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Friday, January 23, 2009

PUHLEASE! Pick another topic!

How many times do we have to link over to FHOTD just to read about Dean Soloman and her tacky appearance and inability to properly photoshop her @$$? She's sounding a like a broken record and so are you! Half of your readers don't even know who the people you blog about are, the other half are either locals and enjoying the statewide, countywide, or city wide gossip on a woman that most of us figured out about 20 or more blogs about her ago that she doesn't need to be dealing with horses. Cathy, no matter how many times you blog about her, it's not going to change who she is. I know that your blog may make differences to rescues- but it doesn't change who people are. Dean is still going to be Dean and do what she's always done. And quite frankly, if people are dumb enough to help Dean, then they are dumb enough to go down with her. But please, you're almost sounding like Sam the CBER scammer with being so obsessed with what's going on with Dean. You can bash Dean all you want, but she's still going to find people to con out of their money(and if they give her money, they kind of deserve what's coming) and she's still going to find excuses to get more horses. By now, nothing Sam or Dean surprises me- so why not get back to how your blog use to be with more educating and less bashing and trying to be the first person to out so and so as a horrible horseman/woman?


TexasPaint said...

Personally I would like to see Dean in jail for a very long time, but like so many she most likely will get away. A different topic:
I think that trim is a little extreme. Maybe I am ingorant but why would you trim the outer walls to the sole? I was taught by an 80 year old cowboy, and he certainly did not do that. I would think it would make for bruising to be much easier if you are anywhere but an arena. He has a video link down at the bottom under watch this.

LoveMyHorses said...

People using the Strasser method of trimming have been arrested for animal cruelty and many horses have died as a result of this brutal method of trimming.

Here is one article I found

Strasser student fights conviction

H&H staff writer

7 September, 2006

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A Suffolk woman, convicted on cruelty charges linked to the "mutilation" of her pony's feet by "dogmatic adherence" to the Strasser barefoot method, has launched an appeal.

Mary Jo Kowalski, 52, of Baylham, was last week (30 August) banned from keeping equines for one year, given 100hr community service and ordered to pay £10,000 towards costs.

As welfare groups expressed disappointment at the leniency of the sentence, Mrs Kowalski lodged an appeal before Ipswich Magistrates Court.

The conviction against the student of the Strasser method, who was in e-mail contact with its German founder Dr Hiltrud Strasser marks the second case of its kind this year. Dr Strasser was called as a trial witness.

Both prosecutions involved the Strasser technique, casting grave concern on the unregulated practice of radical trimming.

Farriers Registration Council (FRC) secretary Miles Williamson-Noble said the question of throwing a national safety net over the practice of trimming, which falls outside the Farriers (Registration) Act 1975, was under discussion with the National Equine Welfare Council and British Equine Veterinary Association.

These talks could lead to voluntary regulation, a national code of practice and accredited training. Mr Williamson-Noble said radical trimming caused most concern as it was often done to treat conditions such as laminitis, as was the case in the two convictions.

In the first case, Warwickshire yard owner Fiona Dean, 43, was fined £1,500 and ordered to pay another £1,500 in costs, for causing unnecessary suffering to a horse in her care by using the Strasser method (news, 20 April).

"Anyone who takes a sound horse and trims its feet until it is in extreme pain is not concerned with that horse's welfare," said Mr Williamson-Noble.

Evidence from Mrs Kowalski's trial suggested she had become "mesmerised" by the teachings of Dr Strasser. The prosecution was mounted after the RSPCA seized her pony Brambles in July 2004. The mare was found with "mutilated hooves", walking with crossed legs, and barely able to move. She had to be put down.

According to the RSPCA, Brambles was suffering from chronic laminitis affecting both front feet, but instead of calling a vet, Mrs Kowalski rasped and trimmed the pony's hooves to the point of "mutilation".

Dr Strasser testified that, based on photographs, there was nothing to show trimming was excessive and that, merely, Brambles's hooves had "a good trim". She said a sick pony required fresh air, not painkillers.

bucky said...

Yanno..some people are going around saying that everyone that does a 'barefoot trim' is doing the Strasser trim!

I had some nasty messages about how I am an abuser because I don't shod my horses! WTF???

Now I see why..they are thinking all barefoot horses are trimmed this way 'because that is what FHoTD said'

*slapping forehead*

I'd not seen a good photo of how this trim is done, I just heard of how barbaric it is.
If anyone has some links that shows step by step of how it's done I'd love to see it.