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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Took long enough!

Well, Champ was PTS. Long over due to say the least as most thought he should be put down A MONTH ago. On FHotD Cathy talks about how he was kept in a million dollar facility and cared for and given tons of cookies every day. PFFT! I don't think Champ would be able to tell if he was in "million dollar facility" with as much pain as he was obviously in. But no! That didn't stop Cathy from taking in donations for him just shortly after bashing several other rescues and people for taking in donations for obviously lame and in pain horses. Preaching how the money could be used to rescue sound and sane horses. Guess all those donations could have been better spent on a sound horse, eh Cathy?


OrangeElmo said...

Wench said;
"Long over due to say the least as most thought he should be put down A MONTH ago."

No, MOST didn't think that. You seem to be the only one. And Cathy didn't rescue him. He was pulled from the auction for another woman who offered him a home. God, you are clueless. You're welcome to your opinion, but you're clueless.

Anonymous said...

Hey, OrangeElmo. Guess what? Most DO think that.
Not most of the fugly sheep, mind you.. but most other (sane minded) people DO.
Cathy may not have rescued him (which everyone knows, if you actually read you would see this) but she DID have her hand out for donations. She made her opinion of keeping the horse alive clear and was the main cheerleader for that.
YOU are obviously the clueless one.

Firegirl said...

Hmm...Pretty sure Cathy was arguing against RESCUES demanding money and more or less saying that the horse wouldn't get care if donations weren't made- Not that private rescuers who choose to try to heal the horse shouldn't, and I'm pretty sure she said "if you would like to make a donation, donate here", not "if you don't donate Champ will DIE because we won't treat him!!!!!" She did that because, and I have seen if before, she gets many people asking her for her donation address when she features a rescue like that. So instead of clogging her e-mail, she went the faster, easier route. I see no problem there. And I didn't think Champ should have died a month ago. If he had had an easily fixable problem (corrective shoeing or a restricted diet would fix it), he deserved a chance. Plus, it wasn't her choice. Again, I fail to see the problem. Oh, and I have no problem not hiding who I am. I am NOT a "fuglyite", I very rarely post anymore, and I don't always agree with Cathy. I don't like the turn the blog has taken with all the petty attacks on people. I prefered the posts that were specific to certain faults, or the good, the bad, and the fugly. But I don't think she did anything wrong in this case. You (the OP) do bring up some valid points, but not this time.

OrangeElmo said...

Firegirl... well said. Agree.

The Wenchster said...

Champ didn't have a lameness that was easily cured with corrective footwork. Perhaps both you and OrangeElmo should go read the FHotD forum board as MANY people other than myself thought that Champ should have been PTS.

And OrangeElmo- you my dear are as clueless as they come. Had you read previous posts, you would have seen that I know Cathy didn't rescue Champ, or at least she says so.
Please read thoroughly before you make a comment on here. You just sound like morons when you don't.
I don't have an issue with people asking for donations. Had you read you would have seen that the issues I have are when Cathy bashes other rescues for asking for donations for lame, unsound horses that will never get better and should be PTS. Then turns around and condones donations for ANOTHER lame horse just because SHE approves of the rescue or the horse.

Read thoroughly please. Then maybe you won't sound like a moron.

lazytrainer said...

Champ should have been killed the moment they brought him home. Theres no harm in "rescueing" a horse just to give it a decent death. But the X-Rays should have clued in any equestrian with an ounce of common sense that the horse would never be comfortable. Hell, I read the x-ray report and thought "There goes Champ". Why or how they found a bit of hope in a horse that was THAT chronically ill, I have no clue.

I'm not sure what it is with Cathy's obsession with "Class A" barns and "million dollar facilities". I've worked at a few and found them terrible. The more homely "C rated" barns that she looks down upon usually have a better sense of reality.

Roxmysox said...

And how many fixable, useful horses slipped through the net while those lucky people who actually have extra cash in these times were fixated on the one high profile rescue ?
Such a terrible shame.
Sad shame for Champ but a sadder shame for the others who never got a chance.

fatlip241 said...

I cannot believe after this amount of time he finally gets PTS.....How much money and resources was spent on this hopeless case, how many other sound horses could have been helped in his place....and wenchster....I agree it is about how cathy bashes someone else for doing exactly what she ends up doing herself....the whole ordeal is just really sad......

CinammonSwirl said...

Boy, if only I could hunt down that thread where it was nearly unanimous about Champ being PTS.

The horse was in severe pain. I'm no radiograph expert, so I won't say anything on them, but her description of the animal and what all he needed just was enough for me to determine the horse would be happier if he were passed on.

He needlessly suffered for a month or so, and a much healthier horse could have been rescued. Her determination was that he was just a sweet horse, but so are a lot of horses who are perfectly sound and adoptable.

trainingemmy said...

Everything about the RIP Champ post made me cringe. Cathy so obviously is trying justify her decision to not put that horse to sleep right away by emphasizing how much he enjoyed his final month and how well taken care of he was. And that's nice, but what a waste of valuable resources, and clearly she knows it too. Ugh.

Why, why, why? Seriously, in this economy and with all the beautiful trainable, rideable horses out there, why would Cathy not tell the rescuer to put the horse down immediately? And what will happen to the donations that were given to care for Champ?

Sigh. More unanswered questions.

trainingemmy said...

OK, and now Cathy really has my blood up. She's ragging on reporters for reporting on a story about carriage horses in Chicago. A reporter's JOB is to report what other people say, and while we need to provide context and other information, it's not our job to counter the complaints someone expresses while we're reporting a story. Whether we agree with those complaints or not is a moot point.

It's so obvious that Miss Free Speech Foreva knows almost nothing about the craft and discipline of reporting, but of course, she has an opinion on it. Heck, what doesn't she have an opinion on, come to think of it? Who cares if said opinion has any basis in fact or makes any sense, let's just spout it out and rile up the followers. Of course, since she has essentially made herself a citizen reporter with her all-knowing blog, she ought to be more careful about how she writes about her kissing cousins in the media. Someday those very words may come back to haunt her.

CinammonSwirl said...


Does anyone remember about that woman who took that man's horses and put one into auction?

Wasn't that a he said/she said dilemma? Wasn't that reporting on what other people said?

Cathy's hypocrisy strikes again!

Thanks for pointing that one out, Gemmy. It only proves she's really not as much a smart little shit she thinks she is.

Anonymous said...

Call me a cynic but has anyone thought that perhaps he was put to sleep quite a while ago? We need to check that line out. Here is a hypothetical situation.... She may have been just using him to get donations. If that is the case she may have put him down weeks ago and but not informed the public so she could keep getting donations. If she was still getting donations would she tell the public he had been put down?

CinammonSwirl said...

You are cynical! Even moreso than me! Though I doubt it, it is plausible and there is no proof against it. Your theory is open until proven otherwise. I don't put her above doing anything at this point.

sarcastabitch said...

It's pretty presumptuous to dictate what should or should not have happened to this horse without examining him.

Just like most of Fugly's posts are presumptuous, so too aer her critic's.

Putting a horse down is usually a very difficult decision.

Dontyouridenofuglyhorse said...

Champ was put down Friday the 6th. I was there with him.

lazytrainer said...

I think putting an animal down is very "black and white". I've put down animals and saved animals, and its always been black and white for me as long as I have a proper diagnosis on the problem. The only part that puts a gray shade into the black and white is the emotion that rules over people. I get very angry at people who allow an animal to suffer because they just CAN'T put the suffering animal to sleep because it'll make them CRY!


paul_linn_is_a_jerk said...

No matter what, the poor horse had a tough life. I hope he is in peace now.

trainingemmy said...

Sarcasta: It's a difficult decision, yes, when you've had a long and loving relationship with an animal. That's a heartbreaker, but to me, it's not difficult to put an animal to sleep when you know you're rescuing them from a bad situation and you know their prognosis is difficult or incurable.

Champ's prognosis was grim right from the start, and with the number of healthy, sound and sane horses out there who really desperately need a second chance, it seems a shame to throw good money after bad. It would have been better, in my opinion, to end his suffering in a kind and humane way and to spend that money on a horse (or horses) who has an excellent future in front of it.

LoveMyHorses said...

Regardless of whether or not anyone believes Champ should have been euthanized immediately or they think he deserved a chance at recovery, the main issue here is Cathy's constant hypocrisy. She doesn't just bitch a little about people doing exactly what she herself does, she posts pictures, names and links to sites for her followers to contact and harass those people. I don't care how much she says "don't contact them". If she didn't want everyone to join her witch hunts, she wouldn't post information or pictures of those people. I've seen horses on her site that may be a little lean, but not on deaths door and she's got everyone all fired up and ready to lynch the owners. It's ridiculous.

roanhorse said...

Wow...after reading through this I love the armchair quarter backs, Ready with a gun to shoot any one who dares speak out against the Cockaroach's motives. Not only that but we're "clueless" to boot.

Thank you, nitwit, (Orange elmo) the same to you. I'm convinced oxygen is a waste on you.

Venom said...

Wench said, "For those who believe I have a hard core hate for Cathy and her blog. I don't."


You have issues. Seriously....

Gracie said...

It's funny that this blog is getting the same "grab the tourch and pitchfork" type following that the Fugly blog has. Everyone is deemed clueless and a waste of oxygen if they don't agree with the blogger.
Who are any of you to decide whether or not Champ should've been PTS? Was he your horse? Was it your money? You can have whatever opinion you want, but unless you had some actual connection to the situation, it doesn't matter!
Cathy blogs about rescuers begging for donations to save horses that won't be without pain. She never came straight out and said, "omg donate or he's gonna dieeee," like other rescues do. Yes, she gave the link and said that people could, but if she hadn't, half of the comments and her email inbox would've been full with people asking how they could help Champ.
No one knew just how bad Champ was when he was picked up. They gave him a chance and realized that he wasn't going to come around. I don't think that a month is an unreasonable amount of time to use to make that decision.

fatlip241 said...

Gracie......I am so sorry but I have to totally disagree with that statement....If times were good and horses were not it critical situations...I would say fine give "chance" his month...but not with today's market, borrowed resources and the fact that his spot took away a sane, sound horses chance at survival....its simply like throwing tons of money out the car window in front of starving people on the street...selfish, wasteful pathetic and simply sad...I constitute is as prolonging this horses suffering...

Anonymous said...


From day one this site has been about calling Cathy out on her hypocrisy. Period. That has not changed one iota. Do we hate Cathy? I hate what she stands for. I hate the fact that she is selling that hypocrisy to get advertisement money. I hate that the lies and one sided information she gives. Do I hate her as a person? Well I don't know her well enough for that nor do I want to get to know someone that stands for everything I have fought against my entire life. I am sure Wenchester and the others of this blog feel the same.

Anonymous said...


I agree! In today's market there is no reason to even consider trying to save a bad horse when you can use the money to save several good ones. Which is a policy Cathy has always claimed she adhered to. I also understand that she did not start out being attached to this horse.

I still think she used this whole fiasco to get donations. And I am sure she got more money than it cost to keep Champ the month he was kept.

Roxmysox said...

Ouch - I hope she had more sense than to sideline some of the donations - it seems as though she should have enough coming in from her ads and stuff without scamming people as well. That would be one hell of a scandal and a damn shame that what started out as a good site went so far bad.
I really hope that is not what happened.

sarcastabitch said...

If you all read the blog, you know that donated money can either be returned or donated to another rescue of the donator's choice. It has always been thus with FHOTD donations. In this case, they may have gone to Wild Rose Pony's rescue, which I can assure you is a fantastic rescue. The criticism of this particular horse's rescue is being misplaced. You're actually all venomously attacking Wildrosepony, who is a fantastic equine rescuer and doesn't deserve your ire. This horse was her choice, her vets reviewed the x-rays...her ultimate decision.

Cathy is not getting rich off FHOTD donations. Trust me on that. If you want to keep money out of her pockets, don't visit the site and give her advertising money.

There's a lot to criticise about FHOTD. Don't make things up.

Roxmysox said...

Sarcasta -
I never did and I can't tell you how pleased I am to hear that isn't what happened.
I do read the blog ( off and on) but I normally skip the stuff about donations and such - not because I'm mean but because I already have enough committments on my hands and my own motley tescues etc HAVE to come first.
I don't think anyone was faulting Wildrosepony for taking the horse on - it was her decision, just the fact that Cathy was touting for donations when she usually shreds other people for doing the same thing.

Smile - it doesn't hurt.

Roxmysox said...

Actually I was expressing my concern that others here were insinuating that that may have happened.
Hardly a hostile action......

CinammonSwirl said...

I still think her 'you can get your donations back or...' is sort of scam-ish. I mean, think about it. How many people who send away money will go, "No, send it back." What if they never choose a rescue? Then she ends up getting a pretty fancy deal. Truly, begging for donation has perks for her. How many people really would check to see if she actually transferred the money to the rescue they chose?

I personally wouldn't trust her with my money, and neither should anyone else.

Anonymous said...


It was a thought, nothing more. However, te type of thinking that the money can be returned is a trap. You see for the money to be returned or donated somewhere else you have to show exactly how much you donated and request the money be returned or donated elsewhere. Then to do anything about it, you have to show that YOUR money was not donated. Then there is all the money that people do not request back, or donated elsewhere.

In other words if I was a rescue and received $5000 in donation. And the total wanted back is $500 by everyone. Well IF they paid with a money order or check then they get theirs back. If they paid cash they can not show what they paid without a receipt. Now of the rest 15 people want the rescue to donate their money elsewhere. The total money there is $1500 but you are the largest single donator with $250. All the first rescue has to do is donate $300 - $500 to another rescue and no one can prove that all the money was not donated.

Sorry but I have seen this too many times.

trainingemmy said...

Well said, Anonymous. In addition, imagine being that person who asks for your money back instead of asking for it to be put toward another rescue. The social pressure around the entire Fugly Horse blog is intense as it is. Add money, and you have a tough situation.

I would add that although Cathy may be an honest person or a person worthy of our trust (I cannot say since I do not know her personally and cannot vouch for the trust Sarcasta places in Cathy), the truth is, she is under zero obligation to handle those donations in any particular way since she does not have nonprofit status.

In other words, the donations given to her are really just personal gifts. How she uses said gifts is her choice. Should she choose to place the money with another rescue or should she choose to use the money to finance her upcoming show season, the people giving gifts have no say in how their cash will be used. I would like to believe that the money is being used properly, but without a public accounting of the money collected and its use, we cannot know definitively whether the gifters are being scammed.

I keep suggesting the real issue here is the money. How does Cathy finance her informal horse rescue? How does she maintain all of her horses and pay her rent? When she does collect donations for different projects, where does that money go and how is it used?

When she posted that people visiting her blog were paying for her upcoming show season, I personally became even more suspicious about her goals and her honesty. I can only base my opinion on what she says and does publicly. And I have learned that what people don't say can be more telling than what they do say.

sarcastabitch said...

I'm not sure why you all are surprised that Cathy enjoys making money off her blog. Most people like making money. She cares about animal welfare, AND she cares about money. Someone involved in rescue for as long as she has been...she actually understands that love doesn't save horses. Money does. Money does not equal evil...usually money equals realistic.

As for donations...I think it is the height of stupidity to send a donation to a non-recognized charity over the internet. The HEIGHT of stupidity. I do believe that most people probably request that their donations go to another rescue. To know for sure, you'd have to actually donate, have the horse die, and request your amount back. Using PayPal, you DO have a receipt, for all transactions. Also, recognize that usually when donations are solicited on FHOTD, they are for a recognized rescue, like SAFE or Cowgirl Spirit. Not generally for personal accounts.

Anonymous said...

I feel like a lot of the "pro FHOTDers" are missing what this blog is about.
Maybe it's because I am not part of that group, but not once have I thought that this was a personal attack on Cathy.
It's true to form for the followers of FHOTD to read way too far into one minor point and milk it dry in an attempt to defend themselves.
As far as the the followers of this blog having the same "attack mentality" as the FHOTD followers.... yeah, right. Anyone could see that is not the case regardless of what you may wish to believe.
So far I have seen questions actually answered, and even admitted wrongness... it would be a cold day in hell when a FHOTDer admitted they were wrong!
Of course there are the select few that may spew insults but there is still no comparison.
Anyone who matters can see the real motive of this blog. There's clearly no agenda here. The truth is being spoken and that's the bottom line!

Anonymous said...


No one said money was evil. But it is dishonest to ask for and take money as a hand out and use it for anything other than what it was intended for.

I still feel that one of the reasons that Champ was kept for a month (if he even was kept for a month) was so that Cathy could ask for donations. I find it unlikely that she spent anywhere near the money she got from donations.

If Cathy is asking for donations on one hand but saying that donations should not be given to rescues on the other then she IS being a hypocrite. There really is no other way to look at it.

I hold others to the same standards they hold everyone else too. If they bitch, moan and complain about something then they sure as H should not do the same thing themselves.

sarcastabitch said...

I still feel that one of the reasons that Champ was kept for a month (if he even was kept for a month) was so that Cathy could ask for donations.

You can think that all you like, but it is based on nothing. It is also untrue.

If Cathy is asking for donations on one hand

Think before you type. She doesn't ask for donations. She just tells people where they can send money if they want to help. There is a big difference, whether or not you choose to see it. The comments used to get flooded with requests for "where to send money". So she tells people. Big deal.

saying that donations should not be given to rescues
Where has is EVER said anything like that on the blog? You seem to have missed the theme and point, that publicly funded rescues (like the SPCA) should make better choices and refrain from spending public funds on hopeless cases. Champ's case was completely privately funded. Sorry, but privately funded rescues can pretty well do what they like. No one misled or forced those people into donating.

sarcastabitch said...

It's true to form for the followers of FHOTD to read way too far into one minor point and milk it dry in an attempt to defend themselves.

I'm sorry, what? What other points were made here? Why would I have to defend myself?

sarcastabitch said...

Maybe it's because I am not part of that group, but not once have I thought that this was a personal attack on Cathy.

Did you not read the mission statement of this blog? About how this is about criticizing a woman's poor breeding, etc?

I don't object to public critique at all. You all just need to stop making weird, illogical arguments. This has the potential for good blog-punditry.

Roxmysox said...

"She doesn't ask for donations. She just tells people where they can send money if they want to help. There is a big difference, whether or not you choose to see it. The comments used to get flooded with requests for "where to send money". So she tells people. Big deal."
Lol - she doesn't NEED to actually come out and ask does she ? Read it again - it's an implied request.
That argument just fell on it's face.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes... here we see the not-so-rare "Ireallywantcathytothinkiamsmartandbemyfriendasaurus" in their natural habitat... defending Cathy to the death.

AGAIN one of you point out that the blog has something about attacking her "poor breeding".
That is so obviously just a play on what the header is on FHOTD. You'd think since you live on that website you would have read it... although I suppose you have to have some form of reading comprehension to see the humour in it. Although if you did, you wouldn't be here trying to dig up a half-assed argument out of the latest entry.
Cathy is a hyprocrit and a liar and she has PROVEN it time and time again.

sarcastabitch said...

Ah, yes... here we see the not-so-rare "Ireallywantcathytothinkiamsmartandbemyfriendasaurus" in their natural habitat... defending Cathy to the death.

I can assure you, I will not be defending many of her actions, practices or writing. Definitely not to the death!

If someone asked me what this blog and its commenters were about though...I'd have to say that you're more of the same FHOTD crew. You just happen to spit at the blogger instead of irresponsible owners.

You're welcome to it, don't pretend you're anything else though ;)

DK said...

Just found this blog. Love this blog. I used to be a fugly reader until she just got so damn nasty, and her cult like followers (Save for a few, there's a couple there that I still respect, running around on a power trip.

And I want to know what's up with these sponsored ads she now has clogging the blog up? It really looks tacky and I really thought it was cute that she promoted one rescue above MANY others on the care2 contest. She stated that, if I remember correctly, there were only ten worthy horse rescues in the whole thing. I may be wrong with that. However, I know that one excellent horse rescue that could have used the winnings got knocked out of the running because she sponsored. Wonder how much that rescue had to pay to be promoted on her blog?

My two cents. Champ should have been put down as soon as possible. Fugly was asking for help and donations, even though he was at a "million dollar barn".

Anonymous said...

Sarcasta says...

She doesn't ask for donations. She just tells people where they can send money if they want to help.

Funny how that includes herself. If she is saying people can donate to her and she knows that some of her listeners will then she is in effect asking for donations. It is a bald face lie to say she is not.

Again their is no difference in my book between asking flat out and asking through hints and implications.

Grow up! Most of us as adults grow out of hero worship as we realize that people really do not belong on pedestals. This is a lesson you sorely need to learn.

You say that Cathy did not keep Champ to get donations. Yet she makes no account of how much money was donated or where those donations will go. I may be a cynic but I feel may indeed have been tempted by the money.

trainingemmy said...

Sarcasta: Just a quick question...If Cathy's detractors are usually drowned out on her blog because dissent is intolerable to the people who follow her writing, then where will those questions and dissent be voiced? Cathy herself suggested that if one does not like the comments someone is leaving, one should just click on the offender's name and the comment will disappear.

In other words, she all but said 'dissent will not be tolerated here.' (This, while she pretends to advocate free speech--or at least her version of free speech.) So, how can those of us with questions voice our concerns?

I, for one, believe Wenchster has created a much-needed place for public dissent against Cathy and her ideas. The tone remains, for the most part, quite reasonable here, and dissenters are welcomed as long as they are civil. Wenchster sets the tone by refusing to use profanity and by admitting when she is wrong. That goes a long way toward building a civil online community. Do I agree with everything she writes? Nope, but I do agree with most of it. And I deeply respect her method of communicating her ideas, whether I agree with them or not. I cannot say the same about Cathy.

sarcastabitch said...

Wenchster sets the tone by refusing to use profanity and by admitting when she is wrong.

lol, she does not admit when she's wrong. She had VLC's breeder actually commenting here, and instead of posting a retraction or correcting her entries when she found out that his dam DOESN'T have lameness issues and ISN'T a "land shark"...she just sort of let it slide. Made a new post to move those to the bottom.

I think some of you followers need to open your eyes a bit. Also, "public dissent" runs rampant against the FHOTD blog. It is often talked about on multiple horse forums (ABN, ABH, AWH, COTH, HGS, TLB, TMP, to name a few) even the Free Speech Horse Forum (if you can stand it) regularly speaks out against it.

Like I said, there is a lot to criticize, I'm really amazed at what your fearless leader chooses to pick up on.

The Wenchster said...

Actually Sarcasta-
I did say that I stand behind what I said on the topic of VLC's dam as I have not only talked to one of Sindy Sabres trainers that worked with her in spring '97 but also the breeder of VLC dam.
I will stand behind exactly what I have to say about Sindy on her lameness issues and her volatile behavior. Please don't put words(or take them out) of my mouth as I covered that in that exact comment section when Sindy's current owner said otherwise. Because honestly, what owner is going to fess up to having an intolerable and lame mare that she continues breed because that's all she's good for? If you also read the rest of the comments you would have seen that Sindy Sabre and VLC's breeder contradicted herself in A LOT of her statements that were pointed out by MANY of the readers here.
Please read thoroughly before accusing me of not doing something that I DID do. I also apologized to the woman for her feeling that she was being attacked by my blog and I said that I HOPED Sindy isn't as mean natured as I've been told, but that I doubt it.
PLEASE- read thoroughly before making ignorant comments on here. I

sarcastabitch said...

Please read thoroughly before accusing me of not doing something that I DID do. I also apologized to the woman for her feeling that she was being attacked by my blog and I said that I HOPED Sindy isn't as mean natured as I've been told, but that I doubt it.

She was being attacked, and you don't have a clue what that horse is actually like. You're spreading rumours, admitting that any information you have is secondhand. You were corrected by someone with FIRST HAND knowledge, and only offered a backhanded response, to the effect of "well, that's not what I've been told. I HOPE it's true."

You need to re-assess your methods chickie. In your quest to "call out the fugly woman" you are really just hurting a lot of others. Whether you intend to or not, that's what you're doing.

JNH214 said...

I don't know about anyone else, but if I were looking at purchasing a horse and was told by said horses trainer that the horse had issues I would believe them before I believed the seller of the horse.
Not the same situation, I know, but the way information (truthful or not) will be given is.
Why would the mares owner who is trying to SELL said mare, come out and say "Yep! she's a mean, sore old P.O.S".
I am neutral on the issue(the VLC having had stifle issues already without even being under stress is enough for me) but that's just how I looked at it.

sarcastabitch said...

but if I were looking at purchasing a horse and was told by said horses trainer that the horse had issues I would believe them before I believed the seller of the horse.

It goes deeper than that. Does the trainer have another horse to sell you? Are they making a commission? Are they an adequate trainer? Do they have a personal beef with the new owner?

Look at it this way. You can blindly believe the word of someone who is on a crusade to destroy someone, or the word of the horse's current owner. Neither is objective. I suppose I have the bias of knowing the owner a little...and she conducts herself generally professionally and honestly. This blog owner, not so much. Maybe you know HER though, hence why you'd be more inclined to trust her. *shrugs*

The Wenchster said...

Did you not read where I said I got the information about Sindy sabre from her original breeder and one of her trainers? I wouldn't consider it secondhand information.
No, the trainer didn't have a horse to sell me. I got the trainers information from Sindys breeder, who also said this wasn't the only trainer Sindy had been sent to. I have nothing to gain out of lying about VLC dam, nor does the breeder or trainer that worked with her back in the late '90s. Her lameness and behavior was the reason she was sold.
Please, your rambling is quite irritating. VLC breeder was on here trying to cover up her actions and in fact made more contradicting statements of herself. When she was called out on her statements, she's did not answer.

sarcastabitch said...

Did you not read where I said I got the information about Sindy sabre from her original breeder and one of her trainers?

I read it, and maybe I wasn't clear. I don't know you, and I am guessing most of your followers don't. Hence, information is secondhand. You claim it came from somewhere are are relating it. I "know" the breeder (as much as message boards allow) and knew that it was her commenting, hence I and the followers can consider HER words firsthand information.

Just in case it isn't clear, I don't disagree with everything you've said. Just some key points so far. :)

Anonymous said...

Sarcasta are you ever going to get it through your thick dumb head that people do NOT like you??? Wenchster and people on this blog don't like you, people on FhOTD do not like you... Are you sadistic? You keep going to blogs where people really REALLY just can NOT stand you, spouting your BS and you get RIPPED EVERY time!!! You really are a glutton for punishment! You are the definition of insanity! You keep doing the SAME Stuff over and over again on different people's blogs and expect a different result EVERY time!!! There is NO other result tha YOU of all people will EVER receive!

Anonymous said...

Oi. This is fugly WENCH of the day, not fugly Sarcasta of the day. You'll just have to wither and dry up, little troll. I think people should stop feeding you, you're getting too many jollies from it.

Anonymous said...

Really? For the most part Sarcasta has been making for good, mature conversation. She isn't obligated to agree with everything posted here. Just like we aren't obligated to agree with everything anywhere else.
Let's not become the FHOTD attack-clan.

Anonymous said...

Wench, I like the points of your blogs. You point out the other complaining blogs, and give people a chance to think, -you know what, they're not God!-.
The one thing all those blogs have in common is SNARK. Curt sarcasm.

I've read a few comments, and when someone disagrees, your response is usually snarky and patronizing. Whilst I agree with your points, you should try to put them in a more soothing, informative way. You have a good point and message, just try not to let snark cloud your points and get other people angry. ;)

The Wenchster said...

I will take your advice to heart. Welcome to Wench and I look forward to your input.

Dontyouridenofuglyhorse said...

Well once again I am being maligned here as being contradictory. I thought I was very clear but I guess not. And once again Sindy Sabre is being called rank and lame. Sindy Sabre is no more difficult than any other horse. I have personally spoken to her breeder's through email and she never once mentioned that they had any trouble with the mare, OR that they had broken her to ride, and she indicated that they had held her back as a broodmare for their own uses because her dam was their favorite mare and she was getting old, but their father or grandfather or someone who actually owned their ranch got sick and they sold off their brood stock and the ranch I believe. Again, I spoke to her 3 years ago so my memory is not crystal clear, and I had not idea I would be tested on the contents.
I CAN tell you from personal experience with the mare that she is no more difficult than any other horse and quite frankly is only middle of the pack as far as herd dynamics go. She is respectful to handle and has never given me a minutes trouble other than she does not care for being caught sometimes if she thinks she is to be de-wormed or the farrier is around. But a bucket of grain always does the trick. I am sure you can say that about a lot of horses, especially old broodmares. She is friendly and enjoys attention. She has NEVER EVER been snarly, aggressive or even cranky. She does not even put her ears back towards people. I have no idea what she was like before 2004 when I purchased her but for me she is not a problem to handle, and never has been or I would have hauled her straight to the nearest auction and never looked back. I have done that more than a few times with some mares I purchased that were difficult to handle or aggressive. Life is too short, and there are way too many horses to choose from, to have to live with one that is miserable to handle. I did not pay that much for her, so hauling her back to a sale would be a problem.
So my point is if she WAS difficult to live with she would not be here. PERIOD. If her foals were hard to live with she would not be here PERIOD.
She has also NEVER been lame since I have had her, not so much as an abscess in a hoof.
I did put her up for sale last year as I was trying to get out of the breeding business entirely. I was not able to sell as many as I wanted to, and Sindy Sabre was not one that I ended up selling. Nor is she being currently marketed. The ad you saw was from LAST YEAR when EVERY horse on the property was for sale. Another note, $4500.00 is hardly a fire sale price on the mare! I would be happy to give you any proof you require as to my veracity.

Anonymous said...

No one is attacking you. I believe all that wenchster stated was that she stands behind what she's said and has already covered that. Sarcasta was trying to say that she just pushed it off and ignored your comments, WHICH SHE DIDN'T.
everyone here however did state that you said you weren't friends with cathy and that you didn't care for her, but then turn around and you're doing all these favors for her and perhaps cathy didn't get your 'i don't like you' newsletter...but Cathy plays off like your and her are the greatest of friends.
I know wenchster personally and know her not to be a lying or vindictive person. She's very honest and will give great advice if asked.
I honestly hope that cindy sabre is as nice as you say. sometimes horse's do change. maybe it was the stress of training that caused her to act the way she did and we never know how she was treated before your purchase. and maybe breeding her settled her down. I have a mare that settled down a bit once she was bred. But in wenchsters defense...I know breeders that lie everytime about their horses. they'll tell you anything and would probably sell a bucket of shit just by trying to convince you it's a bucket of gold. I was once told that the horse I got was trained and shown in halter and that he had such the greatest personality. Not only did his breeder say this, but his 3 previous owners did too. Come to find out, after the ace wore off he was the rankest horse in the world. we had to put him down after he went full charge in his pasture and hit a tree. a week after that I was on the internet talking to some people and come across a woman that was bad mouthing my now dead horse. she was the owner that had him before me and was commenting how he couldn't even be brushed.
DRNFH. I think your stock is very pretty. would I pay those prices, probably not. I hope that cindy isn't a bad apple anymore. but as I've said, I've known wench for a while now and she's a very honest, reliable horse person. She's helped me with several purchases and given me great medical advice. She is one of my go to persons when I want to know if a horse is worth the buy.