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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Saga

I shall start this blog off by coining a few 'asshat' friendly words that hopefully my enlightened following of sheep will constantly say and aspire to say as frequently as they can to describe what ever and whom ever they choose. My first word that I would love for all my minions to say is "Swugly". It defines the many minions of fugly who troll her swamp and pick a fight with whomever disagrees with fugly on certain subjects. Most often are these "swuglyites" fighting their master's battles, very rarely does the "Swug" (Cathy, FHOTD) show up to defend herself. She leaves that to her loyal sheep. At least PETA will protect her faithful sheep.

Don't worry though. I'm in a sheep sheering mood!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Hannah said...

You preach it sister Kick those SWUGLIES where it the non-sensicle part of their heads...

Mikolaj said...

So does this mean you're just going to delete any comments by people who support someone with a brain? How pathetic is your life that you have nothing better to do then trash someone trying to make good changes? Oooooo, let me guess, she picked on you for being one of the inbred fucktard rednecks who's to stupid to know the difference between a straight leg and a cow hocked disaster? Your completely asinine depiction of FHOTD reveals that clearly you've never bothered reading past a few posts.

Have fun living in your bubble of ignorance. Don't suffocate on the wool ;-)

littledog said...

Is there any point to this blog, other than ragging on Fugly?
Actually, she DOES respond to criticism--in between work and caring for/riding her own horses.
So sorry you feel picked on.
I do like the way your blog is designed, though--cute horse, too.

Hannah said...

oh we don't feel picked Swugly, do you mind if i call you swugly? ok, so swugly, just look at it this way, her whole approach is ripping off anyone that isn't her, if your horse had overgrown feet, she'd turn on you like that, she's a hypocritical, two face bitch, that makes money by charging WAY CRAZY (< teen speak) prices on her advertising spaces, she's found a way to get famous, and used it to manipulate the weak minded masses into thinking like a tunnel vision whore house. So you Swugly it's like this, get a brain, stop drinking her friggin Koolaid and just because someone can't spell for shit, doesn't mean they aren't great horse people. Just ask nancypants (whom i love)! :) so thanks for stoppign by Swugly and Swuglier don't let the shit hit YOUR FACE on the way out!

FWOTD said...

Mikolaj- no I'm not going to delete any comments by someone who agrees with her. But I think to say I don't have a brain is a pretty dumb thing to say. For the record you can call me anything you want, it just shows the brain of a devout fugly reader which is exactly what I'm against.

No, I don't feel picked on littledog. I just don't agree with ALL Cathy talks about nor do I like the mob mentality that goes on when someone disagrees with her. In the few times I've disagreed politely(not using profanity or putting others down) It was like swimming in a pool of sharks. Like if you didn't agree with Fugly and her readers then you didn't care about horses which couldn't be further from the truth.
Thanks for your kind comments as well littledog. The horse is my 32 year old Foundation Quarter horse, his name is Amigo.

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

It is about time someone sees that HYPOCRITE for what she is!!!!!! She tells people not to spend alot on the horses they rescue, BUT SHE CAN ASK FOR MONEY for the one she rescued( for a friend). WHY is the "friend" not asking???? hummmmmm She yells at people to geld their horse BUT yet she has a Stud that has JACKED up conformation!!!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!!
Why can't her SHEEP see this?????? They fallow her with blinders on. Then if you say something about her they all defend her BUT NEVER ANSWER THE QUESTIONS asked. WHY???!!!!!! Why is it OK for her to ask people for money????? BUT other people she yells at???????

Why can't her SHEEP think for theselves???????

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

MIK- If that is someone with a brain then my gosh what does it say for you???!!!!!

SHEEP!!!!! With no brain!! LoL!!!
If that is a brain we are in BIG TROUBLE!!!!! Because to me she is a hypocrite!!! She tells people they are asshats & yet she does the SAME thing she tells people not to do! To me that is a HYPOCRITE!!!! & Then to ask for MONEY for a horse that is not hers..... Ohhh Please quit lying & just have the ball to tll people your a hypocrite!!!!

What a buch of brainless SHEEP!!!! LOL

wildrosepony said...

Perhaps I can clear a few questions up.

I am the person who is Champ's adopter. I am not a friend of Cathy's. I have never met her. I post in her comments as wildrosepony. I am not one of the sheep, I do not blindly attack people who disagree with her...go through the comments and check that out for yourselves. I think extremism in any form is childish and shows a distinct lack of intelligence. There is always a middle ground.
I understand your criticism of Champ's rescue, but disagree.
I do rescue horses. I do not keep them alive if they are suffering because I have a hard time letting go. There are times when as an animal lover you comes across a creaturee that has been dealt a shitty hand at life, and you feel compelled to give them some measure of kindness to make up for it. Champ is one of theses creatures.... he can be made comfortable, so why begrudge him that?
No one is taking your money. If you want to help, that's wonderful, if you don't, then don't. No one is threatening his life if you don't.
I have a 12 yr old OTTB who's feet were in worse shape than Champ's when I got him in 2006. He was about 150 lbs skinnier too. Proper farrier care and management of his living arrangements have him healthy and happy. After consulting with my vet, my farrier and a couple of other farrier's I know for good measure, I've been told Champ can too. We're taking it day by day with him. If it does turn out that we cannot keep him healthy, than he will be euthanized, but we are going to give him a chance.

There is a comment that Champ is still sore after his farrier visit. Any professional farrier will tell you that his neglect is not a quick fix, so that remark is completely unfounded. Another thing to consider is that Champ has been in pain for so long, he has learned to walk a certain way to deal with it, it could take him a while to learn to walk without pain.

Comparisons to the three legged pony are quite frankly, silly. Nature designed horses to get about on four legs. In particular, a young horse needs to run, buck and play. Champ has a chance at a NORMAL life, a three legged horse does not.

Anyways, I hope that has answered your questions

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

Wildrose- How in the hell did that answer all our questions???? It did not. You told us about what you did. Which is great. My whole point is how can she yell at someone then turn around & do the SAME thing she yelled at them for????!!!!!????????? & I do think ANY 3 legged horse should be put down!!!!! That is a VERY selfish act!!!!!!!

FWOTD said...

Wild rose good for you for taking care of champ. However, as stated before, I don't care if he has 100 homes set up for him and his future. The comment was Cathy bashes on rescues all the time for asking for donations for horses that are lame but turns around and asks money for another that is also lame- but because she approves of the horse or is in friendship with the horse's rescuer or owner it's all right.
I don't have a problem if people want to donate money towards Champ. It's their money, and not once did I complain of the fact people were sending money.
However I do take issue- and another poster on fuglies blog pointed this out and was attacked for it. That a month ago Fugly was talking about a TB mare that was sound and deemed "hot". The owner was looking to place the mare for free in a home that would retire and take care of her and told by a rescue to put the mare down because the horse market was in crisis. Fugly made it perfectly clear that she agreed the mare should be put down and made a fuss about how the woman responded in email to one of Cathy's readers, the email wasn't offensive that the TB owner wrote- but Cathy still found time to make a big fuss about it. The woman stated she had no issue or financial problem supporting the TB mare until she found a proper home for her, and that she had already turned people away that she didn't feel were suitable for the mare. Clearly the mare was not in danger of abuse or neglect from this woman.
I'll reiterate what the poster on fuglies blog said. If someone is going to bash a woman and tell her that her horse has no place in the horse market- then how can Cathy stand behind her words when a month later she's saying "Champ is such a cute horse, if you can- please donate?"
Let me remind you the mare was sound and in no danger of neglect. Sure she didn't have a future home set up- that's why the woman was looking. And I'm glad that Champ has a home wildrose, don't get me wrong.
I just think it's wrong for there to be people to say there is no room in the market for a sound horse and say put her down- BUT then turn around and act as if it's okay to keep another clearly unsound horse alive just because it's a rescue.
And I hope that Champ has a normal life. However I doubt it with him already having lack of care most of his life. I know if it were my rescue and I was told he was going to be a pasture pet for the rest of his life and have extra care upkeep, I would PTS, no questions asked and use that money to rescue a horse that is sound and sane. A horse that has a chance to live life with little upkeep and little to no pain management.

wildrosepony said...

I can't speak for Cathy, but my take on her position has always been that if you're going to donate, investigate first. Make sure you believe in what the group is doing and that your money is going for what they say it is going for.

I'm not here to defend FHOTD, but since Champ was brought into this, I wanted to try and clear up some questions directly about him.

Sorry, I can't remember the mare you are talking about.

I appreciate your take on the situation. IMO those who rescue should be able to (as long as they aren't prolonging an animal's suffering by doing so) rescue who they want. I'm not saying this as an arguement with you. If you were to focus your efforts on sound horses who just need alittle retraining before they get rehomed for example, then that's your niche in the world and I would applaud you for it. Same as I would groups who specialize in OTTB's, mustangs or ponies.
Myself, I take in some of those, but my heart goes out to horses who've given their lives serving people, then were tossed aside like garbage once they became useless.
If you rescue a few that fit your niche and I rescue a few that fit mine. We all do our bit to make the world a better place.

roanhorse said...

You're correct; the "swuglys" are conjoined in their douche bag thinking.

"AGREE WITH ME OR DIE"....hey sweathog, send it down the road. You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

I just have to add, wildrosepony was nice on that board that day that I was trying to find out who the rescue organization was and where and who the money was going to. And we comminicated through private email...but one thing that really bothered me is that she isn't the one rescuing this horse...she's only a person who is willing to adopt it if he's adoptable...What bothered me so bad was that Fugly could or wouldn't say who the donations were going to. Who is using all these peoples money to pay the farrier and such? Nobody could and wouldn't answer that either. But from what I gather in the comments section is that la mexicana is the other person who rescued Champ with Cathy...although neither one will tell you that...I didn't cuss or anything when I was asking my questions and she(Cathy) just sat back and let it her henchmen attack and circle their wagons around the Almighty Fugly...but in this blog entry, she says the chick in Red did the right thing by questioning the person about donating:

I guess that it's only good to ask questions about who and where the money is going to if it's anyone but Cathy aka Fugly.

Hannah said...

This is posting your blog address in fuglies comments, they've all come out of the woodwork! BRING ON THE SWUGLIES, so i can eat THEM

Mikolaj said...

I love how you all scream hypocrite and how we're all FHOTD sheep just because we appreciate her blog. What are you doing? You all remind me of the Southpark goths and having to be SO "non-conformist" that you refuse to conform to non-conformity. It shows that you lack any spine or intelligence to display well written and decisive commentary on HER blog - who cares if you get attacked, just because three people out of 300 disagree with you doesn't automatically make us sheep without an opinion. I see plenty of people who disagree with Cathy and don't get "attacked".

All I see is sour grapes by a bunch of people so completely lacking in self confidence that they have to create a blog to smash someone because they're so intimidated by her.

At least her blog serves a purpose of awareness - what does yours serve? Attack anyone who you don't like?

Hannah said...

What's she making us aware of Swugly? Her intense hatred of anyone that isn't her? And we are conforming, but we're the cool sheep that don't need to follow no one AIGHT! So call us crazy, for i'm sure you will, call us losers, for i'm sure you have, but don't call us fuglies sheep, for we have broken free and found that having a ASSHAT of a shepherd is more detrimental to our health then meandering the hills alone...

Lauren said...

Fugly horse of the day isn't about bringing awareness to the horse world... maybe it was at first, but clearly all of her 'fame' if you can even call it that has gone to her head and her swuglyites are the reason why she thinks she is above all of us.

FWOTD said...

Oh yeah, Makolaj- appreciation, more like a bunch of people harassing anyone they feel is less human than them or not what fugly would say is a perfect horse owner. I don't mind Cathy's blog, truly I don't. She puts good information out there most of the time. But I disagree with how she puts it out there. And I also don't agree when she attacks people who aren't causing harm to their horse and are just being picked on because they placed a free horse ad on Craigslist. People place free horse ads on all the time and I don't see them being publicly attacked on her blog.
Cathy acts as if she's the perfect horse owner and complains about parents who are letting their kids be around horse's with out shoes on or a helmet. Sorry to say, but back in the 60's and 70's when I was a youngin' it wasn't rare for kids to be out hacking on the family pony with shorts and no shoes on. I remember packing on Tater, my old beat up raggidy looking appy cross, with no shoes or helmet riding across a hundred acres just to get to the water hole.
But now when a video of the same likeness is posted on youtube and it ends up on fuglies blog it is suddenly deemed wrong, irresponsible and when the video poster's comment board starts flooding with insults and stupid remarks they end up taking a video down that was probably put up for family to view. A video that most likely wouldn't have ever been found or thought of unless Cathy posted and bashed about it.
Sorry but in my hay day we rode horses with no shoes, we rode in cars with no seat belts, we'd hop on our ponies and race 500 yards to the tree and back with no helmet- ask your own parents- it just wasn't that rare.
Most of the information fugly provides is great, but I've seen several of her posts where she lists names, addresses, and telephone numbers and where she's said,"call them, email them, mail a letter to see if you can change their mind!" And I've heard of several more that people end up taking their websites or horse ads down due to the constant harassment they received after Cathy blogged about it. If someone wants to sell a dang horse for $50,000 that is grade, sickle hocked, sway backed, and listed as a beginner jumper then let them. It says more about the person who would purchase a horse for a rediculous amount. And just as everyone stated on fuglies blog- if it ain't your money don't worry about it.

Next task for you Mikolaj is to find me the comment posts where someone disagreed and was not attacked for it? I would like to see at least 3-5.

Hannah said...

I love seriously! YOU COMPLETE ME!

roanhorse said...


BITE ME.>>>>>>>>>>

Take your "agenda" is your problem.

Hannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hannah said...

oh wait that was directed at mikolaj unless you don't like this blog either

roanhorse said...

It's directed at mikolaj

Save your hate messages for those that deserve them.

Mikolaj said...

*giggle snort*

Wow. Hating someone over the internet. Yet more proof of how completely insecure you are that any of us DARE come to your little "world" of hatred and have an opinion. How is it MY problem? I never had a problem - you are clearly the one with a problem. I suggest therapy ;-)

roanhorse said...

Mika babes.....Blabba blabba blabba; appropriate for a 23 year old novice. Let us know when you dump those milk teeth and grow some hair.

Bite me.

FWOTD said...

Miko, all I have to say is SEE! it's not very polite or fun to try and state your opinions and be attacked, now is it?

Roanhorse- but don't you know that she's done many a backyard training to teach hicks that their horse isn't fuzzy wuzzy. Down here, backyard training is just another meaning for a person that trains horse's part time so the horse can go to monthly auction. Perhaps she curses and uses as much profanity towards the horses as she does in her own blog so the horse knows it's no longer fuzzy wuzzy and lovey!

fatlip241 said...

I never was much of a Fugly reader until recently, My biggest issues are the contradictions about the VLC.....For someone that advocates gelding, not breeding and spouts her prowess in knowing excellent conformation, how does she end up owning a average stallion who is kept one just because of his color....this goes against everything Ive ever known her to be about. Ive heard all the excuses but it still doesn't explain the situation, no matter how you explain it, he still is average and throws foals who are over at the knee......yikes!

Anonymous said...

Here is a rescue that has a far it's excellent...

Hannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
roanhorse said...

Just saw the "Fugly Horse" pick apart illustration today of the bay QH stud. Obviously things aren't right with this horse but it's hardly worth five minutes of my time reading her elementary dissertation of "What's wrong with this stud's conformation"?

A quick glance says, "I'm not stud material"...end of story. (And won't make a halter horse either.) THAT goes without saying.

Hannah said...

yeah there's only so many things that can be wrong with conformation, just because she knows what they are doesn't mean she's required to repeat it every freakin time

My3Arabs said...

I just wanted to say Thank you! I appreciate the points that you are trying to get across!

Anonymous said...

I removed my two posts at the very top due to not wanting to sound like the people over at FHOTD. Just wanted to say my reason. I want to be nothing like those people. said...

Yessssss, finally someone comes forward to stick it to "Cathrine Ho" where no guy would dare...ewww

Everyone dreams of breeding the perfect horse yet "C-ho" honestly thinks people breed less than perfect on purpose. She's got her head stuck so far up her ass, she even turned on and abandoned her loyal followers on her own training board because 90% of the fulgies that make up that board are the exact type she ridicules on her blog.

No-one is good enough for her standards yet the hypocrite starts a blog about how shit scared she is of riding some bombproof pony and holy fuck for the horse's sake I hope she realizes she should never had taken it on in the first place.

This hypocritical "Ho" had a choice to use whatever knowledge had for good use and help people but instead she choose to abuse and ridicule with that disgusting potty mouth of hers, what goes around comes around Cathrine..

As for her fugly army, "Monkey see, Monkey do" need I say more..

Roxmysox said...

As some wise soul already stated we are all just one bad photo away from being a victim. No one is perfect but at least some of us can admit to that.
I used to be an avid reader of FHOTD even though some of her coments made me go " Uh Oh". It was informative and educational - more recently it's just plain nasty. I check it out but that's about it. I don't want to read pages and pages of depressing sales figures and bumph about rescues and see people begging for donations - there are enough charity cases locally and to be honest any spare money I get is already spoken for in one way or another.
I won't be a frequent poster - more of a lurker in the abyss but I watch and I wait.
I form my own opinions and shake my head at the sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Thank you GoLightly =) That link worked great!

I have a question about that rescue...who is riding the POA? iin the bottom picture on the Available Horses page?

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering what FHOTD did to piss you off so badly that you needed to start a blog dedicated to bashing it?