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Sunday, February 15, 2009

And when they won't go away?

So what happens when you're called out on your BS by a whole flock of your loyal readers? You post, post, and post some more! Of course Cathy, bravo for your tactical diversions. With those song and dance numbers you, Cathy, my dear- could easily be a PR for when your towns Mayor gets caught with a prostitute in a seedy hotel room.
What I'm wondering, is why the sudden heighten of posts? It's rare to see this many posts for FHotD on a weekend. I so admire those that chose to walk away after noticing her hypocrisy and disdain for her loyal following. I'm sure she'll be up there on The Manure Pile with a "Woe is Me!" post about how all her readers took what she said out of context and how she never meant to hurt her loyal readers, how she only said those things to those who continue to troll her blog.
I'll be honest, this really doesn't surprise me after I saw one statement made by her early this month about how she wished everyone would quit bugging her about trying to out certain rescues and how those rescue drama was nothing new. I mean, because the constant Dean and Sam topics aren't old news? Because Cathy seems to relish bringing up Dean's photo shopped @$$. Seems to me that the only rescues that matter in Cathy's books are the ones in her area that she can get her gleaming recognition from her admiring public.


DK said...

Her desperation is really sad. She's trying to distance herself from the truth by random grasps of straws and her sheep are bleating for it merrily. I noticed some who were starting to see the light are now sucked back in.

Forgiveness is a good thing indeed, however, it's a downright shame that fugly isn't asking for it, rather instead, is letting the very people she bashed (correct me if I'm wrong) fight others who expose her for what she is.

Woe is the diva.

CinammonSwirl said...

Haha, I find her to be very much like Shere Kahn. Thinks he rules the jungles, but in reality is just a big ass prick who runs when you light a match under his ass.

DK said...

She can talk the talk against anyone else, but when it's turned to her, it's on to parlor tricks and deceptions. I can only hope more of her followers eyes will be open to the truth.

trainingemmy said...

Wenchster: Can you provide a little more backstory in the main body of this post for people who perhaps did not see the controversy about Cathy's cruelty to her own readers unfold on Cathy's blog or in the comments of your last post? In particular, it looks like one of the regulars asked for details on how her donation would be spent and Cathy was not receptive to the question. (Don't I always say it's about the money?!? I would be furious if I had given a donation and was told to go to h*ll.)

Also, Cathy may have posted yesterday (and I agree that it's unusual to see so many Sunday posts), but a lot of Cathy's regulars are not posting. I assume they were driven away by her comments in the Manure Pile. It looks like newer people have stepped up to fill the space and to provide the usual fare of name-calling and profanity. (CinnammonSwirl has taken a lot of heat over there, but she keeps on swinging punches. Go CS!)

Anyway, keep up the good work, Wenchster. I think your relentless pursuit of the truth behind FHoTD will eventually wear her down.

fuglyfuglyfugly said...

I assume they were driven away by her comments in the Manure Pile.

Link please?

lazytrainer said...

I find it funny that she's been putting up more and more disclaimers in her blog these days where as normally she wouldn't even bother.

trainingemmy said...

Fuglyfuglyfugly: The link can be found here: Cathy is Snarkosaurus. You can tell it's her because she links to the blog and because of the photo.

She's deeply mean-spirited and rude to her readers in her posts, and it seems she really doesn't care if they read it or not. There's a lot of talk about shutting down the comments too, although I sincerely doubt she would do that as it's one of the big draws for her readers.

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

LOL She doesn't like when the tables are turned! Good she needs a taste of her own meds!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

The person who asked for the receipts never got them. Fugs later posted a comment call this person a series of obscene names.

What happened is “the tinfoil hat brigade”, as fugs calls them, disagreed with fugs on a point and fugs went ballistic calling them every name in the book. The only one that stood by fugs was CNJ. The tinfoil hat brigade is the group that is involved in rescues, have knowledge, add the content to fugs’ blog, and participate in the humor and drama. Basically, they are who the followers go to read.

As the arguing between fugs and TTFHB waned so did fugs readership. Basically, she lost the people that write the content on her blog and draw the readership.

Fugly has become the most boring blog around lately. Fugs is writing her own comments while frantically trying to draw readership. Lately, her posts consist of her usual followed by 30 comments of “fugs you are so correct”. This is too boring for anyone to handle.

The best thing that you can do is stop posting controversy on her site. Her current “Revenge Failure” post is designed to draw Wench and TTFHB onto her blog for an argument. This is her desperate attempt to get drama happening which will draw her readers. Don’t fall for it and please CS don’t post. If you do it will get her more readers.

The best revenge is to let fugly die a slow death by not posting. Then go to other horse site and talk about how boring fugly is so don’t bother going.

Anonymous said...

Posting anonymously so as not to drag drama from FHOTD (where I and people I care about were attacked) to this site. In general, I prefer to put my name on things, but I've been beaten up pretty badly on FHOTD. I hope you all understand.

I'm new to the horse world - have never owned or leased a horse, ridden relatively little, but am now active in one aspect of the horse world (and finally getting to satisfy my lifeline desire to be around horses). I'm learning lots and want to know more. So, I started looking around online for places to learn about horses and the horse world and stumbled across FHOTD about a month or so back, went back through the archives, learned a bunch of stuff.

Started reading the comments and learned more, asked some questions and learned even more. Then started getting beaten up, apparently just for the sport of it, or to satisfy someone's twisted idea of revenge.

So, since Cathy has now succeeded in convincing me (through her own words and actions) that following her blog any more just feeds a monster, what blog or site would be a good one for a newbie to hang out to learn?


The Wenchster said...

Bexs and BrownEyed Cowgirl both have really nice horse blogs. You can link to Bexs on the main FWotD under the BLOGS Followed and here is the link to BrownEyed Cowgirl. I haven't read through all of it, but from what I've seen it's a very nice, personal, and educational blog. Both are worth the read.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blogs, Wench. I'll check those out.

Rogue said...

Anon - if you're working with Western Pleasure (properly!) then check out . I'm not a horse person (though starting to think I missed my calling a teensy bit) and it's really, really educational.
The writer doesn't invest in snark either, so you aren't gonna' get bailed up in a corner for not agreeing.

Oh, uh... I'm a lurker by the way. I've been reading Fugly for months and months now, and I gotta say...

"Judge a person not by how they treat their enemies, but their allies."

I think that speaks for itself.

bucky said...

I did notice that whenever someone starts to call Cathy (Fugly Horse of The Day) out, she will make another post about something else as a distraction
"Oh, look at this poor horse and how this horrible person did this to them.."
"Did you hear of how this person abused..."
and on and on. I noticed that the first time I visited FHoTD. Couldn't understand why the question asked was ignored and no one ever pointed it out.

then I thought to myself "Well maybe they handled it through email or in another post somewhere and I missed it"

NOW I KNOW! It wasn't my imagination, other people see it too!

Wenchster: I do hope you don't get sucked into going to that blog and commenting. I do believe it's a ruse to get all blog followers here to click over there.
As I said before, I never visit there any longer so I'd not go anyhow. LOL

trainingemmy said...

I love Behind the Bit, too. No snark, just information:

Oh, and how will you become that ideal horse owner that Cathy touts if you DON'T spend time learning about horses and horsekeeping before you take the plunge? I say her inability to welcome horse owners and non-owners (but horse lovers!) speaks to her general hypocrisy. As per usual.

Darcy Jayne said...

Yeah! Some blogs to go check out. I'm new in the horse world, too. I don't get why Cathy is down on her non-horse-owning readers. I own dogs, and I'm all about helping folks who are thinking about getting a dog get information before they get the dog. Better for all involved.

The Wenchster said...

I'm constantly checking out the blogs that the people that follow Wench and we have a new blog owner that subscribed to follow Wench today. He only has one post up but looks like he is willing to help with conformation and with rescue. Blog name is Mucked Off

The Wenchster said...

Sorry, it's Mucked UP!

If anyone finds anymore interesting blogs feel free to list them in comments so readers don't have to shuffle through the internet to find them.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Awww Thanks Wench!! I just yack about my daily stuff mostly, unless I get on my bloodlines kick...LOL, I do love to study bloodlines. Occasional snark, if I am PMSing and no rescue stuff. Got my hands full with my own herd.;)

I seldom posted on fugly anyway, but the few times I did, I was attacked or completely ignored. My introduction to fugly was when she posted on "what she called" an atrocious Hancock bred stallion that I am familiar with, and we have several horses bred exactly the same...and I was told to "piss up a rope" by the ever-so-lovely CutNJump. I said nothing in that comment to warrant the nasty remarks she laid on me, except disagree with Cathy about why that particular stallion and those bloodlines are worthy of reproduction. Pretty those horses may not be. But they are some tremendously athletic horses, that people actively seek out. Which is more than she can say about her's.

Since then, there have been a few things that I have agreed with Cathy on...the whole "Reservation, Sovereign Nation" thing, but most of the commentors are so ignorant or hateful that it is impossible to "discuss" anything. And of course, if some of her "in-click" buddies get after you, forget about anyone else listening to anything reasonable you have to say.

Another good equine blog is Mugwump Chronicles. Don't let the fact that she is friendly with Cathy scare you off, she is reasonable, intelligent and a good horsewoman...and she does not let the commentors get out of line either!! She is about educating people, telling stories and sharing information, NOT dissing people or their horses.

The Wenchster said...

Is mugwump the one that you kind of have to go ALL the way to the beginning to read? I remember someone posting before that there was a blog that was basically a book- I thought they said it was Mugwump.

I will be more than happy to post good, educational, and civil blogs on here. I feel the horse community needs more of them.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Yes, she started out with a lot of extended stories, but has progressed to some really intelligent, in-depth...soul searching kinda posts too.

Not that her stories of her mare weren't intelligent or well written, it's just that I prefer her contemplative and training posts.

bucky said...


I'm hard pressed to find someone not fond of a Hancock bred horse! Well, maybe those that don't really like a bulldog bushhoggin their back 40!
Maybe those types that prefer a sleek n slender jumper instead I guess. LOL

I'm hopin' to have a Hancock/Sugar Bar bred mare coming to me this summer or by next spring! Huge tank of a mare that has feet as big as dinner plates! Hips as big as a Dually! This mare is so big the bulls get excited!

Yup...leave the bloodline figgerin' to the folk that know it. She (Cathy) should stick to what she does best....ummmm...hmmmmm (?)

bucky said...

I like this one. Jim is a great photographer (horses too) and he also does web design.
Jim Arnold:

I liked her little linebred perlino filly

Rogue said...

I've seen the way Mugs responds to people who don't agree with her (in comments), and sorry, I don't care how informational the blog is -- if the writer would sooner snark and head-toss than be helpful to "misinformed" readers, it's not worth the time to read.

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

I think it is great that some of you "new horse people" come on here to learn!!! Wench is a great person to learn from, as well as a few others on here!!! I hope other people will fallow in her exsample...... LOL Who am I fooling??!!! Yeah like that will happen!! LOL But good to see you all here! & Don't hide your name we are mostly adults here. & If most of us know who you are & if you start to get bashed we will stand up for you. This I know!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Rogue(love the name BTW...same as our company name-LOL), I guess I giggle a little when Mugs gets a little huffy. I like that she isn't always trying to sugar-coat things and leading people to believe that all the "extreme" NH stuff will produce a competitive, winning horse. So when people start getting all sugary or posting off the wall stuff, she shuts them down. Clearly states this is what she means and keeps things on track.

I'm a little rough around the edges myself, so I don't find it offensive.:) I have struggled with the same demons...I want to produce top-notch, winning horses, but just cannot bring myself to do a lot of things that are considered "normal" to get them there.

Rogue said...

I essentially have no issue with batting the loonies away. But if you read over that ... Cow-reining video? -- post, there's some justified critique there that isn't looney, isn't off the wall, and it gets bitchslapped for disagreeing and condescendingly 'corrected'. I just can't go with that.

Took a bit of digging but I mean this one:

It's always important to recognise that the intended tone by the writer, and the received tone by the reader, can be two wildly different things. It's easy to come off as patronising when you're trying to be helpful, it's easy to come off as snarky/bitchy when you're just being opinionated. So maybe it's not what Mugwhump intended to sound like... but to me, that's damn well how some of her replies read. I don't think it's an isolated incidence either.

So I'd sooner read someone who can maintain their informative edge and disagree without sounding like a highschool cheerleader.

Just the way I see it, of course. :]