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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

UGH- her!

So today there is a post on how fugly(Cathy) thinks her posts prove that there should be a test and license needed for horse ownership and breeding!

So does that mean you CATHY need to have a license cause I know quite a few people who would vote the gelding bus stop at your place! Yes, I know- "but I'm not going to breed unless he wins in the show pen!" But come on- he's almost 4 years old and hasn't been sent to training. On top of that, the dam of Cathy's stallion Big Yellow Caddi had reoccurring hock and stifle issues. Which is funny, cause didn't Big Yellow Caddi(VLC) just heal from a stifle injury? Also a note from the breeder of the VLC's dam- Sindy Sabre was overly hormonal and prone to charging, bucking, kicking, and rearing episodes on the lead line, in the corral, and under saddle. A yellow warning sign had to be placed on her stall and run in as reminder to others that she could strike or bite. She broke down often with hock and stifle injuries and went through several trainers who all had issues with her and one trainer who worked with her in the late 90's even stated she was, " not trainable, unruly, and would not make a fit showhorse/broodmare."
Now remind me, what is Cathy's take on breeding overly hormonal and bad dispositioned horses?

And sure those stallions from Arkansas that Cathy listed today would be better geldings. But guess what Cathy- SO WOULD YOURS! For two stallions that are ages 20 and 21 they look REALLY GOOD aside from the palomino having a sway back and being a bit coon footed I didn't notice anything in particular that could cause the little black stud from being a nice older packing/trail gelding.(note that I said gelding) No they don't have the best conformation, not a horse I would put in my barn, but they are obviously well cared for and from the photos looked like kind, pleasing horses.

As for the woman who was leading her horses on the road from the truck, I know plenty of large ranches that bring horse's in from pasture and down their drive on 4 wheelers, trucks, and hoopies. From the look of the rode the woman was on(and since I'm from Texas) it is a Private Road. My property is set up on a private road as well with 450 acres on the other side of the PR from my house and main barns. PR in Texas normally only have 1-3 properties connecting to ONE PR. It's not as if those horse's were in real danger of being run over and both obviously were well handled and easy to lead. Notice how if you go to the video now you see all of Fugly Wanna-bes posting all their F**ktards and @$$hats. Oh yeah, cause obscene name calling is so mature and clearly going to get a point across, right? I'm sure if fugly hadn't posted it, no one would have found it and people wouldn't be pretending to make a huge fuss.

For the men walking their horse's down the steep creek trap, COME ON! It's not a 50 ft cliff. Cattle men and ranchers in the past have gone down those same steep slopes that are even BIGGER than that going after loose cattle. The horse's didn't appear to be rushed down or forced to leap down the trap and both ended up safely at the bottom. HOW COME SOMETHING RANCHERS HAVE DONE FOR DECADES IS NOW DEEMED HORRENDOUS? Why, cause Cathy doesn't agree with it?


roanhorse said...

A big AMEN and BRAVO!!!!!! Applause!!!!

Same here....ranch country, posted highways stating "livestock on highway" usually from ranchers in our area moving upwards of a 1,000 pair and a few horses thrown in, from one section of land to another....outriders and riders in the drag position.

The only reason Cathy, dear, doesn't "approve", she's naive and a dude. Lets have her tend fence for one complete section...we'd never see her again!!!! Yah!!!

Anonymous said...

lol...some people who thought that those people riding down the hill should try riding in the badlands of South Dakota...we constantly had to go down steep inclines like that and it's not like those people were kicking their horses and running down at break neck speeds. They took the time to make sure the horse could see where it was going.When they were compared to the Snowy River movie, I was expecting to see a horse going full Maybe she didn't like it cause she's not use to riding out of a arena?

ReinerShine said...

Here's something funny though...Cathy doesn't sic any of her readers on anyone...she has absolutely no control over what anyone does. If you feel attacked by her "minions" then that has nothing to do with has to do with a few people who got carried away.
I would also like to know how her techniques are silly and abusive. What examples do you have of that? I'd also like to know what problem she's causing in the horse world. She rescues, helps re-home, and helps with an awful lot of fund raising events for rescue horses. I'm not sure why that's bad or why she needs to be out of the horse world. So what, she happened to create a blog that grew in popularity. Good for her! Because of her blog, there is a lot more info out there and some people are finally getting a clue.
By the way, you should visit the Message Board (free speech horse forum). You'd be surprised to find that NOT EVERYONE agrees with her all of the time, just like you. I'd venture to say that there's probably not ONE person/follower of hers that agrees with her on EVERYTHING.

Sounds like you've been featured and now have a chip on your shoulder. You having this blog is just as immature as the people you're calling immature for using profanities. I honestly thought you were some ticked off teenager until I saw that you've owned your oldie for 29 years. Doesn't look very good on your part.

You should visit the message board. I think you'll change your mind when you see that her "followers" DO think for themselves most of the time and don't just follow her around like sheep.

samantha said...

At the San Antonio rodeo last year, some contestants were ponying 4 and 5 horses out of a truck window from the practice arena to the trailers to untack. Maybe not the safest but the horses were obviously used to it and it was not a problem.
And another pet peeve of mine is barbed wire. I see NO problem with having barbed wire and horses, According to Cathy, I should not own horses because my pastures are fenced in barbed wire. Well, guess what? I've had only one fence injury and it would have happened no matter what fence we had up at the time.
I don't like bw for very small paddocks but who the hell can afford to rip out all of their fences and install no-climb fence on 200+ acres. Not to mention, many Texans run horses and cattle together and I'd like to see someone keep cattle in slick wire.

FWOTD said...

ReinerShine- no I've never been featured on her blog(with a 32 year old horse that looks like that do you think I would be?), never will be because I actually have common sense and take care of my horses. And you're pretty dense if you think that because of her blog people are getting a clue! No people are just finding more people to go after and harrass. And I said some, not all of her readers were followers. I know that many do think for themselves. That information was already out there BEFORE FHOTD. Horses were still getting rescued BEFORE FHOTD.
(By the way, the comment under the blog title was a spoof on FHOTD. Go look on that one and compare.)

Are there still abused horses? Yes, in fact in the past year and half the number of abused/neglect horses has gone up- not down.
Is there still a horse overpopulation? Heck yes.

How is her blog abusive- she sends her readers on a witch hunt. Giving them addresses, email addys, and phone numbers so they can not only attack their email inbox, but their phone with obscene messages. Some of these people weren't featured as a horse abuser but instead were DAs, attorneys, and county clerks. Receiving phone calls that they better do something about such and such person because if they don't they are just as bad as the person doing bad and they would make sure that his name was only associated with it. I've heard of some people even receiving death threats and threats to harm or injure friends and family through phone and email. If that's not abusive I don't know what is.

If you want to see that some of her followers don't think for themselves. Go look at the youtube video of the lady leading her horses with the truck or the men walking their horses down the creek trap that FHOTD put up yesterday. Those people wouldn't have found that video otherwise and probably wouldn't have even thought anything about it had they come across it. But because FHOTD didn't like what was being done, many of her readers posted on youtube calling the person profane names.

And like I said earlier in this blog Reinershine. I don't mind her posting about rescues and outing people that are capable of doing further harm to more horses- such as Sam and Dean who keep shapeshifting and conning. I don't mind that at all.
I do mind when she gets on her soapbox and throws insults and profanities- then turns around and does almost the exact SAME thing but because she puts a nice shiney explaination everyone thinks its not the same. Such as her talking about the overpopulation of horses and people standing stallions that should be geldings- but turn around and she has a mediorce stallion herself but because,"He's not going to breed unless he does well in the show ring and even then she's going to carefully select the mares". You would think that a person who has issues with horse overpopulation would be gelding her own stallion no matter if he wins in the show ring. Just because he MAY have wins doesn't mean his potential GET are any safer from slaughter or abusive homes. I have several geldings that do just as well in the show ring and at the end of the day they get to live a normal horse life in a herd and not have to worry about preping and breeding.
Honestly, I could care less if you think this blog is immature. I made it first as a joke between friends. But it's just a blog that's a sounding board for people who don't agree with everything FHOTD says. I don't see how it makes me look bad on my part- I'm not sitting here calling names and using profanities every other sentence. I'm simply putting truth and another side out there.

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

Bravo!! Bravo!!!! I bet her & her brainless sheep hate you!!! LOL Because you speak the TRUTH!!!!! I love it!! Keep up the good work!!!! LOL

ReinerShine said...

I get your point, FWOTD. You've made a lot of good points. But I hate to say it (and it's started already with some of the comments I've seen here in just a few short days), that pretty soon YOUR "minions" will be acting just like hers.

Your followers are already calling Fugly's "brainless sheep" but they don't look much different than yours right now. And I can bet they will probably be going to those videos, other blogs, etc and acting in the same manner toward the Fugly posters that the Fugly posters acted at first. It's started already.

Lots of people don't agree with everything she says. You should see how many people on her MB (which, btw, she renamed in order to "disown" it because she didn't like how it was going) feel that she gets too carried away and that her VLC should be a VLG. LOTS of people think Champ should be euthed. There are tons of disagreements...I honestly think that's why she disowned the MB to begin with...the board has the same core beliefs as Fugly but not as....strict. As a matter of fact, you'd probably quite like it over there. I invite you to at least lurk a while and see what you think. It seems you've already got some fans there.

luvmymare said...

I have to say that I don't always agree with her but she makes many good points and I have learned a lot from the blog.

The woman who ponies those horses from that SUV is not doing them any favors. I don't see anything wrong with ponying from a vehicle but there are some serious problems with the way that she is doing it. Frirst - no haltes, a noose around their neck tied to the bumber. Not incredibly dangerous, but could cause injury if they slip on the pavement. Secondly, she has a VERY lame horse she is making trot on pavement - bad, bad, bad.

As far as the guys making their horses go down those drop offs - ranchers may need to but these guys are seeking out these drop off simply to go down them. It's not as they HAVE to, but they repeatedly do it just for fun. They have multiple videos with the same thing happening with unsafe footing. An unnecessary risk.

I DO NOT agree with people going on there and leaving comments with profanity and name calling. Cathy cannot control this, but she has to know it's going to happen when she posts the link.

bucky said...

What I don't understand is how someone can say "no barbed wire" and have no idea about ranching. Ranchers have hundreds, if not thousands of acres. Both cattle and horses are grazed together most times or rotate around. Does she really think that they are going to fence both cattle and horses in with wood fencing? Could you imagine the price?

What about hot walkers? They are tied to a 'vehicle' that has potential of causing great harm if the horse freaks out. At least with a car ponying them to the next area, the person can let go, or if they are tied to the truck the truck is heavy enough to hold them tight and not break apart. Not something I would practice but if this is how they trained their horses and it's protocol for be it.

Ok, sure, constantly taking the horse down a steep embankment isn't great but what if that horse is actually being conditioned? You don't know what is going on.
A passerby can see me with my hand up my geldings sheath and assume all kinds of things.

To me...FHOTD seems to always be looking for things to complain about and to bash peop.....and never wanting to listen to anyone elses opinions. That is why I quit reading her blogs. Too one sided.

But that's me.

roanhorse said...

Reinershine: Sorry, I can't jump on the band wagon when naive comments are made in the Fugly wench column. There are a ton of them. Until this individual gets some years under her belt and becomes a horseman, the key word here is "horseman" her knowledge is limited and her minions and their snarky comments prove it. Birds of a feather flock.

She's gonna stand an inferior stud, she thinks, to back yard horse people and she then becomes part of the problem...sad thing is, she can't see it. "Barn Blind".

As I stated previously, there are horsemen in this world with a ton of experience and general knowledge who would put her comments and experience to shame. 'nuff said.

ReinerShine said...

roanhorse...what band wagon? You've already jumped on this one. And your immature comments aren't very becoming of you.

I'm sure she's not the best or most knowledgeable horseman in the world, just like I'm sure you're not.

Personally, I don't think her stud should be a stud either. Guess what though...there's a lot of her "followers" who don't think he should be either. SURPRISE!!
She's her own person and is entitled to her own opinions. Yes, sometimes she contradicts herself but who doesn't. So long as she's not breeding her stallion right now, who gives a crap what she does with HER horse. Now if she wants to breed him and he hasn't proven himself..then yes, I will be pretty blown away. I personally don't think he looks anything like what's winning in the AQHA WP or even HUS classes nowadays and probably will not be able to compete at that level.

But're no less of a minion than Fugly's followers are to her. I will tell you this...the most active posters on her blog's comment section are the "craziest" of her followers. The ones on the MB are nothing like all. They are not the ones calling breeders and making a fuss UNLESS IT'S CALLED FOR.
Like just recently, a photo of a STARVING yearling was posted. A bunch of members got some info together in order to have someone look into it FOR THE HORSE'S SAKE. Not to be a "minion."

I think you and a few others like you (Hannah, AmericanMadeMorgans..) are a little too quick to jump on THIS bandwagon and you're no better than the Fugly followers for some of the immature, mindless comments you've posted so far. At least FWOTD can argue sensibly and with valid points. You and others like you do nothing but throw in childish comments.

roanhorse said...'s things for sure you're CHEAP assume a lot for one who knows NOTHING of the participants on this blog. You have an AGENDA(S)which would be YOUR problem...And no less than calling the kettle black. Such a hypocrite. And you're are simply another snarky runaway from the Fugly Wench column. The wench is knowledable??? Hardly...tells me how little you do know. Valid points..? In a pig's eye. Immature and mindless, speak of yourself dearie. And quit wasting time and space on this column as you have nothing to say of any value.....go back from whence you came. And you'd have us believe you're a horseman.....not by any stretch.
Spread your arrogance elsewhere. Thank you. Phfffft.

TexasPaint said...

I can see why the video of them men on those horses was upsetting. Watch a few more of their's and you will see them forcing scared horses over things I would not ask my experienced trail horse to take if he refused. I've seen far more challanging on endurance rides and cross country courses, but it is the mentality that goes behind it that upsets me. One video one of the riders is drinking a can of beer and forcing an obvious young horse to jump a log from a creek onto dry land. Not good.

Hannah said...

reainershine said So long as she's not breeding her stallion right now, who gives a crap what she does with HER horse.

Well she has made it a public affair, by posting his information and continued training on his very own blog, she has opened herself up to this sort of opinion. She has made it public that she has a second rate stallion, the exact same thing that she originally made her blog about...we are doing the exact same thing to her that she does to hundred of other people, but with less obscene language and rudeness, if she wants to keep any kind of respect, she needs to geld the one thing that she is so against...until then she's just the pot and they're the kettle and they're both black!

FWOTD said...

Texaspaint- I didn't see the other videos posted by them. I just learned the basics of click and pray the computer pulls it up without crashing so that was the only video I saw of theirs. Based on that one alone, I couldn't understand the hype about it. I've gone down steep traps like that with my horses bringing in cattle. I wouldn't recommend any inexperienced rider to challenge a creek trap like that. But what I picked up from that one video is the horses seemed willing and able- even if the rider wasn't as smart as the horse.

ReinerShine said...

Hannah and guys are the entertainment. I have no agenda and I haven't done anything on here to make it seem so. Sure, the first comment I ever made here sounded like that, but I've read more into this blog and, IN CASE YOU DIDN'T NOTICE, I said that it has valid, good points.
What part of that don't you understand? I RARELY even read FHotD anymore because to be honest it's getting on my nerves. I do go to the forum, but the forum isn't NEARLY as bad as the blog. It's actually fun and people are allowed to have different opinions.
How am I a hypocrite? Are you too dense to see that I'm sitting here saying that I LIKE this blog and AGREE with the points???
And I know quite a bit thanks, but I never came over hear saying that Cathy was THE GREATEST HORSEPERSON EVERRRRR. I said she was knowledgeable. You can't deny that she DOES know a thing or two about horses. Maybe you don't agree with her on how she runs her blog, but that doesn't change the fact that she knows certain things.
And once again, I will reiterate since you seem to be a bit slow on the comprehension....I DON'T AGREE WITH EVERYTHING SHE SAYS/DOES. As a matter of fact, I probably disagree with her on more than half of what she preaches. Is that clear? I'm not some minion, sheep, wench or whatever other stupid name you can muster up. I came across this blog because I saw it posted somewhere else (NOT even relating to FHOTD in any way).
And hey roanhorse...I said that FWotD has VALID POINTS...not FHOTD. Holy cow...
I truly would like to know how old you are. It's quite amusing. You can't be more than 14 or 15. And if you are, it's really sad because you SOUND like you are 14 or 15...actually you even give a lot of 14 and 15 year olds a bad name.

roanhorse said...

AAAHHHH Reiner.....two words describe you....'etre ignorant....and you, how long in the tooth?....

Yes, you're amusing....She "does know a thing or two about horses" dear she's no Bob Avila, Todd Bergen, Tim McQuay or Al Dunning...sell that manure to someone else....she's a knave in the woods. Now try to compare her "knowledge" to these established world reknown top ten ain't gonna happen.

Be off with you little fairy and your blow up dolly. You're a waste of time.

TexasPaint said...

I too have gone down steep grades like those in the video. But still name calling is not going help, I agree %100. Even if that typer of person reason is a waste, name calling lowers you to their level. Like the spat above. Why name call? I have heard more mature agruements from my 9 year old and her playmates. This is more along my 6 year old sons's stupid head comments. Seriously, Fugly has done some good things, but I am tired of seeing breeds bashed. I have some nice foundation AQHA and an awesome TB mare myself. I love all horses, fugly or superstars!

fatlip241 said...

I appreciate everyone's posts and like all views, I also appreciate the writing style of FWOTD as it is presented in an intelligent respectful way, minus the fucktarts and asshats. Freedom of speech is a right that everyone should enjoy and because you feel someone post's in an immature manner, its still their right to post. I like the fact that FUGLY now has to answer for her hypocritical and omnipotent personality and IMO is all good. If you are in the public eye and preach..."Do as I say and not as I do" you should be called on it....God complex comes to mind.

Hannah said...

reinerShine said "How am I a hypocrite? Are you too dense to see that I'm sitting here saying that I LIKE this blog and AGREE with the points???

I never recall, naming you as a hypocrite....are you that insecure that you would, start bullying yourself....

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

Dam Reinershine you sure do defend Cathy..... why??? We are entitled to our opinions as you are. Good little sheep!!!! You sure you defend that hypocrite!!!!! LOL How do you know she does send any of her "readers" to bashs anyone???? You mean she has never sent YOU to bash anyone. How can you say that?? Are you friends with her?????

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

I would rather be "FWOTD" sheep then "fuglys" sheep! At least I KNOW "FWOTD" has a brain she is NOT a hypocrite. I know she knows more about horses & what she is talking about then 95% of the sheep on fuglys. I KNOW she knows what she is talking about!!! I KNOW everything that she says is the truth. Not like fugly, rude, I'm god complex, awful mouth, bashing, & the biggest of all hypocrite!!!!!!!

TexasPaint said...

For the record I like what Fugly has done, and I too feel she has a good amount of horsemanship. However, her indiscriminate bashing of breeds and sometimes people upsets me. For example a rescue of mine had been posted a year ago, her before pictures. They neglected her after pictures and bashed me starving the filly... One of my friends saw and jumped on them. I took that filly at death's door and spent many nights nursing her back to health. I will be more then happy to put up pictures etc. Point is it is good to help out horses and the industry, but once you start becoming such a public icon there is a way to present yourself, or at least in my humble opinion.

AmericanMadeMorgans said...

TexasPaint, You still read fugly after they bashed you for something you did not do?? & After you saved the horses life...??? See another reason I do not care for her"I'm god mentality". You did some thing good & they bashed you.... hummmmm That just goes to FWOTD's point!!!!!

TexasPaint said...

Keep you friends close and your enemies even closer I guess. There are a few educated folks on their I like to read. Though I noticed Mugwump has stopped posting their. I think someone's comment about the presentation fail of that little QH stallion and being cow horse really got to her. Mugwump is a darn good horsewoman from what I have read.
Normally I can not keep up with much of it, but I tried very hard to break my ankle Monday, so I am restricted in what I do. I even started my own blog.

bucky said...

I have to admit I didn't get to see that video. I'm out in the middle of nowhere so I don't have cable. Loading vids are out of the question :(

I was assuming by the commentary.

Now..I've seen those 'games' that the Indians do...running their horses down that steep embankment. I feel that is very wrong.
But teaching a cow horse to do manage this grade so when they are out on a job he won't cause a problem would be safe to do.
But then I didn't see the vid so have no idea what these guys were doing.

roanhorse said...

Saw the horse going down the embankment. I say, if you're comfortable with it, your horse knows how to handle this...isn't new to them..then proceed. This isn't my thing...I'll leave it to those adventurous souls. However, I'd challenge anyone to come off a ledge and straight down a mountain which I did not long ago. Thank god for a moxy, athletic AQHA gelding. Was a tricky descent. Like anything else, takes time to develop a great trail horse.

fatlip241 said...

LOL, Ya Im the pansy type....We used to board out a ways from our house and choose there because of the land and the trail riding....sheer drop offs into rivers...that kind of trail riding....yaaaahhh I didn't last long, white knuckle riding isn't for me at my age...and straight up and down hills with switchback just made me sick to my stomach.....Ill stick with a nice WP horse and a safe arena.....can you say puss!

bucky said...

I know for one that my mare would give it a whirl! She just loves obstacles. Hills, cliffs, embankments, logs, "texas 3 steps" retaining walls, deep mud, running water...
You show it to her and she is all "can I, huh? Can I? Lets go, come on, can I? Don't wuss out, can I huh huh huh huhuhuhuhhuhuhhuhuh?????"

My mare is pure ranch! Gotta hog tie her to make her rest!

fatlip241 said...

LOLOLOL, What a great ride those horses are! Dont get me wrong I love trail riding Im just not as ambitious as I used to be and being 45 am not into the thrill seeking as i was....but a nice trail with some hills and obstacles...yes for sure!

Roxmysox said...

Re: the bank descent video
Yes I saw that and wondered what was the big deal - I have done siomilar stuff ( okay maybe not QUITE so big but similar all the same) If the horse was unhappy it would have shown it.
Riding isn't all level ground and arenas ( apologies to Fatlip)