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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oy Vey!

Sure am glad Cathy is mentioning places to get help for funding castrations in todays post. I'm guessing she won't be taking her own advice even after she says this-

"remember, the way to stop equine slaughter is at the root of the problem "

But on a lighter note thought I would post a funny site full of horse advice and humor.


Anonymous said...

I thought of you as soon as she posted that!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea how pathetic your'e coming across as? If you don't like the blog then don't read it, its as simple as that.
Now I'm going and not coming back and giving this blog any more hits.


Anonymous said...

Have a nice day! What I think is even more pathetic is how people come on here to tell us how we're all pathetic and if we don't like a blog we shouldn't read it.
How hypocritical is that? Ellie if you don't like this blog then you shouldn't have come to it and read it. Besides, Wench doesn't have any issue getting hits unlike your friends blog Shame in the Show ring. LOL!!!!! That blog wouldn't have even cracked top 20 on horse traffic if Wench didn't post the site on here. Good ridance!

CinammonSwirl said...

I know, I already gave her a piece of my mind,and I've blocked her ads entirely when I do visit. Needless to say, the mature crowd there can't stand that I'm right and keep calling me 'Cinatwit.' Can they not spell my name right? Is it that hard? Or are they just immature? Wait, no, just immature. You want to watch the equivalent of two five year olds screaming and trying to rip each others hair out while saying, 'You're a doodyhead!' go to FBotD.

Frankly, I never call them names spun off theirs, and it only shows how big of people they really are in life.

Her not-so-special stallion is a great example of a no name backyard horse that needs to be gelded. Shown or not, it doesn't earn him ball rights. How many already successful buckskin horses do we have already available? How many have the gene to make successful and well bred buckskins? Exactly. We don't need hers, and clearly she doesn't even have the funds to support his advertising, etc. for his entire breeding career. After all, once he's done with his 'show' career, it's all he will be doing. Course, with a stifle injury already done on him when he wasn't even being ridden heavily (hell, he did it in one of her perfect pastures) when he did it.

I can name a colt on the ground that would have not resulted from a horse being gelded, and it's name is Bullwinkle.

havinfun said...

Love your blog. Not that I totally disagree with Cathy, but you make a GREAT case. They're way too many 'don't have horses, but have a big opinion' gals there. I think you really need to live it before you are qualified to have an opinion.

Keep on posting please Wench!!

Bexs said...

Cinnamonswirl I finally went back onto FHOTD after seeing your comment. I know how you feel. I was jumped several times for stating my opinion on there. If you have an opinion other than the one they all share then it suddenly means that you support animal abuse and neglect. CharlesCityCat use to be a big supporter of FHOTD and was one of the ones that was quickest to attack me. I believe that most of them are just to afraid to state their opinion in there because they've seen the backlash. Like the SFTS person in there, she sings a totally different tune on the Free Speech board about how she feels about Cathy and FHOTD. I did defend you on there but I accidently called you cinnaswirl in the comments, sorry. I'm sure the peanut gallery will have more to say here soon.
I read Fugly Wench regularly and maybe I am biased because I know the writer ;) but I think a lot more people will abandon the FHOTD blog if Cathy keeps acting as superior as she has been.
Alright, I'm off to finish working on my blog. Hold your ground and soon people will see that you can take a stand against horse abuse in a more tactful manner.


CinammonSwirl said...


Cinnaswirl is a helluva lot closer than what they get to. At least you made an actual attempt.

I went and looked up Hollywood Dun It (I know he's deceased, but I did it to check up on the breeders) and lo and behold, they have two palominos that are stallions and are doing very well. Guess what? One very good breeding to the correct color will produce a buckskin. Only difference it, it will be a son/daughter of a proven performer (and not some far removed crop out) and chances are will do very well in what it is bred for.

There is one of their stallions, and look, it's a direct line to the famous Hollywood dun it. Limited amount of foals doing very well, too.

The sire has been dead 3 years, yet he still has excellent offspring on the ground who are performing well in his wake, and are quality stallions. It just proves that a stallion's direct production lingers for a very very long time, and chances are is not going to be replaced. If anything, they are the passed on stallion's replacement, once again proving that there is no need for some random no name stallion.

What I don't get is how Cathy thinks her horse is going to be successful. You can't ride on an uncle's coat tails. The mare was never shown, and even fishier is that she was sold from the breeding program that she was born into. I'm suspicious she is a crop out from their stock that they didn't think could quite cut it. He's from a stallion who isn't even broke (or proven) and yet she thinks he has the potential to win big.

CinammonSwirl said...

I'd also like to add...

I'm not in the horse industry. I own two horses (geldings.) I'm no trainer, no breeder, and I just ride now and again. It doesn't make my statements any less credible, does it?

Somehow, Cathy (who has never bred anything of her own in her life) can criticize and give information about breeding, etc.

But, you know, I'll be deemed a poor source of information over there because I don't know anything...

Though I think I know enough to see that there is no place in the world for stallions who may or may not be successful. If there is a doubt, it doesn't need to be a stallion.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Welfare for horse breeders!! Great!

Sorry, I guess I just believe that if you cannot afford to casterate your colt, you shouldn't be breeding babies. Period!!

In a way, doesn't creating these "welfare" programs just encourage the so called BYB breeders? That is what they say about people on welfare.

Anonymous said...

Now, if I'm doing my math right, as I just clicked on the top banner saying to advertise on her blog, it costs 250 a month for one of those banner ads. I don't know if the horse reunions one counts or not, but since I can't see fugs doing anything out of the goodness of her own heart, maybe that site has to pay too. If I'm wrong, my apologies. So, counting all four, that's 1000 bucks a month just for those being up. Not to mention how much she gets per click to people just going to her blog.

And she calls us asshats.

It was so good to see CharlesCityCat leave that place. I like the hell out of her. I hope CutnJump leaves, too. That woman is pretty cool. I'd hate to see them her sheep for much longer.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Cinnamonswirl...what I find particularly hilarious is that Cathy wants to *prove* her buckskin stallion but in reality he has already proved what he is capable of producing as a stallion...ummmm....another VLC, complete with crooked legs.

I don't know what the filly's legs look like-funny, she never posts pictures of her???

Irregardless of whether those were accidental breedings or not, whether Cathy had anything to do with it at all, ONE LOOK at Bullwinkle's front legs is a good enough reason NOT to take the chance of breeding any more like that.

Being a successful show horse or not...the proof of a stallion's worth is his get, and the VLC has proved he is NOT worthy of reproduction. He can keep his nuts if she really, really feels the need to keep a stallion, but I hope she does not breed him EVER AGAIN!!!

oldgraymare said...

Bexs said: Hold your ground and soon people will see that you can take a stand against horse abuse in a more tactful manner.

Amen, Bexs! My thoughts exactly.

Ellie: Follow your own advice! If YOU don't like THIS blog then don't read it. Oh and do you really think anyone here cares the least bit that you signed in just to say that? Who is the pathetic one?

Anonymous said...

My problem with the gelding bus is that it really doesn't help reduce the horse population. I get booed a lot when I say this but if you want to help then it is better to spay the mares. Use the vaginal operation which is simply a rod with a wire corkscrew on the end goes up through the vaginal opening and a quick twist pulls out the tiny ovary. Recovery time is about what gelding is. No more complications than gelding either.

The difference is that after someone sells the mare, she still can't breed. Geld a stud and the mare's owner just gets a different stud.

LoveMyHorses said...

It's pretty funny to read the comment section over there. Looks like quite a few are beginning to see the light, lol.

LoveMyHorses said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My problem with the gelding bus is that it really doesn't help reduce the horse population. I get booed a lot when I say this but if you want to help then it is better to spay the mares. Use the vaginal operation which is simply a rod with a wire corkscrew on the end goes up through the vaginal opening and a quick twist pulls out the tiny ovary. Recovery time is about what gelding is. No more complications than gelding either.

The difference is that after someone sells the mare, she still can't breed. Geld a stud and the mare's owner just gets a different stud.

The only problem with that is a mare can only produce one foal a year, a stallion can produce several. I think spaying is far more expense than gelding, I may be wrong, but that's what I've heard.

cuillin said...

Anonymous (one of many it seems)--spaying is not that simple, unfortunately... when it goes well, it's great, but it has the high potential to go extremely badly and is best left to surgeons or practitioners who are well trained in the procedure. I always thought it would be an easy thing, but it really isn't as easy as you would hope. FHOTD reader here, find there to be viewpoints on both blogs I agree and disagree with, and I have a really tough time when people start posting incorrect medical stuff (am holding my tongue now on the albino/appy cancer/blindness stuff). So just wanted to say, spaying=not the easy solution. I wish it were. Gelding is much safer, and I agree with the one foal per year versus many possible that someone else mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Cathy blasted her regulars and nobody showed up today except HP and BHM to blast her back. She's now down to 11 post including her own comments. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

Anonymous said...

My, my, my. I just read Cathy's comments about the "painfully stupid" on The Manure Pile. She just took a pitchfork and applied it to her own foot. Her regulars are clearly stunned and hurt by her comments. It was worth a visit to her blog just to see what the fuss was about, even though I hate supporting her. The skein unwinds!

CinammonSwirl said...

I called her out and linked directly on her blog. It's time for her to stop being so damn cowardly and stop hiding.

I still wish I could find her place of work and rat her out to her boss. I guarantee he would not like the borderline illegal shit she pulls, nor like the person she is outside the office.

Anonymous said...

I saw that, C-swirl! I'm proud of you for having the backbone to do that! *High five*

CinammonSwirl said...


I'm just so sick of so much that goes on. I'm sick of her thinking it is OK to bad mouth people. Even if the said woman (whom I don't know and don't know enough about) is an addict, you don't just go bad mouthing them. You just don't.

To call the people in your comments section stupid and the cause of so much confusion, etc. it is even worse. I never found it hard to keep up and read through the comments when I did go.

So what if people don't have horses? I always thought the blog was for people to learn. Well, it was...was was was! Maybe back in 06-07 (I'm too lazy to check the blog start date), but somewhere along the way it went downhill, and fast!

In fact, I read back in time when I first discovered the blog, and it was so much better back in the much better!

DK said...

There's people who can handle positions of power and authority, and there's people who can't. I know cathy is one of those who can't. When she first started her blog, it was informative and darnit, I learned things. I've seen the biggest change starting to take place since she started putting those stupid ads in. Gotta draw views, gotta get nasty so people can give her even more view.

The fhotd blog now is nothing more than Jerry Springer in text form. From "Who's the baby daddy" to tossing chairs out across the stage while the audience cheers "Jerry! Jerry!" Well, in this case, they cheer for fugly. Something she wants in conjecture with her? No. Not really. If that is the type of crowd she wishes to draw to herself, then she doesn't need to bash them on another forum.

And of course the forum was open for all to read. How many people would have know that was fugly under that other name? Maybe I missed where she announced it on her other blog? I had never seen or even heard of said forum until it was brought to my attention and I certainly didn't know which poster she was.

I also think it's cute how she's trying to draw attention away from herself now that she has a fire lit under her. She rarely posts on the weekends. Unless I haven't been paying much attention to the day of the week I'd go to her blog, and it was damn near every day.

Not anymore.

CinammonSwirl said...

Weekend posts were rare (so no hallucinations or wrong thinking there!)

There have been multiple occasions where she has been called out, and thus she put up a new post to try and detract from it. For stupid posters who put up idiotic and random things, we sure seem to be coherent enough for her to comprehend that she needs to make sure she isn't caught red handed!

I never knew that she posted somewhere else under ___ name, either. It was news to me, but it's a little hard to deny it's you when other people recognize you, and you have the picture of a future gelding in your user pic.

DK said...

"Future gelding" I like that. He needs to be a gelding. But I digress on that issue. For now.

She acts like she doesn't care that she was found out. However, it's easy to hide how you truly feel with a half-made snarky comment and a ":)" at the end. It's easy to deceive how you feel when it's hidden behind text.

What gets me are all the people still standing up for her. Don't they get that she can turn on them, too? That's not an if, it's a when. She's already stated that she likes horses far more than she likes people. Granted, I can say the same thing, but in a less "asshat" manner. I would rather be in the company of my horses than in the company of a lot of people. That's a more eloquent way of putting it. However, it's the People who are in her following that she should at least act like she likes, they're the ones spending their money to do just as she says: "Support this." or "Support that."

I believe I've gone on a ramble. But I just want to say to the first person to call out "Butt-hurt" to those who are now no longer putting fugs on her pedestal: Where are you gonna be when she turns her anti-social attitude against you?

bhm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Cathy has an ego the size of 747 if she thinks that people are reading her blogs for her commentary. People go there for the comment section. That's were the horse rescuers are and the information is. It just goes to show you how full of herself Cathy is. She needs to be told she just shot herself in the foot and to get over herself. Flame away!!!

Anonymous said...

Fugly is now threatening to shut down the comments on her blog, as in "Don't you kids make me stop this blog. If I have to stop this blog, there's going to be h*ll to pay! I will SHUT DOWN THE COMMENTS if I have to stop this blog. So help me God...I'll do it..."

She'll never do it, of course, because her precious revenue stream would dry up, but it's kind of funny to hear her threaten it. And that squares with Fugly's free speech advocacy in what way?

I do think the Wenchster has helped highlight some of Fugly's more dramatic inconsistencies and prejudices. Good work, Wench!

It also seems like Fugly has been reactive to Wenchster's comments--almost like this blogger has gotten under the skin of that blogger. Today, I've been wondering if FWoTD has hastened FHoTD's decline.

Anonymous said...

"I've been wondering if FWoTD has hastened FHoTD's decline."

Man, that would be great. Also, her sheep are starting to come out with "IT ARE INNERBUTTZ! NOT ARE SRS BSNS! NO LIKE NO WEAD! I R YELL LKE THIS 2 B MOAR IMPORTANT CUZ I SPEAK TRUTH! U SUCK I DON'T CUZ I SPEAK WURDS O WISDUM HURR DURR." Ugh. I hate it when people get preachy when someone advocates free speech that goes against how they think everyone should think. I also hate to see almightymashmellow starting to give in. She's one of the good ones and to see her caving in to stay there? Man, that's brutal.

Andalusians Of Grandeur said...

Cinammon I loled at "future gelding"! Most people's ego can't really allow for free speech in since it brings with it more honesty than most people can stomach. What amazing genes does this vlc` possess that would leave the horse world in shambles if he were gelded anyway? Thanks, gals for interesting and titilating conversation.

Andalusians Of Grandeur said...

Oops! Scratch that "in" and I might actually have expressed a coherent thought. Hershey's Special Dark, anyone? Speaking of chocolate, what really sealed my opinion about FHOTD was a comment she made on a long ago post about how some woman she knew had kids that liked FHOTD better because she was a size 2 and said mom was a 14. Having been both sizes in my life, I found this statement pathetic in it's obvious use as a way to make her feel superior.

Anonymous said...

a comment she made on a long ago post about how some woman she knew had kids that liked FHOTD better because she was a size 2 and said mom was a 14.

Fugly hates the fatties. It's more than obvious by her hateful attitude towards them. And honestly, there's nothing wrong with being a 14. Just give fugly a few more years and she'll widen out and then gravity will stop being her friend.

Anonymous said...

FHOTD said…
Yeah, I have been seriously thinking of closing the comments...I just have too much fear it's becoming a breeding ground for idiocy.

Of course then I'll get 300 e-mails a day instead...none of which I'll have time to read.

Some of the commenters are really good and offer extra information about whatever is being discussed, which is great. But some of them simply post stuff back and forth to each other. Sometimes it doesn't make any sense at all. Sometimes I think the person posting it must be in a drug-induced haze.

I have people on the comments who admit they don't even have horses...weird.

fuglyhorseoftheday said...
I don't care what's posted here and have said that many times. It would be super easy for me to switch on "comment moderation" if I did.

But yes, if you believe Dena has changed or is an appropriate person to be involved in animal rescue, then I think you are nuts. People who got evicted last year are NOT good candidates to take in additional horses. If you don't agree with that, yeah, I think you are missing some IQ points.

Just another of my opinions. I've said before that as much as I support free speech, I will NOT allow this blog to be used as a place for scammers and faux rescuers to solicit.

If I see that happening, it will be the end of the comments section, period. I simply will not be a party to that and I feel very strongly about that.

Anonymous said...

Ah, fat-bashing--one of the last acceptable slurs in America. I used to play on a soccer team whose goalie and captain was a larger African American woman. She was heavier for her height, but man, she was a powerhouse. She could outrun my skinny butt any day, and people did not want to tangle with her on the field.

Anyway, one day, she upset someone on another team. This woman came up and got in our goalie's face and called her a "fat b*tch." It was clear that what she really wanted to say was "black b*tch," but of course, that would have been un-PC and super unacceptable.

I honestly think our goalie could have handled a racial slur more easily than a slur about her appearance. And we were an all-woman league, too. That's what really got me. I remember sitting with our goalie and reminding her that she was one of the strongest and most beautiful women I have ever met. It broke my heart to see how upset she was.

Andalusians Of Grandeur said...

Thanks, Anon. Actually, it's been hard because my endocrine system has gone haywire. Gaining weight has been the least of my probs. However, I have horses who need me to be lighter so I will lose the weight for them and myself. However it astounds me that someone with her supposed high IQ can't seem to engage in discourse or discussion without resorting to high-school insults. As a sphelt teen, I was shocked at how many of my classmates persecuted others for their weight. I guess there's not much difference between age 16 and the middle years.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA! She made another post! This one about a stupid bit! Talk about avoiding the issues. And of course, here come the clueless sheep, baa'ing their little hearts out when one person called her out.

Go Fine! Don't let her avoid the issue!

Anonymous said...

AofG: This is completely off-topic, but the hard part about obesity is that people automatically assume it's about a lack of self-control or other issues on the part of the person carrying weight.

Sometimes that may be true, but there's also persuasive new research that suggests our national addiction to high fructose corn syrup, our genetically modified foods, and our over-reliance on hormones in meat and dairy products that have contributed to American obesity (and obesity globally, really).

It's not as simple as fat-bashers would have you think. I have a lot of contempt for multi-national corporations that have undermined our local food chains that historically provided fresh, healthier food.

In addition, we have raised several generations of sedentary citizens who are addicted to cheap, fattening food. Is that their fault? People like Fugly would say yes, but I say not really, particularly because most food companies cheerfully admit that they try to "brand" young consumers by the age of five. Thus McDonalds, Coca-Cola and other big brands want to win the hearts and minds of young consumers sooner rather than later. By age five, our choices tend to "harden." If you grew up eating lots of veggies and home-cooked meals, your preference will be for those. If you grew up eating fast food kid's meals, chances are your preference will be for that.

As for high-fructose corn syrup and sugar substitutes, apparently new research shows that if you consume these products, your body still craves sugar--meaning you are more likely to over-consume sugar when given the chance because your body ISN'T fooled by fake sugars. Fascinating stuff, no?

Anonymous said...

Fugly can't admit she's wrong. It wouldn't conform to her inflated opinion of herself.

Hilarious word verification: Slizerho. All I can think of is a very bad girl in the Slythern house in the Harry Potter series. (Terrible, I know!) :-)

Andalusians Of Grandeur said...

OMG, Anon!Amen! I am planning to get my masters in public health with a focus on early childhood nutrition. You hit the nail on the head. I hope to do my thesis on high puke-tose corn syrup.

Anonymous said...

Well, there goes my admiration for the mashmellow. She's just a swugly like the rest of them. *Sighs* And everyone else. fugs is really out there trying hard to get the asspats by diverting the attention rather than addressing it. Just makes her look worse in my opinion.

Andalusians Of Grandeur said...

Pay no attention to the man (or in this case woman) behind the curtain! I love the Wizard of Oz, but it seems that noone is listening to Dorothy and there are too many cowardly lions. @@

CCH said...

I'm a bit lost. Who is Dena and what about being evicted and on meth?? Link maybe, please??

I'm a FHOTD reader, and I don't plan to quit, but apparently I missed something recent.

I read many horsey blogs (what else would I do in ND during the winter?) I am capable of forming my own opinions. I do miss the photos of truly fugly horses with commentary.

And, finally, I have a stud horse, I am using him for breeding, and I don't feel bad about adding studly jr's to the horse population.

Andalusians Of Grandeur said...

Hi, cch. What part of Nd are you in? My whole family originates from Lamour county around Gackle and Jud. It's pretty desolate out there, but I love it.

Anonymous said...

If she's going to call out people on their weight, perhaps we can show the picture where she REALLY needs a nice lip wax ;)

Appearance bashing is my pet peeve. I'm not a size 5 in the junior section and still have issues when people are called fat. I've been there after I had my son and thought the weight would never go away. I went from weighing 115 to 190 because of pre-E during my pregnancy. It took me about a year and half to drop the weight.
What's strange about Fuglys blog is they always go straight for bashing appearance or say you've been featured on fugly instead of giving a civil fight.

CinammonSwirl said...

"'m a bit lost. Who is Dena and what about being evicted and on meth??"

Agreed, I missed on that one, too.

Either way, is there any reason for Cathy to be chattering about her and bashing her? Heck, bashing every one of her readers?

Anonymous said...

Hey look everybody! Fugly's jingling her keys to detract attention from herself! And the fuglites are falling for it!

Anonymous said...

Dena is a former addict who couldn't support her family and AC stepped in and placed them in foster care. This happened eight years ago. Since then Dena has recovered and has gained custody of the children. She has been sober for eight years and received drug testing once a week to confirm this.

Some of the Fugly followers who work in the Mental Health and Addiction Field, were keeping an eye on Dena's rescue to make sure that everything was going well. Dena never asked for money and no one every gave Dena money.

In walks Fugs and starts calling Dena every name in the book like crack-whore. The others said that this wasn't the situation at the time and that they are keeping tabs on Dean. Fugly swears at everyone calling them idiots etc. and stomps off. Next day fugs posts comments on another board and on her own board calling Dena a series of names and her membership a series of bad names. Fugs seems outraged that her members aren't following her bidding.

In summary, Fugly likes, on occasion, to bully the poor and fatties. She's just like the nasty child in highschool who's always has to pick on the disadvantaged or the fat kids in class. When her members called her on it she tried to find a way of diverting blame from herself. She did this, as any bully does, by diverting accountability for her actions on to her commenters.

So, it's not fugly's fault that she a bully it everyone else's fault for be too stupid not to do what fugly says.

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

WoW! I can't beleive that she was talking crap on a woman that HAD a drug problem. To me that is as low as someone can get. I wonder if it made herself feel better....?? Who does she thinks she is to talk crap on someone with a sickness??!! She needs help.

The Wenchster said...

My mum always told me growing up that people only pick on other peoples weakness when they find the same fault in themselves! So it would not surprise me if Cathy had deep self esteem issues or body image issues when she was younger.
As far as Dena having been addicted. The great thing about being human is that we make mistakes. Stuff happens and no one can judge Dena since we don't know her past, we do not know what caused her to be an addict. Okay, so she had her kids taken away from her. Obviously she's doing better or the courts wouldn't have placed her kids back with her. I think people have the ability to change and I will not knock someone down for trying their hardest to be a more productive and humane person. Cathy obviously has her own major demons and should not be making any comments on a person that is trying to change- and she most certainly should NOT be calling her readers 'painfully stupid' for hoping the best and being a support system for Dena.

Anonymous said...

Wenchester. I admire your calm and level headed nature, your words of wisdom and your kindness. Those qualities alone set you far apart, and in my humble opinion, far above fugly.

She is nasty and petty and manipulative and cruel and heartless with a big mouth and a flashy way of writing to get the attention she needs. At first, we all knew it was actually helping. Now? After that "revenge fail" post on the bottom of her new post? She's no better than the people she bashed in the past. She's a troll with a front row seat to her own blog.

Education does not always equal excellence nor experience wisdom. She's proved that.

Dk *Too lazy to sign in*

Anonymous said...

Actuallly cruillin spaying is that simple.

And as for the idea that stallions can produce more foals than mares so they should be the focus of eliminating them as breeders...
The idea is not scientifically valid. Stallions are not a limited resource therefore they can not be the focus of eliminating them as breeding stock. In other words the mare can only produce one foal a year. Eliminate her as a breeder and you eliminate one foal a year. Eliminate a stud and the mares owner simply finds another stud and still gives a foal.

Don't get me wrong. As the owner of a good quality stud (World reserve champion 2 year old model studs and geldings fox trotter. World reserve champion three year old studs and gelding model fox trotter) it would help my business to geld a whole bunch of studs. However as a biologist and instructor of biology I have to admit that the arguement is based on faulty logic.

Andalusians Of Grandeur said...

Hi, Anon. Can you tell me if you think my filly is a foxtrotter? She was abandoned, and I don't know much
about gaited breeds.
Here she is

bucky said...

I too am a little confused at why she feels that she is immune to the gelding bus.
Why can she tell others to cut their boys but she is free from having to do so?

I know that if I were going to go around preaching "do not breed, too many horses already, buy or adopt:don't breed, geld all, etc...
I sure as hell wouldn't be breeding my own! I sure as hell wouldn't be keeping a stud in my pasture that is not in show by the time he was 6 years old (and that is old)and I sure as hell wouldn't be thinking about breeding him if he was having leg issues.

I never preach about the breeding issue except if it's a person breeding a crap mare to a crap stallion thinking they will make money off this crap baby.
Why don't I preach it?

Because I am breeding my mare (linebred King mare) to a nice stud (Hollywood Dun It's grandson) next year with the intentions of keeping this foal.
To me, it's nobody's business except my own if I breed to keep for my own.
I don't want some foal from somebody's nasty tempered mare or lamed up stallion. I know what my mare is and I know what the stallion is. I also know pretty much what the colt will look like when grown. No surprise. I need a big horse.

About the drug issue:
My nephew is in drug rehab. He's a father of twins and is trying desperately to get on track. The state he lives in does not support drug rehab and it's paid out of pocket to the the tune of $450 a month. To trash someone trying to do the right thing is like approaching all ex smokers, ex alcoholics and treating them as if they are still abusing.
What about those that are on a diet? Should you still tell them "no matter what you do you are always going to be fat to me" ?
This is the same attitude the high school clique cheerleaders had. It's the same feel I used to get when I read FHoTD.
I do not go there anymore.

if you discuss what is posted over there can you go into more detail so I can understand the conversation a bit more? I don't read that crap over there anymore so it's hard for me to follow along here :)

Oh...and as for peeps calling YOU antisocial:
That is funny! Especially when you are just here to show others that they don't have to believe every letter typed by one person. You are showing them that there are MANY that do not believe in putting their eggs all in one basket.

cuillin said...

Anonymous, can I ask why you believe spaying is so simple. I am curious, since I'm going to be a vet in 3 months. Everyone has had different experiences but from all I've seen and learned, it's not nearly as simple as gelding (or spaying a cat or dog). So I'd like your viewpoint!

Anonymous said...


He looks like he could be but all the american gaited breeds are so closely related it is very hard to tell them apart. The old walkers were distinct but now are bred to be small and dainty like the fox trotters. And now there is the kentucky and rocky mountains but so many of those are double registered as both fox trotters and their other breed that it is not even funny.

what gait does he do? Of course so many fox trotter running walk and flat foot walk that even that is not a sure thing, but only the fox trotters tend to fox trot for extended periods. The fox trot will cause the front of the saddle to rock up and down while the back of the saddle remains stationary. This is why fox trotter saddles tend to be high in the front and low in the back to encourage a reclining chair type ride.

Andalusians Of Grandeur said...

She's not yet under saddle. Right now she trots in the roundpen, and I have seen her rack and pace in the pasture. Her canter is a bumbling frantic mess, but she is a bit downhill and still growing. Thanks very much.

The Wenchster said...

Cuillin- Tubal Ligations are not as rare as you think and since more DVMs are becoming more educated about the procedure it's risks of complications have fallen. Yes, it is easier to geld. But both procedures run about the same down time or healing time, and both have very little risk of septicemia if the after care is efficiant. The costs should only run $100 more than a colt castration.
I think what anonymous was trying to point out that even if a current owner chooses to not breed their mare, a neighbor could have a stallion that is not kept in proper fencing, or the current owner could fall on bad times and the mare end up in another persons hands that could end up breeding the mare. I've seen people purchase mares that had a Caslicks procedure and turn around and try breeding them without having it reversed. That's how eager some people were to see their mare foal.

cuillin said...

Tubal ligation requires laparoscopy equipment. Something most veterinarians don't have. Also not by far the common procedure, most spays are done by crushing the ovarian pedicle by an ecraseur, which requires making an incision through the vagina, running the hand into the abdomen, correctly identifying the ovary (know how many practitioners have accidentally gotten it looped around intestine?), crushing the pedicle, and not causing peritonitis (which often leads to death when it occurs, and if not, it's an expensive road to recovery). Septicemia isn't the problem--peritonitis is. I would like to hear your actual experiences with spaying, if you have any. Maybe I could learn something?

The Wenchster said...

Cuillin I don't know which University you are studying at but colpotomy success rate far exceeds it's failure rate. 1 out of 10 mares will die and 3 out of 10 mares will have post procedure wellness issues. This procedure is much cheaper than the alternate procedure of making an incision through the flank and the down time for healing is about the same as a colt castration.
Another alternative is PZB. But dosing is expensive and it is not long term.

Anonymous said...


There are three methods to spay a mare. I am familiar with two. First, they can be opened up and spayed through the abdominal cavity. A costly procedure with extended care time.

The other procedure I am familiar with and which is rapidly becoming the favorite if you can find a vet that knows how is to take a surgical rod with a small sharp corkscrew attached insert it through the vaginal opening and give a twist to remove the ovary. Recovery time for this procedure is about one month. The complication rate is about what it is with gelding.

My argument is simple. Too many people get mares with the intention of breeding them. It is those mares that need to be stopped from breeding. Stop the stallion and you do nothing because the owner of the mare will simply breed to a different stallion. One stallion can service many mares so If you leave one stallion ungelded then you have not even helped the problem, since you can still find a cheap stallion to breed to. Spay a mare and the problem is solved. That mare will never breed again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry ignore the duplication computer not working right

The Wenchster said...

It's okay Anonymous- I deleted one of the duplicates!

Hope you don't mind :)

cuillin said...
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cuillin said...

do you realize how high 1 out of 10 is????? A 10% DEATH rate? 30% complications! as far as Anonymous's 'corkscrew' I assume you are meaning the ecraseur, which is actually like a bike chain. I am trying to imagine how a corkscrew could possibly work--as you realize that the ovary is firmly attached and doesn't just pop out of the body. I am guessing neither of you has any personal experience with spaying. Will not spend any more time trying to explain.

The Wenchster said...

Actually Cuillin, I do. I have over 30 years experience. And as with anything in the horse world, there are it's risks. There are even risks with castration, as there are risks with spaying and neutering dogs and cats but the benefits far outweigh the risks. With anything horse, there are a lot of outside interferences that effect the outcome. Such as proper post care, the current health of the horse, and the person doing the procedure.