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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is she really all that surprised?

So I went through many more of FHOTD posts and can't help but hear how surprised she is when she gets an auction report. I read through her long rant on this one and was scratching my head.

What she wrote is in bold white.

FHOTD- "1. How did your 2008 foals sell? If they sold for 3 figures or less each - you have absolutely no business making more of them in this economy. None. Please ride your mares instead. Stop blaming the economy for your poor sale prices instead of blaming your poor quality stock and/or your sloppy presentation/poor marketing/laziness about training for your poor sale prices."

Um, just last month my local auction had an own daughter of Smart Chic O'lena walk through with a colt at her side by One Time Pepto. The mare had NCHA and NRHA money earned and was a very pretty a correct mare, however she had a front leg injury that left her unable to compete. The colt was healthy and was roaning out.
My friend purchased the pair for a whopping $850. So yes, even horse's papered up a storm with money earned aren't catching a fair price. My friend contacted the previous owner of the mare and asked why she was sold aside from the leg injury. The previous owners response was, "Hay is to high, horses are to low! After having her on horse sale websites for months and paying all the fee's to have her ad featured we had to take it down because we already lost to much money trying to market her.

FHOTD-"4. Serious question to ask: Do I have the time, energy, desire to deal with weanlings? Weanlings are a pain in the ass. We all know it. Hell, I've owned one in my life and one was enough. Unless you are really consistent about working with them, they forget you taught them to pick up feet, not run you over, clip, tie, etc. Really, do you want to spend next summer trying to convince another group of rank little SOB's that they want to lead forward instead of flip over or would it be a relief to have nothing out there but old broke horses that you can let sit for months when you are busy and then hop back on without any drama? Weanlings take energy and I see a lot of people making them who don't have enough energy to deal with them."

I don't know what kind of weanlings you have been raising, but mine have been a pleasure to train and be around- not something I would be calling a pain in the @$$. Must be some pretty crappy ones there Cathy for you to refer to them as rank SOBs. If you breed right, feed right, and vet right most people have very little issues with their weanlings other than the normal first try drama. If treated right and given the proper rest and nutrition weanlings and yearlings should be retaining what is taught and not forgetting it the next time it's asked. If those type of weanlings are what you are use to Cathy, I suggest either going over your training program with a fine tooth comb, evaluate diets, or find some better bred horses that are smart and willing. I suggest you give a foundation quarter horse a try.**smile**

FHOTD-"10. If you can read this list and you're still in good shape, go for it. I will never be an anti-breeding radical. "

Don't know which blog you're reading, but I would define you as a breeding radical or extremist. You still bash people and their horses even if they are able to support themselves and their hobby- but I guess it really only matters what you think of yourself, eh? In PETA's eyes they aren't terrorists. However, many countries would disagree.


Hannah said...

lol if she's not extreme then i pity the person is....

Hannah said...

who is***

bucky said...

I have no idea where she's coming from at all!

I have seen many of those sales and like you mentioned, top of the line quality horses were run through. These horses, in a normal day and time would fetch anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000 easy. Like you said again...They were lucky to clear an even $800 for ONE of these high prized horses! I wish I had the $ to have picked one up! Criminy, some people around here have been hit so hard by the economy they are giving away their breeding stock and the colts! Not even trying to sell. Just handing them over! (Not stock I'd call quality though)

As for the weanlings, that is the best part! Training that little guy, teaching him new things and watching his eyes open wide and sparkle when he gets what you are saying. When he understands the communication you have.
I'm going to say that Cathy isn't a ground trainer...more of an in the saddle type of gal.
Leading a weanling and they flip over, ya doin' it wrong! Rank? Had one rank colt and it was because he inherited those genes from his dam.
I had over 11 colts and 15 fillies in 2 years. Only the one was nasty. The others, I had them giving to pressure and taking steps backwards by the time they were 6 months old. By the time they were 8 months old they learned to disengage the hind end and cross over on the front.
I will come to the conclusion she just didn't know how to communicate and train a weanling.
They are my absolute favorite!

Anti breeding radical? That's all I've seen from FHOTD.

TexasPaint said...

You know my weanling retain what they have been taught. Not sure what kind of rank weanling she has worked with. Sheesh, some babies are all drama, and then there are those like my Ivan who just take everything in stride.

fatlip241 said...

What a very closed minded blanket statements....I assume she has never worked in a huge breeding facility before....250 horses 20 Stallions.....I assume be so narcissistic about everything.....Im not sure ive ever heard her utter a positive thing about the horse business except that is all because you are an asshats and and fucktard that we are at where we are.....I agree..."Profanity is the crutch of the conversationally crippled" What gives her the right to be so judgmental??? Dont get it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've never had any problem with weanlings. I love doing ground's my favorite part.

One thing, I wonder, does Fuglies anger on her website carry over to real life? What do some of you think?

roanhorse said...

Wazzoo, (Fuglie's anger), has to effect her overall life and it carries over directly to her column. The woman, Cathy, is so highly reactive that I wonder how the hell she functions in daily activities. Obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Ain't a healthy thing.

This I know from living where I do...we have some wonderful rescue organizations here. One of which is owned and managed by a friend of mine. Her "adoptees" are either given to her organization by individuals who can no longer afford to feed them, are purchased at auction by private parties to get them away from the kill buyers, and then given to her organization, or volunteers of her organization locate horses in desperate need of rescue and get the wheels turning to get them out of their present predicament. Each horse at her facility, there presently 85 of them, receives daily one on one from her volunteers to enhance their adoptability.

One thing I've come to accept...there are those horses that we cannot rescue, we can give it our very best shot and just miss on saving them. As long as we continue to try and do what we can for them, what more can you ask of people?

Being a raving maniac will not change the outcome. We need more people like my friend, Joan, who, by the way, just received a $5,000 donation from Willie Nelson as his daughter lives in our area and she apprised her father of Joan's efforts and continuing need of monetary donations for hay.

For those of you who care to look, her organization is known as "Equine Outreach", Bend, Oregon. Google it and go to her website to see what she has done. Commendable.

fatlip241 said...

Yea......can we say anger management classes....well maybe her blog is her class but God what a Cow to be married too.....Im sure she has a meek, mild mannered gelding that rarely speaks out of place....LMAO!

Hannah said...

Fatty said Im sure she has a meek, mild mannered gelding that rarely speaks out of place....LMAO!

well she would if she freakin gelded the thing!!!!!

FWOTD said...

Okay Fat- now that cracked me up. I just fell to pieces! LMAO.