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Monday, February 16, 2009

Cathy, Cathy, Cathy!

Even I had to laugh at checking the not one, but TWO new posts. *chuckles* This is what Cathy had to say about her trolls.

Finally, to all of our visiting trolls who don't seem to be feeling the love, I just want to thank you. In the past month, my traffic has shot skyward! The columns represent (from left to right) people, visits and page views.) We haven't seen a jump like this in a while! I'm so excited and I know that I have all of you to thank. Keep up the great work. Be sure to add this URL as often as possible to your rants, and please rant on as many different boards as possible in as many different countries as possible!
Oh Cathy, if you're going to give information at least don't lie. Anyone can go to the Horse Traffic site that you have represented on your page and see that your numbers have actually FALLEN! Yes that's right kiddies. Her readership has fallen! Anyone is welcome to go check the stats on Horse Traffic just by clicking onto the link to your right of my page. FHotD is number two. Three days ago her average readership was represented as a 4.8. Today it is represented as a 3.1. If you click on the word Stats next to where it says FHotD you will see that she is actually getting almost 2,000 LESS hits a day.
Now for anyone confused. Unique PVs is how many different computers have logged onto your site. Total PVs is the number of times your site has been logged onto. So today you might notice that she's had so far 4,o35 Unique PVs that have visited repeatively giving her a total page hit of 10,500. That means that all those computers had to have logged onto her site at least 2 times each, some probably linked to her site 3 or 4 times. Now since the whole Cathy bashing her readers on this site>> (Her name is Snarkosaurus) her numbers have dropped down 2,000-3,000 readers with several of her readers coming back multiple times.
The moral of the story is Cathy, you can lie to yourself all you want about your loyal following. You can bash your loyal following all you want. But please don't post fake numbers to make yourself feel better. And if you have to post fake numbers- at least disable the Horse Traffic site so no one can track your long line of BS!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog!!!! I checked the Horse Traffic and averaged all the numbers out. On most days it did look like she had a lot of site hits. Then I looked at the unique hits that you mentioned and divided it up. Most people had to have at least logged on 3-5 times a day. LMAO!!!!
Last week alone her following seemed to drop out leaving her with the same people just come back to her site over and over again. Numbers can't lie.

trainingemmy said...

Go, Wenchster, go! Great reporting. (If you were one of my reporting students, I would say "excellent use of stats to prove your case.")

Anonymous said...

It's also funny to see that TJM from Shame in the Horse Show Ring is rated at 17. You know... since her blog gets more hits than this one; and her blog helped more people; and her blog is just more awesome and everything. I never understood the "my blog is better than yours thing" but then again, I have real world issues to deal with. Keep up the good work wench. I prefer to read this blog compared to some others because the writing style is much easier on the eyes.

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

That is tooo funny her saying her ## are up!! I have watched the traffic site that counts. LOL She just lies about EVERYTHING!!!!! I just don't see how people can take her seriously!!??!!

Roxmysox said...

I wonder how the "showing fund" is looking now.........

Anonymous said...

Anom- TJM blog Shame in the Horse Show Ring didn't even crack top 20 until she was featured here!

Anonymous said...

Notice how she's now starting to get more involved in the comments of her latest entry? No apology but a lot of covering of the backside.

Fail? Yeah, fugs is full of fail.

ziggybadd said...

Bwahaha! C'mon now Fugly... If you're going to try and cover your ass at least do it right.

seaview said...

I tried to post on the Manure Pile thread (where Fugly was bashing her followers);someone said she knew that FHOTD had to BEG her readers not to contact whomever she has "outed" for the day. If that's so, why does she provide every form of contact she has available (i.e., phone number, email, address, website)?
Still waiting on the board admin. to approve my comment.
Any bets on the chance that my reply will be posted? =)

seaview said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
seaview said...

I VERY rarely read fugly's blog and even more rarely read her followers posts (hereforth known as "fugly's flies")but had to do so today.
From today's tidbit:a little girl with lead rope wrapped around two yearlings' legs. Yes, a bad and irresponsible thing BUT one of the flies posted that if you followed Darwin, it'd be okay if the child died because she clearly had defective DNA inherited from her "retarded parents". I asked her to clarify; if it's a joke, not funny. If it's not a joke, that's absolutely one of the most vile things I've ever read.

AlmightyMarshmellow said...

lol how bad do you have to feel about yourself? Wow, you guys.

Wow. I feel so sorry for you.

Bye now.

Anonymous said...

Funny, mel. You were one of the good ones. Used to be. Now, you're just one of them. Pity that. Defending those who bashed your friend? *Shakes head*

AlmightyMarshmellow said...

Funny how you're too chicken shit to show your real SN.

I was struck by what Cathy did. However, I'm a big enough person that I can not be a whiny bitch about it and spend my days bitching about it as if I have nothing better to do. I've enjoyed reading the blog. We don't agree on one thing. Oh no, the end of the fucking world!

Yeah, right.

See, instead of wasting my energy bitching and moaning and complaining about something else, I've been out enjoying myself and not worrying about other people as if they ran my life.

You might want to give it a try.

AlmightyMarshmellow said...

And PS:

I used to be one of the good ones? Thanks for the laugh lmao

oldgraymare said...

I feel sorry for the people who follow that blog and truly believe that they are one of her chosen ones that she couldn't possibly be referring to as an idiot. That is really delusional. How could anyone not be insulted by what she had to say? So sad.

oldgraymare said...

Hey AM: You have done a lot of going back and forth with "friends" on that blog. Ever thought just maybe you weren't excluded from who she was referring to?

DK said...

Wow, mashmellow, get over yourself. Bitch much? Someone states they had some admiration for you, then tells of their disappointment and you act like this? Yes, I believe your true place is on the fugly blog.

Hell, seeing your reaction to someone's statement of you more or less caused me to lose an respect for you that I had. I used to read fugly's blog all the time and enjoyed the comments. I, too, thought you were pretty cool and witty. Now, I think what's come out of your own textual mouth can do all the speaking for you that needs to be said.

As for being anonymous, how the hell does that make someone chickenshit? Does it really matter who it was who decided that they could care less about you?

Honestly, this is the last I'm going to say to you. Go ahead and have the last word if you must.

oldgraymare said...

One more thought, AM. You don't own a horse at the moment either, do you? So in Fugly's opinion you might just be an idiot AND weird.

But, defend away! She's not possibly referring to someone like you, right? Of course not.

AlmightyMarshmellow said...

lol where on earth have I defended Fugly here? Quote for me.

No, the funny thing is, I KNOW I was among the people she called painfully stupid. I just couldn't care less because the opinion of others because that's not what matters.

I was insulted by what she said. But instead of dwelling on it, I moved on. Because it's not worth my time to mull over.

Someone expressed their admiration for me. I get it. Then they turn their SN to anonymous and say "oooh you USED to be one of the good ones now you're just ONE OF THEM" and then whine when I continue my opinion?


You can be angry with me all you want. But you're angry at me, Cathy thinks I'm painfully stupid, and the funny thing is... I'm not on your side, nor am I on her side.

I've got my own opinions on it, and it's that I don't give a shit if some lady on the internet thinks I'm stupid. I know otherwise.

It's that I don't care if a group of haters on the internet think I'm some huge Cathy supporter. I know otherwise.

In this, I'm looking at the horses, not the people. Because I couldn't care less about people.

And it's not my place to judge, nor is it yours.

And this is why I find it all so amusing. Because this blog is the product of someone who can't let a grudge go. And to do that, they need to insult someone in their spare time.

That, to me, is not only amusing but saddening.

oldgraymare said...

AM: If you don't like it here then go away and don't come back. No one is forcing you to read here.

Fugly's blog is all about judging and insulting in her spare time. That is the entire premise. But, people can blog and write about what they want, including those of us who choose to come to this blog. And sure, you can visit here and let everyone know how sad / funny / whatever it is to you - then stop wasting your time here. It's not your thing - move on! I don't care if you think it's sad or funny or...anything. You aren't that important.

Spend your time where you like!

AlmightyMarshmellow said...

Haha at least FHotD sees horses rescued.

I meander wherever I please with my ever-subtle opinion. I thought I ought to share my amusement here instead of up and doing it behind someone's back.

The thing is... everything you're pissed off for Cathy doing, you're now doing it!

That's the source of my amusement.

I'm not arguing, I'm just stating my findings and opinions. Take it as you will.

I don't expect my opinion to be important. I simply feel the need to state it.

bucky said...

I never took this blog to be a grudge. I remember when a few of us were discussing how FHoTD bashes people that need help, contradicts herself, hypocrite, has given out some unsound information and other items of interest.
We discussed how each of us had tried to question a few of the posts and got jumped on and run outta dodge because we didn't agree with the 'flock' and the leader with the cowbell on.

THAT is when this blog came into I believe.
Because a bunch of horse people just happened to discuss it and one of them decided "hey..lets see if there are others too"


Nice to know a former Swugly has a place to go and get rid of the bell around the neck. :)

trainingemmy said...

And this is why I find it all so amusing. Because this blog is the product of someone who can't let a grudge go. And to do that, they need to insult someone in their spare time.

AM: I think your assessment of Wenchster's blog is incorrect. Here's why:

1) She states up-front what her issue is--Cathy's FHoTD blog and it's over-the-top, hurtful approach to "outing" people Cathy doesn't like or support.

2) She puts on her citizen reporter hat quite often, using statistics or quotes from other blogs to back up her ideas. In other words, she isn't just spouting out whatever pops into her head. She's attempting to use rhetorical arguments to make her point. (Note I said attempting. Wenchster isn't infallible, and sometimes her arguments fall flat; but overall, I think she does a good job of making her point.)

3) She has stated that she doesn't have a problem with Cathy personally, but rather that she has a problem with the damage that Cathy's blog has done to many people. There's a big difference between someone with a grudge and someone with a legitimate beef with the approach another writer takes.

4) She questions Cathy's reliability, knowledge and status as a role model. As you know, a lot of folks who don't have horses read Cathy's blog (as she so scathingly pointed out), as do new horse owners. They believe Cathy has both the knowledge and the reliability to deliver information that will help them if/when they get horse or in their current horse-owning situation. There have been occasions when Cathy has promoted incorrect or even dangerous ideas on her blog. Thus, Wenchster and people who follow this blog take issue with Cathy's reliability. In addition, many of us take issue with Cathy's status as a role model for young horsewomen (and horsemen). She often expresses herself in ways that some of see as derogatory, foul-mouthed and possibly fraudulent (as evidenced by your friend who couldn't get a straight answer on how her financial donation was being used). Wenchster takes extreme umbrage over that, and she often calls Cathy and her followers out on this specific issue.

5) Wenchster takes the time to read and interact with her readers. Several times she has been called out as incorrect or scolded by a reader. I have read her replies, many of which offer a mea culpa or a genuine and enthusiastic "I'll definitely try that." That's definitely not the approach someone looking for revenge might take. (Someone looking for revenge would just tell people to shut up or that she doesn't care what other people think.)

6) Finally, Wenchster and her readers tend to keep the conversation civil. Sure, there have been some name-calling moments. It's a blog on the Internet, for crying out loud. Of COURSE there's going to be some of that; but generally Wenchster keeps it cool. She tends to respond with ideas not personal attacks, thus setting the tone for her readers. It's not OK to drop the F-bomb here or to use other swear words to refer to other people. That sets a more mature and civil tone. A lot of people believe that's a plus.

I looked at your profile, AM. You seem like you're a younger reader, and I applaud you for looking for information about your chosen sport. I truly believe the more you know, the better you will do at it.

That said, I think your general scoffing at the readers of this blog and the creator of this blog reflects not on us, but on you. If I were you, I, for one, would feel pretty terrible if a friend of mine felt she had been defrauded by someone. And I would take umbrage at being called "painfully stupid." There are very few things in life you can control, but who you choose to associate with is one of them. Given what I've seen of you in the past, I'm not sure Cathy/Fugly deserves your loyalty or your patronage.

oldgraymare said...

AM: Fair enough on your opinion. You've stated it!

I'm not pissed off at Cathy, I don't even know her. In some twisted way (because I do care about people as well as animals) I actually sort of feel sorry for her. But, I don't like what she puts out on the internet and that's MY opinion.

And how do you know people here don't rescue, Oh Wise One?

Anonymous said...

You're right Bucky, this blog isn't a grudge. It's all about calling out the elitist bs, hypocrisy and lies coming out of the fugly blog. And one of her sheep is in here baahing away is just sad. Pure and simple said.


Duske Falling said...


Some of the people (Not answering for everyone) are people who don't have their own blogs. You can't post as anonymous on FHotD, so you don't see them, even if they read. Here, they're able to under the anon dealie.

AlmightyMarshmellow said...


I don't have a problem with the blog owner, actually. Just that it amuses me how so much conflict can be revolved around one person for the hell of it.

And I assure you, Cathy doesn't have "my loyalty."


Please don't mock me with condescending titles. I never said any of you don't rescue, nor did I imply it. The point I was making is that I respect how Cathy and other readers actually post links to horses in need, and a lot of them get rescued. I haven't seen anything like that here and I apologize if I'm wrong but that was my point. It gets horses rescued. That's what's important. Not the people.

And one of her sheep is in here baahing away is just sad. Pure and simple said.

And again, I ask you to please quote where I said I was supporting Cathy or defended the blog. In fact, in my last post, I specifically said I am not on her side.

Do read before you look to make such statements.

AlmightyMarshmellow said...

Duske Falling:

That I understand, but the person addressing me had obviously posted on the FHotD blog and that is where my statement came from.

oldgraymare said...

AM: I apologize for that comment. It was very rude. But, being that I've been knee deep in trying to get starving horses off a property without sleep for days, I took exception to the rescue comment you made.

And I also apologize for jumping all over you when you visited this blog. But, it gets old to have people wander in here and say how ridiculous, sad, amusing we are. It's just people expressing themselves, after all.

Anonymous said...

There are three sides to every story - yours, hers, and the truth.

AlmightyMarshmellow said...

And the people coming in are doing the same thing.

That's where you ask where a line is drawn? And that, my friend, is the big picture.

AlmightyMarshmellow said...

Anonymous poster:

Are you claiming to be a part of the group that is the sole carrier of truth?

Rogue said...

I do just want to point out that, based on the information here:

In the unique PV section, Feb 7 and feb 14 both got low hits - around the 6 - 7k mark, whereas in the middle of these is a crest of 8 - 9k. I'm pretty sure that's just a weekly pattern. People don't check on the weekend (or check less) because there aren't typically updates on the weekend.

By comparison, your own stats:
Are stable because you don't have a predicatble update pattern.

It's the coming seven days that will determine the effect this drama has on the overall traffic. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand you. How can you hang around with a group that calls you ever horrible name in the book.

If you are interested in horse rescue then find another blog that respects you. I don't see how hang out with a crowd that disrespects you has anything to do with horse rescue.

oldgraymare said...

No it isn't the same thing, AM. Fugly spends her time outing whoever she sees fit. She goes around attacking. This is a reaction to that. She's not someone that someone dug dirt up on who is going to be blindsided.

I spent the weekend and most of today assuring the removal of starving horses from a property. The family wasn't much better off. I was heartbroken and disgusted, but didn't consider them fodder for...anything. It was situation that needed to be resolved, period.

A lot of us are well aware of the big picture.

Go ahead and have the last word, I'm off to pick up some horses.

The Wenchster said...

Rogue if you look at the monthly stats you can see that the average fell back there too. She might have a lot of hits, but they are by the same computer.
From what I understand and read around about FHotD revenue from ads, is that she only gets revenue on the individual computer count, and not the total daily hits. I could be wrong and would love to know more about it. I believe with the google ads though that you get a dollar for each time a person clicks to view the ad, so I wonder if it could be the same with the FHotD banners.

This isn't a grudge. Notice how I never once make a comment or post based on her educational topics such as feature rescue, crazy or outrageous tack, or when she reports on a rescue that isn't keeping honest with a 501(c)?
I can respect her during those posts. However, I feel that Cathy believes she is better than most other horsemen/women and because of her ego she feels she can attack whomever she see's fit. I do not like when she posts numbers to judges, and the one instance that I posted on here is not the first time she's done so. I do not like when she makes a personal attack on a person's appearance. If they've abused their horse, I'm all for them being brought to light-however Cathy often goes on much more personal attacks calling people fat, slobs, hillbillys, rednecks, retarded, and her long line of cuss words. As if THOSE are the reasons the horse was abused! I also don't like how many of her readership parade the youtube comment boards with their own string of death threats and personal insults after Cathy posts links. I know Cathy cannot be responsible for other peoples actions. But she leads by example so most of her readership is under the belief they have a right to berate others the way she does.
I'm a believer that you can point out peoples wrong doings in a more educational and civilized manner. And I've seen some of your(almightymarshmallow) comments on FHotD where you did call out some of the other comment posters on calling people fat and leaving comments on youtube telling people how they needed to die or should kill themselves. Because of that, you have respect from me.

bucky said...

Description of this Blog:
(found at the very top)
"Snarky commentary on the breeding of a poor quality woman, her silly and abusive teaching techniques and pretty much anything else that annoys me about her! Your UNCENSORED place to vent about this woman being in the horse world!"

Nope, nothing there that says "links to help find homes for the abused and starving"
It pretty much states up front what the blog is about :)

Beckz said...

The whole natre of FhotD has changed. I remember there used to be alot of really good information on conformation etc in the really early posts, but lately, say the last 6 months it's really gone downhill. I use her blog mainly to get to the FSH board.

I think when they put up pictures of a lady riding in striped tights and a turquoise saddle and ripped her one for dressing as such that FhotD lost it's credibility. And now there is this plaque of angry blogs, shame in the horse showring, I hate your horse, tacky tack of the day etc etc and so on. Do people really believe that by making a blog and swearing at people they are really creating a change??

Rogue said...

I can't see what you're seeing - maybe I'm not looking in the right place for it. That's probably it, actually. I couldn't figure where the withers of a horse were 'til a friend drew it on a picture of her paint, lol.

At any rate, I do think it's just a fraction too early to be *certain* that her traffic has dropped significantly. There's been a change yes, but the long-term effects are important too.

And, I've been meaning to say it - those 6 reasons are fantastic, trainingemmy. Really well spoken. :D

trainingemmy said...

Thanks, Rogue. I have been watching all this controversy erupt, and I've been thinking about why this blog offers such a different experience for me. I guess it all came out at once! :-)

The Internet has eroded public civility and the quality of discourse, and it bothers me a lot. The very thing that makes the Internet so cool--lots of people from different backgrounds and classes mixing together to exchange ideas--has become its Achilles heel. There's a lot of hate out there, and people like Cathy seem to enjoy stoking the fires.

I admire Wenchster's goal of bringing some civility back into the debate. And as she suggests, leading by example really works. The unspoken no-swearing, no-name-calling rule offers everyone a chance to "use their reasonable words." (To quote my child psychologist friend's favorite expression!)

More importantly, Wenchster's ability to admit she's wrong or to take advice from her readers sets a good example for people who comment. I noted that Old Gray Mare apologized for offending Almighty Marshmellow--something you would never see on FHoTD. A community is only as good as the sum of all of its parts, but it can certainly be helped by boundaries that emphasize civility and empathy.

seaview said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
seaview said...

AM: I am just not following you at all. You don't like/care about this blog or FHOTD but yet you continue to post...why?

AlmightyMarshmellow said...

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand you. How can you hang around with a group that calls you ever horrible name in the book.

If you are interested in horse rescue then find another blog that respects you. I don't see how hang out with a crowd that disrespects you has anything to do with horse rescue

I don't. The group there doesn't call me names. Cathy never directly attacked me, though she called my point of view "painfully stupid." That isn't every horrible name in the book.

The people I talk to on that blog... they've called me smart, blessed, wonderful, amazing, funny, even wise. They say they love my points of view and they wish I am related to them. That is an amazing environment, whether I agree with what they say or not. Do not make assumptions about things you know nothing about.


I'm not looking to fight with you. Some of the things I've found on that blog (FHotD) have disgusted me and I agree with the opinions towards them. Some of them have made me go to the comments and say "come on, it's not that bad, let's focus on worse matters." I agree with you whole-heartedly that it gets out of hand.

However. I've gone online and publicly bitched about Willow's past owners, who spurred him until he bled and laid waste to his mouth. I get overly angry in my moments of frustration with with the problems they caused him that I can't sleep at night because I don't know what to do with him because he's been so severely screwed with. I complain, I get advice... am I so bad because I tell people of what those horrible people did?


I also don't like how many of her readership parade the youtube comment boards with their own string of death threats and personal insults after Cathy posts links.

As you mentioned, yes. I do step in when things like that start happening and it does anger me. In fact, what you posted, I agree with. That I understand, and I often either voice in the comments or blatantly ignore for not wanting to be involved in things I don't agree with. So in that, I agree with you.

Again. I never came on here defending the blog. I'm not on either side. said...

Hey Wenchy, we've all seen Dean's butt but can we go one step scarier and have a few pics of "C-Ho's" head?

We want to see what Botox can't fix and who this blog is about.

bucky said...

TrainingEmmy: I meant to compliment you on your 'mission statement' of this blog!
I was never a well written person or one to get my point across in an educated way. You said exactly what I was thinking and TRIED to get across in a short of the matter way.


Also, Elvis:
I don't think posting a pic of a person any person to 'bash' is not something FWoTD would want to stoop to. I could be wrong, but I haven't ever gotten the vibe of her being that low and callous.

Anonymous said...

I don't think posting a pic of a person any person to 'bash' is not something FWoTD would want to stoop to. I could be wrong, but I haven't ever gotten the vibe of her being that low and callous.

Actually, fugly has at least a couple of times, when it came to making fun of dean and how fat/ugly she was.

Anonymous said...

ETA:!!! I read FWOTD as FHOFT! My bad! No, Whenchester doesn't sink that low and I agree with what you said, Bucky! Sorry for the confusion!

bucky said...

Anon, had me worried there!
It was gonna get ugly! LOL
Wenchy is a good person and has a good heart....bashing to be mean is something kinda not like her.

Not saying she wouldn't get ticked off once in awhile..don't we all???


AlmightyMarshmellow said...

lol I was going to say. Good on you all.

Anonymous said...

LOL Well heck, I still didn't get it right. FHOFT = FHOTD

Oh, my captcha for this entry? Coolest one ever. swords.

CinammonSwirl said...

Christ on a cracker, that woman has more ignorant supporters than the crowd who wants to legalize weed!

The whole lot of them are as thick as the VLC's neck.

Mikolaj said...

While I was appalled at what this blog seemed to stand for in the beginning, I must admit, I've gotten darn used to immediately re-routing here anytime I see a new FHOTD post that is obviously going to fuel the fire. It's neat being able to see both sides of the fence, and I appreciate the manner in which "The Wenchster" displays her content.

However, I do find the people in the comments slamming the people who like to comment on FHOTD extremely hypocritical. I don't often comment on FHOTD, but mostly just because it gets lost in the sea and I couldn't be bothered. I do enjoy reading the comments from time to time though. I find it fascinating seeing all the different ways people react to things.

Bottom line, aside from "The Wenchster", most of you have become what you hate. You sit on here and trash the comments from her blog, while riddling THIS blog with the exact same sort of nonsensical fodder you're so against.

Honestly, I always just popped into FHOTD for a laugh. It's funny, because we live on a non ideal farm and I can't count how often we end up saying "OOOO! FHOTD!" to some random thing that Cathy would have a FIELD day with if she saw it. It really doesn't phase me - it's her opinion, and I don't have to agree but it's still funny as hell.

Anyway, good topic today. I do think you're getting under her skin and I admit it's more then a little amusing. It's like the OTD Blog Wars, LOL. Is she lying? Sure looks like it. Do I care? Nope! Both you ladies can still write a mean blog and make a boring day interesting!

Anonymous said...


The people aren't important? I have seen Cathy bash people for coming down with a severe medical condition, get sick, and have to sell their horses. "But they should have been prepared for that possibility! Once you buy a horse it is your responsibility to keep for the rest of its life with no excuses!" Not her exact words but pretty close.

No people (too often innocent people) are getting hurt on her blog and too often she uses the 'but I am helping horses' excuse.

Sorry it doesn't fly. If she can't do what is right she needs to close her blog down. She is giving the entire horse industry a bad name because she is a fanatic. (actually if I knew her better I may even call her a raging lunatic)

secondwindacres said...

Mel said: Cathy never directly attacked me, though she called my point of view "painfully stupid." That isn't every horrible name in the book.
I feel a little differently than this. Even though Cathy didn't name me personally, I knew she meant me because she lumped everyone of a certain viewpoint together and called us idiots. That offends me and just because my name wasn't used doesn't mean she didn't mean it personally, to each and every poster she was complaining about. It's splitting hairs to say she wasn't attacking her readers personally just because she didn't use names. I would agree if she wouldn't have used personal comments like "painfully stupid" and instead would have said something more generic, like 'wow, I just can't believe some of the comments on my blog, everyone is so different and I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around some of the viewpoints'. Hell, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around a lot of the viewpoints presented on FHOTD. :) Her comments on TMP were offensive to me because they state that she thinks she's smarter than me/those of a different viewpoint and because she bashed some very loyal posters at another site, which I thought was in very poor taste. But, there's nothing illegal about being in very poor taste. :) I saw a big character flaw in Cathy and it was disappointing. I have been a long time poster at FHOTD and have gotten to "know" many other posters there. We agree to disagree a lot of the time. It's what ADULTS can do.

What bothers me about those that are her sheeplike following (and I'm not talking about you Mel and many others, you know who they are) is that my viewpoint is dismissed at the same time that they're ramming their viewpoint down my throat. Part of being an adult is admitting that there are many views, some right, some wrong and some that aren't right or wrong, just different. I can accept their view, I just choose not to make it my own. I won't call them an idiot over it. (heartless maybe, but that's another story). Why can't that favor be returned to me in the same adultlike fashion?

secondwindacres said...

Oh, and as far as being anonymous, shit. We're all anonymous on the internet. :) I don't give a crap if a poster is anonymous. Even people with a screen name could have made most of their crap up when they registered.

As a matter of fact, with all of the obvious loons and whackos out there the fear of repercussions and retaliation is very real. I have a lot of animals and a big family. I don't want shit visiting my house because some weirdo doesn't agree with my point of view and is high on the kook aid. I am who I am and the most important thing is that *I* know that. :) I certainly don't want to put my family or my lifestyle in harm's way because of the internet.

Anonymous said...

Cinnamon Swirl-
For Christ sakes !!!! Will you please offer up some proof? You are starting to sound like a lunatic over there. I know it's there. If she can dig up and post dirt, you can too.
Do you not see the references to bounced boarding checks? Is she working or on unemployment? Her posts are alot more frequent, hoping to drop the outing post below the first page.
What about her buddies from Arizona? BNT bashers, WHO is he?
If you gonna do it, do it.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

However, I do find the people in the comments slamming the people who like to comment on FHOTD extremely hypocritical.
That is a good point Mikolaj.

From my perspective, at this moment people who are extremely frustrated with FHOTD's hard-line, no yield, I'm never wrong approach are taking the time to vent their frustrations and openly question Cathy's ethics. Something that it NOT tolerated AT FHOTD.

Cathy may have started her blog as a source of amusement for her and her friends, but it has evolved and she has not evolved with it.

Hopefully, The Wenchster continues this blog, not only calling out Cathy and the radicals who comment on her blog, but evolves it into a positive and educational place for people to come to share knowledge and find ways to improve communication so that people can help others understand the impacts of breeding less than quality horses, sending their old horses to auctions, understand conformation and any other of the hundreds if not thousands of things that impact the equine community.

People are hungry for knowledge. No not everyone is going to "get it", but if one in three do, things will get better. The equine community HAS to work together the next few years, the time for tearing everyone down is over. The crashing economy, people losing their jobs and homes is going to mean that there are going to be a lot more cases of starving horses and abandoned horses. This is our time as a society to help each other and not judge others based on one picture or CL ad.

Anonymous said...

Wenchster haven't you heard? Apparantly now you're jealous of Trojan Mouse! LMAO! Jesus, I know I'm a few days late, but some of the people over on Shame in the Horse Show ring lack logic.

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

Trainingemmy-- That is a wonderful statment/description of this blog!!! That is how I feel about it. Wench is doing a wonderful job!! Too bad we get a few rottin eggs here! LOL

sarcastabitch said...

Sorry to get off the topic of insulting people, but I wanted to respond to BrownEyedCowgirl's thoughtful critique of the VLC from a few days ago.

First of all, thanks for laying it out. I am not familiar with the WP world at all. I'll assume you are ;)

The only questions I have are on the traveling base-narrow and the ability to get under himself.

I didn't notice that he travels base-narrow, I don't think that I've ever seen video of him from the front. The outsides of the hoof thing, my Arabian used to do that. He went through a funny growthy stage where he'd wear the insides of his fronts down more than the outsides...but it went away completely after a few months and regular trims. Do you think that tendency to travel could be growth-related? Big horses sometimes move clumsily when they are young.

That leads to the next point, about breaking properly at the loin. I'll use my Arabian again, although he is a well-deserved gelding. He had to be taught to use himself properly. To move the way we want a Hunter Pleasure horse to move. Given a choice, he'd run around head high and slightly strung out. He'd only engage his hindquarters fully when he needed them (like quick turns, rearing...he likes to play). I was taught that most horses are like that. You might catch them doing what looks like a Piaffe once in a while during play, but that movement needs to be taught to be executed 100% correctly. Horses do not naturally travel with the degree of roundness we require in disciplines like Dressage.

Comments appreciated.

Living Beyond The Dream said...

Wow...This is way very cool...

We all knnow that people love "FACTS".

And you have done a first rate job presenting them...

I can rest in peace knowing this aspect is completely covered.


Anonymous said...

Sarcasta~~ You are Correct in the sense that most horses HAVE to learn to use their hind quarters. It's hard to round up and use their stomach and back muscles to hold themselves. They would much rather flop around on their forehand instead. When traveling on the hind the horse needs to really engage his hocks and rump too... For movements in dressage like pirouettes, piaffe's passage's, the horse must first learn to rock back on he hind....

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sarcasta...I guess I would say that I am a student of movement rather than just a student of any specific event. Once a person understands how winning horses move, it is easy to spot horses that are or are not suited to do well in a particular area.

I did used to train and show WP horses(eons ago) and at that time winning horses were very flat in the knee. Tight hock action was favorable, but a flat knee was king. The current trend says that a flat knee is a good thing, but a horse really needs to be tight in his hock action. "Tight" meaning that the horse is moving his hind leg up underneath of himself and driving off of that foot. There is little movement in the hock and they certainly are heavily penilized for letting that hind leg drag out behind the vertical of their rump. This is one of the major problems I see with the buckskin horse. Nearly every picture of him shows his hind leg way behind the vertical of his rump. This can be cleaned up, but will never be as good as a horse that just travels correctly in the first place.
Also, it is a good indication that the buckskin horse will be at least a bit heavy on his front end. A horse can be level on the topline but heavy on the front end if they do not have the correct set to their hock and transversely a horse built downhill and with a good hock set can be really athletic.

A truly athletic horse is pretty free in the loin with plenty of muscling to help lift the back and ribcage. A pleasure horse is not going to "break" in the loin the same way a reining horse, barrel horse will...

Sorry, I gotta cut this short, I'll come back to you as soon as I can. Sorry!!

trainingemmy said...

Sarcasta: There's a great article on getting a horse to use its core muscles in the latest Dressage Today. It's paired, hilariously, with an article on how humans can get their core in shape too. I am working my way through both right now, in little bits and snatches. There's also a piece on how to warm up and cool down horses, based on Klimke's methods. It was wonderfully informative.

I have an Arab too, and that high-headed, high-tailed thing is her favorite position to gallop around in. My husband always jokes and says her ears are touching her tail. :-) As an Arab owner, I'm sure you know exactly what that looks like.

Mikolaj said...

BEC - Thank you very much for your reply! I can understand where some are coming from with the people who defend Cathy to the bitter end. In the beginning I thought this blog was just vindictive, but I find it's very well informed and factual now, so how can anybody argue with that?

I know I'll continue to frequent both blogs. =)

Mikolaj said...

traininggemmy - HAHAHA! Yes! I always say my Arab covers more distance up and down then she does with forward momentum in each stride! I swear it can only be described as "pogo sticking"!

I've actually had people ask me if her tail was broken because she curls it right over like a poodle!

Anonymous said...

New here, but I do not like Cathy. She needs to learn to pull her head out of her ass and realize that just because she pours out her bitchiness through a blog that many people happen to like reading, it makes her no authority. Her OPINION (yes, Cathy, your opinion, though sadly considered famous by many, is still an opinion and not hard truth...), is no more "right" than any of her "moron" readers who don't happen to own a horse themselves. Geeze, this woman thinks she governs the horse world, and all else are below her.

Don't bothering trying to email her any information you think might be beneficial to horses she's talking about, she'll just respond in a way that lets you know what she really thinks of you.

And what the heck is she doing on the computer virtually 24/7 with at least 2 blogs, hounding several forums, and searching for people to make fun of, etc. etc. Yet she bitches at people to get off their fat asses and go groom their horses. Well, right back at ya, Cath. I own several horses and I am also in the horse industry professionally. So I know as well as she does (or at least as well as she SHOULD) that there is *always* something more pressing to be done with the actual horses. Much more pressing than to play "snark" with the virtual ones. I'm done.

Thanks for making a place to vent.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, I own a playing polo pony. Cathy, polo ponies do not make you a great rider. Actually, they make you stupid. Polo ponies are the definition of push-button, honey...

trainingemmy said...

This is so fascinating, I had to share it with like-minded folks. Apparently, this is sort of a lost art (for obvious reasons--fire in the barn being at the top of the list), but it's used in some British barns in lieu of clipping in the spring:

The Old-Fashioned Art of Singeing

I don't feel qualified to do something like this, but the horse seems perfectly content to hang out and have it done to him.

The Wenchster said...

Sometimes we all forget that horse's have a tougher hide than what our skin is. A lot of equestrians are starting to do this now. It's gone on for a few decades with dairy cattle as dairy men will 'torch' the utters of dairy heifers before milking because the stray hairs can collect dirt that could get in the milk.
The best way to learn this art is from an experienced dairy man. Only difference between the way they do that with dairy cows and horses is that dairy men tend to shoot the flame under the bellies while for horses it has to be a consistant flame.
That was a great video by the way! Thanks for posting it here for everyone.

CharlesCityCat said...

Hey Mel and SWA:

Came over to take a look, I really didn't know about this blog.

Interesting reading. Some good stuff that I wholeheartedly agree with some not so much.

I've gotta say, I am getting a certain amount of satisfaction from reading these comments. Not very mature of me but hey, I am one of the "painfully stupid," and probably up there at the top of the order.

I was a long time poster, but no more. She is not the end all of horses or rescues.

I have several much better places to spend my time.

Maybe will hang around with you guys a bit, if it's okay with you.

The Wenchster said...

Charles City Cat we welcome anyone here that will bring education, wise and kind words along with some playful discussion. Whether you agree with everyone or not, everyone is welcome to share their opinion and I hope everyone can remain mature and open to new and different opinions.

All I ask is that cursing be at a minimum. Reading is so much easier with out having to skim over cuss words and I've found that the less curse words are used, the less angry or defensive people will be.

Welcome to any lurkers or both side of the fencers. Also, if you have a good blog or you know of a good educational blog please post links here as I know several of the readers do have a thirst for learning in a free and easy environment.

CharlesCityCat said...

Thanks Wenchster, will abide by the cussing request. I have been known to let it fly, but I can control it.

Anonymous said...

You don't want swearing, yet your name is Wench...?

Xix said...

...did I miss the memo when wench became a swearword?

Anonymous said...

Yes, apparently you did. Slut? Whore? Wench? Bitch? Same urban definition.

Xix said...

Ah, I think we are coming at this from different urba then, because where I come from bitch and whore mean two very different things; and wench is an archaic word used for its chintzy, 'ye olde barkeep' value, certainly not classed as a taboo word at all. I was totally unaware anyone found the term offensive, but I guess you live and learn.

CyborgSuzy said...

You... you really are obsessed with Cathy Atkinson.

That's hilarious.

I'm having flashbacks to middle school. It's so precious! Look at you, starting your very own 'mean girl' club with it's very own blog and everything!

You'll have to excuse me for a moment while I take this in; normally I wouldn't reply to a troll, let alone follow their link to their weird anti-blog blog... this is just *so* amazing.

I mean, I've *heard* of things like this, and I've been around enough horse people to know they tend to have more than society's fair share of obsessive, insecure, childish, drama queens, I've just never witnessed it at this level.

Just... thanks for the laughs...

oldgraymare said...

Cyborg Suzy: You're very welcome! Glad to amaze and amuse you!

The Wenchster said...

Xix- LOL thanks for the laugh on the Wench definition. My daughter is normally the one that keeps me "hip" and "down with" the newest slang and I've yet to see any pimp slap his hookers and call them "dirty wench". But I guess the memo that wench is a curse word got lost in my spam box. The first definition in my Webster is A)a young peasant girl or woman, B)A woman servant C)a wanton woman or D) A woman Bar slinger.

CyborgSuzy I'm glad that you at least got a few laughs out of my blog. In the least, glad you gathered that much from this. But I won't serve you with a trollish response other than hope you have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

So, you routinely get tens of thousands of readers? Because that's what Fugly's blog gets, per your every so helpful link...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, then why is FuglyWench ranked 2, ABOVE Fugly Horse of the Day?

Anonymous said...

And I don't think Wench ever said anything about her not getting lots of hits. They just are from the same people 4 or 5 times.

H.M. said...

what the? you KNOW wench is a bad word or else you wouldn't be using it to mock cathy.

honestly, ye old barkeep value? good luck with that, cathy jrs.

Xix said...

Um, no, seriously, H.M., "Ye olde barkeep" value is actually why most people I know use the word wench. Like I've said elsewhere, I'm British. Over here wench is not a bad word. It just isn't. I can't talk for the US, which is where I assume Wenchster is from, which is why I said where I come from.

Well, actually, where I come from the word wench is often used as a corruption of hench, which in slang parlance means large/muscular/built like a brick ****house, but since that's a fairly local bit of slang I would rather assume it wasn't used to mean that; even if it had been it wouldn't be particularly insulting!

I can't talk for anyone else but I repeat: I was genuinely surprised to find out that people think it's a bad word! Please, don't assume I'm being deceitful merely because I was unaware of the slang usage of an archaic word.