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Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh Cathy- how you do make me laugh!

Imagine my surprise when I let my fingers stroll over to FHotD and see Cathy harping on horses skirting by on their pedigree and bloodline. I mean, cause Cathy has room to talk about this, right?*snort*

FHotD is in bold green font.

~Today I feel compelled to comment, yet again, on the misguided idea many low end breeders have that it is somehow rare and special to have a horse that goes back to (insert name of Famous Horsie) in the fifth or sixth generation. This is constantly used as a justification for breeding these horses

AH Yes, because your own stallion's dam wouldn't fit into this category would she? Lets see, explosive mare, chronic stifle and hock issues- LETS BREED HER! Granted she has Boston Mac on her papers, but ride on coat tails much? She's only described as being full sister to such and such who won something.

~And yet, this marketing technique/breeding justification continues. I always think it must start with the horses being sold to the hapless BYB wannabe. "This is a great horse," says Joe HorseDealer. "He goes back to Man O'War!"

So what did that make you, Cathy, when you purchased the VLC as a stallion prospect?

~Unless you're breeding racehorses, I wouldn't be bragging about this. Man O'War was one of the rankest, most ill-tempered SOB's in history. If he hadn't been so fast, he would have been gelded.

From what I've been told, so was your(Cathy) stallions dam. Only reason she was bred was because some "HAPLESS BYB WANNABE" saw her and prayed that she didn't carry the agouti gene so she could spit out some colorful and KYOOT(double snort) babies.
And my guesses are Cathy, if the VLC wasn't buckskin, he would have been gelded.

~Oh, and then she goes on to say "His conformation is excellent--he could be in the halter ring now!" Um, I guess he could be in there...placing last.

Well, at least the VLC won't be the only one placing last. See Cathy, he'll have some company! BTW Cathy- have you checked out your own horses conformation? I have, in fact, I've seen basically your whole stock of sway backs and LOOOOONNNNGGGG bodied horses- so should you really ever be making ill comments on Foundation QH?

~WHO CARES? What have his parents and grandparents done? Oh yeah, eat and reproduce.

I reiterate my first comment. Prosecution has no further questions!

Cathy, you make this so easy!


AmericanMadeMorgans said...

LOL WoW!! If that doesn't scream hypocrite I don't know what does!!! LOL Yet again she thinks shes God...... Hummmm LOL

ziggybadd said...


"If that doesn't scream hypocrite I don't know what does!!"

Yeah that.^

FWOTD said...

Heres what CUTNJUMP- one of fuglies main swuglys. And maybe Cathy should read it.

>>>>>>>>>>"My All Time Favorite, and Arab folks can all attest to this one too-

Full brother or sister to yadda, yadda, yadda.

He has won XXX or sold for $$$...

and so the story goes. So THIS horse is automaticly worth $$$$$$$ with an extra KA-CHING! in there to boot.

BIG F'ing Deal what the other horses have done or sold for- It Doesn't mean shit to me! None of that means THIS horse will too!"<<<<<<<

roanhorse said... doubt you're completely bald from everything that has traveled right on by you and over your just don't get it far removed is "Boston Mac" from your own horse...any further and he'd fall off the pedigree.....I could give a crap what brothers and sisters have done..this is the usual mistake made by novices..thinking their horsie will amount to crap because so and so is a sibling.

The VLC a halter horse? Only in your wildest, delusional dreams....bring on Malibu Ken and watch that stud of yours hit the shit pile...the judges won't let you in the gate; no doubt you'll be accused of "filling" the class.

fatlip241 said...

LOLOLOL, can you see the look on some of those AQHA judges if he was being led in......hahahaha, They would all be thinking to themselves...WTF!

SaddleSeater said...

I think she (Cathy) must be playing too much Howrse. Perhaps in her Howrse Bweeding Fwacility she has visions of Halter Howrse and Hwigh Pwoint Stwallion for her pwetty VLC.

Should anyone else care to join in the vwision, you can sign up for Howrse right on her blog!! She endorses it and has the link!! It's where all your dweams can come true!! Or at least seem like they're true.

Now, back to reality and the issue at hand....hmmm isn't it true that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones????

fatlip241 said...

LMAO! Thats just too funny!

seaview said...

I just think she was awfully harsh about that first stallion; no,he's not perfect, but does she HAVE to call him a P.O.S.?? The same could be said (and probably has been=))for the VLC.

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

Ohhhh Noooooo Howrse!!! That did it. LOL LOL

lovemyhorses said...

I am kind of new to horses, I have only owned them for about 10years, and I still consider myself a newbie, as I am always learning. I have owned a few different breeds, but mostly QH, I don't always look at papers I look at the horse, does it have good conformation, has it done anything, is it in good health, does it need more training. Knowing this I would never choose some of the horses that she has, the ones that I have seen that she has posted previously look lame to me some major conformation flaws and so on, and she boasts about being around horses all her life. I just do not think she is qualified to tear down another persons animal.

You hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of your own eye; and then shall you see clearly to cast out the mote out of your brother's eye.

seaview said...

Even if she were qualified to point out conformational faults, she doesn't need to be so nasty about it. It's completely classless.

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

I agree she is very nasty!! One of the many reasons I stoped reading her site. I don't think she is alll that! LOL I don't think she is qualified to tear anyone down, when her VLC looks as he does.

Horse 101 said...

"hypocrite" kept screaming in the back of my head as I read yesterday's Fugly post. Especially after I found the info on the VLC off of the breeder's web site. I will admit that his yearling picture isn't bad... for a roping/rodeo horse.
And if Cindy Sabre (or whaterver his dam's name is) is a full sister to a 2,000 point AQHA champion, why on Earth was the mare not shown???
The bad behavior isn't an excuse, quite a few show horses are hell on wheels and are still campaigned.

FWOTD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FWOTD said...

Sorry, deleted last comment due to edit.

Horse101- VLC dam, Sindy Sabre, also had chronic stifle and hock issues along with her explosive and hormonal behavior. She was sent back to her owners several times from trainers because of this.

VLC is almost everything Cathy preaches against. She is either a really bad hypocrite or this is a really bad barn blindness episode.

Horse 101 said...

Oh yeah, forgot about the leg issues.

From what I can piece together, Cathy probably bought Cecil right before or at the beginning of starting FHOTD. She must have really thought she had something to verbally destroy other people's horses when she had that in her barn.
He's an '05 model, the breeders have the yearling pic ('06) and there's a statement about another pic from "last May" (maybe '07 so they sold him in 2008)?
I have to partly blame the breeder too. If they had him until he was 3, he should have been gelded long before Cathy got him. Any time we have a colt that makes it past about 14 months with limited interest, he loses his balls.
Not to mention, he should have been green broke too. So again she's going back on what she preaches by buying a 3 year old with no training.

FWOTD said...

Horse 101-
His breeders/previous owners probably kept him intact so they could breed him. As much as Cathy preaches about how there's no excuse for oops babies unless there is crappy fencing or the owner puts the stallion on a mare fence line- I'm thinking that VLC's colts aren't just "OOPS". Previous owner probably purposefully bred the VLC wanting to get some more large buckskin colts from him. Either way, a horse has no reason breeding before the age of 3, let alone the age of 2- whether it's a mare or stallion. I guess this would make the VLC's previous owner BYB- so I'm wondering why they haven't made it onto FHotD since Cathy is clearly against BYB! Either way you crack the egg- whether it's crappy fencing or purposefully bred babies- that would mean the VLCs previous owners were no better than a BYB.

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

FWOTD- Great observations!!! I just don't see how she can point her fingers at people when she is doing the same excat thing??!!! LOL

Horse 101 said...

Ok, I'm bored at work so I pulled some AQHA records. The date of sale for Big Yellow Cadi (VLC) was 3/6/2008 so Cathy bought an untrained stallion that she knew had already been bred.

She told the breeder that she would have him under saddle and showing Spring/Summer of 2008. Obviously that didn't happen. She said by Spring 2009, she would be jumping him. Again, a no go.

The VLC's one and only son was born 5/27/2008 so Cathy has had plenty of time to evaluate that colt. It appears as if the breeder of the VLC "test bred" him as a 2 year old since the dam of Moose is one of their broodmares. I can't look up filed stallion reports so I guess he could be expecting 2009 foals if they owned him into March.

lazytrainer said...

Did she really and truly just rip on Man O' War? Am I the only one who's blinking in pure astonishment at this?

A horse has to have a certain fire to be able to preform as well as that horse did. So yes, he may have been "rank", but in those days it was certainly just a sidenote to winning, and what people bred for was the game.

I can't believe she actually took a hit on Man O' War. I've seriously lost that ounce of dwindling respect I was trying to cling on to for her.

Shinenstarlight said...

I just cannot believe how stupid and hypocritical this woman is....every time she opens her mouth!!!!

bucky said...

I was dumbfounded again by what she has posted.
Yet again she bashes and admonishes others when she herself has done the same thing she is preaching against.
The Pedigree.

I looked at VLC's pedigree. Sorry, didn't flip my dress up any. Pretty *yawn*. I sure as hell wouldn't breed a pedigree like that! I'd REALLY be ashamed to be boasting too.

Her claims that VLC could be in the halter ring right now...sheeeeyeah...maybe in a local fair.
My mare has more beef than he does! Like I've said before, he may not be gelded but he sure does look the pansy part. Aint nothin' 'manly' to him. Priss.

Man O War was ill tempered and 'rank' because the ground training is not there. They ran him then stalled him. That's all he knew. People that handled him were scared of him and he knew it. He played that against them so that is why he acted the way he did. He was smart and this was his only way to amuse himself. To scare the piss out of his groomers/handlers/trainers/riders. He loved every second. So he wasn't rank. He had scared and timid handlers. My opinion from working with the stallions I have and from the readings on Man O War I have seen.

Here everyone is mad because we 'picked on' VLC. So why is it ok for her to pick on peoples horses? She calls them a POS. She can do that but anyone else is not allowed to?
OMG...someone doesnt like Cathy's opinion????
The internet is going to crash!
What about most of those rescues? From what I see....they all look pretty crappy and 'grade' types to me. Nothing that screams "I'm gonna win ya some bucks!"
So why aren't those deemed a POS? AHHHHH..cuz those are rescues. She gets DONATIONS for those right? THAT is the diff! IF she gets $ then 'oh they awe sooo kyooooot'
If someone else owns them that are not a member of her website.."what a VLC would.."
right? Is that how it is?

For the 'full sister to/full brother to' it's the bloodline. You get a discount in breeding price if it's the full brother/full sister.
One stud may be a huge money maker and the other is hangin out in the field. Same blood. Just one didn't make it to show. Breed to the one in the field for half the money and have the same blood as the one in the showring.
BUT..the one in the field may have a 'fault' that isn't in the one in the showring.
So who normally chooses the horse that is cheaper, not shown? Ummmm...I THINK they call that back yard breeding. Don't they?

seaview said...

That's what bothers me,too, Bucky-I just can't believe someone who truly loves horses can refer to one as a POS simply because she doesn't care for its conformation. The poor horse didn't do really makes me sad to see an innocent animal get made fun of just because it's not perfect.

roanhorse said...

I swear, the posters on FHOTD are all tweakers!!!

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

LOL RoanHorse!!!! LOL Those are some of the MOST jcked up people I have ever met!! LOL