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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blah-Blah Parelli Blah

Not much I can say about FHotD today since I hate Parelli NH with a firey passion. If I ever came into contact with that handle bar mustached man I'd probably beat him with his own carrot stick yelling like a terrorist,"It's a cattle prod." As for Linda, I'm convinced shes just there for the money. Sorry, but anyone who can't sit a saddle without their $400 pair of breeches with inlay leather- well they are just in the wrong sport. I would happily laugh my butt if I ever rode with Linda or Pat. They'd probably be sweet talking to their mount convincing them that jumping over the cattle patterned barrels is a great idea and that if they jump sloppy then surely their $400 breeches will keep them in that saddle. I'd just hang on the other side of the arena cutting cattle in my Wal Mart brand jeans wondering what level Parelli you have to be in order to even look at cattle.
And for anyone who likes Parelli. I'm very, very sorry- for you. Anyone who pays $300 for a stick with string, a special Parelli rope halter(cause you know a horse won't lead without one), and a big red ball are just nuts. Give me 5 minutes in Wal Mart and I'll have your Parelli starter kit ready and I'll only charge you $25.
Parelli is right up there with Ryan Gingerich in my books. They are a joke and it's very sad they get their own TV show, even if it's on a cable channel. I'd rather RFD show case real trainers like Al Dunning, Bob Avila, or Beezie Madden. Maybe then they wouldn't have to be filling in the horse slot with hour long Clinton Anderson segments.


ziggybadd said...

"and a big red ball are just nuts."

Ehem... You mean big GREEN ball!!! The ball HAS to be green or you can't pass level 104!! DUH! ;)

bucky said...

Oh boy am I riding the pony with ya on this topic! I just clench my teeth anytime I see either of them. It's like nails on a chalkboard (or to me, like touching fleece or a piece of chalk).
Let's see...gonna stand there and say "oh come on now..pretty please? Ok, you go ahead and throw that fit we can try another day. You poor thing"
But you KNOW they cannot accomplish a step without that carrot stick! It's physically impossible. If you buy one of those that will be the answer to all!
Let's play a game...let's yo yo.... *rolling eyes* It's the pussy way of training pressure.

All they do is jump barrels, lunge their horses around free style and 'dance'. Ever see Pat out there wiggling his butt when he walks? I swear he does it on purpose. Like a hip is broke.
I free style my horses too and do it with just my finger. I can direct them from one pasture to the next with just a word and my finger pointing. Didn't need no damn carrot stick. Maybe my horses didn't get that memo.

Thanks I am in a pissy mood!


jsad said...

I fully agree. I too have no use for Parelli and for those that do I have this question. If his training methods are so good why are the breed shows not full of Parelli trainers? Answer--because the best trainers realize there are far better ways to get results.

Parelli's biggest fault is that he places far too much emphasis on ground work and his silly games.

The only ground work I care about is the basics. The horse needs to respect its handler, lead well (even by a child), and yield to pressure. After that it is time for riding (provided the horse is old enough).

But then again what do I know. I am only a lowly trail rider that trains horses so they will not spook even when a deer, turkey, or pig jumps up from under there feet, so that even my daughter can ride them (who was riding them by herself before she turned five).

Roxmysox said...

Carrot stick ? Carrot stick ?
We don need no steenkin carrot steek.

Over priced, overhyped and ( sadly) over here......

BunniesAreWatchingYou said...

I have a "broccoli" stick...

**It's a green lunge whip**
Cost me $5.oo at the local feed store.

I guarantee my horse respects it as a "predator". It do tend to bite if necessary.

My3Arabs said...

It is great to see others that think just like I do on this matter!

trainingemmy said...

Ugh. Parelli. I was at a boarding barn where everyone did Parelli, and I tried it with my mare who is afraid of whips. I kept saying, "The carrot stick is a whip. I don't think this is going to work..." And the Parelli acolytes kept saying, "It's NOT a whip..."

Guess what? It's a whip. Dear mare let me know that in no uncertain terms.

Krystle said...

A $300 'stick with string' is all it really is when you boil it down. When will people get a clue.

roanhorse said...

Ahhhh, Parelli, Parelli, makes the "new to horses" older ladies hearts just go pitter PAT, no pun intended. I have no use for him since the last "riding demonstration" he gave was aboard an AQHA world champion reiner by the name of "Sailin' Smart"...the horse almost dumped him off on a spin. The horse had no protective boots on, skid boots, splint much for common sense on a world calibre stallion. A totally disgusting demonstration of a man who cannot ride.

jsad said...

I have never bought into any trainer. I find that many can teach me a little. Few can teach me a lot. At least in training for what I need mine trained for. As a result I watch training videos and demonstrations and say, "Yep that will work. Already do a version of that. That, that, and that are something that would not help. THAT would backfire BIG time on the trail."

Anyway because of that I have never bought into one trainer and combine several styles into my own. Works for me!

That said, I saw Parelli and went. "WHAT!?!?!??? Somebody get that man a stick horse!"

Banner said...

"somebody get that man a stick horse"

Awesome. That made my day.

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

Parelli.... blaaaaaaaaaa Yuckyyyyyyy I can't count how many of those horses I have retrained!! Because people were brainwashed into wasting their $$$$ on his useless games that just scare the holy crap out of the horses!!!! LOL

bucky said...

JSAD: I'm with you on this one too! I watch the many as I come across and see what I can learn new. If I learn something new GREAT, if not, oh well. Normally I learn some new little thing and that's a plus in my pocket.
Being said..I have NEVER taken anything away from watching Parelli except a bad mood and a clenched jaw.

Have you guys ever noticed the fierce protection loyalty of the Prell fans? Sheesh they are definitly FHOTD types! Close minded, won't open up to other advice or training.
Oh God NO> HAS to be from Pat or Linda or the horse just will NOT be trained!

*rolling eyes*
Whatta buncha morons!

Anonymous said...

I was at my barn on Saturday teaching my 3 year old filly what side reins were and she was doing really great until another boarder with a little arabian mare came in and starting twirling that damned "carrot stick" around her head. The mare was rearing and trying to get away and finally pulled free from her owner and ran straight at my filly. I gathered my lunge line and told my girl to hoe, and then flung my longe whip around to get her to leave. The owner finally caught her and my horse got lots of pats and cookies for standing still while all this parelli mess was going on. That was my first time witnessing what kind of crap parelli really is. That poor horse didn't know what to do. Needless to say me and my grl lef thte arena before anything else happened. Crazed owner still proceeded to fling the carrot stick around and poor mare continued to rear AT her owner. I feel sorry for whatever trainer has to clean that mess up.

Anonymous said...

I am new to horses and looking at training program options. Parelli is one of the programs I'm considering taking.

I am a psychiatrist with a clinical practice based out of New york and the tone of the comments regarding Parelli Horsemanship here caught my eye, not least because its obvious some of the negative commentators here really want to try the program but direct frustration at not feeling able to do into negative expressions against it. (just like little boys don't "like girls", its called the yuck reaction)

has anyone here tried the parelli training material for themselves or is it all just observation of others?

I'm really looking for objective analysis here because there are many webpages online where all I see is positive praise by fans who do parelli so an alternative view for me is very much welcome as I decide what to do for myself.

remember though, just because you see someone who sucks at doing something doesn't mean that the something they are doing sucks :)

Any advice folks? Why the passion against it? what's wrong with parelli program specifically?

Anonymous said...

Haha wow. Your funny! I did not see one valad reason in your post as to why the Parelli's methods are bad,and honesly i dont get your point? So yeah Linda wears expensive clothing when she tell me you wouldnt if you made as much money as she does? Maybe thats her preference and walmart jeans are yours. I dont think bagging on what she wears is getting you anywhere.

In response to why Parelli stuff is so shouldn't be blaming Pat. You need to blame Mark Weiler. He owns 51% of the company and he is in charge of all that stuff. I don't believe Pat and Linda have a lot, if anything to do with prices. He is a marketing genius, there is no denying that. Do I think some of the stuff is too expensive? Yes, but I do believe some of their stuff is priced fairly based on the quality of the products...... You can get cheap knock off halters, etc. but in my opinion I would be concerned that they would break too easly and I would have to continue to replace them. Infact I have used cheep halters in the past and they continue to fray and come unraveled.Ane no one ever said that if you dont have the Parelli halter then your horse wont lead. In fact I use a normal nylon halter to lead. I just use my rope one to play because I like the differnt pressure points that a simple nylon halter wont empisize on.

I understand that some people go over board and follow parelli blindly but you cant base all the people that follow parelli off of a few people you have met. See some of the Parelli Student with their horses and you would be amazed.

About the tv show, i think its a great idea for people who can afford the parelli studies. He offers FREE information to the public.

Just thought id'e share my opinion. Interested to hear back from you.

Susie said...

I'm reassured to see the measured intelligent responses of the last two bloggers. I would like to add that the reason many Parelli students react so emotionally in defence of Parelli is that they have personally experienced huge improvements in their relationship & work with their horse by correctly applying the principles of love, language & leadership. Pat & Linda Parelli never claim that their way is some exclusive kind of magic - in fact Pat repeatedly references his teachers throughout his events & in his books. There is no pressure to buy only Parelli branded equipment - just the advice from Pat that here you can buy quality assured products that will last you many years. I'm sorry that there are people out there using the equipment poorly. It seems they would benefit from sessions with a qualified Parelli trainer &/or proper review of the dvd's. You wouldn't try to fly a plane without lessons... As for the cost/marketing -its well documented in Pat Parelli's book that he basically gave away his knowledge for years & that led to him repeatedly finding himself pretty much broke & consequently unable to pass on his learnings to the world & through that improve the lot of all horses now & in the future - an ambition that I absolutely believe is at the core of this man. As for Linda being 'in it for the money'? You wouldn't say such a nasty, vicious & unsubstantiated thing if you had ever studied with her, seen her work with horses, trainers & on her riding from 6am to 10pm, & seen her burst into genuine tears of sadness at the horse torture videos she was presenting in Birmigham, UK,last weekend.

Flikkity said...

Hi. I just wanted to say that I am a total parelli fan. I don't normaly comment on things like this, because I believe that, as you have totally made up your mind on this subject, its pointless me trying to change that. I just wanted to say that I have been doing parelli for years now, and have seen both tonnes of improvemwnt when it's applied correctly, and awefull results when peoplle think they ARE pat parelli but have no idea. I am yet to have a bad result with any of my horses, and they are all completely different. I have also only bought the cheap knockoffs, and they have still worked great. Nor have I had to buy any of the materials, as I've had friends lend them to me.
With regard to the person who's horse is afraid of whips, I'm sure you'll find that if you picked up a stick from the ground with that attitude, your horse would "probably" have the same response, and freak out.
And for the person who said that it's basically for old ladies, I am in my 20's....not that old.
But overall, I believe there are many ways to treat horses well, train them effectively, and maintain a loving relationship. Parelli is just the one that "I, PERSONALLY" have found puts it together and explains it best.
Now that I have vented a bit, I leave that with you, and whatever you chose, I wish you all the best with your horses.

barrelracer said...

I agree with Flikkity! I'm also in my 20's and a Parelli student. My husband also has issues with the Parelli marketing, but I like it! The Parelli method is more about teaching people to deal with horses than training horses! If you only knew what your horses thought of you! With the Parelli program the horses totally change and give 110%! I show as well, so just because there aren't Parelli trainers at breed shows doesn't mean there aren't Parelli students out there. I tried other trainers and had crabby horses! Now my horses are happy and so am I!
I am a Parelli student to better my horsemanship, not to show off or hate anyone elses methods.
"Good Better Best, Never Let It Rest. Get your Good Better & your Better Best"-Pat Parelli

Amber said...

I agree that the one thing i would change about "Parelli" is prices. But I have experienced first-hand their equipments durability. I have a authentic Parelli rope that's lasted me 8 years of tough use and a cheap copy only 4 years old that's on it's way out already. It's a good buy in my opinion.

I am in support of Parelli. I think it comes down to whether you want a happy horse or whether you want to "accomplish" your goals no matter what you have to do to your horse. Now, you CAN do both, but it would require you to become something very different(and better) than what you are now.

I'm talking psychologically now. What problems do YOU have that show up with your horse work? Anger, frustration, QUITTING, blame of others what you yourself caused? THAT's that stuff that will either take you to the top when you overcome it, or keep you stuck in the same wretched hole you've been in so far.

Parelli is not so much about training the horse, but training YOU to be a better leader(and what quality leadership training technique do you know of that isn't a little bit wacky)?

Anonymous said...

When I moved to MN from AK about 5 years ago now, these people must have thought I was savage, because they were trying to give me free parelli lessons. My mare, who is very close to her owner, was not happy with some silly instructor throwing a carrot stick around her. Then the stupid trainer gave me back my horse and said she needed a lot of work.Really? When I have ridden my horse through all terrain and in every discipline, and the few times a year I do give enough of a crap to show, I end up kicking my "ex" instructor's ass. I am definitely the outcast at the barn. Everybody converted to this rip off of what should be a pretty common sense system. I had a dumb brat get up in my face while I was riding my horse and say that I didn't care about my horse because I had a bit in her mouth instead of a hackamore, and I wasn't riding the parelli way. My new instructor has been a dressage rider in multiple countries her whole life and is the most impressive woman I've met. ex instructor told me "well, she's okay...but she's no parelli instructor." Oh, okay, excuse me your highness, I wasn't aware I was so inferior. That's why you're still training your disobedient spoiled horse from groundwork when he's 6 years old.

Rabbit Nostril said...

WELL, Ive got moneh to spend, and I like their stuff.
You seem more bitter about not affording stuff than disliking it. I have cheap pants, and i have more fancy ones. If you can afford it, why not? the horse wont care!

Unknown said...

Wow - the only closed minded people seem to be on this insecure hate filled feed. Why don't you change the name of it to the 'we hate Parelli - and anyone who might have found their methods useful' feed? That way people who don't want to participate or be assaulted by negative ranting can just avoid?!

anonymous said...

We witnessed what Parelli can do for a micromanaged pony from a "traditional" trainer... Our pony will now ride with just the hackamore and doesn't need to be jerked around as she was by prior owner. The kids can throw a ball around her, crawl under,back her by the tail and ride her safely. She was a time bomb before Parelli... I place Pat and Linda on the level of Cesar Milan .. The old ways are dying, it's all about understanding behaviour and animal communication- face it. Many of the comments clearly show that there is a lack of understanding behind the tools used by Pat and Linda. I encourage you naysayers to open your minds and listen to what they are saying. YES, I agree, many items are expensive; it is difficult to gain instructor status; and training is an investment, BUT I find the equipment is quality. Some items can be substituted for cheaper equivalants others not. Lots of these people sound very angry..How about live and let live.