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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Glass houses?

For those who believe I have a hard core hate for Cathy and her blog. I don't. I'm all for her wanting to out the typical animal abuser or the rescues that aren't legitimate. But for me personally, I've found that she often contradicts herself and should anyone disagree with what she had to say you can always count on her followers to throw names, profanity, and call people dim, dumb, or stupid for not sharing the same views. THIS is what this blog is about. Not the utter hate that some people made this out to be.

Last week FHOTD featured a story on a rescue horse named Champ. Saying, "if you can please donate." Okay nothing wrong about that, except a week earlier she was bashing a rescue who was online asking for donations for their horse Peggy Sue. I for one think both horse's should be PTS. Champ is clearly not going to live a comfortable life. He'll be a pasture pet just like Peggy Sue and will need constant upkeep in order to make his life somewhat comfortable. I know-I know, many of the Swuglyites are going to say "It's not the same situation, Champ has a home set up for him and Peggy Sue was missing a leg!" I could care less if Champ has ten dozen homes set up for him, he's obviously lame and in the video FHOTD provided he was having issues even with his new shoes on walking on soft ground. Cathy preached on Peggy Sue how that money could be used towards other horses, one's that would be safe, sane, and sound. How can that not apply to champ? Because he's Cathy and friends rescue? The money used on Champs feet work could easily furbish a couple of sound horses that stand a chance to actually be a horse- and not stood up in a field in even minor pain.

And for your viewing pleasure here are some photos of my 32 year old gelding and best friend Amigo (he'll be 33 on March 8th- so mark your calenders to wish him a happy birthday). He's still sound and while he is without most of his teeth, he still manages to out eat any other horse on my ranch. These were taken last week and I guess you can say I'm very proud of him. I've owned him for 28 going on 29 years. He has not only packed around myself, my children, but he still volunteers himself under my grand children's mercy. He is truly an angel.


AmericanMadeMorgans said...

Like that Suicidal Tendencies song-

Welcome to the Church of Suicidal
We'll have a sermon and a wonderful recital
But before we go on there's something I must mention
An important message I must bring to your attention
I was in meditation and prayer last night
I was awakened by a shining bright light
Overhead a glorious spirit, he gave me a message and you all
need to hear it

Send me your money
That's what he said, he said to
Send me your money

Now if you can only send a dollar or two
There ain't a hell of a lot I can promise to you
But if you want to see heaven's door
Make out a check for five hundred or more

Send me your money
Do you hear what I said?
Send me your money

Now give me some bass, um yea that's how we like it
Now give me some silence, for all you sinners
Now give me more bass, yea that was funky
Now take them on home Brother Clark

Send me your money

Here comes another con hiding behind a collar
His only god is the almighty dollar
He ain't no prophet, he ain't healer
He's just a two bit goddamn money stealer

Send me your money
Send it, you got to send it
Send me your money
You hear what I'm saying?
You gotta send it
Send it, send me your money

Now how much you give is your own choice
But to me it's the difference between a Porsche and a Rolls Royce
I want you to make it hurt when you dig into your pocket
Cause it makes me feel so good to watch my profits rocket

Send me your money
Now dig in deep, dig real deep into your pocket
I want you to make it hurt
We'll take cash, we'll take checks
We'll take credit cards, we'll take jewelry
We'll take your momma's dentures if they got gold in them

So whose gonna be the next king of the fakers
Whose gonna take the place of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker?
See my momma, she didn't raise no fool
Cause you can't put a price on a miracle


This song rings in my head when she typed "send me money"

Hannah said...

LMAO my mums a preacher and we come across heaps of con artists in the church a few that she outed herself.. ahahahahahahahaha Fugly is a CON ARTIST and nothing more

Mikolaj said...

Clearly? Are you a vet? Cathy has already mentioned numerous times that if he cannot be returned to a sound life, he will be put to sleep. It's cute how people with a hate on blind themselves to the facts and refuse to see anything but more weak at best arguements to prove their own points. PETA anyone?

Hannah said...

Okay so i've shot horse before, if that makes me PETA then, i'm so getting thrown out of their club! IT'S BLEEDING OBVIOUS THAT THAT HORSE IS OLD AND CRIPPLED AND WILL NEVER BE SOUND. he is nothing but a expensive pasture ornament, she reckons she's this hard arse bitch, and yet sentiment got in the way of this one, he needs a bullet!

Lauren said...

Mikolaj said...
Clearly? Are you a vet? Cathy has already mentioned numerous times that if he cannot be returned to a sound life, he will be put to sleep. It's cute how people with a hate on blind themselves to the facts and refuse to see anything but more weak at best arguements to prove their own points. PETA anyone?

Why do you keep defending her? Honestly... it's sad that she needs strangers from over the internet to defend her from a blog.

Hannah said...

here here

Mikolaj said...

Needs? Again, I'm really loving how you need to force yourself to come up with a completely hole ridden defense for why I'm here. It MUST be because I love Cathy right? It couldn't possibly be because I think everyone has a right to an opinion, and if you've chosen to trash someone online, I'm choosing to speak up about what's wrong with your theories?

My favorite part is how this blog is BECAUSE she "attacks" anyone with a different opinion and so do her followers - so, what exactly does this make your little troupe? Or is it not hypocritical because she does it? Two wrongs for a right type thing? Help me understand how it's acceptable for you to attack anyone with a different opinion on this blog, and yet it's not acceptable if she does it? The fact that the BEST you can come up with is to continually trash me for choosing to defend the decisions of someone else without bothering to actually list reasonings behind it is just a new kind of sad.

FWOTD said...

Mikolaj- I never trashed you in anyway. At first I just made this blog as a joke, wasn't really going to bother keeping up with it. But since it seems that people are going to get heated- why not? I don't have control over anyone's actions on this blog or what they say to you.
But now you see where many of the people that have disagreed with Fugly are coming from- aren't you? The people that were attacked for difference of opinion on HER blog are now doing it to you. It's a bitter medicine.

"The fact that the BEST you can come up with is to continually trash me for choosing to defend the decisions of someone else without bothering to actually list reasonings behind it is just a new kind of sad."

NOO- I believe I did list reasons. Or perhaps you need to read again.
And this blog isn't about how she attacks anybody who doesn't agree with her. This blog is about the things I dont agree with her on or her views I don't agree with. So your logic on this blog is nonsensical. But I expected that after barely making it through one of your blog posts.

Mikolaj said...

I'm sorry FWOTD. Honestly, YOU are the only one I see with valid reasoning. My issue is mostly with your "minions" and their arguements being "I hate your face". That is truly the height of being juvenile.

In truth, I DO agree with you. I don't think Champ should have been saved. But I sincerely hope your blog can come up with better content then that, because Cathy only saved Champ due to OTHERS wanting to save him. I agree she can come across as hypocritical, but when are any of us completely unhypocritical? In her recent post about barefoot trims, she seemed to attack people who trimmed their own horses. Several people came forth and explained their reasoning behind trimming their own horses and she didn't attack them at all - she clarified her point and expressed understanding.

I guess I just don't see this "attacking" going on unless someone is purposely being a complete dildo and lacking all common sense in an arguement. And even then, you cannot blame Cathy for what her followers do. I've very rarely seen her "attack" anyone in the comments.

Anyway, good luck with your blog, but it seems you've managed to accquire slim pickins by way of followers and intelligent. Just my opinion.

Mikolaj said...

And I have NEVER attacked anyone on FHOTD, so your logic is nonsensical in itself. Your idea of punishing the masses for the actions of a few seems completely out of date.

FWOTD said...

Mikolaj- how am I punishing the masses by making fun of one woman and her theories? In fact how am I punishing anyone? This blog isn't hurting anyone nor. This blog isn't about anyone else other than Cathy and FHOTD. You are making this blog personal when I clearly stated who it was about and what it is about already.
And it was just last week on a blog posting that I saw Cathy go after another person because they disagreed. I'll go find the post and copy and paste so even you can see. On other occasions I rarely see a post that GoLightly, Horspoor, CutNJump, and CharlesCityCat AREN'T attacking or name calling people who don't agree with Cathy or her thinking. You yourself may have not attacked anyone on the blog, and kudos to you for not doing so. But I personally know several people that were when they POLITELY shared a difference of opinion. Not once did they name call, put down, or use profanity and still because their opinion wasn't shared by many they were attacked, put down, and called many profane names.

Once again, I'm sorry that you feel this blog is a punishment to you for standing behind Cathy and her theories. But I made this blog as a joke to be a sounding board for people who just didn't agree with all of her theories.

Hannah said...

ahahahahahahaha she called me your minion....Juls is gonna be upset when she finds out i'm apparently worshipping someone else now! Do you have Koolaid?

cbz said...

You really and truly don't understand what her blog is about? OK, here we go. The difference between the mare and Champ is that the mare's owner was chucking her out with the rubbish; there was no question of any any rescue, no-one wanted her and Fugly's point was that unwanted horses should be put down, not cast adrift or sent to the meatworks. Champ has an owner and the donations were to help him rehabilitate for his owner. She told you several times where the money was going but you didn't bother listening. Fugly herself does rescue horses and donations are to help her do that. She is not against people donating to rescues (where did you get that idea?) just rescues who are not accountable, dishonest, hoarding rather than rescuing and generally adding to the problem. She herself is not a 501(c) rescue which means that her rescues are funded by herself and supporters rather than taxpayers. She does not care if people get $5000 for a piece of s**t horse, (unless you are selling it for breeding, see my main point below) just that POS horses usually go to the meatworks. Anyway, the main point of her blogs, including her conformation critiques is this: (listen up people and I'll use simple words so you can all understand) If you breed badly-conformed horses; if you do not train your horses thoroughly; if you do not feed your young horses properly and if you do not promote and train your stallions then you are guaranteeing that horses you own/breed are going to the end up at the meatworks because no-one will want them and THAT is what gets Fugly mad. If none of the above things apply to you, her blog does not apply to you so get over yourself!

roanhorse said...

Amazing dialogs...CBZ...not everyone on board here is a novice. I certainly don't need this Fugly wench instructing me on poor conformation or elementary "how to's".....stay on your own side of the fence and quit justifying elementary horse knowlege as a gift from the Fugly Horse God. I could give a brown shit that the "Fugly" creature gets mad...spare us the narcisstic details.

There are many individuals out there in the professional horse world that have years of experience on her and are better informed. And they don't need a "blog" to sell their bullshit.

FWOTD said...

So why is Cathy's VLC still a stallion? I guarantee you slap an any old day color on that stallion CBZ such as sorrel or black and that horse would be a gelding faster than OJ could say, "I'm not guilty!"
Spare us all your psyco-babble BS. Because the mare's owner stated the horse would not be sold to just anyone and that she's turned away people because they were not qualified to own a horse like her- does that sound like throwing a horse out with her other trash? Most horses would be lucky to have an owner like that, who actually cared about the home that the horse went to that they weren't just handing him/her off. But Fugly still found a way to belittle and bash the woman.
No her blog doesn't apply to me- I can guarantee that none of my horses would ever end up on her blog. And I already stated(I'll use simple words for you!) THAT I DON'T MIND WHEN SHE OUTS PEOPLE THAT AREN'T PROVIDING THE BASICS FOR THEIR HORSES, OR RESCUES AND ORGINIZATIONS THAT ARE ACTING MORE LIKE A GET RICH HORSE TRADER!
I do mind though when she picks on people that quite frankly don't deserve to be picked on or when someone doesn't agree with her or her theories- then they get attacked, called names, and told they are wrong for not nodding their head in agreement with Cathy and her blog.

Perhaps a reading lesson CBZ and I wouldn't have to keep repeating things over and over again.

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Sorry for not responding earlier, I didn't realize this was here.

Here is the difference:

Horses are successfully rehabilitated from laminitis and arthritis to the point where they can be comfortable. Please show me a case where a weanling missing a leg has been successfully rehabilitated to the point where they can be comfortable. There are too many factors there and a major one is that the filly is still growing. Therefore, there is no way to fit a prosthesis to her in a way that won't constantly have to be adjusted at great expense. Also, her muscles and bones haven't even developed yet - and now will never have a chance to do so normally because she can't exercise normally.

Champ is a 12 year old mature, fully developed horse who suffered an injury as an adult that led to complications due to poor care. No, he will not be rideable. However, he has earned $85K for human beings and it would be nice to give him a few years of comfortable R&R before having to put him to sleep. His adopter agrees. He will be gelded and transported to his adopter as soon as vet/farrier are in agreement that he is ready for a long drive.

Here are some facts:

- If he had not had an adopter, he would not have been pulled. I would not have snatched him up and then begged for someone to take a permanently lame stallion off my hands. I keep my permanently lame rescues myself which is why I am not taking any more of them at this time.

- If my vet or my farrier had recommended euthanasia, he'd already be dead. I am not squeamish or death-phobic -- nor is his adopter. I have euthed several horses in the past few years due to conditions severe enough that vet care could not make them comfortable enough to enjoy pasture life.

- If we had not seen immediate improvement with the shoeing, he'd already be dead. I should have taken "before" video and did not, which admittedly was a mistake on my part.

- If he had required thousands of dollars of care, he'd have been euthanized. So far the total bill for things that are not normal care (i.e. hay, board, bedding) is under $350. That includes digital x-rays and shoeing.

- There is no reason to believe he will always need corrective shoeing. Once it has done its job, he should be able to transition back to barefoot.

- He is not receiving any expensive drugs. He's getting a little bute and he's getting BL pellets, a common supplement for pain control in arthritic horses.

- He would have been rescued and his expenses paid for whether or not anyone other than his adopter donated. People ASKED to donate and help him. Why would his adopter turn that help down? I have no problem with rescuers taking in donations. My problem begins when rescuers NEED donations for basics like HAY. Or when they knowingly take on a horse like the 3-legged filly, KNOWING they do not have the $ for her care.

I know I do not have the money for Champ's care OR space for horse #9 in my budget. That is why I did not rescue him. I do not own Champ. I merely did the leg work of picking him up and transporting him to boarding after someone else who can afford another horse indicated her interest in taking him and sent money for his bail, board and transport.

Finally, as to the blog in general, it is merely my opinion. I assume any normal, intelligent reader agrees with me sometimes and disagrees with me sometimes. The result is a lively, uncensored community where everyone may speak their piece. I have never asked anybody to defend me. I EXPECT to be bashed frequently and often due to the content of my blog, and if I were thin-skinned or sensitive, I would not DO the blog. I'm not. I don't need defenders and I am always happy to respond to criticisms or disagreements as I have done today if I am aware the discussion is taking place (which I'm not always). I see the great value of the blog is as a place that sparks discussion and does not censor. My posts and opinions are merely a jumping-off point and usually the most interesting content is in the comments, where people feel truly free to speak their opinions, share their experiences and talk about the stuff that gets censored on other boards and blogs.

All that said, I don't mind if you have a blog and bash me - it's not the first and it won't be the last. I support everybody's right to free speech. Enjoy!

roanhorse said...

Fugly......YAWN....MORE DRIVEL. I'm still looking for the DVM behind your name.

FWOTD said...

And what are your reasons Cathy for keeping The Big Yellow Caddi(VLC) a stallion?
From what I've heard his dam(Sindy Sabre) is a hormonal nut case with stifle and hock issues and was sold by her breeder because she was not trainable and broke down often, she was only turned out to be a brood mare because she had full brothers and sisters doing well in the show pen and because she had Boston Mac on her papers. I'll give you credit that VLC sire is "alright". I'm not into the bulky, unlikely to move well halter look. But honestly, a sire only makes up half the horse, and with a bat shit crazy dam that had reoccuring hindquarter issues I wouldn't be keeping Big Yellow Caddi a stallion(especially since he's already had a stifle injury- while he may have healed it could be very likely he'll have his dam's issues.) He'd make a nice gelding however. Nothing about him screams stallion material.

roanhorse said...

Yup, BYC, la ta de dum. ..... yawn.

fatlip241 said...

Agreed, Only reason is his color.....I think Cathy, you know hes not stallion material and it is extremely hypocritical that your philosophy is "do as I say, not as I do"

roanhorse said...


Hannah said...

I have purple socks on...because my buckskin ones are dirty.

ReinerShine said...

wow...Hannah and mature of you. Do your parents know you're online?

roanhorse said...

Reiner're a total crackup. Stay in the closet and play with yourself.

Hannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bucky said...

I find it funny that one minute one side is saying 'educate others, teach what you know, help them out'
and then the next they slam a person for not knowing or not doing what THEY would do.
(I use bedtadine and probiotics. Another woman I know despises it and preaches how horrible it is. We go at it round and round but we don't bash eachother. We have different ideals. We do share our input and research though so we can both come to our own conclusions)

That is why I was so intimidated by FHOTD.
I want to learn but I don't need to feel belittled doing so. Seeing how people are belittled and made to feel so uneducated and less than human really turned me off to FHOTD.
At least with these people, I know I can ask for info and not feel ashamed if I don't know.

Not everyone is slipped wet and bloody into a blanket and already the God of All That is Horse.

I seen how newcomers are treated at FHOTD. Name calling and such. If the newcomer didn't 'follow the crowd' then he/she was trashed and insulted.
Even reading the blog. Some unknowing person is called horrible names, trashed and insulted. Then you come here and get upset if FHOTD is trashed and insulted?
You corner the market on trashing and insulting?
You say it doesn't bother you...but you are here.

I'm not a debater, I don't like confrontation.
I did want to just put my thoughts out there of what I've seen on the sidelines and what a normal passerby would notice.
Just a little quiet person in the corner putting in the two cents I've been saving.

bucky said...

I meant to add to the Champ and the other horse of concern issue:
It's been awhile since I read the story so excuse me if the details are wrong:

I seen where this girl was having a problem and was looking for someone to take her horse. There was nothing wrong with the horse (from memory here). The woman just couldn't afford her anymore (living circumstances changed...job loss..illness..etc). She said if she couldn't find a good home she would keep the horse but really really needed to give him away (?)
The SPCA said to just put it down, they had no room or something. The woman didn't see that as an option, wanted to find her friend a wonderful home instead.

FHOTD criticized the girl, said to euthanize it.
Said she was pretty much a bad horse owner for not being able to afford the horse anymore, that she was an idiot or something to that matter. The woman was trying to do the right thing..find a home for her horse!
So what makes her finding a home for her horse any different than Champ finding a home?
Why is everyone patting everyone else on the back saying "good job" when they just got done telling a girl to kill a horse that was perfectly sound and healthy?

That boggled my mind!
Is that because one person was friends of the other that was involved in the 'rescue' ?
Why couldn't FHOTD rescue the womans horse? He needed rescuing.

I don't get it. And it was pretty disgusting.

Roxmysox said...

This is exactly what FHOTD should be doing - showcasing good sound useable horses for rescue - NOT wasting money and effort ( and public sympathy) on a lost cause that will never ever be sound.
Ok so maybe the girl/ woman who's rehoming Champ is happy to pay the bills and have a pasture pet but those sort of homes are few and far between unfortunately.
More effort should be spent on getting the healthy ones rehomed.
At the end of the day it is just a great big PR con - spend a fortune on a decrepit train wreck and plaster it all over the internet to show everyone what a good little rescuer you are and enjoy all the congratulatory backslaps that you get.
The purse is only so deep and backslaps don't buy fodder.

Anonymous said...

Wench...your gelding is just adorable. I'm so happy to see a old horse in his condition. I wish everyones horses looked this great when they get older.
It's utterly stupid for anyone to make fun of this old chap. I guess Trojan mouse was running short on insults cause he's cute as hell.

bucky said...

I wanted to comment about your Amigo. For being 32 (?) he is the best looking senior citizen I have ever laid eyes on!
To have hardly any teeth and be as full figured as he is...WOW!!!

I wanted to share with you a 28 year old mare full pregnant with her last filly. She was the granddaughter of Sugar Bars. All of the babies took a toll on her back since she was strictly a broodmare (I didn't own her myself)

Bexs said...

That is one handsome man. No one has any right to be bashing big old brother bear right there. :) Keep packing on ole man!