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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Two rescues worth mentioning!

If anyone has picked up a copy of January's Horse Illustrated they may have read the story of Kentucky Equine Humane Center. They are doing their best to offer relief to horse owners that have been hit with lay offs and hardship. I was a lucky person to have family, friends, and a few willing people that came to my aid when I was diagnosed with breast cancer late '99- early 2000. I was also fortunate enough that my property was already paid for, barns were built, and had very little debt aside from tractor, trucks and trailers. However, there are not as many as fortunate as I was and KyEHC is trying to offer a helping hand so good horses don't fall between the cracks.
I'm a firm believer that every horse owner should know how to treat minor ailments with their equine and that a horse owner should have the common sense and proper judgement to know when it's time to call the vet- and not wait until the last minute. There is no reason to call a vet for minor abscess, cosmetic wounds(flesh or surface/wound not needing suture), and minor ailments. But there are several veterinarians out there willing to work payment plans and even discounts for people who are going through hard times and their horse is in dire need of vet care.
Here is a link to KyEHC. Even if you can't donate, get word of mouth out and maybe other's will find their dream horse.

My second rescue is not one for our hoofed friends or our pawed pals. This one is close to home- it's your fellow humans. Many good, hard working Americans are hitting rough times. Many do not qualify for food stamps or your states WIC or medicaid programs and food banks are running dry with the economy crisis. Thousands of kids are going to school with empty stomachs and grown men and women are falling ill due to malnutrition. If anyone watches The Biggest Loser you may have seen this. There is a Pound for Pound challenge that you can pledge yourself too. So people who are looking for motivation to lose weight- what better motivation than putting food on starving children's plates? Go to this website for all the details and make some pledges. Even 5 pounds matter. Make your weight loss, someones gain.


hls said...

I've been following your blog since seeing it publicized in the comment section of FHOTD. I tend to find some good information in the long, tangled and often accusatory conversations on FHOTD, but one thing that has continued to bother me again and again is the lack of consideration for humans who are suffering in these hard, hard economic times. It's great that we all want to save horses, but humans are going hungry. And when humans go hungry, horses almost surely will go hungry. So thank you for recognizing the human suffering that is rampant right now.

I also feel much of what is presented on FHOTD is under-reported, and although Cathy could suggest that what she is presenting is entirely her opinion and therefore outside of the legal ramifications of libel, there has been some precedent that suggests reporters (i.e., anyone who publishes with the intent of reaching an audience) must adhere to reporting practices that are not libelous.

Finally, learning that FHOTD is based, largely, on the Perez Hilton model was such a damn disappointment. I really hoped Fugly was aiming higher. And if you read the early posts, it seems, perhaps, she was. Audiences have a strange way of shaping us. As a reporter and teacher of journalism, I can say that with some certainty.

may said...

Hey there, I found your blog through the Free Speech Horse Forum (Cathy's red-headed stepchild of a forum) and I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog so far. The FHOTD blog used to be funny, but now it's just kind of depressing, and I'm seriously underwhelmed by the VLC, so I've largely stopped reading it (as have many other FSH forum members).

You may enjoy the forum, as it has a bit less mindless following than the blog comments. :)

may said...

Oh, heh, the link would help:

bucky said...

Hey Wench,
I am always one to lend a hand when I have the means. I recently found myself in a struggle and now working out of it. It's a horrible feeling of dread. As soon as I am back on my feet I will be taking food down to one of my neighbors that lives in a shanty and has no running water.

Nothing bothers me more when our good country of the USA contributes more money to foreign nations to support their starving and needy when our own are freezing out there on the streets of Washington or up in the hills of West Virginia and Tennessee. Very sad :(
I wish I had a place to take them all in! I would feed them all if I could!

When I drive by a homeless person, I will get out of my car and give him whatever $ is in my pocket and a bagged meal. It breaks my heart. That could be my dad!! If it weren't for him having his 3 daughters, it WOULD be my father in a few months (long story).

I'm a softie, and I hate to see our human brothers in pain or suffering.