are the same and all post a link to their blog in the signature section. I also don't really take weather as an excuse. Horses still have to be fed, groomed, and taken care of regardless of pouring rain, sleet, or snow. Mine get worked in all weather. It makes for a happier and healthier animal that doesn't get depressed when the weather gets bad.
Yes a blog can be a great thing at raising awareness. But I don't know if anyone else thinks about this but I do. Cathy gets a ton of emails a day probably that she reads through and checks for a new story to post on her blog, she posts on an almost daily basis, she is a paralegal and now she is secretary of Pony Up rescue along with training and rehabbing those horses so they can be purchased. She also has quite the herd of oldies that just from the photos I've seen probably need quite a bit of attention and care. You have to wonder with as much as she claims to do, who in that position would have that much time to screen through stories, emails, links and then post all that snark about them along with posting randomly in forums and on her blogs? Not just one blog, but two blogs she has to keep up with along with her horse reunion site. I'm sorry but even with 2 rescue horses in right now I barely find time to wipe my ass let alone write a couple blogs.

Anon 747

Dena said...

Anon 747

I know you didn't mean me. I was just speaking from my perspective.

As much as, I don't like a lot of what fugly does/says there have been some good points she has made from time to time.

I know. THAT coming from ME?

I didn't mean to imply that inclement weather was a catch all excuse either.
It is just that for me it takes the day down to chores.

A couple more weeks and I will be on the 14 hour a day schedule.
Rain or Shine.

Sorry if I seemed argumentative. I didn't mean to be.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

So here's an interesting thought...When do these rescued animals stop being victims?

Maybe that is the biggest difference between rehabbers and rescues. Rehabbers aren't interesting in perpetuating the victim status of the horse they buy-they are interested in turning that horse into as good a horse as it can be.
Rescues on the other hand-seem very inclined to continue perpetuating the victimization of each horse as long as it brings in donation dollars...even if that is years.

Anonymous said...


I really hope you were, as you said on your blog (I am having trouble posting a comment there and I know you read here), helping a family with an immigration issue on your "working vacation" March 07-20. Because there is someone with your name, age and location out on the internet who was, on those exact dates...reporting to...somewhere else.

I really do want to believe in you and hope this is just a strange coincidence.

Dena said...

Dear Anon

That is interesting. You mean my supposed 30 days?
Would I even be free yet?
That is okay.
I pissed someone off in authority.
Not an entirely new experience for me.
Which is how I received the incredibly unique opportunity to help someone else in need.
That was why I referred to it as a "working vacation".lol

Did you need for me to tell you that I went to the big house for angering some court officials?

Be careful with those supposed accurate recording sites.
You know like I am supposedly being evicted as a renter from a property that I hold a contract for deed on?
That was what? Like 6 months ago?
And I am still here.

What is the difficulty you are having posting on my site?
If, you tell me I might be able to fix it.

Anonymous said...

I have read Fugly for quite a while, and at first I thought it was a really informative blog. I rode for years as a kid / teen but never got an education on conformation. Her earlier posts taught me a TON.

Lately, though, it seems like it's all about bashing whomever is available. More than once she has torn apart pictures without knowing the full story and also without giving any benefit of doubt. Granted, she's right on some of them, but some are not so clear. And the posters seem more like vultures these days.

I have (until today) never posted on any blog.

That being said...

Anon 747 - I have been wondering the same thing about Fugly's rather remarkable time management. Perhaps the large number of demands on her time are related in some way to the degeneration of the content of FHOTD...

- Anon in Maryland

rosesr4evr said...

Anon 747,

AMEN! I have often wondered that very same thing myself. How DO some of these people (not you Dena) find the time to blog constantly? I squeeze my time in in between baby, housework, and barn work. Sometimes I don't post for days. Of course then I miss all the really good stuff and end up being late to the party, AGAIN. I still don't know where all these places are that people are posting all over on. What is COTH, free speech, etc.?

Oh well, I have to get going peoples, today is my day to muck out the trainer's barn where my cute little Envy is. So I need to go dig my truck out of the foot of snow and get to it.

Have fun! Catch up later.

GoLightly said...

COTH Forum

That is a great forum.

Roses, I'd answer more, but I know you have a hard time understanding me:)

Most who read me seem to, it's an issue I've struggled with since I was a kid.
I'm WORSE in person, can you imagine??

I remember FHoTD announcing that she was delegating her gabillion e-mails to other minions.

Still, it does make ya wonder.

But I think the most interesting part is her demographics.
Mostly wealthy women and middle-income readers.
Big surprise, huh?

The wealthy do rule the planet, ya know. I think da fugs wants to be a part of that.
Heck, who doesn't? I'd be a snooty rich bitch if I could, in a heartbeat.
Okay, no, I wouldn't.

This word verf thing gets spooky sometimes.

Yeah, the quest to rob, alright..
But couldn't she rob from the rich, and give to the poor?
Instead of the other way round?

GoLightly said...

The Free Speech Forum? You have to go to FHoTD, the link is on the right side.
It's gotten pretty crazy, and I've avoided it for the plague that it is.

STFS was getting trashed, for no really good reason..

That I could see, anyway. I don't have enough hours in the day to read all that crap.

GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GoLightly said...


Yeah, the minute I think I know how to do it...

Takes a while to figure out links.

At least for us mature, HTML-challenged types.

have a great day, all!

To Horses, and spring, and cute baby horsies:)

Dena said...

Here is what I have learned in the short period of time that I have had a blogspot.

I put adsense on as a shortcut to count page impressions.

I put Horse Traffic on out of sheer curiousity.

There are over 700 impressions on my blog some days.
So far?
I have earned a whopping $1.50.
Or, may be that is a week.
Not sure.

I have also learned that when there is any type of fight?
The numbers go way up.
Way, way, way up.

If, a person were actually relying on the income from page impressions creating drama to fight over is a sure fire way to raise your hits.

I am sorry to hear that STFS was the latest sacrifice.
She always seemed to me to be very sensible and real.
Nice too.

Controversy seems to be the name of the game.
Big headlines.

I read where one poster referred to my blog as my little diary.
Well Duh.
I write about what I am dealing with, thinking about, or just want to share.

I keep telling you that if, you push the laundry off, and take the housework down to the bare minimum?
You would be amazed how much time this frees up.LOL

rosesr4evr said...

Go my dear,

"I" don't usually have a problem understanding you, but I can see how it might be difficult for others.

I used to have a mechanic who was straight from Ireland, nickname? "Irish" of course. Now when he was sauced, he was hard to understand-well that was a lot acutally! LOL too funny! I miss him! He was a right good old fella.


There's no way in hell I could let it all just go, it would drive me absolutely insane. I can't stand disorder, I'm OCD that way.

I will have to take a look at some of these other blogs, maybe I'm missing something?

I'm sorry to hear that SFTS was the latest in the flame war, she always seems pretty cool.

Dena said...

Dear Anon
As I have inferred. Your problems are your own.
They have NOTHING to do with me.
Now it is 3 weeks?
Get a grip would you?
I responded to you on my other site.
Did I mention that you are starting to irritate me?
Oh that was probably your plan.
Now I will ignore you.

Anonymous said...

Poor Dena. There's nothing good over on the hate blog, so they have to come picking on you over here, trying to rehash a part of your life that you left behind just for the drama. And they question you about time spent on the computer that could well merit being done constructively.

I think you're awesome, Dena and I know I am not in the minority with that thought here.


The Wenchster said...

Anon. I will keep deleting your comments so quit wasting your time, my time, all of our time. If you want to slam and belittle Dena take it to email, her blog, or whatever. Quit making my week even crappier.

Dena said...

Thanks Wenchster/Winchester

I was afraid where that last one might take things.

Hope everything is okay with you and the babies.
Life doesn't seem to be discriminating on bad days/weeks.
It is like an epidemic.

DK-Thank You.

secondwindacres said...

The wealthy do rule the planet, ya know. I think da fugs wants to be a part of that.
Heck, who doesn't? I'd be a snooty rich bitch if I could, in a heartbeat.
Okay, no, I wouldn't.
Hey GL, if you want more proof that fugs wants to be part of the upper crust and travel in the wealthy circles just take a peek at all the name dropping on her last HSUS post, where she loves to talk about the celebs in 'real life' like she's in the know. It's laughable. She doesn't even know what the HSUS is, she should do a little research about the organization before she touts their virtues. Hey, I want to be wealthy too (so do you, admit it!) and I'm positive you would NOT be a snooty rich bitch. I hope I wouldn't either. Money does rule the world that's for sure...talking about money and wealthy people like you know them is just tacky.

I am very jaded when it comes to rescues. I have a hard time truly trusting any of them. I'll donate time or supplies, but that's it. I also SO agree with BEC who had a great point about rescues victimization. Rehab them and make them a viable and good HORSE again and quit calling them rescues so that you can line your pockets.

CharlesCityCat said...


Thanks for that as well. Dena has given the anon and anyone else the chance to discuss their issues on a site she designated for things like that. That is why I asked Sarcasta to email me personally. These personal battles just bore the Hades out of those not involved and they become very tiresome.

Hope all continues to be well with your babies.

Dena said...

Why is that everyone is so confused about the care planned for the Pickens Mustangs.

This country(me) fool posted quite sometime ago that they were purchasing Bale In A Bag at a tremendous rate.
I could even tell you the contract price per bag.

And is it just me? I mean I do see a movie from time to time.
All the Celebs listed don't ring a bell.

I thought everyone knew that HSUS was/is PETA's next door neighbor?

CCC You are so cute. I did didn't I?

Anonymous said...

"All the Celebs listed don't ring a bell."

LOL I was just over at the hate blog and thought the same thing. Who in the hell are most of those people who she named dropped? Notice that she mentioned a few names from top model or what not. Maybe that's where her idea to fat bash comes from.

All in all, I wasn't impressed with her attitude over naming every flipping pseudo star she could. They're human, they eat, shit and sleep just like we do. Only difference is, they, for the most part, just have more money.

And there she goes bashing the guy traveling cross country that got injured and lost two horses. I'm surprised she didn't call him anything more derogatory than yahoo.

Loved the "(They haven't yet started a blog category...hey guys, yoo hoo? LOL.)" Guess the LOL was supposed to erase the pretension. Just my humble opinion on the blog.


GoLightly said...

Oh, it's pretty funny over there, I tell ya.
Typed a long thought here, and bloggled it away.

Where? Dunno.

But, supporting the carriage horses, and then drinking the cruelty koolaid, is sure not a pretty sight.

HSUS DOES NOT Equal Humane Societies!!!
PeTA is for the abolishing of all animals, domesticated. At least, that's what I got from the movie:)

I am an animal, too.

Unbelievable. And poor horses everywhere, bought before the money disappeared, are starving.
Part of the over-extended crisis.
Not so much, for the wealthies, of course...

To Horses.

Dena put up a great post, but on the other blog, by mistake.

just sayin'.

Dena said...

I do not want to seem hypocritical with regard to my views on rescue.

Neither, do I wish to endanger any other operating rescue with my opinions.

But, in this economy we are all train wrecks waiting to happen.
Again, just my opinion.

Shadowed Storm said...

Wow... HSUS is making some see the light and the truth in Fugly...
even CNJ's disagreeing with her

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Yea, too bad they won't stop reading her blog though. She outed herself, people disagreed and they are still there commenting away. If everyone who disagreed with her on the HSUS position stopped commenting on her blog, she wouldn't have much of a blog left.

Anonymous said...

GoLightly said...
STFS was getting trashed, for no really good reason..

i have to say, i think people are getting tired of her thinking she knows everything and if you don't agree with her, you are wrong!
i have seen her argue with people who have first hand knowledge of something or have tried to explain a trainers reasoning for something. the first thing she did was jump them and say they were wrong. she also seems to think that if you are not a trainer you don't know what you are talking about and have no room to talk about training, unless you agree with her


GoLightly said...

Anon, whatever. Trashing is trashing, and for some, it seems to be fun. More fun than going out and learning something, for example.

I don't ever go there, so this is second hand stuff I'm hearing, anyway.

I've noticed that people with (for example) four years experience seem to feel they have the right to trash people with much, much more experience..

It's the "know-it-all beginner" syndrome.
It happens, a LOT, in horses.
STILL wondering why.

Anonymous said...

don't get me wrong, i was in NO way justifying the fugly follows trashing her! i cant stand reading the blog anymore due to the trashing of people you don't agree with, so i don't know why they are slamming her either....

just so you know, I and a few others were jumped by her for answering a question of HERS a few months back about a chain. now i am in NO way a beginner, but i am "just an ammy," and her hearing that seemed to make me less qualified to explain a trainers reasoning behind something. i DO agree with much of what she says, and i was not telling her she was wrong or trying to make her see my why, i was just answering her question!

i have shown many different breeds on a national level for years so i do know how newbies tend to think they know everything. sadly, i have seen people with only a year or two of experience who DO know more thn someone with say 40 years of experience


GoLightly said...

Anon 815.
Oh, please. That's an extreme rarity, and if you don't know that too, god help you.
Sorry, god help your horse.

ALL horses,for that matter.

SFTS is a horse person. With all due respect, if you can't type the talk, you will be called on it.


Anonymous said...

wow.... and i thought we DON'T get jumped for everything we say without getting ALL the facts?!

ok GoLightly, i said "sadly, i have seen people with only a year or two of experience who DO know more thn someone with say 40 years of experience."

1. NEVER said that i see it ALL the time, if you READ again it says that "i HAVE seen!" i DO know that it is a rarity, never said it wasn't, but i HAVE seen it a few times.... unfortunately!

2. NEVER said stacy wasn't a horse person, know who she is and have seen her at shows MANY times! i just said that she jumped me and a few others, who don't post any more because she was so rude, for answering her question because she didn't agree with it!

and what would you like me to type to make YOU happy?! o and the "god help your horse" comment was priceless!


GoLightly said...


Hey, just answering makes me happy.

But I'm old, and very boring:)

To be honest, I had to stop reading her. I thought I was long-winded!

So, I wouldn't have caught her "jumping" on you.
Funny that she's quit commenting, though.

Anonymous said...

i think she slowed down when one of the 24/7 followers finally told/asked her to please stop commenting on everything that everyone said just because she can.....

every once in a while i will read for the entertainment factor ;) ..... and i don't think she has posted much since then.

bhm said...
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