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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cathy, enough of your psycho babble!

So, despite her saying she needn't respond to her "trolls" questions and opinions- SHE DID! How's that troll B-Gone working for you Cathy? Here's what Cathy had to say on her Very Large Colt blog.

Cathy is in bold Purple-

~"I have never bred the VLC and certainly cannot be held responsible for the fencing he was turned out on prior to my ownership."

For someone who is totally against the breeding of underage unshown stallions you sure did pick the right people to purchase your horse from. Cathy preaches and preaches about BYB, yet she herself ends up purchasing her stallion from one. Guess it's only a BYB if Cathy says it is.

~"He is either going to be competitive, or not and the only opinions I care about are those of the AQHA judges since those are the opinions that determine whether or not any future foals would be marketable."

Uh, no. Those judges probably won't be breeding any of their mares to your stallion- so in all honesty, it is the public that is going to determine whether or not his future foals are marketable. What is so wrong with admitting that your stallion is not stallion worthy and should be a gelding? There are tons of geldings that have a successful show career, it doesn't make them any less of a great horse just because they don't have ability to reproduce.

~"If you think a coming 4 year old is over the hill and it's "too late" for him to have a successful show career, our opinions on working young horses are so diametrically opposed that we're destined to think the other is an idiot no matter what other discussion takes place. If you think a 4 year old is done growing, you need to read more of Deb Bennett's work."

No one ever said it's "too late" for his show career. Most jumpers don't start theirs until after 5 years of age. I just said that at 4 years of age he should have already been promoted and on his way to training. Those successful stallion jumpers were promoted at a young age. Most AQHA HUS and WP horse's are in the show ring at age of 3 and at the latest 4 years of age. Don't believe me, go check AQHA rosters and show results. And Cathy- your poor 16.2 hh AT THE HIP stallion is done getting taller. He might bulk up, but sadly if his withers haven't caught up to his hind end by now- just admit to yourself that you have a horse with a downhill build. I don't remember anyone ever saying he won't have a successful show career. But I will say that I don't think he'll have a successful stallion career.

~"I could buy Indian Artifacts or Invitation Only tomorrow and there are people who would say they were POS's because they don't like the Fugly blog. That's why I'm happy to let the judges decide - they're the only opinions that matter."

No, both of those stallions have proven themselves in the show ring along with their GET. Comparing your VLC to those stallions was a pretty pathetic choice on your part Cathy! That's like me trying to compare Carrot Top to Tom Selleck and putting them in the same playing field.

~"And now I can link back to this blog entry the next time people bring up the same half-dozen questions that have already been answered."
Perhaps you yourself, Cathy should link yourself back to the dozen on top of dozen of posts where you bashed those BYB just so you can remind yourself where you got the VLC from. I think you feel you hold yourself to high standards, but from down here on level playing ground- you just look like another "hapless BYB wannabe".

Thursday, January 29, 2009

No kidding- she's for sale!

I wasn't all that surprised to see she would be back up for sale but it seems that if you have a nice mare that throws beautiful colorful colts and is a full sister to a 2000 AQHA point earner that you wouldn't want to get rid of her, right? Well unless she's a hormonal mess, unbroke, volatile, and chronically lame. Here is the VLC's dam Sindy Sabre, up for sale, yet again-

My guess is that the only way you can get a picture of this mare is to make sure she's eating otherwise don't you think they would find a way to get in there and take conformation and halter shots of the mare? Especially for $4,500! I have to say though, that from what I've heard of the mare, I wouldn't be to eager to get close to her either. But heck, at least quit breeding her. Just because she spits out big colorful KYOOOT babies if she's bred back to the same stallion doesn't mean you need to continue to breed her, especially since her last years filly is still up for sale for $4,000.
And do I even have to mention the fact that her ad Horse Description is purely about her full brother? I wonder when Cathy is going to feature this seller in her blog for purely promoting and selling based on color?

Blah-Blah Parelli Blah

Not much I can say about FHotD today since I hate Parelli NH with a firey passion. If I ever came into contact with that handle bar mustached man I'd probably beat him with his own carrot stick yelling like a terrorist,"It's a cattle prod." As for Linda, I'm convinced shes just there for the money. Sorry, but anyone who can't sit a saddle without their $400 pair of breeches with inlay leather- well they are just in the wrong sport. I would happily laugh my butt if I ever rode with Linda or Pat. They'd probably be sweet talking to their mount convincing them that jumping over the cattle patterned barrels is a great idea and that if they jump sloppy then surely their $400 breeches will keep them in that saddle. I'd just hang on the other side of the arena cutting cattle in my Wal Mart brand jeans wondering what level Parelli you have to be in order to even look at cattle.
And for anyone who likes Parelli. I'm very, very sorry- for you. Anyone who pays $300 for a stick with string, a special Parelli rope halter(cause you know a horse won't lead without one), and a big red ball are just nuts. Give me 5 minutes in Wal Mart and I'll have your Parelli starter kit ready and I'll only charge you $25.
Parelli is right up there with Ryan Gingerich in my books. They are a joke and it's very sad they get their own TV show, even if it's on a cable channel. I'd rather RFD show case real trainers like Al Dunning, Bob Avila, or Beezie Madden. Maybe then they wouldn't have to be filling in the horse slot with hour long Clinton Anderson segments.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh Cathy- how you do make me laugh!

Imagine my surprise when I let my fingers stroll over to FHotD and see Cathy harping on horses skirting by on their pedigree and bloodline. I mean, cause Cathy has room to talk about this, right?*snort*

FHotD is in bold green font.

~Today I feel compelled to comment, yet again, on the misguided idea many low end breeders have that it is somehow rare and special to have a horse that goes back to (insert name of Famous Horsie) in the fifth or sixth generation. This is constantly used as a justification for breeding these horses

AH Yes, because your own stallion's dam wouldn't fit into this category would she? Lets see, explosive mare, chronic stifle and hock issues- LETS BREED HER! Granted she has Boston Mac on her papers, but ride on coat tails much? She's only described as being full sister to such and such who won something.

~And yet, this marketing technique/breeding justification continues. I always think it must start with the horses being sold to the hapless BYB wannabe. "This is a great horse," says Joe HorseDealer. "He goes back to Man O'War!"

So what did that make you, Cathy, when you purchased the VLC as a stallion prospect?

~Unless you're breeding racehorses, I wouldn't be bragging about this. Man O'War was one of the rankest, most ill-tempered SOB's in history. If he hadn't been so fast, he would have been gelded.

From what I've been told, so was your(Cathy) stallions dam. Only reason she was bred was because some "HAPLESS BYB WANNABE" saw her and prayed that she didn't carry the agouti gene so she could spit out some colorful and KYOOT(double snort) babies.
And my guesses are Cathy, if the VLC wasn't buckskin, he would have been gelded.

~Oh, and then she goes on to say "His conformation is excellent--he could be in the halter ring now!" Um, I guess he could be in there...placing last.

Well, at least the VLC won't be the only one placing last. See Cathy, he'll have some company! BTW Cathy- have you checked out your own horses conformation? I have, in fact, I've seen basically your whole stock of sway backs and LOOOOONNNNGGGG bodied horses- so should you really ever be making ill comments on Foundation QH?

~WHO CARES? What have his parents and grandparents done? Oh yeah, eat and reproduce.

I reiterate my first comment. Prosecution has no further questions!

Cathy, you make this so easy!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trying to quiet the nay-sayers, are we?

Not only did I giggle furiously upon reading FHotD, but also when I read the VLC blog. I am declaring today National Out the Phony Wench Day. Could it be that Cathy is trying to quiet the nay-sayers in her VLC blog by telling everyone that Big Yellow Caddi(aka VLC) is finally going off for training? Then why all the secrecy? Why not name the trainer now if we're all going to find out if or when he goes to show? Could it be Cathy doesn't really have a trainer? Or could it be that she's afraid to name the trainer's name in case anyone should know the trainer and be able to get all the juicy dirt on the VLC's accomplishments or need I say it failures? If Cathy isn't embarrassed by the VLC, then why not name names?

Cathy also had this to say about the ever explosive and rebelling VLC colt, Bullwinkle-

~Regarding the baby Moose...none of us were born knowing how to work with a baby. I learned in the late 80s because I was working off my board at a barn that wanted me to longe their AQHA yearlings. This was in the era before round pens, LOL
~I had to go out to the large indoor arena and convince previously barely halter broke babies that they wanted to longe. This resembles water skiing behind the Road Runner as Wile E. Coyote is chasing him.
~If I failed, the baby typically did something like charge into the middle straight at me. Fun, fun! Babies bolted off down the wall and I had to practically sit down to hold them to the circle. It was the baby rodeo but it did teach me how to longe.

Hun, don't try and cover up the baby moose's(aka Bullwinkle) behavior as typical yearling behavior especially when it's been stated that his grand dam had the same issues throughout her training and I'm almost willing to bet that those oops colts of the VLC were either non accidental or the result of the same explosive and intolerant behavior. Bullwinkles owner openly stated that several people tried working with the incorrigible colt, with no success. When several people try working with an explosive colt with no success on things that have already been taught, then it's not something that can just be wrote off as miscommunication or normal behavior.
Cathy, I survived through the 60's, 70's and 80's. Round pens weren't rare. They were built out of wood, they were built out of pipe, even a few were built out of barbed wire- which I'm sure would make you shudder. I'm a 5'1'', 140 lb woman and never once was dragged behind a yearling, no matter how stout they were. To this day with my age, health, and size- I can still go out and longe a 1200 lb conditioned QH or TB that has never been longed in the open with out being drug all over the place. I even know 10 year olds that can successfully work and teach a weanling and yearling with very little issues.

I just wonder what Cathy is going to say when the Bullwinkle does something such as charging, rearing at, or purposefully kicks at his owner when she's doing something minor like trying to fetch him from a stall? I'm sure she'll just say "It's normal behavior, you have to try and think of what could be making the horse act this way- is he barn sour, did you come in his blind spot, was there a bee in his stall pestering him? Maybe he just needs some more round pen time before you try and take him into the real world!"

Friday, January 23, 2009

PUHLEASE! Pick another topic!

How many times do we have to link over to FHOTD just to read about Dean Soloman and her tacky appearance and inability to properly photoshop her @$$? She's sounding a like a broken record and so are you! Half of your readers don't even know who the people you blog about are, the other half are either locals and enjoying the statewide, countywide, or city wide gossip on a woman that most of us figured out about 20 or more blogs about her ago that she doesn't need to be dealing with horses. Cathy, no matter how many times you blog about her, it's not going to change who she is. I know that your blog may make differences to rescues- but it doesn't change who people are. Dean is still going to be Dean and do what she's always done. And quite frankly, if people are dumb enough to help Dean, then they are dumb enough to go down with her. But please, you're almost sounding like Sam the CBER scammer with being so obsessed with what's going on with Dean. You can bash Dean all you want, but she's still going to find people to con out of their money(and if they give her money, they kind of deserve what's coming) and she's still going to find excuses to get more horses. By now, nothing Sam or Dean surprises me- so why not get back to how your blog use to be with more educating and less bashing and trying to be the first person to out so and so as a horrible horseman/woman?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is she really all that surprised?

So I went through many more of FHOTD posts and can't help but hear how surprised she is when she gets an auction report. I read through her long rant on this one and was scratching my head.

What she wrote is in bold white.

FHOTD- "1. How did your 2008 foals sell? If they sold for 3 figures or less each - you have absolutely no business making more of them in this economy. None. Please ride your mares instead. Stop blaming the economy for your poor sale prices instead of blaming your poor quality stock and/or your sloppy presentation/poor marketing/laziness about training for your poor sale prices."

Um, just last month my local auction had an own daughter of Smart Chic O'lena walk through with a colt at her side by One Time Pepto. The mare had NCHA and NRHA money earned and was a very pretty a correct mare, however she had a front leg injury that left her unable to compete. The colt was healthy and was roaning out.
My friend purchased the pair for a whopping $850. So yes, even horse's papered up a storm with money earned aren't catching a fair price. My friend contacted the previous owner of the mare and asked why she was sold aside from the leg injury. The previous owners response was, "Hay is to high, horses are to low! After having her on horse sale websites for months and paying all the fee's to have her ad featured we had to take it down because we already lost to much money trying to market her.

FHOTD-"4. Serious question to ask: Do I have the time, energy, desire to deal with weanlings? Weanlings are a pain in the ass. We all know it. Hell, I've owned one in my life and one was enough. Unless you are really consistent about working with them, they forget you taught them to pick up feet, not run you over, clip, tie, etc. Really, do you want to spend next summer trying to convince another group of rank little SOB's that they want to lead forward instead of flip over or would it be a relief to have nothing out there but old broke horses that you can let sit for months when you are busy and then hop back on without any drama? Weanlings take energy and I see a lot of people making them who don't have enough energy to deal with them."

I don't know what kind of weanlings you have been raising, but mine have been a pleasure to train and be around- not something I would be calling a pain in the @$$. Must be some pretty crappy ones there Cathy for you to refer to them as rank SOBs. If you breed right, feed right, and vet right most people have very little issues with their weanlings other than the normal first try drama. If treated right and given the proper rest and nutrition weanlings and yearlings should be retaining what is taught and not forgetting it the next time it's asked. If those type of weanlings are what you are use to Cathy, I suggest either going over your training program with a fine tooth comb, evaluate diets, or find some better bred horses that are smart and willing. I suggest you give a foundation quarter horse a try.**smile**

FHOTD-"10. If you can read this list and you're still in good shape, go for it. I will never be an anti-breeding radical. "

Don't know which blog you're reading, but I would define you as a breeding radical or extremist. You still bash people and their horses even if they are able to support themselves and their hobby- but I guess it really only matters what you think of yourself, eh? In PETA's eyes they aren't terrorists. However, many countries would disagree.

What would you change?

So I figured I would pick a topic that almost anybody can answer. What would you change in the equine show world?

I would make sure there are stiffer penalties and fines to trainers and competitors who knowingly put their horse in harms way and also bigger fines for showers who use dangerous techniques to win more in the show ring.

So what would you change?

If you do show- please list breed and discipline!

If you don't show is there something you would change that perhaps would want to make you show?

Gather all ye knights and wenches

I saw that mulerider stated on the free speech message board that she was a bit disappointed when she came to the blog thinking it would be about Life at a Renaissance Fair. I have not yet found myself possessing a pair of tights and a peasant dress. I will however indulge mulerider in a place I went to....I mean in a website I found because I too, share an affinity for large turkey legs and having drunk men dressed in tights and blouses yell orders to me from across a crowded mess hall.

Holy stinkin muscles Batman!

I don't see what the appeal is to over muscular horses that look like Body Builder Joe at the local gym. Now, I've never shown in regular halter classes. I've done performance halter where the horse's aren't as meaty and don't look overstuffed. I like looking at a horse and thinking, "Hey, that horse can actually walk!" This just does not appeal to me and I'll be honest, I love the buckskins, grays, palominos, roans, and grullas. Color is the first thing I see when I look at a horse and as I get closer then comes the,"Oh crap- this is wrong!". But that wasn't the first thing I noticed on this guy- I think my brain even flinched.

My first thought was that I had to play Wheres Waldo with his head. He's not my taste in horse even with his pretty buckskin color. His front legs look base wide and I can't see the hooves very well, but from what I do see, it almost looks as though he toe's out. Now I looked a little more for this horse and found his stallion at stud ad. And I was right, he does toe out. And his pasterns look a bit straight. I was a bit disappointed looking at this horse since I saw his pedigree, age, color and performance history first. He has his AQHA ROM- and it kind of makes me wonder what the other horse's competing looked like. I'm hoping that the judges were as mystified in his huge body and small head like me and just didn't bother looking down at the legs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Simply Uncanny

Tonight I have the pleasure of sharing something that I found quite humerous. Your first photo will be one of the VLC, the second photo was sent to me by a friend.

And here is the second picture:

Now I know the second horse's hip isn't as full as VLC. But second horse is a 8 year old gelding and he proves that even for an unregistered rescue horse he is cute, buckskin, and of nice size. Yes that's right, second horse is a unregistered rescue that a friend adopted after he was taken to auction and purchased by a kill buyer. Obviously a very loved and well taken care of horse with almost the same conformation of a registered stallion prospect.

Just goes to prove that even lovely, stout, buckskin's aren't safe from auction and kill buyers.

Two rescues worth mentioning!

If anyone has picked up a copy of January's Horse Illustrated they may have read the story of Kentucky Equine Humane Center. They are doing their best to offer relief to horse owners that have been hit with lay offs and hardship. I was a lucky person to have family, friends, and a few willing people that came to my aid when I was diagnosed with breast cancer late '99- early 2000. I was also fortunate enough that my property was already paid for, barns were built, and had very little debt aside from tractor, trucks and trailers. However, there are not as many as fortunate as I was and KyEHC is trying to offer a helping hand so good horses don't fall between the cracks.
I'm a firm believer that every horse owner should know how to treat minor ailments with their equine and that a horse owner should have the common sense and proper judgement to know when it's time to call the vet- and not wait until the last minute. There is no reason to call a vet for minor abscess, cosmetic wounds(flesh or surface/wound not needing suture), and minor ailments. But there are several veterinarians out there willing to work payment plans and even discounts for people who are going through hard times and their horse is in dire need of vet care.
Here is a link to KyEHC. Even if you can't donate, get word of mouth out and maybe other's will find their dream horse.

My second rescue is not one for our hoofed friends or our pawed pals. This one is close to home- it's your fellow humans. Many good, hard working Americans are hitting rough times. Many do not qualify for food stamps or your states WIC or medicaid programs and food banks are running dry with the economy crisis. Thousands of kids are going to school with empty stomachs and grown men and women are falling ill due to malnutrition. If anyone watches The Biggest Loser you may have seen this. There is a Pound for Pound challenge that you can pledge yourself too. So people who are looking for motivation to lose weight- what better motivation than putting food on starving children's plates? Go to this website for all the details and make some pledges. Even 5 pounds matter. Make your weight loss, someones gain.

Trust Me- I feel for you!

Yes lots to discuss today.

I was directed to this link on Cathy's VLC blog to a comment section.

Mark is Bullwinkle's owner who was pictured with the cute, unsightly front legged colt in this blog entry. Bullwinkle is VLC's unplanned son. Seems that Bullwinkle is having the same temper tantrums that were described to me of the VLC's dam having. His behavior is escalating even though multiple people have worked with Bullwinkle. The already huge 600 lb yearling is having behavioral issues and acting out despite having been properly trained and taught the task at hand. She described his behavior as rebelling and challenging. And for this horse owner to admit that a YEARLING is scaring her, it must be a lot more than what most would play it to be as just, "blurred lines of communication." Bullwinkle is acting out on tasks that he was trained, taught and asked to do in the past with very little issue.

I have to say that I feel sorry for Bullwinkles owner. But from what one of VLC's dam trainer has told me- I'm not surprised. What Bullwinkles owner just described is almost the exact thing that VLC's dam trainer told me. She had the same explosive behavior over simple tasks such as leading, yielding hindquarters, and side passing on the ground. Things that were taught to her early in life by professionals.

And as you can see from this horse sale ad - Sindy Sabre(VLC's dam) is only described as being a full sister to such and such champion. Talk about riding on the coat tails of far superior sibling. I believe that Cathy has made several comments about Stallions riding on their sire and grand sire's coat tails- shouldn't the same apply to mares?

And I'd like to add that Kudos to Bullwinkles owner for making the decision to actually plan to geld him even though he's going to be a very large buckskin colt.

You don't say!

I will say this before I go on. Champ really does look like he can be a sweet horse. He's a cute horse and I believe when Cathy says he has the sweetest disposition. But I also know from experience that sometimes when those 'oh so sweet' rescues become healthy and sound they are often a different horse. Heck if I had to stand still and most likely in pain all day I'd kiss the feet of the person to bring me food, treats, and rubs. Champ could be the quietest stallion on earth and if he were my own- I'd say give him a peaceful euth.
I've owned Amigo 28, going on 29, years. He's almost 33 and missing teeth. Granted his joint health is that of a HEALTHY horse in their early 20's and he's been sitting in a pen with dairy cows for several years he's gotten plenty of love, care, and good memories. If and when the time comes that he is in to much pain I won't hesitate to give him a peaceful sleep.
There is no reason to prolong life with a few shots of bute, days of iced ankles, and therapeutic shoes just to avoid the inevitable. If he's already having flare ups with arthritis at the tender age of 12 that are leaving him in pain and making movement hard- long term prognosis isn't going to be good in most cases. Glucosamine and condroitin have proven to relieve stiffness and minor pain when supplemented early in the equines life.(No telling what Champs life was like before sent to auction, feedlot, and then rescued.) Most DJD drugs/injections like Adequan and Legend are most effective when given in the early onset of arthritis- and boy are they expensive and cost $50 and higher plus whatever the vet charges for appointment fee and injection fee(many vets charge for injections and medicating). Cosequin powder easily costs $150 or more.
At those rates for ONE horse with multiple vet visits, several sound healthy horse's could be fed, housed, and found better homes.

And here's my tip of the day for those who are having hay crisis. It's often easier and cheaper to have hay shipped in than it is to struggle finding a feed store that has an abundance. I feed out large 3x3x8 alfalfa and orchard hay to my horses. On average there are 16 small bales of alfalfa in one large 3x3x8. Most ship in for $80 or LESS per bale if you live up north and if you live in the south it would be $100 or LESS. If you divide the money would spend on ONE bale of 3x3x8 alfalfa- that would be less than $8.00 a SMALL BALE. Most states you won't find that price on small bales. And for the large orchard 3x3x8. They usually run $50/per bale shipped in. That would average less than $5.00 if you divided into small bale size.
So get together with friends, figure out how much you need, and have it shipped in. Right now being the end of the year and with there being a new planting and cutting season coming here soon- Many farmers are going to try and get rid of their '08 leftovers for cheap.
My daughter runs a hay lot and I purchase my semi loads from her. If anyone is wanting any information I will gladly direct you over to her.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

UGH- her!

So today there is a post on how fugly(Cathy) thinks her posts prove that there should be a test and license needed for horse ownership and breeding!

So does that mean you CATHY need to have a license cause I know quite a few people who would vote the gelding bus stop at your place! Yes, I know- "but I'm not going to breed unless he wins in the show pen!" But come on- he's almost 4 years old and hasn't been sent to training. On top of that, the dam of Cathy's stallion Big Yellow Caddi had reoccurring hock and stifle issues. Which is funny, cause didn't Big Yellow Caddi(VLC) just heal from a stifle injury? Also a note from the breeder of the VLC's dam- Sindy Sabre was overly hormonal and prone to charging, bucking, kicking, and rearing episodes on the lead line, in the corral, and under saddle. A yellow warning sign had to be placed on her stall and run in as reminder to others that she could strike or bite. She broke down often with hock and stifle injuries and went through several trainers who all had issues with her and one trainer who worked with her in the late 90's even stated she was, " not trainable, unruly, and would not make a fit showhorse/broodmare."
Now remind me, what is Cathy's take on breeding overly hormonal and bad dispositioned horses?

And sure those stallions from Arkansas that Cathy listed today would be better geldings. But guess what Cathy- SO WOULD YOURS! For two stallions that are ages 20 and 21 they look REALLY GOOD aside from the palomino having a sway back and being a bit coon footed I didn't notice anything in particular that could cause the little black stud from being a nice older packing/trail gelding.(note that I said gelding) No they don't have the best conformation, not a horse I would put in my barn, but they are obviously well cared for and from the photos looked like kind, pleasing horses.

As for the woman who was leading her horses on the road from the truck, I know plenty of large ranches that bring horse's in from pasture and down their drive on 4 wheelers, trucks, and hoopies. From the look of the rode the woman was on(and since I'm from Texas) it is a Private Road. My property is set up on a private road as well with 450 acres on the other side of the PR from my house and main barns. PR in Texas normally only have 1-3 properties connecting to ONE PR. It's not as if those horse's were in real danger of being run over and both obviously were well handled and easy to lead. Notice how if you go to the video now you see all of Fugly Wanna-bes posting all their F**ktards and @$$hats. Oh yeah, cause obscene name calling is so mature and clearly going to get a point across, right? I'm sure if fugly hadn't posted it, no one would have found it and people wouldn't be pretending to make a huge fuss.

For the men walking their horse's down the steep creek trap, COME ON! It's not a 50 ft cliff. Cattle men and ranchers in the past have gone down those same steep slopes that are even BIGGER than that going after loose cattle. The horse's didn't appear to be rushed down or forced to leap down the trap and both ended up safely at the bottom. HOW COME SOMETHING RANCHERS HAVE DONE FOR DECADES IS NOW DEEMED HORRENDOUS? Why, cause Cathy doesn't agree with it?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Glass houses?

For those who believe I have a hard core hate for Cathy and her blog. I don't. I'm all for her wanting to out the typical animal abuser or the rescues that aren't legitimate. But for me personally, I've found that she often contradicts herself and should anyone disagree with what she had to say you can always count on her followers to throw names, profanity, and call people dim, dumb, or stupid for not sharing the same views. THIS is what this blog is about. Not the utter hate that some people made this out to be.

Last week FHOTD featured a story on a rescue horse named Champ. Saying, "if you can please donate." Okay nothing wrong about that, except a week earlier she was bashing a rescue who was online asking for donations for their horse Peggy Sue. I for one think both horse's should be PTS. Champ is clearly not going to live a comfortable life. He'll be a pasture pet just like Peggy Sue and will need constant upkeep in order to make his life somewhat comfortable. I know-I know, many of the Swuglyites are going to say "It's not the same situation, Champ has a home set up for him and Peggy Sue was missing a leg!" I could care less if Champ has ten dozen homes set up for him, he's obviously lame and in the video FHOTD provided he was having issues even with his new shoes on walking on soft ground. Cathy preached on Peggy Sue how that money could be used towards other horses, one's that would be safe, sane, and sound. How can that not apply to champ? Because he's Cathy and friends rescue? The money used on Champs feet work could easily furbish a couple of sound horses that stand a chance to actually be a horse- and not stood up in a field in even minor pain.

And for your viewing pleasure here are some photos of my 32 year old gelding and best friend Amigo (he'll be 33 on March 8th- so mark your calenders to wish him a happy birthday). He's still sound and while he is without most of his teeth, he still manages to out eat any other horse on my ranch. These were taken last week and I guess you can say I'm very proud of him. I've owned him for 28 going on 29 years. He has not only packed around myself, my children, but he still volunteers himself under my grand children's mercy. He is truly an angel.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Saga

I shall start this blog off by coining a few 'asshat' friendly words that hopefully my enlightened following of sheep will constantly say and aspire to say as frequently as they can to describe what ever and whom ever they choose. My first word that I would love for all my minions to say is "Swugly". It defines the many minions of fugly who troll her swamp and pick a fight with whomever disagrees with fugly on certain subjects. Most often are these "swuglyites" fighting their master's battles, very rarely does the "Swug" (Cathy, FHOTD) show up to defend herself. She leaves that to her loyal sheep. At least PETA will protect her faithful sheep.

Don't worry though. I'm in a sheep sheering mood!